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From Princess to Queen

Tiring of her role as Princess of France, heir apparent to the throne, Princess Sadie one day decided that she'd had enough and it was time for her to step up to the role for which she had been born. Via re-introduction of the ever-popular Madam Guillotine, and with the help of some... er, timely beheadings... Princess Sadie's goals were accomplished and she rose to the position of Sadie, Queen of France. One of Her Majesty's first duties in her new role was a review of the feudal system of her lands and a complaint by the serfs that their only shelters were small, poorly built huts. Her response (as recorded by the Court Scribe) was: "Huts?!? We give them huts?!?!"

Long Live the Queen!

The Bequeathment

As a certain omnipotent being once said to a certain balding starship captain, "All good things must come to an end." Such was the case for Sadie's reign. Before moving on to bigger and brighter things (namely, collegiate studies), Queen Sadie bequeathed her lands and title to one Cheryl-Annette, who has held the title in all the long years since.

Long Live the Queen!

Calling all Cats

Queen Cheryl has begun considerations of stepping down from her Queenship. Auditions are currently being held for a suitable family of cats to whom she may bequeath her lands and title.

Long Live the queens (and toms)!

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