Our Trip to Alaska

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Waiting at
the airport

Visiting the Alyeska pipeline

Riverboat Discovery II - Chena River

Gold Creek - panning for gold

Charlie's hangar

Tess in cockpit of Lee's T-28


University of Alaska museum

Large Animal Research Station - Tess with Musk Ox

Santa Claus House - North Pole, AK

Tess meeting
Santa's reindeer

Tess enjoying her vacation in Alaska

Tess posing for her picture


Wildlife - Valdez trip

Grizzly bear by the road

Lynx in ditch

You can't see them, but there are little white specks up there which are a herd of mountain goats


Worthington Glacier

Tess catching snowballs

Scenic shots of the glacier

Chad & Tess playing in the snow

Spratt family photo op

Cary & Tess at base of glacier


Other Valdez Pics

Spratt photo op at waterfall
near Valdez

Bunny at camp grounds in Valdez

Lee & Joe collecting ice for storing halibut (then storm came & boat trip was cancelled L )


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