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These pages chronicle the June 1993 People to People trip to Australia that I participated in. There were 30 of us from the Dallas area (see 'Roster of Delegates"), plus another 30 from Houston and 60 from Las Vegas.

The information included here is from my photo collection -- including photos I acquired at a photo-exchange we had after we returned -- various papers and booklets from before and during the trip that I kept, and my own personal recollections, including an aborted attempt at a travel journal (which unfortunately only covers the first week). All of this is from over 20 years ago, so I make no guarantees about the accuracy herein.

If only I'd had a digital camera back then, I would have taken SO many more photos. As it was, one of my rolls got double-exposed (Australian sea lions and aquarium fish on top of each other!) and I lost the disposable camera I'd used on the Great Barrier Reef. Oh well, here's what I do have...

If anyone associated with this trip has additional information or photographs, I would love to incorporate them into these pages.

Roster of Delegates

June 5 - 7: Dallas to Kangaroo Island

June 8 - 13: Kangaroo Island

June 14 - 17: Tugalong & Sydney

June 18 - 26: Great Barrier Reef


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