Berenstain Bears

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Mini = Mini Storybook: 5½"x5"
Chick = Chick-fil-A: 5¾"x6½"
McD = McDonalds: 7"x7"
KidStuff = Kid Stuff: 7"x7¼"
1st Time = First Time: 8"x8"
HC = Hardcover: ~6½"x9"
Step = Step into Reading: 6"x9"
large = oversized: ~8"x11"

The Berenstain Bears

McDand the Attic Treasure
1st Timeand the Bad Dream
1st Timeand the Bad Habit
Miniand the Big Election
HCand the Big Red Kite
1st Timeand the Big Road Race
1st TimeBlaze a Trail
1st Timeand the Bully
StepBy the Sea(step 2)
largeChristmas Tree(hardcover)
largeComic Valentine(paperback)
1st TimeCook-It! Breakfast for Mama
1st TimeCount Their Blessings
Miniand the Dinosaurs
1st TimeDon't Pollute (Anymore)
1st TimeDraw-It! Drawing Lessons
1st Timeand the Double Dare
McDand the Eager Beavers
largeEaster Surprise(hardcover)
1st TimeFly-It! Up, Up, and Away
1st TimeForget Their Manners
1st TimeGet in a Fight
1st TimeGet Stage Fright
1st TimeGet the Gimmies
1st TimeGet Their Kicks
1st Timeand the Ghost of the Forest
MiniGo Fly a Kite
1st TimeGo Out for the Team
1st TimeGo to Camp
1st TimeGo to School
1st TimeGo to the Doctor(& cassette)
StepGo Up and Down(early step)
Chickand the Golden Rule
1st Timeand the Green-Eyed Monster
largeHelp Around the House(hardcover)
HCHome Sweet Tree
1st Timeand the Homework Hassle
KidStuffHow to Get Along at School
1st Timeand the In-Crowd
1st TimeIn the Dark
largeKnight to Remember(hardcover)
1st TimeLearn About Strangers
HCLearn to Share
1st TimeLend a Helping Hand
McDLife with Papa
1st TimeMad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze
1st Timeand Mama's New Job
largeand the Mansion Mystery(paperback)
1st TimeMeet Santa Bear
1st Timeand the Messy Room
HCand the Missing Dinosaur Bone
1st Timeand the Missing Honey
1st TimeMoving Day
Miniand the Neighborly Skunk
1st TimeNew Baby
1st TimeNew Neighbors
1st TimeNo Girls Allowed
1st TimeNursery Tales
1st TimeOn the Job(hardcover)
HCOn the Moon
1st Timeand the Prize Pumpkin
1st TimeReady, Get Set, Go!
ChickReally Big Pet Show
1st TimeReport Card Trouble
ChickSafe and Sound!
ChickSick Days
1st Timeand the Sitter(& cassette)
1st Timeand the Slumber Party
MiniSoccer Star
HCand the Spooky Old Tree
1st TimeThink of Those in Need
Stepand the Tic-Tac-Toe Mystery(step 3)
Minito the Rescue
1st Timeand Too Much Birthday
1st Timeand Too Much Junk Food
1st Timeand Too Much Pressure
1st Timeand Too Much Teasing
1st Timeand Too Much TV
1st Timeand Too Much Vacation
1st TimeTrick or Treat
1st TimeTrim the Tree
1st TimeTrouble at School
1st Timeand the Trouble with Friends
1st Timeand the Trouble with Grownups
1st TimeTrouble with Pets
1st Timeand the Truth
1st Timeand the Week at Grandma's
Miniand the Wild Honey

Other Bear Books

HCThe Bear Detectives
HCThe Bear Scouts
HCThe Bears' Christmas
HCThe Bears' Picnic
HCBears on Wheels
HCThe Berenstains' B Book
HCThe Bike Lesson
HCHe Bear, She Bear
HCInside, Outside, Upside Down
HCOld Hat, New Hat


Berenstain Baby Bears
Me First! Me First!
The Berenstain Bears
Go to the Movies
Inside, Outside, Upside Down
Old Hat, New Hat


The Berenstain Bears
and the Galloping Ghost
in Maniac Mansion
and the Wheelchair Commando
The Berenstain Bear Scouts
and the Coughing Catfish
in Giant Bat Cave
Save That Backscratcher
and the Terrible Talking Termite

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