Star Trek/Wars

This is a list of my Star Trek (& Star Wars) 'library' -- the books that I possess a copy of (physically &/or digitally).
The digital copies are plain text files (.txt) in UTF-8 charset. They aren't available for download here,
but if I have one you'd like, please let me know: cjspratt at hotmail.com

DISCLAIMER: This is somewhat long-winded, but bear with me...
With a few exceptions (see 'color guide'), I own hardcopy versions of most of the books listed here. I like having paper books (call me old-fashioned), but I also like having them as txt files because I can carry around large numbers of stories without lugging fifty pounds of printed material wherever I go. I acquired some of these txt files from other sources, but a lot of them I actually scanned and converted directly from my own book collection. This is quite a labor-intensive effort, and I can sympathize with others wanting to skip that step. That being said, if you choose to acquire a "virtual" copy of one of these stories without (or instead of) obtaining an "official" printed or digital copy, you are depriving the book industry (publishers, editors, authors, etc) of their due profits for bringing us the story in the first place. I'll certainly send you whatever stories you request, but if you like them that much, you should consider investing in the Real Thing. (Check you local Half-Price Books or garage/tag sales if you don't want to buy them new.) Getting off my soap box now...

Color Guide:

Unhighlighted= physical library only.
Light Grey= physical library, not a txt candidate.
Yellow= physical library & txt file.
Green= small txt file from larger story/book/collection.
Blue= txt file only (no physical copy).
Greyed= books I want but don't own (yet).
Blacked= books I had but got rid of (didn't like them).
My Berenstain Bears collection is HERE.
My main book list is HERE.
My fanfiction collection can be found HERE.

Star Trek (my attempt at chronology)


Carey, DianeFinal Frontier2243 (2267)
(Vulcan's Forge)2247 (2296)
Carey, DianeBest Destiny2249:1 (2293:3)
Shatner, WilliamST Academy: Collision Course2249:2
(Strangers from the Sky)2264 (2284)
(Final Frontier)2267 (2243)
Kagan, Janet#21: Uhura's Song2268:1
Carter, Carmen#34: Dreams of the Raven2268:2
Hambly, Barbara#53: Ghost-Walker2268:3
Friedman, Michael Jan#56: Legacy2268:4
Mitchell, V.E.#65: Windows on a Lost World2268:5
Blish, JamesStar Trek 42267-69
Cox, GregAssignment: Eternity2269:1 (2293:2)
Foster, Alan DeanLog One (TAS)2269:2
Foster, Alan DeanLog Two (TAS)2269-70
Correy, Lee#6: The Abode of Life2270
Roddenberry, Gene#1: ST: The Motion Picture2273
Marshak & Culbreath#9: Triangle2274
Duane, DianeSpock's World2275
Duane & Morwood#35: The Romulan Way2276
Bonanno, Margaret WStrangers from the Sky2284 (2264)
McIntyre, Vonda N.#7: ST II: The Wrath of Khan2285:1
McIntyre, Vonda N.#17: ST III: The Search for Spock2285:2
McIntyre, Vonda N.Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home2286
[ST V: The Final Frontier]2287:1
Bonanno, Margaret WProbe2287:2
Carey, DianeStarfleet Academy (from PC game)2288
graphic novelStar Trek: Tests of Courage2290
[ST VI: The Undiscovered Country]2293:1
(Assignment: Eternity)2293:2 (2269:1)
(Best Destiny)2293:3 (2249:1)
Friedman, Michael JanShadows on the Sun2293:4
Shatner, WilliamST Odyssey 1. The Ashes of Eden2293:5 (2371:4)
(Star Trek Generations)2293:6 (2371:2)
Sherman & ShwartzVulcan's Forge2296 (2247)
(Vulcan's Heart)2329 (2344)


Friedman, Michael JanThe Valiant2333:1
Friedman, Michael JanStargazer: Three2333:2
Sherman & ShwartzVulcan's Heart2344 (2329)
David, PeterStarfleet Academy #1:
Worf's First Adventure
(Imzadi)2359 (2368:1)
Carey, Diane#1: Ghost Ship2364:1
Carter, Carmen#3: The Children of Hamlin2364:2
Lorrah, Jean#4: Survivors2364:3
David, Peter#5: Strike Zone2365:1
Vornholt, John#7: Masks2365:2
David, Peter#10: A Rock and a Hard Place2366:1
Sharee, Keith#11: Gulliver's Fugitives2366:2
Carter, Carmen et al#12: Doomsday World2366:3
Weinstein, Howard#14: Exiles2366:4
David, Peter#18: Q-In-Law2366:5
Friedman, Michael Jan#15: Fortune's Light2366:6
Crispin, A.C.#13: The Eyes of the Beholders2366:7
Gilden, Mel#17: Boogeymen2366:8
Friedman, Michael JanReunion2367:1
Mancour, T.L.#20: Spartacus2367:2
Weinstein, Howard#19: Perchance to Dream2367:3
Duane, DianeDark Mirror2367:4
David, PeterVendetta2367:5
Forstchen, William R.#57: The Forgotten War2367:6
Mitchell, V.E.#22: Imbalance2367:7
David, PeterImzadi2368:1 (2359)
Hamilton, Laurell K.#24: Nightshade2368:2
Peel, John#28: Here There Be Dragons2369:1
Sargent & Zebrowski#43: A Fury Scorned2369:2
David, PeterQ-Squared2370:1
Hugh, Dafydd Ab#33: Balance of Power2370:2
Friedman, Michael JanAll Good Things...2370:3
Friedman, Michael JanCrossover2371:1
Dillard, J.M.Star Trek Generations2371:2 (2293:6)

After Generations

David, PeterTriangle: Imzadi II2371:3 (2374:3)
Shatner, WilliamStar Trek Odyssey
     (1. The Ashes of Eden)2371:4 (2293:5)
     2. The Return2371:5
     (3. Avenger)(2373:2)
David, Peter et alDS9: Wrath of the Prophets2372:1
Carey, DianeDS9: The Way of the Warrior2372:2
Carey, DianeShip of the Line2372:3
[ST VIII: First Contact]2373:1
Shatner, WilliamST Odyssey 3. Avenger2373:2
Friedman, Michael JanPlanet X (X-Men)2374:1
Lang, JeffreyImmortal Coil2374:2
(Triangle: Imzadi II)2374:3 (2371:3)
[ST IX: Insurrection]2375:1
de Lancie, JohnI, Q2375:2

New Frontier

David, Peter#1: House of Cards2373:3
David, PeterExcalibur2376
     1. Requiem
     2. Renaissance
     3. Restoration

I.K.S. Gorkon

DeCandido, Keith R.A.Book One: A Good Day to Die2376


Golden, ChristieSpirit Walk 1: Old Wounds2378
[ST X: Nemesis]2379


Foster, Alan DeanStar Trek (XI - 2009)2233-58

Other Star Trek books

Nimoy, LeonardI Am Spock
ed. Dean W SmithStar Trek: Strange New Worlds
ed. Irwin & LoveThe Best of Trek #16
Rewolinski, LeahStar Wrek: The Generation Gap
Hanley, RichardThe Metaphysics of Star Trek
Klingon Language InstituteThe Klingon Hamlet
Farrand, PhilThe Nitpickers Guide for Classic Trekkers
Nemecek, LarryThe ST: TNG Companion
Erdman & BlockST: DS9 Companion
Okuda, Okuda, & MirekThe Star Trek Encyclopedia
Kurt, CharlesThese are the Voyages... (3-D album)

Star Wars (my brother has additional books)

Crispin, A.C.2.19 Han Solo Trilogy
     1. The Paradise Snare
     2. The Hut Gambit
     3. Rebel Dawn
The Star Wars Trilogy
Lucas, George     3.3 Star Wars
Glut, Donald F.     3.10 The Empire Strikes Back
Kahn, James     3.12 Return of the Jedi
Wolverton, Dave4.4 The Courtship of Princess Leia
Allen, Roger MacBride4.14 The Corellian Trilogy
     1. Ambush at Corellia
     2. Assault at Selonia
     3. Showdown at Centerpoint

Star Wars (books I might want to read... sometime)

Drew Karpyshyn1.6 Darth Bane Trilogy
     1. Path of Destruction
     2. Rule of Two
     3. Dynasty of Evil
Greg Bear2.11 Rogue Planet
Timothy Zahn2.13 Outbound Flight
Karen Traviss2.14.6 Republic Commando series
     1. Hard Contact
     2. Triple Zero
     3. True Colors
     4. Order 66
     5. 501st
John Jackson Miller2.16 Star Wars: Kenobi
Brian Daley2.23 The Han Solo Adventures
     1. Han Solo at Stars' End
     2. Han Solo's Revenge
     3. Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
Michael Reeves &
    Steve Perry
3.1 Deathstar
Timothy Zahn3.6 Hand of Judgment
     1. Allegiance
     2. Choices of One
Kathy Tyers3.14 The Truce at Bakura
Matthew Stover4.2 Luke Skywalker & the Shadows of Mindor
M. Stackpole, A. Allston4.3 X-Wing series
     1. Rogue Squadron
     2. Wedge's Gamble
     3. The Krytos Trap
     4. The Bacta War
     5. Wraith Squadron
     6. Iron Fist
     7. Solo Command
     8. Isard's Revenge
     9. Starfighters of Adumar
     10. Mercy Kill
Troy Denning4.6 Tatooine Ghost / A Forest Apart
Timothy Zahn4.7 The Thrawn Trilogy
     1. Heir to the Empire
     2. Dark Force Rising
     3. The Last Command
Michael Stackpole4.9 I, Jedi
Timothy Zahn4.15 The Hand of Thrawn
     1. Specter of the Past
     2. Vision of the Future
Timothy Zahn4.16 Scourge
Timothy Zahn4.17 Survivor's Quest / Fool's Bargain

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