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Exterior / Garage

Front yard/house - faces east
Back yard - NE and SE corners
Back yard - SW and NW corners
converted garage, attic access
remaining 'garage' area


mid-November, 2008:
Shed in back yard torn down.


shed dismantled


November 20, 2008:
Removed bush at corner of garage, fill dirt spread as needed.


bush uprooted

holes filled in front yard

holes filled at entry

holes filled along south wall


(replaced end of August, 2009)


original windows

new windows

front room interior

another view

exterior closeup

front bedroom interior

new front bedroom

front bedroom exterior

original windows

new windows

master bedroom

master bath

corner of living room

by back door



flipped open


Improving "curb appeal":


old siding, door, mailbox, light, house #s

11-5-09: siding removed

11-5-09: siding removed

11-7-09: new front door

11-10-09: ready for new siding

11-13-09: new siding installed

new outlet, mail box, house #s

11-13-09: garage doors removed

11-15-09: siding painted

mid-Nov: Eaves/fascia covered

Close-up of garage corner

Thanksgiving: fiberglass front door stained

early February - snow makes everything pretty

early July, 2010: porch light finally installed (CFL bulb, dark-skies compliant)
early August, 2010: gables covered

Aug. 8, 2010 - Finished repainting curb numbers


Dec '10-Jan '11 - Replaced old meter & disconnect

New chimney rain cap

New car for driveway

vent for pellet stove insert
December 28, 2011

January 1, 2012

March 22, 2012


April 11-13, 2012:
New sewer line for kitchen drains


cutting concrete




broken concrete


trench digger video (3.2MB - click to play)


April 19-20: new sidewalk


5-16-12: painting doors

June - interior of garage


back fence trees


The hackberries kept dropping

huge limbs during storms.

So I had them all cut down

in December, 2013.

brush pile

remainder of log pile


2017: roof stuff


hail storm Jan 21

3-16: wanted a new roof before installing solar panels;
thanks to the hail storm, insurance paid for it!

3-21: installed solar panels on the west side


April 11, 2018:
removed back wire fence (that was falling over)


Remaining tasks:

replace all fence
finish french drain on south side
replace side door of garage
organize garage / wall racks to hang stuff



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