Page of Links
(Zzickle's Friends and Relatives)


My Friends

Jim & Sue Huckaby:
            Small House Pottery - Another website I maintain

Sarah Julicher:
            Somewhere in Constainia - Sarah's personal page

Cheryl-Annette Parker:
            Cheryl's Page - my best friend from back home

Christina Kincaid:
            My Fat Page of Rambling - Cheryl's sister

Aaron Rathbun:
            DeviantART - Aaron's artwork
            Topcities site - Aaron's trip to Ireland, etc.

Brandon Parker & Cheryl-Annette Kincaid:
            When Is The Wedding? - September 1st

Devin Taylor:
            Will Work for Flooz - (Devin is Fnord)


My Relatives

Currently I don't know of any of my relatives who have their own website...


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