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(Zzickle's Friends and Relatives)

I was tempted to delete this page entirely, with everybody on social media these days and very few personal webpages anymore, but there are some business-type pages worth listing here, plus a few older pages that aren't being updated anymore but are still online.

My Friends

      Jim & Sue Huckaby:

        Small House Pottery - A website I used to maintain

      Sarah Julicher:

        Somewhere in Constainia - old personal page

      Cheryl-Annette Parker:

        Cheryl-Annette's Page - old site but still there
        Brandon and Cheryl-Annette Parker - another old site
        Signing with Cheryl-Annette - Facebook business page

      Christina Kincaid:

        My Fat Page of Rambling - another old site
        Christina Freeman Photography - Facebook business page

      Daniel Rathbun:

        Henry Ford Health - physician directory page

      Aaron Rathbun:

        disscordia - Aaron's leatherwork at DeviantART
        Livejournal - old site
        Aaron's Fleshcraft - Facebook business page


My Relatives

      Currently I don't know of any of my relatives who have their own website...

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