Los Angeles

October 16, 2017


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I arrived in L.A. on Sunday, took a shuttle from LAX to the metro train station and bought a 7-day metro card pass, then used that to get to my hotel in West Hollywood, the Elan Hotel.

(I took this photo Tuesday morning.)

I headed out Monday morning for a day of sight-seeing. First stop, Santa Monica Pier.

I just missed seeing a dolphin swim past the end of the pier. By the time I got there he was too far away to get a photo or video.

After visiting the pier, I headed up to the bluffs overlooking the beach and walked the entire length of Palisades Park, up to Inspiration Point (about 2 miles).

I caught a bus back down to the pier and made my way back into Hollywood to the La Brea Tar Pits (which is pronounced 'bray-uh', not 'bray' as I had thought). The grounds are free, but I wanted to see everything so paid for entrance to the museum and also for their movie 'Titans of the Ice Age'. Winter is coming.

Tar Pits Museum

Pit 91

Pit 13 and 'mini' tar pits

Pit 9

Lake Pit (from between the fence bars)

My final tourist destination of the day was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I ended up mostly taking photos of Star Trek alumni. Unfortunately, Shatner's star was blocked off by wooden panels and metal fences guarded by Men in Black. Best guess, they were preparing for a new star ceremony. Either that or they were guarding Trvmp's star (which was also in the blocked area), although it seemed a bit excessive for that.

Spike Jones Ron Howard Marlo Thomas DeForest Kelley
Patrick Stewart James Doohan Gene Roddenberry George Takei
Walter Koenig Harrison Ford Leonard Nimoy Nichelle Nichols

Jack Sparrow and another photo of Leonard Nimoy's star


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