My Little Pony



Sunny Daze
brush, charm, friendship ribbon
Rainbow Flash
brush, 2 barrettes with ribbons, crown

Tulip Twinkle
Dibble Dabble
brush, barrette with ribbon, crown


Sweetie Belle
Petal Blossom
3 double apples, large picnic basket,
4 shoes, barrette with ribbon, brush

Peach Blossom


(See SUN DRESS modeled by Wysteria)
sand castle, pail, starfish, sun dress, sunglasses, camera, brush

Scooter Sprite

Scooter Sprite
(See SCAN of unfolded map)
scooter, helmet, brush, cell phone, map, camera, flag, handbag
(NOTE: I now have 2 scooters - the second's from a garage sale)

Spring Basket

Spring Basket
with Lulabelle, Dainty Daisy, and Spring Breeze
3 forks, 3 cups, 3 saucers; small picnic basket; 3 pieces of cake;
magnetic flower table (flower "grows"); friendship bracelet, 3 pony charms;
picnic table (with reversible top); brush


Chilly Breezes
(See SKI HAT modeled by Chilly Breezes)
hat, goggles, brush

Velvet Bow
(See SCARF & HAT modeled by Velvet Bow)

hat, scarf, brush
Winter Wish
(See REINDEER COSTUME modeled by Winter Wish)

antlers, necklace, brush


(See BUNNY EARS modeled by Toola-Roola)

Easter bunny ears
(See BUNNY EARS modeled by Cheerilee)

Easter bunny ears

Sweet Reflections dress shop

Sweet Reflections dress shop
with Darling Dahlia, Goodie Goodie, and Skywishes
comb; hair clip; brush; Darling Dahlia DRESS
Goodie Goodie SKIRT & BOW; Skywishes SKIRT
mirror; magnetic till (butterfly stand spins, drawer opens)


Loop-de-la Base
(See Loop-de-la on base w/ accessories)

tutu, 1 ballet slipper
(missing one, back ones non-removable)
Glitter Glide
(See Glitter Glide wearing ice skates)

2 ice skates (back ones non-removable)

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