Alaska Cruise
July 2014

to Glacier Bay   to Seward

At Sea

Saturday, July 19
Weather: Hi 65

all day  at sea
(2pm Dancing at Sea - Jive)
(3pm Cupcake Tea)

Fitbit stats:
To bed: 12:17 am, Got up: 8:27 am (7:49 asleep)
Steps: 5,054 (2.37 miles)
Floors: 25

We spent the day traveling toward Seward. I borrowed a movie from the ship's library (Zombieland) and read a bit, and in the afternoon Kim and I went to the Dancing at Sea jive lesson. Kim got picked for the dance off. (I didn't, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't since I was dancing the guy's part.) All 4 of the competitors were pretty close on the judges' scored, but the brother and sister from California had so many relatives in the audience that nobody else really had a chance of beating their 'crowd-cheering decibel level' score.

After the dance lesson was the Cupcake Tea at 3pm, which almost left me too full for our last dinner in the main dining room that evening. The evening's entertainment (the only other one I went to besides the song-and-dance thing at the beginning of the cruise) was the Dancing at Sea finale with the male and female winners from each of the three dance lessons: the Waltz, the Boogie, and the Jive. The woman who danced the waltz and the guy who danced the boogie were the two winners. That meant they would be put on a list of potential candidates for the final competition at the end of the season, which would earn them a free cruise if they were chosen.

The waves were rougher in the more open waters we were passing through and were supposed to be even worse during the night, so the captain increased our speed during the day to try to avoid the worst of it. We actually got into port at Seward before midnight instead of at 6 the next morning.


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