Alaska Cruise
July 2014

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Glacier Bay

Friday, July 18
Weather: Cloudy, Hi 64

all dayGlacier Bay (6:30am to 4pm)
(afternoon split pea soup on deck)

Fitbit stats:
To bed: 12:03 am, Got up: 7:22 am (6:57 asleep)
Steps: 4,944 (2.32 miles)
Floors: 14

We arrived at Glacier Bay in the morning and made our way up toward Margerie Glacier at the far end of the bay.

Reid Glacier
traveling up Tarr Inlet
heading toward Margerie Glacier

sea otters

Margerie Glacier calves directly into the water. Currently it is stable -- neither losing nor gaining ground.
I have two videos posted on youtube of the glacier calving: Video #1 and Video #2.
Basically I filmed 30-60 second segments, then deleted them if nothing had happened. But after awhile, my arms got tired from holding the phone up above everyone's heads to get a clear shot of the glacier, so I only got two decent videos and I missed a much more impressive one that happened a bit later.

Heading back down Tarr Inlet toward Lamplugh Glacier.

Lamplugh Glacier

Then we headed toward Johns Hopkins Glacier. We weren't allowed as close to it as we were to Margerie due to nesting birds around the glacier that would be disturbed.

And back past Lamplugh Glacier on our way out of Glacier Bay...

Leaving Glacier Bay and saying goodbye to the Coast Guard who was our tour guide for the trip.


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