Alaska Cruise
July 2014

to Denali NP&P  

North Pole, AK

Wednesday, July 23
Weather: Rainy, Hi 63

~9:30 AM J&J Shuttle Service to NP (4 hr)

Fitbit stats:
To bed: 9:44 pm, Got up: 8:00 am (9:34 asleep)
Steps: 3,927 (1.84 miles)
Floors: 6

Mom & Dad drove the Denali Highway, picked us up, and drove us back to North Pole.

Thurs, July 24-Sun, July 27
Weather: Variable, Hi 56-64

in North Pole, AK

Fairbanks area was having one of the wettest summers on record. I found these mushrooms at the duplex in North Pole.

It's a REALLLY long story, but my parents acquired some pay dirt from a small gold mine in Canada on their way up to Alaska this year. Sure enough, we found some gold in it.

Sunday, July 27
Weather: Sunny, Hi 103 (in Dallas)

1:35 AMDepart FB on American Airlines flight 6983
5:55 AMArrive at SeaTac
7:15 AMDepart SeaTac on American Airlines flight 1308
1:15 PMArrive in Dallas (pickup by Chad)

Midnight sunset at the Fairbanks International Airport (photo taken at 12:04am)

Thursday, July 31

5:40 AMPick up Kim / Sarah at DFW American Airlines flight 1230


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