& the Alcan Highway
~ 2021~

In 2021, it was determined that Jan & Lee, who had had come to Texas the previous year for medical reasons, would be remaining at their house in Sanger and not returning to their home in Alaska. Arrangements were therefore made for an expedition to prepare their North Pole abode for sale and to discard, donate, or pack their belongings for relocation south. This was a somewhat daunting prospect and I didn't want to leave my parents to face the challenge alone (my uncle only being able to assist in a mostly advisory capacity due to his health and my aunt being unable to make the journey at all), so I made arrangements to take as much time off work as I could in order to join them for the effort. Amazingly, we were able to clear the house within the deadline necessary for me to have enough time to make the drive down the Alcan with my parents (my uncle flew back to Dallas on his own shortly before we hit the road). Mom and I drove their Mercedes SUV and Dad drove the Toyota Tacoma pickup pulling the U-Haul trailer of 'keep' belongings. While I had visited Alaska many times, I had never driven the Alcan before, so I was glad to have the opportunity, as well as being able to provide a third driver for the trip.

Sorting and Packing
Wednesday, Aug 18 - Monday, August 30
Alcan Highway
Tuesday, August 31 - Friday, September 3
Jasper National Park
Saturday, September 4
The Lower 48
Sunday, September 5 - Wednesday, September 8

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