Alaska Trip
Aug/Sept 2021

Alcan Highway

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Tuesday, August 31

At the start of this project we weren't sure if we would finish with enough time left for me to be able to experience the Alcan Highway, but amazingly we were successful. Having finished clearing out the house in ten days, we had enough time left of my allotted vacation for me to be able to join my parents as we brought the U-haul trailer and two vehicles full of stuff back to Texas. Dad drove Lee's Toyota Tacoma pulling the fully loaded 6'x12' trailer, with Mom and I following him in the Mercedes SUV.

We headed out Tuesday morning, which while a bit cloudy was actually NOT raining. The Alaska Range was even visible along the Richardson Highway on the way to Delta Junction. In fact, unlike our time at North Pole, we had excellent weather the entire trip – it never rained and we only encountered one morning with fog.

Delta Junction - Big Delta Bridge & the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

More of Delta Junction

Mt Moffit

Mt Hayes

The end (our start) of the Alcan Highway

Leaving Delta Junction
*7s video (6.8MB)*

About 15 minutes later, we saw these two planes leaving crazy sky-trails in the air. Not sure if they were just out joyriding or if there was some purpose to their path.

We reached the Canadian border around 3pm, made it across with no difficulties, stopped for a photo op at Burwash Landing, and spotted our first wildlife just north of Congdon Creek Campground (a grizzly by the road). We ended our first day on the Alcan at Cozy Corner in Haines Junction, where apparently the management REALLY doesn't want you to use their towels to clean your vehicle!

Wednesday, September 1

Day 2 of our trip down the Alcan: Haines Junction to Coal River.

We stopped for lunch in Teslin (a sandwich picnic in the park by the bridge) and walked over to the Northern Wildlife Museum behind the Yukon Hotel, but sadly it was closed for the season, so I had to settle for a photo with the outside animals.

At Watson Lake, we explored the famous 'signpost forest', which at the time of our visit held an estimated 100,000 signs. We bought burgers for supper at a little restaurant nearby, which we took back to the 'forest' to eat.

We saw some more wildlife as we neared our stop for the night at Coal River Lodge - a couple of bison grazing along the road and a golden eagle!

Thursday, September 2

Day 3 of our trip down the Alcan: Coal River to Sasquatch Crossing.

This was the one day that wasn't clear and sunny, as we started off driving through fog. We passed a LOT of bison in the morning. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, Buffalo buffalo.
bison video
*15s (2.9MB)*

We briefly stopped at Liard River Hot Springs campground about 8:45, but the gates were closed and we didn't go in.

By nine am the fog had dispersed, so when we got to the mineral lick trail on Trout River at 9:30, we were back to clear sunny skies. Wonderful views at the end of the trail, but no animals.

Then on down the road to Muncho Lake, where we passed some Stone's sheep. They were getting their salt from the road instead of the hills.

Further down the road, near the 'erosion pillar', I just barely managed to catch a photo of what we eventually determined to be a young caribou.

We stopped for lunch at the Erosion Pillar Trail, aka the hoodoo trail.

And then found another bear at about 6:45 pm, shortly before reaching our stop for the night at Sasquatch Crossing Lodge. Dad was in the lead and would alert us when he saw wildlife. He had to drive slower than we could, so we had plenty of time to stop and take photos before easily catching back up with him further down the road.

Friday, September 3

Day 4 of our trip down the Alcan: Sasquatch Crossing to Dawson Creek, then on to Hinton, Alberta.

We reached the start (or end, for us) of the Alcan at Dawson Creek around 11 am and stopped for photos.

We stopped at Sheep Creek Provincial Recreation Area at around 5 pm to stretch our legs and look for interesting rocks along the shore of Smoky River.

Then through the mountain pass and down to Hinton, Alberta, where we ate supper at a Dairy Queen and spent the night at Hinton Lodge.

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