Alaska Trip
Aug/Sept 2021

Back in the US

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Sunday, September 5

From Calgary we continued south to Fort Macleod, then across to Lethbridge, then south to the border crossing at Coutts, which was open on Sundays (Carway wasn't). We did NOT go to Vulcan, but Mom & Dad had been there before and had gotten me a souvenir knit cap (with Vulcan ears on the sides).

We stopped for photos at Black Eagle Falls in Great Falls, Montana...

And we spent the night at the Corral Motel in Harlowton, MT.

Monday, September 6

We made a small detour to visit Devils Tower in Wyoming, which I had not been to before. It was late enough in the afternoon when we arrived that we got rooms at the Cozy Motel in nearby Moorcroft, then explored the tower until dark.

west side
There is a tiny little person climbing the rock to the left of the taller tree, for scale.

south side

east side
waiting for Dad

northwest side

Tuesday, September 7

From Moorcroft, Wyoming, we continued southeast through Nebraska, where we encountered our first gravel roads of the trip. We spent the night at a Super 8 in Alma. No sightseeing done in Nebraska.

Wednesday, September 8

Arrived back in Texas around 5:30pm.
We bought disinfectant spray at the Dollar General in Sanger, wiped down suspect surfaces at Jan & Lee's house, and Lee moved back in (Kim had vacated the premises some days earlier).

Thursday, September 9

Unloaded the U-Haul trailer so Dad could return it.

Friday, September 10

I returned to work, to a warm welcome from my co-workers...
Grumpy Cat says "Welcome back, now get back to work"

Then went back up to Sanger after work on Saturday to help with the unpacking.

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