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Bold text is taken from the P2P 'Schedule of Activities' document.

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Dallas to Kangaroo Island

Day 1: Sat, June 5 - DFW to Sydney
   Depart Los Angeles International Airport for Sydney on Qantas Airlines at 10:15 p.m.

DFW airport, preparing to check in.
Left on American Airlines @ 5 pm
4-hr layover at LAX
(arrived 6:15 pm, left 10:15 pm)
Qantas Boeing 747 from LAX, 14 hr flight
They showed 'Groundhog Day' during the flight.
Jessie Martin in aisle, Barbara Jones on far right

Day 2: Sun, June 6 - Day lost enroute
   En route to Sydney. Day is lost crossing the international date line.

(trapped on a plane for 14 hours of complete darkness = not much fun)

Day 3: Mon, June 7 - Sydney to Kangaroo Island
   Arrive Sydney, then transfer to domestic terminal for Qantas flight to Adelaide. Arrive Adelaide airport at 9:55 a.m. Transfer by coach to Cape Jervis Ferry Terminal. At noon, ferry departs Cape Jervis for Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island ("K.I."). Arrive Penneshaw at 1:00 p.m. Transfer to Vivonne Bay Outdoor Education Centre -- settle in. The rest of the day is free to rest and catch up on sleep after your long journey. Dinner.

   Vivonne Bay Outdoor Education Centre
   Newland Service
   Vivonne Bay Via Kingscote
   Kangaroo Island, South Australia 5223

Arrived in Sydney, 7:15 am
transferred by coach to domestic terminal
Left Sydney on Australian Airlines, 9 am
Sydney from plane window
Arrived in Adelaide, 10 am
I'd never gotten off a plane by just stairs before.
Kangaroo Island (KI) from coach,
on way to Cape Jervis Ferry Terminal
Left Cape Jervis at noon
1 hr ferry ride to Penneshaw, KI
This is the ferry docked at Penneshaw.
Kangaroo Crossing sign along the road
on the way to Outdoor Education Centre
I had incorrectly labeled these photos as "Point Ellen, Vivonne Bay". According to Google, they are actually of Pennington Bay.
Examining some eucalyptus trees enroute to Vivonne Bay.
Arrived at Education Centre ~2 pm.
Kangaroo grazing at dusk at Education Centre.

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