Big Bend
National Park

November 20, 2022

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The weather was quite overcast for most of the day with a projected high of around 40°F, and the higher elevations were likely to be poor visibility, so we decided to spend our first day in the park driving along the River Road that (somewhat) parallels the Rio Grande. We started at the east end and drove west, reaching the opposite end near Tuff Canyon at dusk and returning to base camp after dark. This is NOT a road for low-clearance vehicles! (locations are mostly taken from the GPS data in the photos)

Big Bend National Park entrance, one and a half miles from our spot at Study Butte Rv Park.
View along the River Road, east of San Vicente Crossing.
River Road south of Casa De Pietro.

Rock formations east of Solis Landing.

The Rio Grande at Solis.

Our truck at Solis.

The start of the Cross Canyon Trail from Solis to Tally.

No idea what kind of plant this is.
"Wildlife" spotted west of Solis (Mexican cattle).

Mariscal Mine

Various mineshafts around the mine.

Mountain range north of Mariscal Mine. Elephant Tusk is on the far right.

Looking north toward Mule Ears from River Road near Loop Camp.

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