Big Bend
National Park

November 21, 2022

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Much nicer weather today as we headed south down Old Maverick Road toward the must-see Santa Elena Canyon. On the way we stopped at "Luna's Jacal", a wattle-and-daub dwelling from the early 1900s.

Further along Old Maverick, just east of the jacal, we spotted a jackrabbit.

Santa Elena Canyon
Terlingua Creek was up, so everyone was detouring around the cliff instead of following the trail straight across.

view from canyon

Hiking into the canyon

Dad & Chad

zoomed in

hiking back out

We stopped at a viewpoint for Cerro Castellan just west of Tuff Canyon on our way back north.

Ash deposit hills

Tuff Canyon

west overlook



Hiking through the canyon...

And back out again.

Mule Ears Viewpoint and trail to Mule Ear Spring



Mule Ear Spring

view from trail

Lower Burro Mesa Pouroff

Burro Spring Trail
This hike was not as interesting, especially since it wasn't a loop. The spring was down in a valley, so you could only see (from a distance) the increase in vegetation marking its location.

Sotol Vista Overlook

Homer Wilson Ranch

By this point the sun was setting, so we didn't have time to hike the Upper Burro Mesa Pour-off trail or visit Sam Nail Ranch before heading back out of the park. My Fitbit says I hiked about 15.5 miles in total (33,000 steps). The skies were clear enough for some stargazing outside our trailer after supper, although it was a bit chilly. It would have been darker inside the park, away from the RV Park lights, but the view was good enough to not be worth the extra effort.

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