Big Bend
National Park

November 22, 2022

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Another beautiful fall day, which unfortunately meant the tourists were out in force. We had planned to hike the upper elevation trails of the Chisos Basin but couldn't find a place to park! We ended up only stopping at the Visitor Center long enough for Chad to buy a hat, then headed for less-trafficked trails (on back roads requiring a high-clearance vehicle). We took Glen Springs Rd down to Pine Canyon Rd, which was slow going but eventually got us to the Pine Canyon Trailhead. Pine Canyon, as the name implies, is a forested area, with rumors of black bear(s) in the vicinity. We didn't see any bears, but I did take photos of some of the unidentified scat that I saw along the trail.

Map on sign at trailhead.

bear scat???

no idea
Shady forest trail.

Pine Canyon Pour-off at trail's end

We ate lunch at the Pine Canyon Pour-off at the end of the trail, then retraced our steps back out of the canyon. There was a swarm of bees up at the top of a tree along the trail and Chad got stung on the ankle by one of them, but I think that was our only injury of note on this trip.

We returned to the truck and made our slow way back to Glen Springs Rd, then continued south, with a quick stop to view the scenery at Rice Tank.

view at Rice Tank

We stopped again just north of Glenn Spring, to look at the interesting rocks there. Dad says he and Mom found a rock containing a fossil fish skeleton around here on one of their previous trips, but we did not find any this time.

We continued southeast down Glen Springs Rd, headed toward the River Rd that we drove on our first day.

looking toward Mexico

When we reached the River Rd, we drove east toward Boquillas Hot Springs, but then we decided we only had time for one more hike before dark and instead of stopping at the Springs, we continued on to Rio Grande Village, where we finished our Big Bend adventure by hiking the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail.

First we hiked down to the river's edge...

Mexican trinkets for sale (honor system) along the nature trail.

Then we took the trail up to the overlook.

sign on overlook

Views from overlook

Boquillas del Carmen
across the river

nature trail

Rio Grande

RG Village campground

Once again we left the park as the sun set and stargazed for a while after supper.

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