Zzickle's Trip to
Chickasaw NRA

June 2021

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Now COVID-vaccinated, my parents and I made plans for a weekend camping trip in their 5th-wheel trailer. Since I only had Saturday and Sunday available, we wanted to stay relatively close to home. I considered revisiting Copper Breaks with them, as they had not been there before, but in the end we decided to go somewhere new.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area doesn't have much in the way of hiking, but they do have several interesting natural springs, as well as a small lake.

We had only just pulled onto the interstate service road when one of the trailer tires self-destructed. These were factory-installed tires and less than 2 years old but this was the second one to fail so Dad put on the spare and we went to Discount Tire to replace all four. So much for an early start (and a good thing our destination was not too far from home).

A few hours later, we were back on the road, and arrived at our destination (RV resort near the NRA) by mid-afternoon. It was too hot to hike so we hung out in the trailer until suppertime. Then we bought some fast food burgers and had a picnic along the walking trails in the NRA.

Little Niagara Falls

footbridge on trail

Antelope Spring

Buffalo Spring

The next morning, we planned to hike the loops on the other side of the creek, which we didn't have time for the night before.

Tall Oaks Trail

Prairie Loop Trail
Unfortunately, the path across the creek on this trail was underwater. We didn't want to have to take our shoes and socks off to get across, so we didn't hike this loop.

Instead, we drove over to see some of the points of interest around Veterans Lake.

Bromide Hill Lookout

We walked across the Inkana Bridge to the Chickasaw Cultural Center and Spiral Garden, but they were closed.

After a brief stop along the shores of Veterans Lake, we returned to the RV resort to collect the trailer and headed home.

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