The Wind was on the Withered Heath


The wind was on the withered heath,

but in the forest stirred no leaf:

there shadows lay by night and day,

and dark things silent crept beneath.


The wind came down from mountains cold,

and like a tide it roared and rolled;

the branches groaned, the forest moaned,

and leaves were laid upon the mould.


The wind went on from West to East;

all movement in the forest ceased,

but shrill and harsh across the marsh

its whistling voices were released.


The grasses hissed, their tassels bent,

the reeds were rattling - on it went

o'er shaken pool under heavens cool

where racing clouds were torn and rent.


It passed the lonely Mountain bare

and swept above the dragon's lair:

there black and dark lay boulders stark

and flying smoke was in the air.


It left the world and tool its flight

over the wide seas of the night.

The moon set sail upon the gale,

and stars were fanned to leaping light.


~As sung by the Dwarves (The Hobbit - Ch. 7 "Queer Lodgings")



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Last updated: May 1, 2023