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3. The Harsh Light of Day

Contemplating his latest scheme Confrontation with the Slayer Harmony distraction
"I love syphilis more than you..." Spike thinks he's found the Gem

6. Wild at Heart

Be careful what you wish for, Slayer...

7. The Initiative

lab rat Spike goes to Harmony for help This has never happened to me before...

8. Pangs

poor, neutered vamp Hey! Watch the heart! "You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!"

9. Something Blue

in Giles' bathtub headshot of same Buffy taunts Spike "Kiss the Librarian"
begging the Initiative: "Let me in! Fix me." Spike proposes Buffy says yes "Well, where would *Angel* like to register??"
More smoochies "This is the crack team that foils my every plan?" Xander & Anya are told the ?good? news

10. Hush

Spike overhears Anya talking about orgasms . . . . . . and adds his two-cents

11. Doomed

Poor Spike. Can't bite, can't kill, can't do laundry . . . "I hate this place." More of the same.
Can't decide if I like this one with the background . . . . . . or without it.

12. A New Man

"A demon. That would be - oh, right - the things I can kill."

13. The I in Team

Giles visits Spike in his new digs . . . . . . and pays him for his help during 'A New Man'. Spike needs help and has to give the money back.

14. Goodbye Iowa

"You have bleeding tragic taste in men." Spike gives his support of Walsh trying to kill Buffy.

15. This Year's Girl

Giles and Xander warn Spike about Faith Spike promises to sic her on them if he finds her.

16. Who Are You?

Oh, this scene is a classic! "I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of." "...squeeze you til you pop like warm champagne..."
"And you know why I don't? Because it's wrong." Wants her dead . . . or just wants her?

17. Superstar

Spike 'sizes' up the competition 'Wonder Jonathan and his fluffy battle kittens.' Heh.
Buffy gets results when Jonathan doesn't. Spike and . . . Betty

18. Where the Wild Things Are

Spike talking to Anya about Dru & Xander

19. New Moon Rising

Zzzzzzzz Spike decides to join Adam
". . . formerly dangerous and currently annoying." What a cutie.

20. The Yoko Factor

Trying to warn Adam about the Slayer. Can't even point a *fake* gun. Sir, no sir.

21. Primeval

The writers mess up...and blame it on Spike. Soldiers vs demons within the Initiative "Good work, team!"

22. Restless

"I've hired myself out as an attraction." A threatening pose. Oooh. Aaah. Another pose.
"You gotta make up your mind, Rupes."  and...yup, yet another pose.  I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.

Wallpapers are from my very own screencaptures
(which explains why there're so MANY of them!)

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