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1. Lessons

What a smile. Crazy!Spike I *like* the hair! (and so did Kim)

2. Beneath You

Dawn gets scary "Can we rest now?" "Can we rest?"

3. Same Time, Same Place

"Button, button, who's got the button?" Scene 1, Take 2 Spike leads them to the cave.

4. Help

Very sad . . . <sniffle>

5. Selfless

Spike reminisces about his crazy ex.

6. Him

Spike's no longer insane in the basement! "I don't need your mollycoddling."

7. Conversations with Dead People

At the Bronze . . . A small plot twist develops...

8. Sleeper

~ humming and digging ~ The Anya scene was SUCH a hoot. First!Spike
I like the colors . . . This one's for Eve. 2 Spikes for the price of one!

9. Never Leave Me

Spike tries to anger Buffy into staking him. Captured by the First One's minions bird's-eye view of the hellmouth

10. Bring On The Night

Still in the First's clutches Spike and the less-loony First!Drusilla

11. Showtime

Spike waits for Buffy to rescue him "She will come for me..."

12. Potential

Training the SiT's Another training session

13. The Killer In Me

Spike, pre-"ow" wandering about in the Initiative labyrinth I *knew* that flower shop was a cover-up.

14. First Date

This scene was *so* cute! How can Buffy resist?? The First isn't targeting Spike . . . yet. Interrupting the Date

15. Get It Done

"Bring the Big Bad back" Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

16. Storyteller

No Smoking Happy Valentine's Day! Awww, who's a cute little vam-pyre?

17. Lies My Parents Told Me

Moments away from revisiting Spike's past Visiting Mum In Wood's 'Sanctuary'
learning the truth about Wood Variation of the same Love's bitch yet again Who saw this one coming??

18. Dirty Girls

Odds are someone out there will want this one... This one was meant to be a wallpaper.

19. Empty Places

Giles is asking Spike for help? What's the catch?

20. Touched

Tracking Buffy Buffy asks him to stay Goodnight, sweet girl

21. End of Days

"It was the best night of my life." Watching from the shadows

22. Chosen

I've never been a Champion before... One last quiet Spuffy moment Spike ponders his destiny
Effulgent A final goodbye I *soo* thought this was the Shanshu.

Wallpapers are from my very own screencaptures
(which explains why there're so MANY of them!)

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