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1. Buffy vs. Dracula

Dracula is a glory hound. "Suddenly everybody knows how to kill us." Spike is NOT impressed

2. Real Me

Well . . . Hello, Harm. *Harmony* has her own gang?? "Look at you, all puffed up and mighty . . ."
Lemme guess . . . . . . snatch a friend and use 'em as bait? Harm insists her plan is 'much much better'

3. The Replacement

Scavenging at the junkyard What's with the mannequin, Spike?

4. Out of My Mind

"You've got yourself a new patient, doc." Confident that the doctor can remove his chip 'Cuz if he doesn't, Harm'll kill him
Under the knife Annoyed by Harmony's endless questions Gonna swim in the Slayer's blood . . .
Time for a little snack . . . or not. "Take me out of a world that has you in it!" And the Spuffiness begins . . .sort of

5. No Place Like Home

Out. For. A. Walk.

6. Family

Spike reveals the truth about Tara. "You're a piece of work. I like you."

7. Fool For Love

"I've always been bad." William the Bloody (awful poet) "What's another word for gleaming?"
The Poem is read aloud So hopeful . . . Declaring his love.
Beautiful strangers and burning baby fishies. Something . . . effulgent. "The blood of a Slayer is a powerful aphrodesiac."
"My little Spike just killed himself a Slayer." Cheesy camera shot, cool screencap. Yeah, I got off on it . . . don't you??
New York City, 1977 Acquiring the infamous duster. "Sooner or later, you're gonna want it."
From murdurous rage to concerned friend in 0.5 seconds. Trying to offer comfort. An awkward Spuffy moment.

8. Shadow

"Buffy's got a type, and you're NOT it."

9. Listening to Fear

Riley to the rescue, but the alien's already dead.

10. Into the Woods

Tries to win points with Buffy . . . . . . but ends up hurting her instead. "Ain't love grand."

11. Triangle

Wow, that's a really big troll. "Hello, Buffy."

12. Checkpoint

The Council questions Spike. Joyce & Dawn visit the crypt.

13. Blood Ties

"They sent the key to her . . . in the form of a sister?" "A round of 'Kick-the-Spike'."

14. Crush

Scoping out the competition. Who knew Greek amphorae were so entertaining? Last dance
Trying to prove his love for Buffy. Disinvited

15. I Was Made to Love You

"If looks could stake." Spike orders the Buffybot.

17. Forever

Spike finds Dawn collecting gravedirt. Dominoes??
Getting instructions for the spell. Partners in . . . egg-theivery.

18. Intervention

Spike contemplates his new 'bot. "Darn your sinister attraction." "Are you afraid of me?"
The Buffybot meets Xander & Anya Spike tries to cover her identity Poor Spike, all covered in sexy wounds.

19. Tough Love

"Chin up, Platelet." Dawn thinks she's evil.

20. Spiral

Are we there yet? Shoulda taken the porsche. Xander doesn't think much of that idea.
"You know, those things'll kill you." "Have I mentioned how much I don't like you?"

21. The Weight of the World

"Ben is Glory. Yeah . . . NOT sinking in. Doc offers advice about Glorificus.

22. The Gift

It's always about blood. The un-invite is still in effect. "Come in, Spike."
Spuffiness ahead. "I know I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man." Their first look at the tower.
"I made a promise to a lady." The final moments of season 6 Sniffle

Wallpapers are from my very own screencaptures
(which explains why there're so MANY of them!)

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