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1-2. Bargaining

From the opening credits Babysitting the 'bit. An awkward moment with the BuffyBot.
The demon biker gang has some fun.

3. After Life

NOT the BuffyBot. Aaawww . . .
Confrontation with Xander. Spike learns the truth about where Buffy was.

4. Flooded

A quiet moment on the back porch.

5. Life Serial

Listening to Buffy's work woes. Drinkin' whiskey with his girl. Spike tries to start a bar fight over kitten-poker.

6. All the Way

Stealing Berber weed from the Magic Box Buffy's there to get Mandrake root.
"Feel like a bit of the rough-and-tumble?" "Me, you. Patrolling. Hello?" "I'm a rebel. You're an idiot."
Spike 'buggers off' with a good-bye to Buffy

7. Once More With Feeling

Opening Credits James Marsters "I remain immune, happy to say."
#I died . . . # #Mm-hmm# #I hope she fries . . . I'd better help her out.#
#You have to go on living, so one of us is living.# #Say you're happy now, once more with feeling.# "The day you suss out what you *do* want . . . . . . There'll probably be a parade."
#The curtains . . . . . . close . . . . . . on a kiss . . .#

8. Tabula Rasa

"We kissed, Buffy." "You need to give me asylum." "You don't suppose you and I . . .
. . . We're not related, are we?" Giles calles Spike a 'little twerp'. Spike finds Giles' name amusing.
"You never showed me affection like that... I'd wager." "Ready, Randy?" "Ready, Joan."
At the Bronze. Kiss #2 of the season.

9. Smashed

"... a man was frozen alive in there. A little compassion, love." Buffy tries to explain away her 'bad kissing decisions'. "She thinks I'm housebroken."
"This might hurt a little." Threatening 'the Fett' Andrew babbles about 'Dr. Who' and 'Red Dwarf'.
The chip isn't broken? "You, me, cozy little tomb with a view . . ." "Not as toothless as you thought . . ."

10. Wrecked

Brought the house down . . . literally. "I'm done being your whipping boy."
God's gift . . . Dawn needs a Lojack.

11. Gone

"This flapjack's not ready to be flipped." "Good Godfrey Cambridge"
An awkward encounter with Social Services "Go and haunt the living . . ."
"Buffy?" None so blind as those who will not see.

12. Doublemeat Palace

"You're better than this."

13. Dead Things

"Are we having a conversation?" Time goes wonky.
dream sequence Buffy tries to turn herself in.

14. Older and Far Away

Playing poker

15. As You Were

Rendezvous at the tree "I want you . . . you want me . . ."

16. Hell's Bells

"Hello, Buffy." Buffy admits she's jealous.

17. Normal Again

"You either tell your friends about us ... or I will."

18. Entropy

Buffy acuses Spike of planting the camera. Getting maudlin (and drunk) with Anya. And maudlin drunkenness leads to . . .

19. Seeing Red

conversation with Dawn "I'll be back."

20. Villains

a deal with a demon He wants the chip out . . . or does he?

21. Two To Go

"Here we are now. Entertain us."

22. Grave

"Very well . . . We shall return your soul."

Wallpapers are from my very own screencaptures
(which explains why there're so MANY of them!)

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