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"Band of Brothers" (1x13) - Sulfur piles by docks, DM & Grayson meet to fight

"The Gathering" (1x01) - Soldier's Bridge, shadows of CM & Slan fighting

"Avenging Angel" (1x20) - Templars' building, DM has come to kill Cahill

"Revenge Is Sweet" (1x10) - New Years' Eve flashback - Reinhardt fighting DM

"Eyewitness" (1x12) - Science Dome terrace, DM takes Ballin's Quickening

"Band of Brothers" (1x13) - Sulfur piles by docks, DM after the Quickening

Filmed specifically for opening credits

[HIGHLANDER - title image]

"The Gathering" (1x01) - Warehouse, CM & DM fencing

"Band of Brothers" (1x13) - Waterloo flashback, DM carrying wounded man

"The Watchers" (2x01) - Outside bookstore, DM watching for Joe

"Road Not Taken" (1x03) - China flashback, DM visiting Kiem Sun

"Eye of the Beholder" (1x19) - Whorehouse flashback, DM dancing drunkenly

"The Darkness" (2x04) - DM running after William near antique store

"The Watchers" (2x01) - Joe's bookstore, DM finding the laser beam

"The Zone" (2x06) Empty dojo, after flashback of Jesse's death

"Nowhere to Run" (1x21) - Outside chateau, DM & Bellian fighting in the mist

"An Eye for an Eye" (2x05) - Warehouse, RR escaping from Annie

"Studies in Light" (2x02) Greg's studio, RR accepts Greg's challenge


[Actor clips]

[See specific episodes below - clips here vary]

[Actor clips]


"The Watchers" (2x01) - Alley by bookstore, DM & Joe: "We've been watching."

"The Watchers" (2x01) - Inside bookstore, Joe greets Lynn & Robert

"Band of Brothers" (1x13) - Sulfur piles by docks, DM takes Grayson's head

"Turnabout" (2x03) - DM's kata after killing Michael

building explosion - from the second Highlander movie

Quickening seen from above - from the second Highlander movie

Filmed specifically for opening credits

SEASON 3: Episodes 1-2 actor clips
(The Samurai, Line of Fire)

"Turnabout" (2x03) - DM's 'initiation' at dojo

"Turnabout" (2x03) - Charlie's first appearance, at dojo

SEASON 3: Episodes 3-22 actor clips
(The Revolutionary - Finale II)

"The Revolutionary" (3x03) - Dr. Lindsey at Stefan's surgery



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