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"Homeland (4x01) - Aerial of castle from last scene

"Homeland" (4x01) - Flashback, DM sensing Kanwulf's 'buzz'

"Prodigal Son" (2x20) - Flashback, DM waiting for Segur

 "Testimony" (3x18) - Flashback, DM charging at Bohdran in forest
 "Testimony" (3x18) - Flashback, Cossacks riding toward village

"The Revolutionary" (3x03) - Flashback, DM in Querétaro

"For Tomorrow We Die" (1x15) - Flashback, Stan & DM run for cover

"Take Back the Night" (3x17) - Flashback, Ceirdwyn greeting DM

"Star-Crossed" (3x15) - Flashback, DM near Via della Fortuna

"They Also Serve" (3x12) - Flashback, DM & May-Ling kissing

"The Beast Below" (1x16) - Flashback, DM riding through forest

"Methos" (3x16) - Flashback, DM & Kalas fighting at Kalas' house

"Methos" (3x16) - Methos & DM fighting on quay near barge

"The Samurai" (3x01) - DM beheading Kent on Japanese beach

"Epitaph for Tommy" (2x10) - Amusement park Quickening

"Finale, Pt 2" (3x22) - Eiffel Tower, Kalas' Quickening

"The Revolutionary" (3x03) - Karros' Quickening


 "Methos" (3x16) - Methos & Kalas falling off bridge
 (camera added for the credits)

"Blackmail" (3x10) - DM & Matlin fighting in parking lot

"Blackmail" (3x10) - Robert Waverly recording the fight

"The Vampire" (2x16) - Sewer tunnels, cut scene?

Filmed specifically for opening credits

[HIGHLANDER - title image]

"The Vampire" (2x16) - Quickening

"The Innocent" (2x03) - Switching yard, DM swings toward King

"Finale, Pt 2" (3x22) - Eiffel Tower, DM preparing to tango

"Vendetta" (3x11) - Flashback, DM dancing with Peggy

"The Samurai" (3x01) - Kent's yacht, DM & Kent talk about Midori

"Brothers in Arms" (4x02) - DM in dojo, just before talk with Charlie

"The Lady and the Tiger" (1x18) - Amanda stealing manuscript

"Reunion" (4x06) - Amanda having coffee with Anne in the loft

"Methos" (3x16) - DM & Methos fighting on quay near barge

"Comes a Horseman (5x11) - Methos breaks up DM & Kronos' fight

"The Cross of St. Antoine" (3x04) - Joe singing in final scene

"Glory Days" (5x04) - right before Betsy tells Joe she's leaving

"Turnabout" (2x03) - DM's kata after killing Michael

building explosion - from the second Highlander movie

"Finale, Pt 2" (3x22) - Eiffel Tower Quickening

Filmed specifically for opening credits


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