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Seasons 1-3 Bloopers


DM in alley - filmed specifically for season 2 opening credits

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone.


Empty field
(2x12: Under Color of Authority)

[sound effect: pouring water (i.e. urination)]

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] There are others like him -- some good...


Flashback - Switzerland, 1810 - mountain road
(3x06: Courage)

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] ...some evil. [sound effect: zippers zipping] For centuries, he has battled...


Deserted amusement park, morning
(2x10: Epitaph for Tommy)

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] ...the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die...


Hotel corridor
(2x07: The Return of Amanda)

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] ...unless you take his head, and with it his power.

Don S. Davis - Oh, God! Hey, are you okay?

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] In the end...


Loft above dojo
(3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine)

[Adrian Paul and Liz Gracen eating bananas]

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] ...there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod...


DM in alley - filmed specifically for season 2 opening credits

Joe Dawson - [voice-over] ...the Highlander.

various short blooper and stunt clips

[Highlander theme song by Queen]

Lauren's house, night
(3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine)

Jim Byrnes - [bangs on glass with cane. Glass refuses to break.] Shit. It does take a beating, doesn't it?

Behind the scenes

Adrian Paul - [makeup & hair artists working on him] I love this. Don't you? Ah. Oh, I love it. Uh--

3x03: The Revolutionary

?Director? - [offscreen] And wait for it, please.

Adrian Paul - We're waiting for it at the moment, you know, it's so nice.

?Director? - [offscreen] {??} Ready? And--

Thorne Estate / Museum, night
(3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine)

Amanda - [counting in a whisper] One. Two. Three. [They lift the glass case but knock the bottom against the cross inside.]

Adrian Paul - That would've killed it.

Thorne Estate / Museum, night
(3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine)

Amanda & DM - [counting in a whisper together] One. Two. Three. [DM slides the cross off the display as Amanda slides a stack of weights into place. The stack falls over.]

Adrian Paul - Oh, good. Oh, good.

Liz Gracen - Sorry.

Adrian Paul - You're really-- Now we've got the alarm going off, you moron.

Director - [offscreen] Cut.

Thorne Estate / Museum, night
(3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine)

Amanda - [whispering] Okay. {Let's go.}

[DM hands Amanda the flashlight. She drops it down the stairs.]

Adrian Paul - Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang.

Director - [offscreen] Cut.

Hospital morgue
(3x03: The Revolutionary)

Adrian Paul - [enters on gurney, singing] There's no business like show business--

Outside mansion
(3x03: The Revolutionary)

Adrian Paul - Wait, don't do that. Wait! {forgets his line, makes mumbley noises]

Director - [offscreen] Still rolling?

Liliana Komorowska - Chinese?

Director - [offscreen] Still rolling, here we go.

Pont de la Concorde
(2x18: Pharoah's Daughter)

[DM gets into car with Nefertiri, accidentally turns windshield wipers on.]

[No intelligible dialogue.]

Loft above dojo
(3x01: The Samurai)

Director - [offscreen] Action.

Adrian Paul - Careful, Charlie. Mind the freakin' elevator, man. Midori, you here?

various short blooper clips set to music

["Groove is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite]

Inside abandoned asylum
(2x03: Turnabout)

[Adrian Paul dances with large boom mic, singing 'Strangers in the Night']

Director - [offscreen] Cut. Alright, we'll go again, guys.

Dojo office
(2x06: The Zone)

DM - So what exactly do you want me to do about it?

Joe - [offscreen] He has to be stopped.

Adrian Paul - So why don't you-- [blows raspberry] I just love these things, don't you? I just love the way they-- Hi, Mom. [leaves camera frame]

Honniger estate
(2x10: Epitaph for Tommy)

Andrea Roth - Nicely done, Mister, uh, touché, fuck me, okay.

Flashback - 1890 - MacLeod's hotel room
(2x11: The Fighter)

DM - Everyone else knocks, Sully, and I wasn't expecting you.

Sully - [offscreen] Well, if it wasn't an emergency...

Adrian Paul - Well, since when is a bare-fuckle ni-- [cracks up] knuckle fight--

Director - [offscreen] Cut it.

Adrian Paul - Bare-fuckle night!

Dojo office
(2x06: The Zone)

Charlie - No, all this kind of stuff's been going on in the Zone for years, and I've just been shaking my head.

DM - You made it out.

Charlie - Well, it's time to maybke it [flubs line]

Adrian Paul - It's beautiful like that!

Director - [offscreen] Okay, cut.

Flashback - Berlin, 1936 - Street outside the Domino, night
(2x07: The Return of Amanda)

Werner - Luven. The crossing at Luven. Twelve o'clock.

DM - [nods] Okay.

Werner - By the way, I've forgotten your name.

Adrian Paul - It's Bond. James Bond.

various short blooper clips set to music

["Don't Lose Your Head" by Queen]

Flashback - Thornhurst asylum, 1921
(2x03: Turnabout)

Director - [offscreen] Ready. Action! Action.

Nurse - [in hallway] Excuse me. May I help you?

DM - Oh, I hope so. Uh, I've come to see Dr. Moore. I have this problem. [Moves coat to reveal stuffed tube sock sticking out of his pants.]

Nurse - Yes, I see that. [DM hands her a business card.] Thank you, Mr. MacLeod. He's in the west wi--

Director - [offscreen] Cut. Alright, we'll go again.

Street near car dealership
(2x22: Counterfeit II)

Lisa - I'm late.

DM - Uh, well, maybe we could have dinner sometime.

Lisa - I don't think so.

Adrian Paul - Well, how about a blowjob?

Woods near cabin, night
(2x13: Bless the Child)

DM - Where is she?

Charlie - You think they got her?

Adrian Paul - Well, there's no signs of a struggle-- [trips, falls down]

(3x07: The Lamb)

Kenny - Yeah. Four years ago. I was ten. My mom and dad took me...

DM - You have no idea where?

Myles Ferguson - My mom and dad took me to a gay bar.

Director - [offscreen] That's great. That's perfect.

Inside empty building
2x12: Under Color of Authority

Director - [offscreen] Action.

[Mako attacks RR, kicks a bag of packing peanuts, gets his foot stuck in the bag.]

Director - [offscreen] Cut. Cut. Let's go back.

Flashback - American Wilderness, 1872
(3x02: Line of Fire)

[Adrian Paul tries to jump on Indian horse bareback and ride away. Fails repeatedly.]

Speed Credits

Lauren's house, night
(3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine)

[Jim Byrnes is still trying to break the glass with his cane.]

Flashback - England, 1805 - street, night
(3x10: Blackmail)

Adrian Paul - [giggles] Baddup-baddup, that's all, folks. [is beheaded by 'Shadows' cowled figure]


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