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2x03: Turnabout

Inside antique store

Director - [offscreen] Ready, ready, ready. Action.

[DM & Michael begin fight, stop.]

Adrian Paul - Sorry, I wasn't ready {on the end}.

Geraint Wyn Davies - Was that too quick for you?

Director - [offscreen] It's still rolling.

Adrian Paul - No, it's fine, it's just {??} I have to come up to this...

Director - [offscreen] Okay, cut.

Inside antique store

Offscreen voice - --cameras coming, mark.

Director - [offscreen] Ready. Action.

[DM & Michael begin fight, mess up, stop.]

Director - [offscreen] It's still rolling. Action.

[DM & Michael begin fight again. DM shoves Michael, who stumbles away. DM turns to Tessa & RR (offscreen).]

DM - You all right?

Director - [offscreen] Cut.

Outside Moore's hotel, night

Female voice - [offscreen] A cam rolling, mark.

Male voice - [offscreen] Hold the work, please.

Director - [offscreen] Ready.

Male voice - [offscreen] Thank you.

Director - [offscreen] Action.

Michael - Why Singer's chambers? Why not his house?

DM - I called. His housekeeper said he was-- [flubs line]

Director - [offscreen] Still rolling. Ready. And action.

Michael - Why Singer's chambers? Why not his house?

DM - I called. His housekeeper said he was going to be working late. There's a chance we can get there before Barnes.

Michael - Hey, Barnes, remember, this is my fight. [laughter]

Director - [offscreen] Still rolling. And ready. Action.

Michael - Why Singer's chambers? Why not his house?

DM - I called. His housekeeper said he was going to be working late. There's a chance we can get there before Barnes.

Michael - Remember, Mac, this is my fight.

DM - Hey, I'm just there to watch you win.

Michael - Or him.

DM - That's not going to happen. One way or another, he's going to lose.

Michael - You're a real comfort, you know that?

2x04: The Darkness

Outside Tudor, night

Director - [offscreen] Ready. Action.

Mark - [offscreen] Now! Give me the keys!

RR - [setting the scene] Okay, okay, okay, okay. Here's the keys, here's the wallet, some money--

Mark - [offscreen] Now where's her purse?

RR - [setting the scene] That's all we've got, that's all we've got. Just, no, just relax. That's all we've got.

Mark - [offscreen] You lying bitch!

[RR is "shot" by two squibs firing on his chest. He falls backward and down out of frame.]

Outside Tudor, night

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] When 'The Darkness' first aired on U.S. television, Act Four ended with both Tessa and Richie apparently dead, and it was only when Richie came walking up to MacLeod outside the antique store that it became clear that he was still alive and Immortal.

Offscreen voice - Rolling mark.

Director - [offscreen] Quiet, folks. And.... ready.

Stan - [lying down in the dark, opens eyes] That's a good place, right?

Director - [offscreen] Yeah. Eyeline? Yeah. Okay, and... action.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] In the European cut of the episode, which is four minutes longer and which is what's included on these DVDs, there was a little more of the scene. Richie opens his eyes and we know that he's alive. And in the footage that was filmed, we also see him sit up looking amazed. There was no dialogue filmed at the time.

[RR sits up, reacts to not being dead.]

Director - [offscreen] Cut!

Offscreen voices - Cut. Cut.

Outside Tudor, night

Offscreen voice - {French}

Director - [offscreen] Action.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] Producer Ken Gord re-created, in Paris, the Vancouver street where she'd been killed, including finding a double for Duncan's T-bird. The footage that was filmed for "Counterfeit, Part Two" wasn't used in that episode and wound up on the cutting-room floor until season four, when "Leader of the Pack" was made.

Outside Tudor, night

Offscreen voice - {French}

Offscreen voices - That's good. You were closer to her. [Adrian leans closer.]

Director - [offscreen] Action.

[Camera pans between DM, cradling Tessa's head in his lap, and RR lying dead nearby.]

Offscreen voice - [quietly, prompting] Richie.

RR - [gasps, sits up, wincing] Mac. I'm alive. And the pain... it's going away.

DM - Wait another minute and you'll be fine.

RR - Then I'm... I'm like you. I'm an Immortal.

DM - You always were.

RR - You knew all along, didn't you? [DM nods.] Tessa? [DM shakes his head.]

Director - [offscreen] Cut. Once more.

2x08: Revenge of the Sword

Buddhist Temple

DM - You know, I once heard it said that the main difference between a wise man and a fool is that the fool's mistakes never teach him anything. [Both smile, stand.] Now, once you've learned your lesson, you can move on.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] Notice the squre shape in the back of Adrian Paul's sweater. That's his wireless mic. It will take them two takes to notice it.

Buddhist Temple

Director - [offscreen] Move more to your left, 'cause you're blocked too much. Just {??}. And... action.

Adrian - Can we take it from down here?

Director - [offscreen] Yes, go ahead.

Adrian - Please.

Director - [offscreen] Go ahead. [Both crouch to restart scene.] Okay. Still rolling. Adjustment. [Woman moves into frame to fix Adrian's sweater.] {Don}, clear? Adjustment.

Offscreen voice - Thank you.

Director - [offscreen] Still rolling.

Adrian - [to woman] Does that show? Did that show in that take?

Woman - It keeps catching in the back of your sweater.

Adrian - If it's...

Woman - There were wires hanging out {??}. [drops something]

Director - [offscreen] Let's cut. This is dragging on.

2x11: The Fighter


Female voice - [offscreen] Eleven eleven, take four. A cam rolling, mark.

Director - [offscreen] Action.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] What you see here gives a good idea of how television basically gets filmed. There's a master shot where you see basically all the actors delivering their lines, and then there are individual turnarounds on each character, including in this case a turnaround on the punching bag, which is part of the transition into the flashback. You may notice in the turnaround on Charlie's entrance with his girlfriend, there's a difference between that shot and the shot that was used in the final episode. See if you can spot it.

Sully - Oooh, Duncan, did you get a look at that woman?

DM - Yeah, her name's Helen. Charlie, how're you doing?

Charlie - God, I feel good this morning, MacLeod.

DM - Charlie--

Charlie - Yes, MacLeod, she gave me flowers.

Sully - Really? How did you get her to give you the flowers?


Female voice - [offscreen] A cam rolling, mark.

Director - [offscreen] Ready. Action.

DM - [offscreen] Go ahead, Sully. Georgie and I will do some roadwork.

Sully - I thought you had things to do.


Female voice - [offscreen] --ling, mark.

Director - [offscreen] And action.

DM - [offscreen] Charlie. Charlie.

Charlie - Yes, MacLeod, she gave me flowers, alright?

Sully - [offscreen] Really? How did you get her to give you the flowers?

Charlie - Oh, come on.


Female voice - [offscreen] --two. A cam rolling, mark.

Director - [offscreen] Action.

DM - Charlie.

Charlie - [offscreen] Yes, MacLeod, she gave me flowers.

Sully - [offscreen] Really? How did you get her to give you the flowers?


Director - [offscreen] And... action.

DM - [offscreen] Charlie.

Charlie - [offscreen] Yes, MacLeod, she gave me flowers.

Sully - Really? How did you get her to give you flowers?

Charlie - [offscreen] Oh, come on, man.


Female voice - [offscreen] --mark.

Director - [offscreen] And... action.

DM - Georgie and I will do some roadwork.

Sully - [offscreen] I thought you had things to do.

DM - Well, what are friends for?

Director - [offscreen] And {??}.


Female voice - [offscreen] --cam rolling, mark.

Director - [offscreen] And we're on Adrian. And action, Adrian.

DM - What are friends for?

Director - [offscreen] And turn. [Adrian turns to face camera. Camera zooms to punching bag.] Go. [George punches bag.]

Charlie - [offscreen] Yes, MacLeod, she gave me flowers.

Sully - [offscreen] Really? How did you get her to give you the flowers?


Female voice - [offscreen] Take one. A cam rolling, mark.

Director - [offscreen] And... action!

[Charlie & Helen enter dojo, kiss. Helen hands him the flowers.]


Sully - Move left, move left, fake the jab, hook. Move left! Watch me! Move left, move left, fake the jab, hook. Move left, move left, fake the jab, hook.

DM - Working hard, Sully?

Sully - Hi. [to George] You keep working on it. I'll be with you in a minute.

George - Okay.

Sully - Duncan... when do the lessons begin?

DM - What lessons?

Sully - You know, the girl stuff. Poetry.

DM - Sully, poetry's not the answer.

Sully - Ah, then what is?

DM - I'd really like to help, Sully, but -- I've got things to do.

[DM & Sully watch Charlie kiss a beautiful woman at the dojo entrance.]

Sully - [sighs] Duncan...

2x12: Under Color of Authority

Dojo lift

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] Watching this next clip, you will see why we so rarely saw the elevator move on the show. The noise you hear is the sound of grips backstage turning the huge crank that makes the wall behind the elevator move to make it look like the elevator is moving.

RR - You know, I don't understand what's going on here. You help people all the time.

DM - Richie, if you want to help her, take her to the police.

RR - She's not gonna get a fair trial, you know that.

DM - So she says.

RR - Mac, I believe her. I grew up with a dozen girls just like her. I know what her life is like. She's scared. She needs help.

Loft above dojo

RR - I'm going with you.

DM - What?

Laura - Richie...

RR - I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself.

Adrian - Such a big boy.

Director - [offscreen] Okay, cut.

Stan - That was a good take.

Loft above dojo

Director - [offscreen] Clear. [Stan steps into view.] Where do you see him?

Offscreen voice - That's him.

Director - [offscreen] Okay, so your line there.

Stan - Okay. I'm going to go... [backs up a step.]

Offscreen voice - Just come...

Stan - Yeah, I'm going to get my energy, you know. Bo-bomp, bo-bomp-too.

Director - [offscreen] Yeah, stay on -- stay on the {move then}. {??} Move forward and say it as you're walking.

Stan - But I never, I--

Director - [offscreen] - Doesn't matter. Just do it this way now.

Stan - You are the director.

Director - [offscreen] - And... action.

RR - [walking forward] You were going to leave?

Laura - [offscreen] Richie...

2x15: Unholy Alliance, Part Two

Quai de la Tournelle

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] You've heard the flood mentioned. Here's footage of what the spot where the barge is usually parked looked like. [Camera pans around flooded quay.]

2x17: Warmonger

Inside barge

Man with clapperboard - {??} Take one.

Director - [offscreen] Action.

Maurice - [enters barge] MacLeod? MacLeod. Haha! My great aunt died and left a 1933 Château d'Yquem. I thought who better to share it with. [tries to sit on back of sofa, topples over onto the seat cushions.]

2x18: Pharaoh's Daughter

Inside barge

Man with clapperboard - {French}

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] This is Nefertiri's introduction to the modern world. The episode came in very long and this scene was changed to a shorter montage.

Nefertiri - [examining a clock] In Egypt we always had sun. [puts down clock, gestures to unlit lamp] And this?

DM - It's called a lamp. [turns lamp on. Nefertiri gasps.] It gives off light. [Nefertiri purses her lips and tries to blow the light out like a candle.] No, no, like this. [shows her the switch on the lamp cord, turns lamp on & off]

Nefertiri - It is warm... but there is no flame.

DM - And this... is a vacuum. [turns on hand vacuum. Nefertiri jumps back in surprise.] It's for, uh, picking up dust. [demonstrates, turns vacuum off]

Nefertiri - For the slaves?

DM - Uhh...

Nefertiri - Surely you have slaves.

DM - Well, they're... sort of out of fashion. [clears his throat]

Offscreen voice - [imitating phone] Ring, ring.

DM - That's probably Maurice. [leans toward phone on table]

Maurice - [offscreen] Hello? Anybody home? This is Maurice... Duncan? You there?

DM - It's coming from inside the... telephone.

Nefertiri - He is much too fat to fit in there.

DM - Well, he's not... he doesn't fit in there, he's... the voice travels through the machine. [presses button on phone] Yes, Maurice.

Maurice - [offscreen] Listen, I was just about to open a bottle of champagne. [sound of cork popping]

DM - No, Maurice.

Maurice - [offscreen] You're sure?

DM - Yeah, we're busy.

Maurice - [offscreen] I was afraid of that. You could always call me tomorrow.

DM - [firmly] Goodbye, Maurice. [pushes button on phone again.] I think Maurice likes you.

Nefertiri - It is good to know that men have not changed.

DM - Are you tired?

Nefertiri - Are you?

DM - Ah, the bed is over there [points], and I'll take the couch.

Nefertiri - The man who saved me from bandits does not have to sleep on the couch.

DM - One step at a time. And you're going to need some new clothes.

Nefertiri - That would be nice. And, if you do not mind -- A sword.

Director - [offscreen] Cut. Very nice. That's very nice.

2x19: Legacy

Inside barge

Offscreen voice - Take one.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] All you need to know about this clip is: Watch the sheet.

Director - [offscreen] Action.

[DM is asleep in the bed. Amanda quietly picks up her shoe. The sheet in the vicinity of DM's groin elevates. Liz sees it, laughs, threatens Adrian with the shoe.]

Director - [offscreen] Cut.

2x20: Prodigal Son

Quay by barges

Dennis Berry - {French}

Adrian - [offscreen] Do you want me on this side of him or that side of him, Dennis?

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] That's fine. That's fine, Adrian. {French}

Offscreen voice - [repeats Dennis' orders] {French}

Dennis Berry - {French}

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] That's the director, Dennis Berry, you hear shouting in French. He's almost visible behind the camera man.

Dennis - [offscreen] Action!

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] This is the clip we call "magic pocket guy" because it answers the question of "Where do they keep their swords?"

Hyde - [offscreen] Good to see you, MacLeod.

DM - [offscreen] Can't say the same about you, Hyde. [walks into view]

Hyde - [offscreen] You got yourself-- I didn't think you would. You got yourself a hell of a reputation over the years.

DM - I've kept busy.

Hyde - [offscreen] So have I.

DM - Tormenting young Immortals, killing their teachers?

Hyde - [offscreen] It works. He led me right to you. It's amazing how the young ones always return to their teachers. I've taken a lot of trouble finding you. You ought to be flattered.

DM - You ought to be dead.

Hyde - [offscreen] I've hunted and killed every living creature on this earth... [circles into view]

DM - I'm sure you have.

Hyde - ...but it's nothing compared to the kill of a seasoned Immortal. Let's get on with it, shall we? [draws his sword]

DM - No. You want to take my head? You help me get Richie out of jail. [Stage hand sneaks up next to DM, hands him his sword.]

Hyde - Sorry, I can't wait. [They fight. DM climbs onto stack of boxes, starts whistling a tune.]

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Cut. Cut. Cut.

Flashback - Scotland, 1630 - woods / fields

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] This is a classic Highlander moment. Director Dennis Berry fills the screen with fog. Listen for Adrian Paul's comment.

Adrian - Well, now we can't see anything, Dennis.

Flashback - Scotland, 1630 - woods / fields

Offscreen voice - Take one. Commencer. (Begin)

Adrian - Do you want me to fall into this?

Offscreen voice - {French}

Adrian - Do you want me to fall into-- No, he's on the horse, Dennis.

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Okay. And...

Adrian - He's just getting up. Do you want me to fall into it?

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Yeah. And... action!

Hyde - Where's Connor MacLeod?

DM - First you have to face me.

[They fight.]

Hyde - You're a waste of time.

[DM is knocked down, his wig falls off. Adrian starts laughing.]

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Cut.

Flashback - Scotland, 1630 - woods / fields

Hyde - [holds sword to DM's neck] Tell me where he is.

DM - Do it. I'd rather die than give Connor up to the like of you.

Hyde - Too bad. [knocks DM down] Maybe in a century or so, if you're still alive. [kicks him, walks off]

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Cut.

Adrian - I didn't want to get up because the wig fell off again.

Quay by barge, night

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] The last clip here is the second camera on Richie. You'll notice the Bateau Mouche, which is the tourist boats that go around Paris and down the Seine, going by in the background. You can practically hear the guide saying, "And on your right, 'Highlander: The Series'." Listen for Adrian's comment at the end of the scene. If you check the scene in the episode as aired, you'll see that some of this footage, believe it or not, was actually used.

[Tour boat passes in background, tour guide speaking over PA unintelligibly.]

RR - Mac, this is my fight. I owe this guy.

DM - Richie, he's not going to fight you. Besides, I owe him a lot more. [looks at bottle in his hand] This is the best cognac in all of France. [hands bottle to RR] Meet me by the bridge in an hour, and we'll drink it together.

RR - [as DM walks out of view] Mac, what if you don't come back?

DM - [offscreen] Then that's up to you if you want to go after him. Make sure you're ready.

RR - Mac! I hate drinking alone.

DM - [offscreen] Me, too.

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] {?? cut.}

Adrian - Great. Nice boat.

2x21: Counterfeit, Part One

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] Here's the boar Bill Panzer talked about that Duncan MacLeod was supposed to be hunting.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] This is a close-up on Duncan escaping from the ropes. Good luck.

Sheriff - [offscreen] You have been charged and found guilty of poaching.

DM - Who found me guilty? [struggling against ropes binding his hands] There's been no trial.

Sheriff - [offscreen] It happened when you were unconscious. Besides, we all saw you, so what other verdict could there be? Why keep the courts waiting?

DM - Ah... that's a nobleman's, ah... weapon, ah... [struggles against ropes] I, uh, oh, God... [laughs] No, I'm blocked.

Offscreen voice - No, no, it's good.

DM - It's, uh, a nobleman's weapon. The-th-th-the penalty for poaching is to be hanging. That's it. Hang me. Hang me!

Sheriff - [offscreen] We have no rope. What's the matter? Lost your sense of humor? Don't worry, your head will soon join it.

Adrian - [still struggling] Shut up. [laughing] I'm a free man! I have rights.

Sheriff - [offscreen, chuckling] You're a thief. You are worth nothing. May God have mercy on your soul.

Adrian - [still struggling] Get out of these f*beep*beep*g ropes.

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] Because Peter Hudson had been injured while filming the final sequence, his part was filmed using a double while he was in the hospital. For the turnarounds on Alexandra Vandernoot while Lisa was talking to Horton, Adrian Paul filled in as the off-camera voice of Horton. You can hear him deliver his off-camera line in an imitation of Peter Hudson's evil Horton voice. And Alexandra cracks up.

Director - [offscreen] Okay... action.

Adrian Paul - [offscreen, as Horton] We don't have much time.

Alexandra - [laughs] I'm sorry.

Director - [offscreen] Ready? Don't move. Don't move. {French.} And ready.

Offscreen voice - {French} Sil vouz plait. (Please.)

Alexandra - Just speak normal.

Adrian - All right.

Director - [offscreen] Action.

Street near carnival

RR - Here we go again about the scar on Pete's wrist.

DM - It's something to think about.

RR - I know, but Mac, I'm just finding it a little hard to believe that you're condemning a guy who saved my life.

DM - I'm not condemning him. All I want to do is talk to him.

RR - No, you don't. You've already made up your mind.

Adrian - The truth is the truth, Richie, even though I can't even say the line. [turns around walks back up the street]

Director - [offscreen] Let's do it again {??}.

Adrian - The problem is, we're too close. We should be further-- it was that mark.

Director - [offscreen] Ready? And...

Stan - Well, that's the mark... [coughs]

Adrian - That's -- that's -- careful. [Stan moves out of the way as a shopper comes out of the doorway he's blocking.]

Director - [offscreen] Action.

[The shopper is walking down the street toward the camera in front of Adrian & Stan.]

Adrian - Oh, no, I don't think so. [Shopper moves out of view.] Um. Go back to, um, 'Fruitcake' over there is not going to do anything.

2x22: Counterfeit, Part Two

Inside barge

Offscreen voice - Twenty and one, take four.

Director - [offscreen] Okay. Action.

[DM wakes up in bed alone, looks around. Lisa walks up to bed carrying a breakfast tray.]

Lisa - Good morning.

DM - Morning. [Lisa sets tray down, hand DM cup of coffee.] Thanks. [Lisa kisses him.] Nice shirt.

Lisa - Do you mind? I found it in your closet. [sits down, puts on her boots, opens box on table]

DM - [gets out of bed] Oh, that's not a good idea.

Lisa - They're just pictures.

DM - [goes to her] Yeah, I know.

Lisa - I want to see!

Director - [offscreen] Cut. Great.

Street by park

Gillian Horvath - [voice-over] Prior to filming the scene where he gets shot, Stan Kirsch discusses on camera with the off-camera director, Dennis Berry, how he will react to the gunshots, and then suits action to word.

Offscreen voice - {French}

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Okay, now. Be careful of one thing, Stan.

Stan - Yes.

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Don't put your hands on the impacts, because it will hurt your hand.

Stan - Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm going to go-- I'm going to... like this.

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] Okay.

Stan - And then "Uh!" and then "Uh! Uh!"

Dennis Berry - [offscreen] And ready. Don't move. And... action!

Joe - [offscreen] So you want me to check her out, even though I give you the creeps.

RR - Yeah, I do.

Joe - [offscreen] Anything for an old friend.

[RR turns, squibs go off.]

RR - Ah! Ah! Ah! [falls to the ground]

Joe - You're hit!


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