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Episode 2: Family Tree

Written by Kevin Droney
Directed by Jorge Montesi
Aired: Dec. 19, 1992
Transcript revised: 1-2-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. His album for "Family Tree" can be found HERE. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Mr. Stubbs - Walter Marsh
              candy store owner

Old Woman - Mary McDonald
              Peasant in flashback

Secretary - Jessica Van der Veen
              at orphanage

Harold - Aurelio Di Nunzio
              Security Guard


Clinch - Peter Deluise
              Gustavson's muscle

Joe Scanlon - J.E. Freeman
              a con man

Mrs. Gustavson - Tamsin Kelsey
              casino owner

Ian MacLeod - Matthew Walker
              Duncan's father



Taxi Driver - Gary Chibi
              outside travel agency

Locations List:*
0. Scenes on/near sets in Sound Stage 3 at Bridge Studios, Burnaby. [49.263257,-123.019589]
1. Gustavson's Casino / Spinning Wheel Hotel - 210 Carrall St [49.282908,-123.104171]
2. West Side Orphanage exterior - 118 Powell St [49.283183,-123.101539]
3. Alexander St. Police Station - 25 Alexander St [49.283584,-123.103631]
4. Streets of Seacouver (drive from police station) - Columbia & Powell intersection [49.283275,-123.102214] to [49.283245,-123.102473], then southeast on W Hastings [49.283232,-123.110626]
5. Antique store rear exterior - entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263257,-123.019589]
6. Glenfinnan & Highlands - Cypress Mountain, 'Panorama' run (I think) [49.394595,-123.207767]
7. Outside antique store - Blood Alley Square [49.283085,-123.105154]
8. Streets of Seacouver (walking) - Maple Tree Square: Pt 1: 46 Alexander St, looking toward 26 Powell St (under construction) [49.283361,-123.103805] & Pt 11: Powell & Carrall intersection [49.283274,-123.104124]
9. Streets of Seacouver (walking) - along Granville St: Pts 2,3,5,7,10: near 1061 Granville [49.278613,-123.124123], Pt 4: crossing Granville [49.278746,-123.123779], Pt 6: Arcade at 1039 Granville [49.279012,-123.123201], & Pt 8: 1018 Granville (TENTS sign) [49.278982,-123.123302]
10. Street of Seacouver (walking) - Pt 9: 654 Nelson St (downhill from hotel) [49.278832,-123.122501]
11. Games Workshop - 203 Carrall St [49.283326,-123.104366]
12. Small city park (establishing) - southeast corner of Oppenheimer Park [49.282378,-123.093846]
13. Small city park (chess game) - Exterior of building at Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263699,-123.020010]
14. Streets of Seacouver (drive to hotel) - west on Alexander St [49.284065,-123.100401], unidentified street
15. Hotel room - old cafeteria building, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263715,-123.019431]
16. Seacouver skyline - looking north from Choklit Park (approximately) [49.265662,-123.128910]
17. Travel Agency - 217 Carrall St [49.283097,-123.104380]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2009

NOTE: This episode follows the 'Final Shooting Script' with only a few minor line changes.

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I am Duncan MacLeod, born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. For centuries, we have waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Gustavson's Casino 1

Scanlon - Seven out, wide away, don't stay paid.

Clinch - You're relieved, Joe.

Scanlon - It's early.

Clinch - I said you were relieved. Gustavson wants to see you.

Gustavson - [as Scanlon sits] Joe, have a drink.

Scanlon - I usually don't drink while I'm working the tables, Mrs. Gustavson.

Gustavson - You're through working the tables, Joe.

Scanlon - Okay, sure. I'll come in early tomorrow.

Clinch - She said you're THROUGH working the tables, Joe. Finito.

Scanlon - Hey, if this is about that guy last night, he was just on a roll.

Gustavson - Fifty thousand dollars of the house's money is more than a roll, Joe. It's a friggin' avalanche! Tell him the rules, Clinch. Tell him rule number one.

Clinch - The customer shall not go home with too much of Mrs. Gustavson's money.

Scanlon - Hey, he was watchin' me real close. I couldn't switch the dice.

Gustavson - Maybe you didn't want to, Joe. Maybe the guy was a friend of yours.

Scanlon - You know me better than that. I don't have any friends that I like that much.

Gustavson - Well, that's very sad. But we believe you. Tell him why we believe him, Clinch.

Clinch - This big winner disappeared last night. Skipped town without so much as even checking outta his hotel.

Scanlon - Ain't that a bitch.

Gustavson - Mm. Which means if you WERE working with him, he skipped out on you, too. Tell him his responsibilities, Clinch.

Clinch - You are responsible for your table. You are responsible for the fifty grand.

Gustavson - And I know you want to pay me back.

Scanlon - Fifty thousand is a lot of money.

Gustavson - I think that's my point, Joe. Yeah, I think that's exactly my point.

Scanlon - I'll need some time.

Gustavson - Oh, sure, Joe, we understand that. Tell him how much time, Clinch.

Clinch - You can count to five? Sure you can, Joe. Five days. [grabs Scanlon's hand, folds down the thumb] One. [folds down index finger] Two. Three. Four. [ends at pinky, breaking it with a *crack*] Five! [Scanlon cries out. Gustavson smiles.]


Establishing shot: West Side Orphanage 2

Woman - [answering phone] Good afternoon, West Side Orphanage.


West Side Orphanage 0

Secretary - I've got Richard Ryan's file right here, but I have no record of anyone having asked for it.

RR - For, uh... Dr. James Jones. Cross-town address. Hey, that's all I know.

Secretary - We're not supposed to release orphanage files without authorization. There are laws regarding confidentiality.

RR - The guy's a doctor -- sounds sweet to me.

Secretary - Nobody's asking you.

RR - Hey! I'm just the messenger.

Secretary - Just which company did you say you worked for?

RR - Uh, look, uh... [turns ball cap around] look for yourself. [hands Secretary his clipboard, then grabs the records & bolts]

Secretary - Hey! You come back here! You can't take those! Security!

Harold - [slams RR against stairwell wall] Right there!

RR - Uh... [reads name tag] Harold... uh, what's the problemo?

Harold - You steal that?

RR - Uh, before I answer that, Harold, have you had the mandatory course in prudent and appropriate use of force?

Harold - Stop talking trash and turn around so I can cuff your ass.

RR - I guess that means no.

Harold - Now, lightning lips!

RR - Uh... uh... Harold, this is all a test of your, uh, security here. Uh, I'm an undercover agent with the Public Works Special Investigation Unit. Uh, cuffs are a little tight, Harold, but... that's okay. According to my stopwatch, your response time was well within our code. You should be very happy about this, Harold.

Harold - Ah, shut up. [pushes cuffed RR back up the stairs]

RR - Uh, Harold, you forgot the file.


Alexander St. Police Station 3

DM - An undercover agent. That's good, Richie.

RR - [off glare from DM] Whoa, are we in a bad mood? Wait, you just got back from the island, right? So maybe that's it -- island fever.

DM - Why the orphanage, Richie?

RR - Or maybe you had a fight with Tessa. Pfft. You know women. Heh, who can figure them out anymore? [pause] "Why the orphanage?" That was the question, right?

DM - Right.

RR - Ah, you know, uh, return to the old stomping ground. I spent a year or so there when I was, like, five. Then I did this whole foster home drill: "Hi, kids. This is your new foster brother Richie. Treat him just like one of the family... NOT!"

DM - Come on, Tessa's worried.


Streets of Seacouver 4

[DM drives RR back to the antique store.]


Establishing shot: alley behind antique store 5

Antique store - workshop 0

Tessa - So he wouldn't tell you why he stole the file?

DM - I could guess. He wants to know where he comes from.

Tessa - Why can't they just tell him?

DM - Because it's against the law. Besides, maybe they don't know.

Tessa - Why do you say that?

DM - No reason. [pause] You look hot.

Tessa - Art can be hard work.

DM - [moving closer] No, I meant, you look hot.

Tessa - Maybe we can help Richie find out who his parents are.

DM - I don't think that's a good idea.

Tessa - Why not? [DM is silent.]


Alley behind workshop 0

DM - [working on T-bird] Use the gauge, there.

RR - Yeah, I -- I... I didn't ask you for help because it, like, it-it takes a while to develop that "ask for help" reflex, okay?

DM - Did you find something in those files that you didn't already know?

RR - I just got a peek, you know. I saw a name: Emily Ryan, deceased.

DM - You think she was your mother?

RR - [emphatically] I don't know. I already knew she was dead. I remember... I was real... little. But... but, hey, I, uh, scored a three-pointer on my old man at the buzzer, just before the rent-a-cop grabbed me.

DM - You learned something about your father?

RR - Yeah, um... he and Emily were still married when she died, so... I guess that means he IS my father.

DM - Richie, if he WAS your father, don't you think he would have contacted you by now?

RR - When I was a kid, I made up a story. I pretended he was like a... a spy or something, doing dangerous stuff behind the Iron Curtain or whatever. That's why he couldn't just, like, put in a collect call and say, "I want to talk to my son, Richie Ryan, the all-American boy."

DM - [pointing to wrench] Want to pass me that?

RR - [hands tool over] Kid stuff. Now, who knows. I mean, maybe he's tried to find me -- it's not like my face is on a carton of milk.


Establishing shot: Glenfinnan village, night 6

Flashback - Glenfinnan, 1622 6

Clansman - [to Ian MacLeod] It looks bad. I'll gather the men.

Ian - [kneeling beside mortally wounded DM] Duncan...

DM - Father, I...

Ian - No, no, no, save your strength. You fought well. You fought like a MacLeod!

DM - I wanted to... be part of the victory.

Ian - Aye, you will! You'll be part of a great victory.

DM - I always... thought... there'd be more. [dies]

Ian - Duncan... oh, Duncan. Oh, Duncan. Your name will be mentioned with honor in our oaths. Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod!

Old Woman - [holding up rosary] Bless him, bless--

Ian - [outside, to clansmen] We have suffered a great loss. We've lost a kinsman, and a son. He led you fearlessly, with no thought of himself, and now you must go back to the fight, with no thought but of him. With no name on your lips but his! Duncan... MacLeod! [chanting with clansmen] Duncan MacLeod! Duncan MacLeod! Duncan... MacLeod!

[Inside, old woman screams.]

DM - [sitting up, uninjured] It... it is a miracle!

Ian - No. 'Tis the work of the demon master of the world below.

DM - Father!

Ian - Nay, you're no bairn of mine! You're not my son! You're not my son!


Antique store - workshop 0

Tessa - You think we should have looked for him, then?

DM - Who?

Tessa - Jack Ryan, Richie's father.

DM - Yes. Everybody should have a chance to have a father.

Tessa - What?

DM - I wouldn't lay odds on finding him.


Establishing shot: outside antique store 7

Loft apartment - dining area 0

Tessa - Tell us.

DM - If I started telling you everything that ever happened to me...

Tessa - Let me be the judge of that.

DM - My father couldn't grasp what had happened.

RR - Who could? Man, he must have freaked. I mean, there you were, all of a sudden, on your feet again -- zombie in a kilt.

DM - You know, I think I was more terrified than he was. We were a primitive clan. Primitive and superstitious. And our fear ruled our lives. What lay on the other side of the mountains was beyond imagination.

Tessa - Then can you blame your father?

DM - I did at first. There were days in that first bitter winter in the Highlands that I just wanted to die... but I couldn't. Anyway, my family problems are history. Richie's are here and now. You know, there's a proverb in northern India -- 'If you go hunting tigers, be sure you're prepared to find one.'

RR - Meaning, I might not like what I find.

DM - Why do you want to know now? Hm? After all this time? There must be a reason why your father hasn't contacted you.

Tessa - Think about that, Richie.

RR - I have.

Tessa - Do you remember anything before the orphanage?

RR - Not much. There was a woman.

DM - Your mother? Emily Ryan?

RR - I don't know. I guess she must've been. I can't picture her face, but I remember every Friday we used to go to the post office. I never figured out why, but I loved it. Man, I wanted to be a mailman something fierce when I grew up. And then right down the street there was this candy store. It was run by this sweet old guy called Stubbs. I remember Stubbs 'cause I couldn't manage his name, so I used to call him Mr. Tubby. He thought that was hysterical -- he was as thin as a pencil. She'd buy me licorice, and he'd let me look at the pictures in the comics. After all, I couldn't read yet.

DM - Why remember that? What was so special about the candy store?

RR - One day, Mom -- Emily -- was, uh, chatting with Mr. Stubbs, and suddenly she put her hand to her forehead and said something like, "I feel funny," and then she just fell to the floor and didn't move. I thought she was playing a game, so I'm, like, pushing her and laughing and... then the ambulance came and lots of people running around and... then they took her away. Mr. Stubbs picked me up in the air, says, "Well, lad, what're they going to do with you?" That's why I remember Mr. Stubbs' candy store.

DM - What part of town was this in?

RR - You got me there. I was four, going on five. Who knew geography? I could barely find my way to the bathroom.

Tessa - [picking up phone book] Mr. Stubbs' Candy Store. Well, it's a start.

RR - It's not gonna be in there. The guy was pretty old, even back then. He must have cashed in his chips by now.

DM - Yeah, but you said the candy store was near a post office.


Streets of Seacouver 89109811

[Clips of RR asking people on the streets for directions, trying to find the candy store.]

[Sonia Dada - "Deliver Me"

God, won't you deliver me,
From the pain and my confusion?
Growing up in the city streets
In a desperate situation.

And a crying mother's deep despair
Comes as no surprise.
There's a crying angel over me
That is keeping me alive.
Oh, God, deliver me.

I had lost my innocence
And I had lost my pride.
And every time I looked at her,
You know, my momma cried.

She said, "What could I do different?
There ain't no one by my side."
Ooooh, what could I do different?
I was trying to survive.
Oh, God, deliver me,
From the madness of this world.
Oh, God, deliver me,
Frightened of this world.]


Establishing shot: small city park 12

[RR walks past group of park benches.]

Small city park 13

Stubbs - [playing chess at picnic table] You're going down in three moves, Harry.

RR - Mr. Stubbs?

Stubbs - That's right, son.

RR - My name's Richie Ryan.

Stubbs - Pleased to meet you.

RR - Lady at the retirement home said I'd find you here.

Stubbs - Every afternoon.

RR - You used to run a candy store, on Baltimore street.

Stubbs - For thirty years. Sold it last March. Now it's some sort of game store with a bunch of weirdo's hanging around.

RR - I remember your place. I used to come in when I was a kid.

Stubbs - What are you now, an old man?

RR - No, I mean when I was real young. Do you remember Emily Ryan?

Stubbs - Emily? Of course. Oh, that's reaching back some. [pause] Licorice! You used to love licorice, right? Yeah. Oh, you were a cute little kid, yeah. Always gave you a little extra, as I recall. Emily, yeah, she came in every Friday. I used to cash her check for her.

RR - You have a great memory, Mr. Stubbs.

Stubbs - Oh, people who came into my store got service, with a capital 'S'. Never forgot them, never forgot me. That's the way I ran my business. Poor Emily. Yeah, I remember that day as if it was yesterday. She collapsed right in front of me there in the store -- brain hemorrhage. She was barely thirty.

RR - I wasn't sure if I remembered it right.

Stubbs - I'm afraid so, lad. Next thing I hear, they'd whisked you off to an orphanage.

RR - Wasn't there a Mr. Ryan?

Stubbs - Oh sure, yeah. But they'd split up by then. I still see Jack hanging around.

RR - He lives here, in this city?

Stubbs - Far as I know. He, uh, he used to be at the Spinning Moon hotel, over on Madison.

RR - Uh-huh. [DM drives up in T-bird, honks horn.] Thanks very much, Mr. Stubbs.

Stubbs - Nice to see you.

RR - Nice to see you, too. [jogs out to T-bird] We're golden, MacLeod!


Streets of Seacouver 14

[DM drives RR to the Spinning Wheel Hotel.]


Outside the Spinning Wheel Hotel 1

RR - It's probably a CIA front, you know. Deep cover.

DM - That IS about as deep as it gets. Well... [starts to get out of car]

RR - No, Mac. If this is my dad, I need to do this alone. [pause] On the other hand, we still could catch the second half of the basketball game -- what!?

DM - Richie, it's up to you.

RR - He probably doesn't even live here anymore. [gets out of car]


Spinning Wheel hallway 15

RR - [looking around, sees Scanlon coming out of laundry room] Excuse me! I'm looking for Jack Ryan.

Scanlon - I never heard of him, but then again, I've only lived here for a couple months. He might have lived here before me.

RR - Who would know? Think he might have left the landlord a forwarding address?

Scanlon - Are you crazy? You move in here, you put your rent in the drop-box, you move out. People like to remain anonymous, you know what I mean?

RR - Yeah. So you never knew him?

Scanlon - You're too young to be a cop, kid. What's your interest in finding this Jack Ryan character?

RR - I think he may be my father.

Scanlon - MAY be?

RR - I never knew my folks.

Scanlon - Let me tell you something, kid. I knew my father, and I wish to God I'd never laid eyes on the bastard. You might be better off not knowing. [knocks broken finger on doorframe] Ah!

RR - What happened to your finger?

Scanlon - I broke it playing chess.

RR - Funny. Never thought of that as a contact sport. Listen, if you do come across a Jack Ryan, can you give me a call? [hands over business card]

Scanlon - [looks at card] Antiques... I'll keep my ears open.

RR - Thanks. Appreciate it. Stay cool. Oh, listen, what's your name, in case... [Door closes in his face.]


Scanlon's room 15

Scanlon - [watches RR getting into T-bird, hears pounding on his door] Oh, who is it now? [opens door to reveal Clinch]

Clinch - How's the finger, Joe?

Scanlon - It hurts like hell.

Clinch - Well, then I'm a happy man. Let's talk. [shoves Scanlon to the floor] A man should always take pride in his work, Joe. I read books on anatomy for months when I got this job. I know the human form from head to toe. I know what breaks, I know what hurts, and I know what bursts when you hit it JUST right. [laughs] You know what day this is today, Joe? Huh? I mean, besides laundry day? [dumps laundry basket on the floor]

Scanlon - It's Wednesday.

Clinch - Right. Day number two. I don't know... I don't see any money around here. Stay where you are, Joe. I don't see fifty grand, in neatly stacked bills, waiting for me to take to Mrs. Gustavson. I don't know, what... what, have you got it hidden here in the underwear, huh?

Scanlon - I haven't got it yet.

Clinch - I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that.

Scanlon - I said I haven't got the money yet!

Clinch - Oh. [grabs Scanlon's injured hand. Scanlon cries out. Clinch drags Scanlon over to dresser, brings hand up over top of open drawer.]

Scanlon - Oh, no! For the love of God!

Clinch - God doesn't love you, Joe. Nobody loves you. Now you know what happens on day two.

Scanlon - Please, please, I swear I will get you the money. I know where to put my hands on it, I swear. I've been talking to people.

Clinch - Who've you been talking to, Joe?

Scanlon - That kid -- you must've seen him on your way in, huh? He's connected. He's got rich friends, they're gonna front me the fifty, but TOMORROW!

Clinch - Well, that's great. But tomorrow's tomorrow, and today's today. [moves like he's going to slam Scanlon's fingers in the drawer. Scanlon protests inarticulately, & Clinch relents.] Here's what we're going to do. Seeing as I'm such a busy man, and these little visits are so time-consuming, I'm going to take you at your word. I'm going to trust that you're gonna have the money here -- by tomorrow! Because if you don't... [kicks Scanlon, hard, in the side] I'll have your whole hand. I'll cut it off, and I'll watch you eat it, finger by finger. With a little ketchup on the side. [kicks dirty plate across the floor] Have a nice day, Joe.


Antique store - workshop 5

Scanlon - [walking in from alley] Hello?

RR - Hey, how ya' doing? You, uh, you found something already?

Scanlon - No, not exactly.

RR - So it's -- it's great to see you, but, like, what are you doing here?

Scanlon - Oh, this is gonna be tough for me.

RR - Uh-huh?

Scanlon - I've never been exactly a... a steady guy. Life's never been easy.

RR - Welcome to the club.

Scanlon - In fact, I spent most of my life behind the eight-ball.

RR - Look, I don't mean to be rude, but it's getting a little boring.

Scanlon - I lied to you earlier, kid. I changed my name, thought it would change my life. And by the time I was ready to find you, it was too late and I was too old. You see, Richie, my real name is Jack Ryan. I'm your father.


Establishing shot: Seacouver skyline 16

Near antique store 7

Scanlon - Now, your Uncle Bart, he paid his way through school by picking up side bets at all the Cleveland Indian home games. He'd, uh, pick up the money from his regulars as he went up and down the stadium, selling hot dogs, and then, the next day, he'd pay the winners back by putting the money inside the hot dog bun and just sliding it down the aisle. [no response from RR] I thought you wanted to hear about your family.

RR - Why did you leave?

Scanlon - I have thought about that for a lot of years. I just had this wild hair, I had these dreams...

RR - And you didn't want a kid around to screw them up.

Scanlon - It is not that, kid. The fact is... the fact is when my son... when you were born, I couldn't have come home if I'd wanted.

RR - I used to think you were a spy off on some mission.

Scanlon - Well, it was something like that, yeah. Mission. [chuckles] Yeah, I was in Leavenworth. And then when I got out, my wife... your mother... she'd already taken you for parts unknown.

RR - She died. Emily died. I thought you knew that.

Scanlon - I'm really sorry to hear that, kid.

RR - I just, I just thought that since...

Scanlon - Well, story of my life, kid. They'll put it on my tombstone: Old Jack Ryan... Never had a clue.

RR - What was she like, my mother?

Scanlon - She was a real gem, kid. She was patient. Funny. She had a great sense of humor, that woman. She liked kids -- she wanted a real big family. Smart. Too smart for a guy like me.

RR - But you left her! You loved her, you knew she was having your kid, and you left her! How can anybody do that?

Scanlon - It all comes down to that same thing, doesn't it, kid. It comes down to that one thing that changes your whole life... forever. Look, if I could live my whole life over again... but at the time, I thought I was a guy with ambition. I thought I saw a chance -- it was sitting up on a shelf, like... like one of those little Russian dolls -- hollow -- you know those?

RR - Yeah.

Scanlon - And you open it and then there's another one inside, only there's nothing there. And then you open the next one and the next one and then... the next one and... the next thing you know, you're fifty-three years old and you're holding this tiny little doll, and you look at it and it ain't much, but you think, maybe inside this... there's a diamond. Come on, let me buy you a hot dog, huh?


Establishing shot: outside antique store 7

Inside antique store 0

Tessa - Hey, you're looking so serious.

DM - Sorry. Is he still here?

Tessa - They're still out. They certainly have enough to talk about.

DM - Maybe.

Tessa - What are you thinking?

DM - Nothing. [pause] I'm going out.

Tessa - Okay. Don't tell me anything... ever.

DM - Richie LOOKS for his long lost father, Richie FINDS his long lost father -- it's too easy.

Tessa - Why would he do it? They aren't giving out medals to runaway fathers.

DM - Maybe he wants something else. I want to ask around.


Establishing shot: outside Spinning Wheel Hotel 1

Scanlon's room 15

Clinch - [as DM picks lock & enters] You did that like you had LOTS of practice.

DM - Oh, and you are...?

Clinch - Oh, just another friend of Joe's.

DM - Oh, I thought Jack Ryan lived here.

Clinch - Jack Ryan? Maybe that is his real name -- traveling man like him needs a lot of names. They get used up in a hurry.

DM - What do you want with him?

Clinch - For a man who just broke in here, you sure do ask a lot of questions. Joe -- Jack, if you like -- wanted some advice on his... financial future. Doesn't look like he's gonna show up, though. Always nice to meet a mutual friend of Joe's... Jack's... whatever.

DM - Nice meeting you. [Clinch leaves. DM pokes around, finds paper with note: "Gustavson's, 312 Regent"]


Outside Spinning Wheel Hotel 15

[Clinch walks to his car 1 as DM watches from hotel room's window.]


Spinning Wheel hallway 15

RR - So this guy's like, nuts, 'cause of the fake I made, so I go in for a clean lay-up... [makes noise of basketball slamming through hoop]

Scanlon - You know, if I had known that you liked basketball so much, I woulda' got us tickets.

RR - Nah, that's okay.


Scanlon's room 15

RR - [as Scanlon unlocks & opens door] Living here okay for you?

Scanlon - Yeah, well, it's not exactly Trump Tower...

RR - [sees DM standing by window] Mac!

DM - I let myself in... I hope you don't mind.

Scanlon - No, no. So you're Mac, huh? Richie's been telling me a lot about you. Glad to meet you. You've taken real good care of my boy.

DM - Yeah, wanted to meet you, too.

Scanlon - Yeah, well, now you have. I guess this place doesn't give a very good impression.

RR - Hey, guy lives where he can. Mac's been around.

Scanlon - Yeah, I can tell that, just looking at him.

DM - You look like you've been around, too.

RR - You should hear some of his stories.

DM - Oh, I'd like that.

Scanlon - Nothing that'd impress a guy like you.

DM - Well, you never know. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

Scanlon - Yeah, that is what they say.

DM - Well, I guess I'd better get going.

RR - Hey, come on, stick around. Jack'll tell you about my cousins and stuff.

Scanlon - Yeah, sure, sure. There's no need for you to rush off.

DM - Another time. Oh, there was a guy in here looking for you. Big guy, long hair. Said he was your financial advisor.

Scanlon - He's just an old pal of mine, a real... joker.

DM - Well, nice to meet you... Jack. Richie's a good kid.

Scanlon - You don't have to tell me that.

DM - Good. [leaves]

RR - Listen, I, uh, I need to go ask him a couple of things about work. I'll be right back.

Scanlon - Okay. I'll... just straighten up here.

RR - [catches up with DM in the hallway] Yo, Mac. Mac, Mac, Mac. Hey, what was that all about in there? You treated him like he was rat poison.

DM - Rich, he's a--

RR - He's my old man, okay? He may not be much in your eyes, but he's all I got here. If I can make it work, what is your problem?

DM - We'll talk later, okay?

RR - [frustrated sigh as DM leaves] Yeah, later.


Inside antique store 0

Tessa - [on phone] Uh, yes, I'll need it by next Friday. [pause] Yes. That would be perfect. Goodbye. [hangs up as RR & Scanlon walk in] Oh, that was quite a walk.

RR - Yeah, well, we had to go to a couple of stores. Jack needed some things. Uh, listen, Tessa, um, I know this is weird, but... I was wondering if Jack could stay here for a few days.

Scanlon - If it's any bother -- any at all -- I can stay somewhere else.

Tessa - What happened to your apartment?

Scanlon - Well, I'm a little overdue with the rent and the landlord was taking my things.

RR - Jack's between jobs. Just a couple of days, honest.

Tessa - We'll have to ask Mac.

RR - Yeah. Where'd he go, anyway?


Gustavson's Casino 1

Bartender - Your drink, Mrs. Gustavson.

Clinch - He wasn't there, but somebody else was. A man who said he was looking for Jack Ryan.

Gustavson - Maybe he was. Maybe he got the wrong address.

Clinch - Or maybe he knows something we don't. [turns as DM enters the casino] Hey, you followed me! Maybe you weren't looking for Joe, huh? Maybe you were looking for me.

DM - I just want some information about the man living in that apartment... whatever his name is.

Clinch - He owes you money, right? Well, get in line. Or get lost.

DM - [to Gustavson] What do you know about Joe Scanlon, or, uh...

Clinch - Hey, I told you! [throws a punch at DM. They fight & Clinch ends up flat on his back.]

DM - Go for your gun and I'll make you eat it. [to Gustavson] I asked you a question.

Gustavson - Joe Scanlon worked for me. Now he owes me a lot of money. And just remember if you're trying to collect from him, too -- we're first.

DM - Thank you. [backs away from Clinch]

Gustavson - Oh, get up, Clinch! You're making a spectacle of yourself.

Clinch - Hey, where did you learn that?

DM - From the people that invented it.

Clinch - [to Gustavson] I, uh... uh...

[Gustavson laughs.]


Inside antique store 0

RR - Hope you won't be too uncomfortable sleeping on the floor.

Scanlon - I could sleep lengthwise on a railroad tie, and have. I'm just afraid to breath in here -- I might break something that costs more than my life is worth.

RR - This ain't even the expensive stuff. Come look at this. [leads Scanlon to display case containing a gold mask] This is my favorite. Solid gold.

Scanlon - That's beautiful.

RR - So's the price.


Loft apartment - living room 0

Tessa - How can you be so sure he's not Jack Ryan? He's told Richie so many things about his life, about his mother...

DM - He's sold you too, hasn't he? He's a con man. He wants something.

Tessa - What?

DM - Tessa, take a look around. He sees the shop, he sees Richie living here, he sees a meal ticket.

Tessa - You can't see any other reason, can you? This man left his wife, his family -- maybe he wants something he lost.

DM - And you believe that?

Tessa - People can change.

DM - Oh, they sure can. It takes centuries.

Tessa - I hate arguing with you. You always bring all that...

DM - Oh, Tessa, come on!

Tessa - For four hundred years you've been looking over your shoulder, and now you... you don't trust anybody! He's just a human being! [pause] I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

DM - It's okay. Itís just... it's Richie we've got to worry about now. This Jack, or Joe, he became a father too quickly. Just when he needed a place to hide. Someone's got to talk to Richie.

Tessa - Can't it wait... until morning? [kisses DM]

DM - Yeah, it can wait 'til morning.


Establishing shot: outside antique store 7

Inside antique store, next morning 0

DM - Richie... what's the matter?

RR - [moves aside to reveal empty display case] He took it. He took the mask!



Tessa - I gave the police a full description of the mask, and of Jack, or Joe, or whatever his name is.

RR - Now they're out there in the car, laughing their ass off at me.

DM - Nobody's laughing at you, Richie.

RR - It's not like I really believed he was my father... it's not! I mean, yeah, the old guy lays down a pretty good line, but who do you think you're talking to here? Made up all that stuff about my mother, too -- he probably didn't even know her. Like it really matters where you come from.

DM - Richie... it matters. Of course it matters.


Flashback - Highlands of Scotland, 1622 6

Ian - [re horses] Eh, they smell a tusker.

Hunter - Aye.

Ian - Steady, lads.

DM - [appears on path] Father!

Hunter - It's the devil's work!

DM - Father, 'tis me, Duncan.

Hunter - Come on! Keep away from him! He's a ghost! [Hunters ride away.]

DM - [walks forward, speaks to Ian's horse] You know me, do you not? He recognizes me, but my own flesh and blood does not. They let me wander, away from all men.

Ian - You'll not beguile me thus, be ye from Heaven nor Hell.

DM - I am your son!

Ian - No! And you never were! The night my lady wife gave birth to my only son, stillborn, 'twas brought into her chamber by a peasant woman a boy child, to replace that which was lost.

DM - I do not believe you!

Ian - It's the truth! Or God strike me dead! And when the midwife looked into your eyes -- aye, for it was you the peasant brought in -- she cringed back in fear and said you were a changeling, left by the forest demons, and we should cast you out for the dogs!

DM - But you did not.

Ian - No. I saw the look on my lady's face, and we took you in and banished the midwife, may God forgive me. We buried my wee son and put you in his place, and no man ever knew you were not of my blood. You were my heir!

DM - Then where do I come from? Where do I come from? Where do I come from! Where do I come from!! [Ian rides off.] Where do I come from!! Where?! Where do I come from!! Where?! I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod!!


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

RR - You never found out who your real parents were?

DM - No, but after a couple of hundred years, you get over it. One day, so will you.


Payphone outside travel agency 17

Scanlon - Yeah, it's me, Joe Scanlon. I got something for you that's worth more than what I owe you -- a lot more. [pause] Yeah, I'll be there, but the cops are looking for me. It's gonna take awhile. [pause] Yeah, I said I'll be there. [hangs up]


Antique store - office 0

Tessa - Mac... Richie's gone.

DM - I think I know where.


Scanlon's room 15

RR - [pounding on door] Joe! Jack! Whoever you are, open the door! Let me in! Now! [Door is opened by Clinch.]


Street outside travel agency 17

Scanlon - [leaving travel agency, hails taxi] The airport. [sees Clinch manhandling RR out of hotel] Oh, damn. Damn that kid.

Taxi Driver - Come on, buddy.

Scanlon - The airport.


Gustavson's Casino 1

Gustavson - Well, what have we here?

Clinch - Everybody's looking for our man Joe, including this guy.

Gustavson - [to RR] Friend of yours?

RR - Never heard of him.

Clinch - Hey, be nice to Mrs. Gustavson. Scanlon said he was getting the money from this guy.

Gustavson - So you decided to cut out the middle man.

Clinch - Yeah, why not.

RR - Money? Hey, this guy ripped off my friends. He put on his afterburners and split.

Gustavson - I hope for your sake that isn't true.

Scanlon - [from doorway] It isn't. I've got what you want. [removes mask from duffle bag] And it is worth four times what I owe you.

Gustavson - If that thing's as hot as I think it is, we'll be lucky to fence it for ten percent of that.

Scanlon - Then I'll fence it myself. I can do better than that.

Clinch - What, and you leave Bart Simpson here as collateral?

Scanlon - Oh, no deal. The kid leaves, now. He'll keep his mouth shut.

Gustavson - Who's he to you?

RR - He's my dad.

Scanlon - Run, kid! [whacks muscle man with the duffle bag, creating a distraction]

[RR runs toward the exit, meets DM entering. DM fights muscle man, then Clinch.]

RR - Here you go, MacLeod. [hands DM a broom handle]

[Fight continues. Clinch once again ends up flat on his back.]

RR - [to Scanlon] Are you okay? [takes mask from him]

Scanlon - Yeah, I, uh...

RR - I know, I know.

Scanlon - Look, I'm sorry.

RR - It's okay.

DM - [to Clinch] We're leaving now.

RR - [in background] You did what you had to do. Listen, what we gotta do now is...

[DM follows RR & Scanlon out.]

Gustavson - Clinch... you're fired!


Inside antique store 0

DM - [carrying antique chair] Hey, Richie.

Tessa - Hi.

DM - [to Tessa] Is this a seasonal thing, that we rearrange everything in here?

Tessa - An artist should never grow complacent. Change is good.

DM - Are you compensating for me?

Tessa - Right! [to RR] Did Joe get off all right?

RR - I put him on a bus to Tucson.

DM - What's in Tucson?

RR - A little doll with a diamond in it. I, uh, I saw Mr. Stubbs in the park on my way back. I wanted to ask him some more stuff about my mother. Turns out that check she got every Friday was from a foster agency. She was a foster mother. MY foster mother. So I guess I'll never know where I came from.

Tessa - I'm so sorry, Richie.

DM - Hey, you get to decide who you are. Not many people get that chance.


Alley behind antique store 0

RR - [revving T-bird's engine] Got her tuned up nice! They'll hear you coming, now.

DM - Yeah, I noticed.

RR - Kinda makes a statement, you know?

DM - Yeah, well, what am I saying when I make this statement?

RR - I don't know, uh... "Here I am, world"? Something like that.

DM - Well, that's your statement. My statement is more... "I'm just passing through."

RR - Ah. You're just passing through. Hey, you want me to tune it back down? It's your car.

DM - Mm-hm.

RR - Just one more time.

DM - Go for it.

[RR starts revving engine again.]


End of "Family Tree"

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