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Episode 3: Road Not Taken

Written by Terry Nelson
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Aired: Oct. 17, 1992
Transcript revised: 11-14-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. His album for "The Road Not Taken" can be found HERE. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk



Gary Correll - ??
              bike messenger

Herbalist - Hiro Kanagawa
              in deleted scene

(uncredited) - Sanjay Madhav
              ?guy on street corner?
              ?guy sitting at bar?


Kiem Sun - Soon-Teck Oh
              a Chinese Immortal

Chou Lin - Dustin Nguyen
              Sun's assistant

Angie Burke - Christianne Hirt
              Richie's friend


Sergeant Powell - Wendell Wright
              a detective

Forks - Kim Kondrashoff
              biker gang leader

Bartender - Alan C. Peterson
              at biker bar

Police Officer - Paul Stafford
              at Diamond Mart

Receptionist - Lisa Bunting
              Diamond Mart hostage

Locations List:*
0. Scenes on/near sets in Sound Stage 3 at Bridge Studios, Burnaby. [49.263257,-123.019589]
1. Diamond Mart - The Electra, 989 Nelson St [49.281062,-123.125496]
2. Antique store rear exterior - entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263257,-123.019589]
3. Hospital - Eagle Ridge Hospital 475 Guildford Way (2F), Port Moody [49.285318,-122.823608]
4. Hogs Bar ext/int & alley - Carrall St south of Cordova - exterior/interior: 319 Carrall [49.282167,-123.104411], alley: beside 319 Carrall St [49.282042,-123.104703], south of alley: Pioneer Place / Pigeon Park, W Hastings [49.281731,-123.104346]
5. Morgue parking lot - 23 W Pender St [49.281148,-123.105033]
6. Soup Kitchen - old cafeteria building at Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263623,-123.019872]
7. Chinatown - Pt 1: west on E Pender St between Gore & Main [49.28039,-123.098588]
8. Chinatown - Pt 2: E Georgia & Gore intersection [49.278534,-123.097244]
9. Chinatown - Pt 3: west on E Pender St between Columbia & Carrall [49.280502,-123.102944]
10. Chinatown - Pt 4: 184 Keefer St (Vikon Foods) [49.279481,-123.100412]
11. Chinatown - Pt 5: 209 E Pender St [49.280444,-123.098944] & Pt 12: parking lot [49.280427,-123.098740]
12. Chinatown - Pts 6,7: 240 E Pender St & driving east past same [49.280292,-123.098524]
13. Chinatown - Pt 8: 212 E Georgia St (Libra Trading Co.) [49.278502,-123.099147]
14. Chinatown - Pt 9: Keefer & Main intersection [49.279467,-123.099725]
15. Chinatown - Pt 10: E Pender St, looking west toward Main [49.280306,-123.098992]
16. Chinatown - Pt 11: 215 Keefer St (Wing On Photo) [49.27957,-123.099174]
17. Chinatown - Pt 13: Alley near Chinese Garden [49.279972,-123.1024]
18. Sun's retreat - Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden [49.279651,-123.103913]
19. Warehouse - abandoned Versatile Pacific Shipyard [49.309825,-123.079235]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

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~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2008 only
~Bolded - SciFi channel, 1999 & possibly 2008 (can't confirm)
~Bolded - SciFi channel, 1999 & 2008 (confirmed)

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the 1999 tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I am Duncan MacLeod, born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. For centuries, we have waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Sidewalk 1

[Gary, a bike messenger, stops in front of Van Leyden & Co. Diamond Brokers & tosses his bike down on the sidewalk.]

Man - [almost runs into bike] Oh, whoops! Excuse me.


Diamond mart - lobby 1

Receptionist - Yes, sir, may I help you?

Chou Lin - I hope so.


Diamond mart - hallway 1

Man - [as Gary bumps against him] Hey!


Diamond mart - lobby 1

Receptionist - This is the finest quality we have, and you won't find a better price. [to Gary] Hi, you're new. What's the matter with Phil -- is he sick?

[Gary suddenly explodes into action, knocks out security guard, & rips out bulletproof window separating receptionist from the lobby. Alarm begins ringing. As Gary strides through torn-apart wall, Chou Lin times the event with his watch. He snaps photos of the safe with a small camera until two more security guards arrive. Chou Lin stops his stopwatch at 02:14.98, & points at Gary.]

Chou Lin - This man's a maniac!

Security Guard - [to Gary, who grabs the receptionist] Hold it with the woman. Stop right there. Hold still. Now let her go.

Receptionist - Please don't... don't hurt me!


Outside diamond mart 1

Police officer - [as Gary forces receptionist down the steps] Let her go! I said let her go!

[Gary pushes receptionist at one police officer, then fights second officer who rushes him.]

Police officer - Stop it or you're dead, mister.

Gary - [suddenly falls to the ground, crying out & clutching his head] Help... me! Help! Please! Help! [As police & crowd watch, Gary dies. 1]


Alley behind antique store 2

Tessa - I'll only be gone for a few days. You'll do fine without me.

DM - Yeah, well, I already have my little black book out.

Tessa - [laughs] I've seen it. It's three hundred years out of date.

DM - [as taxi driver honks] He can wait.

Tessa - Hey, the plane won't. 2 [They kiss.]

DM - Those Paris critics better give you rave reviews.

Tessa - I'm nervous. Paris critics are the worst.

DM - Yeah, well, just remember... people become critics when they don't have what it takes to be artists.

Tessa - I wish you were coming with me.

DM - Bonne chance.

Translation: Bonne chance - Good luck

Tessa - [kisses him] I love you. Stay out of trouble while I'm gone, okay?

DM - [laughs] I'll try. Maybe I'll work at updating my little black book.

Tessa - Yeah, that would get you in a whole lot of trouble... from me. [kisses DM again, gets in taxi]

DM - [watches taxi drive off, then turns, sees RR] Hey.


Hospital 3

PA system - Dr. Deans, please pick up {on line seven.} Dr. Jones, pick up {on line five.}

DM - Let me ask. [to receptionist] Uh, there was a kid admitted called Gary Correll.

Powell - Hey, Ryan, isn't it? Little Dickie Ryan.

RR - Richie.

Powell - That's it. See, I never forget a rap sheet. What brings you down here? Planning to rob a couple of old ladies in intensive care?

RR - A friend of mine was just brought in.

Powell - That wouldn't be Gary Correll, by any chance?

RR - Yeah. How'd you know?

Powell - Just a hunch. He died five minutes ago. Hey, the guy freaked out for no apparent reason. We gotta be talking a heavy-duty drug habit here.

DM - Sergeant Powell...

Powell - MacLeod, right?

DM - Correct. My friend here's just received some very upsetting news. Why don't you just lay off him?

Powell - Sorry, kid. Hey, but the witnesses said he went nuts, like King Kong on angel dust.

RR - Gary didn't use drugs. CUT


Hospital room 3

DM - [notices bruises on sides of Gary's temples] What are these? Bruises of some kind.

Powell - He probably got them in the scuffle.

DM - Cerebral hemorrhage.

Powell - Could be. We'll see what the M.E. comes up with. HE'S the doctor. But five'll get you ten, this kid was flying on something.


Flashback - China, 1780 - Kiem Sun's residence 0 CUT

Sun - MacLeod! I knew you would come.

DM - You brought me halfway around the world, but it was worth it to see you. Why are we meeting on holy ground? Are you going to tell me your plan to kill me?

Sun - Don't be foolish. If I wanted your head, would I warn you first? No. This sacred place affords me protection from, shall we say, less... honorable of our circle. [DM laughs. They embrace.] I needed time alone.

DM - Well, you've had a hundred years since we last saw each other.

Sun - And I have used them well! Nature is like a woman, MacLeod. If she is wise, she does not give up her mysteries quickly. Imagine if Galileo or da Vinci had been of our kind, what wonders they could have coaxed from her.

DM - You have fermented the Kwanlo root.

Sun - A hundred years! But I've done it.

DM - And you've solved the formula?

Sun - THAT wasn't easy. That old herbalist... if I could find his grave, I'd dig it up and dance on his bones. [DM chuckles.] A dozen herbs: too much of this one and too little of this, and what do you have?

DM - A nice stuffing for pheasant.

Sun - That would at least have value.

DM - Well, he did say that it would not be simple.

Sun - I must have the determination to succeed -- I know, but what does he call one hundred years of sleepless nights? But, a few months ago, I found it! The world is within my grasp.

DM - You know, it is a shame you did not find a potion for humility.

Sun - You shall see. No quarter!

[Man rings gong & two fighters pick up staffs & begin battling. They beat at each other with their staffs, neither seeming to notice the hard blows he is receiving.]

DM - Is this your idea of helping mankind out of the darkness?

Sun - Combat is the perfect way to test the potion's power. These men could fight from now until sunset without fear or pain. Mortals are lost children. We could haul them, kicking and screaming, into the sunlight.

DM - [as combat continues] If you do not stop this, I will.

Sun - Stop! [Combatants freeze.] I had no intention of taking it to the death.

DM - You have lived three times as long as I, Kiem Sun. Have all these years taught you nothing? Men achieve greatness when they have freedom. Freedom to fail if necessary, but freedom. Release them, please.

Sun - [to combatants] Stand aside. [to DM] I want a noble future for the human race. Is that so wrong?!?

DM - NO! But it will not be achieved with potions and drugs! Or men obeying your every command, even to the death.

[Combatants suddenly scream, grab their heads, & fall to the floor. Soon they are dead.]

Sun - They were good and loyal men. I vow their deaths will not have been in vain.

DM - Do not tell me you are going to continue with this madness, Kiem Sun. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Our business is the Gathering. Prepare yourself for it, or it will swoop down and you will lose your head.

Sun - It must be... the Kwanlo root. By itself, it produces euphoria, but combined with the other ingredients, it becomes so volatile, so unpredictable. I must get back to work at once.

DM - You are not even listening to me. What are these? [points at bruises on dead man's temple] He did not receive those in battle.

Sun - I will perfect it, even if it takes another hundred years. It is always a rough path that leads to great achievements.

DM - That is true. But this is the wrong path for you, Kiem Sun. Turn back now. Please.


Inside antique store 0

DM - [walks in, picks up 'Closed' sign from window] Is this a holiday I don't know about?

RR - Yeah, it's Saint Arnold's day. Patron saint of tough guys.

DM - Where're you going?

RR - To settle a score.

DM - Anyone I know? Anyone you know?

RR - Gary didn't just keel over and die and you know it. Somebody, somewhere, knows what killed him.

DM - You're staying here.

RR - He was my friend.

DM - And I'm your friend. Take my advice -- you could lose your head over this.

RR - You think it's one of you guys?

DM - Possibly.

RR - Why would an Immortal want to kill Gary?

DM - I'm not sure yet.

RR - Okay, fine. Well, look, what I know is that it wasn't drugs.

DM - Richie, it's not that simple.

RR - What is not that simple? Gary managed to grow up clean in a neighborhood where you get a dime-bag with a fill-up of gas. Look, I don't care if this guy IS an Immortal. I want his ass and if you won't do it, I will.

DM - Richie, I'll take care of it. You have my word on that.

RR - Look, Mac, if you're gonna "X" this guy, fine, that's cool. I don't care. Just as long as SOMEBODY does it.

DM - Okay.

RR - How do you figure it's an Immortal?

DM - I can't be sure, but I had a friend, a good friend. We met in China during the Ching empire.

RR - Uh, this wasn't last month, right?

DM - Right. Sixteen... eighty-something.

RR - Mm-hm.

DM - Kiem Sun was wise and loyal and... and caring -- too caring. He wanted to change the world.

RR - Nothing wrong with that.

DM - No. It depends on HOW you change it.

RR - So you think this Kiem Sun has gone bad on you?

DM - No. No Immortal is ever one hundred percent good or bad. We run the spectrum, just like you. The last time I saw Kiem Sun, he was hovering somewhere in the middle.

RR - What makes you think he's behind all this?

DM - The bruises on Gary's temples. Of course, I could be wrong. I hope I am. There's only one way to find out.

RR - Wait up, I'm coming, too.

DM - No, you're not. I may lose a friend today, the same as you lost Gary. I want to do it alone.

RR - Okay. [watches DM leave, then grabs his jacket and also leaves 3]


Outside Hogs Bar 4

[Chou Lin drives up, parks, gets out of car.]


Hogs Bar 4

Chou Lin - [to bartender] Beer.

Forks - Look who's back. He's got more guts than brains.

Chou Lin - Something I can do for you?

Forks - What happened to Gary?

Chou Lin - Gary?

Forks - Don't jerk me around, mister. Gary Correll. A couple of days ago, you and Gary were living in each other's pockets. He tells me you've got something major shaping up. Next thing we hear, he drops dead outside the Diamond Mart. Maybe you've got the whole story.

Chou Lin - I had a plan. Gary was a part of it. He screwed up.

Forks - Is that a fact? You know, the kid was only nineteen years old. Look, if you know what's good for you, you're gonna tell me how he died.

Chou Lin - Just like you heard it. Just hit the sidewalk. No explanation. Weak heart, genetic defect, brain damage from spending too much time on motorcycles... Who can tell?

Forks - Turn around when I'm talking to ya! [swings at Chou Lin]

Chou Lin - [gets Forks in choke-hold, lets him go] Gary's gone. It's too bad, but I got what I needed. Now I know how to slice that Diamond Mart wide open. I didn't come in this pig sty for a beer. I'm looking for a few good men.


Morgue parking lot 5

DM - [driving up in T-bird] Sergeant Powell?

Powell - MacLeod, what're you doing here?

DM - I just came by to see if the preliminary report had been released on Gary Correll.

Powell - Do I look like Dan Rather to you? You want the news? Read the paper.

DM - I was right about the cerebral hemorrhage, wasn't I?

Powell - As a matter of fact, yeah. That was a lucky guess.

DM - Yes, it was. That means Richie was right: no drugs were found in Gary's body. [Powell says nothing.] Oh, come on, Sergeant, Richie was his friend.

Powell - No, no drugs. Nada. The only thing we found were a few Chinese herbs. You know, the stuff they use in their folk medicine. CUT Something made that kid go bananas.

DM - And then it shattered his brain.

Powell - Right. 4 CUT


Streets of Seacouver 4

Girl - [to guy on street corner] Come by our place. {??}

Guy - All right.

RR - [to guy on street corner] Hey, bro, what's going on?

Girl - [to guy] I'll catch you later.

RR - Think maybe you can help me out here, give me a hand. I'm looking for this dude...

Guy - No, uh, leave me alone, okay. I don't know.

RR - Gary, a friend of mine... you know, can you help me out here? Come on, talk to me, man! Come on, I know you know what's going down. Come on, give me a hand here.

Guy - No, I don't.

RR - Hey, don't get in my face. Just give me a hand here.

Guy - No.

RR - I'm asking you a question. Answer me, pal!

Guy - You leave me out-- [takes off around corner]

RR - Whoa, what're you doing? [takes off after him]


Alley 4

Angie - [sees RR chasing guy, follows, finds RR on the ground nursing a sore jaw] Hi, Richie.

RR - [looks up] Angie...

Angie - Hey. Any damage?

RR - Uh, I don't think so. This, uh, this mother tried major dental surgery on me without novacaine. I may sue.

Angie - Is that why you were chasing him?

RR - I was looking for some answers.

Angie - Now that's not a smart thing to do in this part of town, remember?

RR - Yeah.

Angie - It's good to see ya'.

RR - It's good to see you too. I, uh, I heard about Gary. I'm sorry.

Angie - That's why you came back here, isn't it?

RR - Yeah.


Establishing shot: soup kitchen 6

Our Daily Bread soup kitchen 6

RR - Awful lot of bread and baloney here for a homeless shelter.

Angie - We feed two hundred people a day. In six months, we'll double that number. Wanna help out? Few hours a week, maybe?

RR - Yeah, I think I could work that out. I missed you.

Angie - No, you haven't. You could have found me any time you wanted.

RR - So... you like it here?

Angie - Yeah, it's great. It's the only job I could get, anyhow. It's pretty mean out there for a girl who has nothing on her resume except 'biker enthusiast' and 'metal-head'. How 'bout you?

RR - Well, I'm working in this antique store up on the heights.

Angie - Ooooh.

RR - Yeah, I know, it's pretty cool. There's this couple: she's drop-dead gorgeous, and it's her store; he's... let's just say he's on the cutting edge of the antique world. Anyway, they've sort of adopted me.


Angie - Aw, that's good, Rich. I always knew you'd be the one to make the break. Gary thought so, too.


RR - Angie, you gotta be up front with me about this. Was Gary using anything?

Angie - Are you kidding me? He was an exercise freak, you know that.

RR - Yes, I know. He always made me feel like I was the runt of the litter.

Angie - Well, he was a strange guy. I mean, here is this macho biker, who's always into some racket or another -- he won't even take an aspirin. And then after he meets up with this sleazoid, Chou Lin...

RR - He was Chinese?

Angie - No, he was from the IRISH Chou Lins.

RR - I need to find this Chou Lin.

Angie - Why? Do you think he might know something about how Gary died?

RR - I think he may have killed him... or at least know who did.

Angie - Oh, wow! Well, then you have to go to the cops.

RR - I can't. If this Chou Lin is who I think he is, 9-1-1 will be one big waste of time. [off Angie's look] No, Angie, I can handle this myself.

Angie - Yeah, right. Like you almost got your teeth knocked out today. This neighborhood's changed, pal.

RR - Yes, I know, I feel like I'm working without a safety net.

Angie - I've got my bike outside.

RR - Angie, I do not like this.

Angie - What's not to like? What -- you're gonna WALK all over town looking for this guy? I won't be a sec. [RR sighs as Angie walks off. 5]


Streets of Seacouver (Chinatown)

[DM driving around in T-bird -- business signs along street are in Chinese.] 7891011 6121314 715161117

[Bryan Adams - "Into the Fire"

Now, you've done all you can.
Your life's at the crossroads,
You watch as it slips through your hands.

So stand on the mountain and shout in vain at the sky.
But nobody hears you -- the words only echo inside.
Oh, shelter the flame -- it may expire.

Oh, out from the dragon's jaws
Into the fire.

There's a moment in every man's life
When he must decide what is wrong and what's right.

You could wait for you dreams to come true,
But time has no mercy,
Time won't stand still for you.

[DM stops car near set of doors that resemble those seen in flashback to China.] 18


Inside Sun's retreat 18

Sun - [to body guards who move to intercept DM] Let him be. [to DM] I've been expecting you. Your conscience has been pricking me like a thorn in my side, across the centuries.

DM - [removes katana from overcoat] Then I won't need this. [They clasp forearms.]

Sun - MacLeod! [laughs, embraces DM]

Sun - That is the last of the Kwanlo root. Do you know how rare it is? I have tried to plant some, but the soil... this infernal climate... it's impossible.

DM - And it will take a hundred years before it's ready to use?

Sun - Yes.

DM - Good.

Sun - Good?! Do you think I wanted that young man to die? I told you, every ounce of my potion was stolen by an assistant. A Judas by the name of Chou Lin.

DM - And what does he plan to do with it?

Sun - I fear Chou Lin's ambitions do not include helping mankind.

DM - Hm. More like helping himself.

Sun - Exactly!

DM - Three hundred years, Kiem Sun. You have been struggling with this formula for three centuries. What have you achieved? A drug that can make people die in agony. If it cannot be perfected, why do you continue working on it?

Sun - Because... it will make men fearless, strong, AND obedient. Within a short time, we can bring peace to this world.

DM - Maybe that WAS your dream, when you first started on this path. But now there's something else. Why haven't you tried to get this drug back from Chou Lin?

Sun - I'm not leaving holy ground to become the victim of an Immortal. Is that why you're here, MacLeod?

DM - I made you a pledge all those years ago. It still stands.

Sun - [laughs] You're going to protect me? For how long? A day? A week?

DM - [exiting] Until you cross the line.

Sun - [takes sword from stand & follows DM outside] Pick up your sword. Indulge me. This is still holy ground -- we can't hurt each other here. [They exchange parries.]

DM - Three centuries without a challenge... you need protection. [laughs]

Sun - Pity. I was once a master.

DM - You were never that good.

Sun - [laughs] So, if we find Chou Lin and recover the potion, what then? It comes back here?

DM - Anything to get it off the streets.

Sun - All right. You and I together... it's almost like the old days. Let's find Chou Lin!


Chou Lin's room at Sun's retreat 18

DM - No wonder Chou Lin wanted out.

Sun - Our brotherhood shuns the material world.

DM - So I can see. When was the last time Chou Lin was here.

Sun - He disappeared about two weeks ago. What are you looking for?

DM - I'm not sure.

Sun - We should have never left China. Life was so much simpler.

DM - You should never have left the seventeenth century.

Sun - And what have humans accomplished in all this time? Merely bigger and more efficient ways of destroying themselves.

DM - [looking through drawers] Chou Lin's been writing monthly checks to a downtown real estate company. He must be renting a place somewhere.

Sun - [pulling his sword out again] Then we must pay this real estate company a visit.

DM - Relax, Kiem Sun. I doubt the sword will be necessary.


Outside Hogs Bar 4

RR - Yup, I remember this place. If anything was going down, these guys would know. Hitch is, they don't trust anybody who doesn't have a picture of Attila the Hun tattooed to their chest.

Angie - Aw, they're not that bad. C'mon.

RR - Not that bad? These guys use STP for mouthwash. You stay here.

Angie - Richie...

RR - Look, I'm gonna be too nervous watching my own back; I don't want to have to worry about you, too. Hey, don't worry. [imitating Schwarzenegger] I'll be back.


Inside Hogs Bar 4

RR - [enters bar, goes over to bartender] Gimme a beer.

Bartender - Gimme a beer? If I give you beer, I'm gonna lose my license.

RR - All right, then, I'll have coffee. Black.

Bartender - You sure you wouldn't like a decaf cappuccino?

RR - Yeah, maybe you wanna sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top of that, too. [sarcastic laugh, turns to two guys sitting at bar] So, fellas, how's it going? Say, maybe you guys could help me. I hear this is THE place if a guy wants to find out what's shakin' in the neighborhood. [Guys stand up & walk away, & RR turns back to bartender.] I'm looking for a dude who's into Chinese medicine -- all that hocus-pocus. Name's Chou Lin.

Bartender - What's a nice, uptown boy like you want Chou Lin for?

RR - I hear he's got a great recipe for lasagna.

Bartender - [sighs] Well, let me tell ya, Chou Lin is a 24-carat psycho with a black belt. If I tell you where he is, I'm gonna end up in traction, so whatever you want him for, forget it, okay?

RR - Look... I don't scare so easy.

Bartender - [grabs RR's head between his hands] Then you really are a dumb S.O.B., ain'tcha? Ain'tcha?

Angie - [walking up] There's a fifty in it for the right answer.

Bartender - Now here's a lady who knows that there's a recession on.

Angie - So... [to RR] Give the man fifty bucks.

RR - Uhhh... that creep in the alley took everything...

Angie - [scoffs, pulls out money] Forty-nine.

Bartender - Just for you, Ange. Try, uh, the warehouse at Montgomery and Ninth.

Angie - Thank you.

RR - Thanks, pal. Nice to meet you.


Warehouse 19

Bikers - [to each other] This one looks tough.

Chou Lin - [to biker group] That's the safe. What d'you think?

Forks - Yeah, I know the model. There's no way we can crack this thing in under an hour. So what's the deal?

Chou Lin - The deal is that we carry the safe out in the two minutes and fifteen seconds before the cops arrive.

Forks - Carry it? [wags his fingers by his head] Man, you could use a little hamburger helper. This safe must weigh a ton.

Chou Lin - Eight hundred and ten pounds, to be exact. But I think I have... resolved this problem.

Forks - Yeah? Well, resolve this, pal. We're outta here.

Chou Lin - What if I pay you for wasting your time?

Forks - I can live with that.

Chou Lin - Good. But before you go, will you join me in an old Chinese custom?

Forks - Huh?

Chou Lin - Tea. To show there are no hard feelings.

Forks - Tea?! Hey, what the hell is this, anyway? I hate tea.

Chou Lin - Please. It's an ancient tradition. I would be most offended.

Forks - Oh, well, we wouldn't want that. [pause] Well, why the Diamond Mart? There's easier places than that.

Chou Lin - True. But you see, diamonds are non-traceable. And the contents in that safe will set me up for life. [passes around cups of potion-laced tea] I've been poor. Now I want to try rich. This is just the beginning.

Forks - Mm-hm. So how come you're not drinking?

Chou Lin - It would be impolite for the host to take part in the ceremony. Go ahead, drink up. You know, I do wish you'd change your minds.

Forks - Fat chance.

Chou Lin - You never know.

[Bikers start to raise cups to drink when noise of door opening distracts them. They scatter.]

RR - [entering warehouse] Chou Lin? Hello? Anybody here?

Angie - [finds plans for Diamond Mart safe] Hey, look at this.

RR - Mr. Lin? CHOU Lin?

Angie - [turns, sees bikers surrounding them, recognizes Forks] Forks!

Forks - Angie, what the hell are you doing here?

RR - Wait, wait, wait, you know these guys?

Angie - Yeah, they used to be friends of Gary's.

RR - Excellent. So then, you must know this Chou Lin.

Forks - You mean the guy standing behind you?

[RR & Angie whirl around. Bikers laugh.]

Chou Lin - Something I can do for you?

RR - Yeah, you bastard. This is for Gary Correll. 8 [swings at Chou Lin, who punches him in the stomach & throws him to the floor]

Angie - Richie!

RR - Angie, get outta here!

Angie - No way! You stay, I stay. [Bikers laugh.] Right, you first, you creep!

RR - Angie, what are you doing?! Just leave!

Forks - [grabs Angie] You know, I always fancied you... [Angie bites his arm.] Aaaaah!

[Angie wrestles with the bikers, is punched & thrown against a pile of boxes. RR grabs short length of pipe & brandishes it at the bikers.]

Chou Lin - [pulls out Chinese short sword & points it at RR] Drop it, stupid.

RR - Put down the knife first. Put it down! [exchanges blows with Chou Lin, ends up with sword at his throat]

Sun - [enters warehouse] Chou Lin! Let the boy go. [swings sword around, points it at bikers] Leave now. Or you see your own hearts beating on the ground right in front of you.

Bikers - 'Come on, let's go.' 'Let's go.' 'Run.' 'I'm outta here.'

Sun - [to Chou Lin as RR moves to help Angie] I spent three hundred years working on that potion. Give it to me. [Chou Lin runs for it. DM blocks his way.] MacLeod! This battle is mine.

DM - It's mine now. [exchanges blows with Chou Lin, who pulls out second short sword] Mm. [exchanges more blows, turns to Sun] You taught him well. [Fight continues, DM disarms Chou Lin.]

Chou Lin - I know about you Immortals. My head will be no good to you.

DM - I don't want your head. I want a signed confession that you drugged and killed Gary Correll.

Sun - [cries out & runs at them, kills Chou Lin with his sword as DM ducks to the side] Forgive the intrusion, but he was mine. Never let your opponent...

DM - ...see all your skills. [They exchange blows.] Forgive me, forgot to mention... [exchanges blows] I didn't think you were as defenseless as you pretended.

Sun - So sue me! [Jumps over stack of tires out of sight, then attacks DM from behind. Fight continues.] You have improved over the years, MacLeod. [Fight ends with Sun disarmed.] You won, MacLeod. Your pride won't let you break your word.

DM - You're right. [goes to Chou Lin's body, finds vial of potion, pours it out onto the ground]

Sun - What are you doing?! You promised to return that to the temple.

DM - Sue me.

[Sun looks at DM. DM looks at Sun.] 9


[Sun limps over to stack of tires. DM tosses Sun the empty vial.]

Sun - I'll be back with more in a hundred years.

DM - By then it'll be too late. The Gathering is here. That is what you wanted the drug for, wasn't it?

Sun - Not at first! I truly wanted to help mankind, believe me. Maybe that's too much to ask. Hiding on temple ground was a mistake. Locked away for three centuries. The longer I stayed away from the Game, the more frightened I became in my head.

DM - And then somewhere along the line, you decided that if you could perfect this drug, it would help you in the Gathering.

Sun - [nods] A small army of men -- hundreds, maybe thousands! They will obey me without question. They will attack any Immortal on my command, weaken him long enough for me to take his head.

DM - That won't work at the Gathering. You'll be on your own.

Sun - Don't worry about my survival, worry about yours.

DM - Kiem Sun! Now you've crossed the line. The next time, I'll kill you. [walks away. Sun sits on stack of tires, wipes blood from his shoulder. DM walks out of warehouse. 10 [walks to RR & unconscious Angie] Who is she?

RR - A friend. She'll be okay.

DM - Yeah, we'd better get her out of here, before the police arrive. I thought I told you to stay out of this.

RR - You still don't get me, do you? You should have told me to GET involved, then maybe I might have stayed at home.

DM - Yeah, then maybe again, you might not.

RR - Kids, hmpf, go figure.


Loft apartment - hallway 0

Angie - You know, I don't know if I'd want to live in this place. It's like a museum.

RR - Ha-ha, you get used to it. [points to wall display of small cloth dolls] Take a look at these. They're a thousand years old. They were used in tombs to keep the dead company.

Angie - Happy birthday. You know, if I were Macleod and... um, what's her name?

RR - Tessa.

Angie - Yeah, well, I wouldn't let you near all this pricey stuff.

RR - Hey, I keep telling you, I am a changed man.

Angie - I hope so. It's just that I can't help getting the feeling like you've got some con up your sleeve.

RR - Trust me. [points behind her] And this... is their bedroom.

Angie - Mm-hm. [turns around] Wow.

RR - Mm-hm.

Angie - [enters bedroom] This... is... special.

RR - Yeah.

Angie - I though you said I could trust you.

RR - You can, it's just that, uh... living with a couple who kiss and paw each other all day kinda gives you ideas, you know?

Angie - I can guess. I gotta get back to the shelter.

RR - All right. Maybe I'll, uh, drop by later and give you a hand.

Angie - Well, that'd be okay. But, you know, don't feel like you have to.

RR - I'd like to. Very much. [leans in to kiss her as Tessa opens bedroom door]

DM - Sorry, we didn't knock, but I thought this was our bedroom.

RR - Uh... hey, guys. Uh...

Tessa - Hi.

RR - Tessa, welcome back. Um, this is Angie. Duncan -- Angie.

Tessa - [walks forward] Nice to meet you, Angie. [They shake hands.]

Angie - Hi.

DM - Hi.

Angie - Hi.

RR - [off DM's look] I was, um, just showing Angie around.

Tessa - I see. The grand tour, huh?

RR - Yeah.

Angie - You're right, Richie, she IS drop-dead gorgeous. [cocks her head at DM] He's not so bad either.

RR - Ooookay, uh, we gotta get going 'cause Angie's got to get back to the shelter, so, uh... we'll, uh... I'll see you later. Bye-bye.

DM - [chuckles as he shuts the bedroom door behind RR] Welcome home. [Tessa sits on bed, pats beside her for DM to sit. He joins her.] So, uh, how was the showing?

Tessa - Tell you later. Did you stay out of trouble?

DM - Tell you later. [They kiss.] 11


End of "Road Not Taken"

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