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Episode 4: Innocent Man

Written by Dan Gordon
Directed by Jorge Montesi
Aired: Oct. 10, 1992
Transcript revised: 9-8-17


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. His album for "Innocent Man" can be found HERE. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk

Randi McFarland - Amanda Wyss
              a TV reporter


Leo Atkins - Vincent Schiavelli
              Vietnam veteran

Howard Crowley - John Novak
              K'Immie, Steveston sheriff


Sergeant Powell - Wendell Wright
              a detective

Lucas Desiree - Victor Young
              Duncan's friend/Immortal

Deputy Struthers - Todd Duckworth
              Crowley's man

Bob LeMoyne - Gary/Garry Chalk
              unemployed lumberjack

Gwen - Colleen Winton
              Diner waitress

Cpl Ezra Nehemiah - Jason Michas
              Confederate guard/Watcher

Locations List:*
0. Scenes on/near sets in Sound Stage 3 at Bridge Studios, Burnaby. [49.263257,-123.019589]
1. Mountain roads - Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve: Leo heckled just north of Spur 4 [49.390836,-122.994269], road to Steveston [unknown], side of road on Spur 4 [49.390696,-122.994759], & mob ambush at Spur 4 turnoff [49.390787,-122.995189]
2. Desiree's cabin - 'MacGyver cabin', Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve [49.397066,-122.989197] (cabin no longer there)
3. Outside antique store - Blood Alley Square [49.283085,-123.105154]
4. Antique store rear exterior - entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263257,-123.019589]
5. City bridge - Cambie St Bridge [49.269606,-123.114792]
6. Sheriff's Office exterior - southeast corner of 2nd Ave & Moncton, Steveston [49.124970,-123.184145]
7. Road to Steveston - Sanderson Way & Gilmore Way, Burnaby [49.248829,-123.009152] & [49.250911,-123.010764]
8. Downtown Steveston - 3rd Ave & Moncton, Steveston [49.125174,-123.185492]
9. Tennessee - George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta [exact coordinates unknown]
10. Diner (Net Shed Cafe) - 3820 Moncton St, Steveston [49.125117,-123.182102]
11. Street in Steveston - 3700 Moncton St (Redden Net Co) [49.125118,-123.183324] to 3580 Moncton St #140 (Marty's Antiques) [49.125118,-123.183974], Steveston
12. Seacouver skyline - looking north from Choklit Park (approximately) [49.265662,-123.128910]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2000 & possibly 2008 (can't confirm 2008)
~Bolded - SciFi channel, both 2000 & 2008 (confirmed)
~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2000 only

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I am Duncan MacLeod, born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. For centuries, we have waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Mountain road 1

[Car full of teens drives up & honks at Leo, who is pushing a shopping cart full of junk. Sign on front of cart reads: "Homeless Veteran -- will work for food."]

Driver - Hey! Hey, General, want a ride? [Teens laugh as Leo walks toward them, then driver guns the engine & they drive off.] Sucker! Bye!

Leo - [pacing back and forth, yelling] That's a breach of contract, you hear me!? A breach of visual contract! You're out! [to himself] They got no respect for their country or their flag, or medals or anybody! I'm gonna put you on report! That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna put you on report with the Department of Transportation. [reaches into cart, pulls out corded telephone receiver with a few inches of cord dangling from the bottom end, holds it to his ear] Hello? Hello? Department of Transportation, hellooooo? [When nothing happens, he looks at receiver, then throws it back in cart.] Sunspots!


[DM driving T-bird down same road.]

Tessa - [in passenger seat] Ah, is there anything more beautiful?

DM - I'm sitting next to her.

Tessa - [kisses him] I love you. [laughs] A little music. [reaches for radio knob]

DM - Fine. [Tessa turns radio on.] Oh, that's terrible. [reaches to change station]

Tessa - You have no taste. [Both laugh.] This wind... I look like a mess! [pulls rearview mirror in her direction]

DM - [turns mirror back] You look fine.

Tessa - No! [fights to reclaim possession]

DM - Will you leave that alone?

Tessa - No! Leave it! [DM makes aggravated noise and desists. Tessa crows her victory.] Ha!



Leo - Well. [looks around] Yeah, it's nice to be in the country. City streets' got bums on every corner -- pushing, shoving, hustling. [inhales deeply] There's no competition out here. 1 [hears swords clanging in the distance, moves off road toward the sound, and disappears into bushes at edge of road. He climbs a rise, following the sounds.]


Side of road 1

DM - [whistling 'Yankee Doodle' while filling a bottle with water from a stream] We should do this more often.

Tessa - Get lost?

DM - We're not lost.

Tessa - Why is it a man will never admit he's lost? 2 [as DM pours water into car's radiator] We passed half a dozen service stations and you wouldn't pull into one of them for directions.

DM - Well, what does the map say?

Tessa - The map isn't saying anything. [looks at map again] Hey, wait a minute... the cabin is a mile south of Steveston?

DM - Yeah, that's what Lucas said.

Tessa - You won't believe this -- we're almost there! The cabin should be over--

DM - Just around the corner, yeah, I know. [grabs duffle bag from back seat] Come on, let's walk.

Tessa - [as they walk down the road] Ahh, it's beautiful. How long has your friend lived here?

DM - Lucas? About... well, not long.

Tessa - Well, which for you could mean half a century.

DM - No, it's more like twelve years.

Tessa - After all that time, why does he suddenly want to see you?

DM - I don't know. He, uh... he said something was worrying him.


Forest 2

[Leo continues through forest to another rise. He starts up the hill, 3 climbs past a small tree, continuing toward sound of clanging swords. As he approaches large fallen tree, a *swish* is heard. Leo watches Quickening occur inside small cabin.]


Side of road 1

DM - Oh! [falls to his knees]

Tessa - Mac! Mac! Mac. [helps him back to his feet]

DM - He's dead.

Tessa - Your friend? How can you be so sure?

DM - I just am.


Desiree's cabin 2

[Leo continues to watch from behind fallen tree as Quickening ends. When pyrotechnics are over, he cautiously approaches cabin & enters. He finds a beheaded body on the floor next to a sword, which he picks up & examines.]

Crowley - [appearing in doorway] Well, what do we have here? [Leo looks up, sword in hand.] What'd you do, boy?

Leo - Oh, oh, no... [holds sword out to Crowley] I didn't have anything to do with this.

Crowley - Body on the floor... you standing over it with sword in hand... looks like you're guilty as hell to me, boy. [pulls handkerchief from pocket, takes sword from Leo] You all right, son? [tosses sword onto bed] What's your name?

Leo - Leo. Leo Atkins.

Crowley - I've never seen you before. You from around here?

Leo - No! I'm from... I'm from nowhere in particular.

Crowley - Well, I'm real pleased to meet you, Leo. Let me tell you where you're going. You're gonna ride the lightning. You killed a man... and you're gonna fry.


Establishing shot: outside antique store 3

Antique store 0

RR - [on upper level, whistles, clicks tongue, & tosses paper airplane, hitting DM (off screen)] Oh, sorry, Mac.

DM - [holds up paper airplane] Are we bored?

RR - No, we're not bored. Actually, I was just looking at this book of drawings -- DaVinci. This dude was making flying machines when you were in diapers. The thing is, if he could design gliders and stuff, why didn't he get our butts airborne back then?

DM - Because he was hired to make gunpowder instead.

RR - Uh-huh.

DM - You finish those invoices yet?

RR - Uh... no.

DM - No? Why not?

RR - I've been busy.

DM - Yeah? [holds up paper airplane again] You've been busy?

RR - Yeah, I've been busy!

DM - [laughs] You know, I think you've got a little bit too much time on your hands. You need to spend a little time in jail.

RR - Jail? Whoa... for assault with a paper airplane? For littering in your office? What??

DM - I'll tell you on the way to Steveston.

RR - Steveston? That's the place that doesn't even have crosswalks. Why would I want to go to Steveston?

Tessa - [walking up] What's this about Steveston?

DM - [to RR] Uh, because you're driving. [hands him car keys]

RR - The T-bird?

DM - Mm-hm. Bring it around the front, would you?

RR - Cool. I'll get my jacket. [leaves]

DM - [to Tessa] I need to talk to the guy they're holding for murdering Lucas.

Tessa - [following DM through workshop] Okay, I'll close up the shop and come with you.

DM - No, I need to do this on my own.

Tessa - But you're taking Richie...

DM - Well, I need him for something.

Tessa - I know why you don't want me there. You're afraid that what happened to Lucas could happen to you.

DM - That never crossed my mind.

Tessa - Then stay here!

DM - Tessa, they may be holding the wrong man. [RR pulls up in T-bird.] I can't let him just... stew in jail. I'll be back. [kisses her quickly] Smile. [gets in T-bird]

Tessa - Promise?

DM - Scouts honor. [hands her the paper airplane] Here. 4


City bridge 5

[RR drives T-bird toward Steveston.]


Antique store, later 0

Randi - The... the police blotter mentioned a report of a -- just tell me if I've got this all wrong -- a sword fight on these premises?

Tessa - [to customer] This is Chinese. [to Randi] You got it wrong.

Randi - Oh. So what DID happen?

Tessa - We caught a young burglar. The boy, who has a vivid imagination, was trying to steal a sword.

Randi - No sword fight?

Tessa - No.

Randi - You've heard about the... the headless body they found up north?

Tessa - Of course, who hasn't?

Randi - I just thought there might be a connection.

Tessa - Why?

Randi - Because the victim had a big sword next to his body when they found him.

Tessa - Sounds like a great story. Good luck with it.

Randi - Yeah, well... thanks. [pause] I guess you know a lot about swords -- you're so good at fencing. I might have to come back for your expert opinion.

Tessa - My expert opinion is that you're wasting your time.

Randi - Yeah? Well, thanks. I'm sure with your help this will be a dynamite story.


Outside Sheriff's Office 6

[Powell drives up, parks, gets out of car.]


Steveston County Sheriff's Office 0

Powell - I'm Sergeant Powell; I talked to you this morning.

Crowley - Sergeant Powell, I'm Howard Crowley. Good morning. [shakes Powell's hand]


Crowley - So, our little horror story brought you here. Coffee?

Powell - Yeah, we got one of those ourselves. We got a headless body on a city bridge a while back. [enters office with Crowley & sits across from desk]

Crowley - I know that, Sergeant. We DO get television reception, even way up here. [moves Powell's coffee cup onto coaster]

Powell - Sorry.

Crowley - [sits behind desk] I was going to call you anyway -- to compare notes.

Powell - Well, we got no suspects, no witnesses... ours was done with a very sharp instrument, so it probably wasn't an ax or a chainsaw...

Crowley - What it was, probably, was a sword, right?

Powell - You guessing, or you got something?

Crowley - We've got a sword. I'd run it into our lab to check the theory, if we HAD a lab. Planned to send it to the county seat this afternoon.

Powell - I'd be happy to help with the interrogation, if you're interested.

Crowley - I think that can be arranged. I suppose you'd like to see the crime scene first.

Powell - If I could. Who was the victim?

Crowley - A man named Desiree -- Lucas Desiree. Kept pretty much to himself.

Powell - French?

Crowley - Old southern stock. Funny, him coming way up here to live. His kinfolk probably owned a lot of your kinfolk once upon a time.


Road to Steveston 71

RR - [driving T-bird] So, are we gonna, like, go to the cabin, sift through the place for clues the police missed?

DM - No, they probably didn't miss anything.

RR - I still don't get what would possess Lucas to move out in the middle of nowhere.

DM - He just wanted to get away -- be on his own.

RR - Like you did?

DM - Mm-hm. Out in the country, you can't take your mistress into the woods for a quickie without twenty people knowing about it. Lucas was very careful. He didn't advertise his whereabouts.

RR - And you don't think it's this bum that the papers are talking about who did it?

DM - Maybe. Maybe not. I need to get close enough to be sure.

RR - Wait a minute, Sherlock. Are you trying to tell me that there is a LOOSE Immortal cruising around here, chopping off people's heads, in this vicinity where you and I are going?

DM - Possibly. We'll find out.

RR - Aw, man.


Interrogation room 0

Crowley - You're trying my patience, Leo. You talk, but you don't say anything.

Leo - I'm trying!

Powell - Tell me again!

Leo - I don't know nuthin' I didn't know five minutes ago!

Crowley - You do that pretty well, Leo. "Crazy old Leo, wouldn't harm a flea." That's what that man in the cabin thought. Then you took off his head!

Leo - I never took no heads! Oh, I knew a guy who took heads. He put it on the end of his bayonet.

Powell - Yeah, you knew a guy. Yeah, I bet you knew him REAL well. Old habits die hard, don't they, Leo? [holds up dog tags] What, you think you're back in 'Nam? Collecting trophies off the VC? Is that what we got going here? It's okay, Leo, you can tell me. See, I was there, too. I understand.

Leo - You were there?

Powell - Bet your ass. Two tours. Airborne. What about you?

Leo - Dog soldier. 4 I HATE the jungle. Snakes. I hate snakes. And tunnels -- I hate tunnels.

Crowley - What about cabins, Leo? You like cabins?

Leo - Cabins?

Crowley - You were there, Leo, in the cabin. With a sword.

Leo - Oh, yeah. I was. I remember that.

Powell - Yeah, but not everything. You see, that's why we're here, Leo. We're trying to help you remember.

Leo - Oh, yeah. 'Cause you were there. In 'Nam.

Powell - Yes. And that's what you thought, too, didn't you? You were out there on patrol, weren't you, Leo?

Leo - That's right.

Powell - And you came to the cabin.

Leo - Cabin?

Powell - Yeah, you went inside with the sword. 5

Leo - I don't remember no swords in 'Nam.

Crowley - But you just said you did. 6

Powell - Hey, look, you gotta keep this straight, Leo. I'm trying to help you out here. You were out there on patrol. You had your sword. And all of a sudden, he was there. Charlie. The VC.

Leo - Yeah. I could smell him, he was that close.

Powell - And you were scared.

Leo - Peed in my pants. He was so close, I could reach out and touch him in the darkness.

Powell - Yeah, and you were so scared, you took your sword and you swung away. You killed him. It was him or you. I know how it is, Leo.

Leo - That's right. Him or me. Him or me. HIM or ME. Him... or me. [continues to himself] Him or me. That's right. Him or me. Yeah. Him or me. Yeah.


Downtown Steveston 8

<[Camera follows light blue van down street.]

RR - I don't see a stop light. I don't even see a stop SIGN. CUT

DM - Maybe that's why Lucas came here.

RR - To do what? Play bingo and pitch horseshoes?

DM - To live. 7 To not turn every corner expecting to meet our destiny. It sounds like a simple thing to do. To love, hate, drink, and dream... about going someplace else, someplace better.

RR - We a little philosophical today, Mac?

DM - Lucas just wanted to get away. He tried to retire from the Game.>

RR - Like you, before the Gathering, huh? That's what this is all about, isn't it? One of you guys is out headhunting, he finds Lucas, fffft. [draws hand across his throat] So you come up here hoping that the same guy comes looking for you, am I right?

DM - Maybe.

RR - What do you owe good old Lucas, anyway?

DM - It's a long story. Now, you know what to do. Go and do it.

[RR watches DM walk away, then turns, walks off down the street.]


Interrogation room 0

Leo - I could smell him. I could hear him breathing. And the sergeant said, "Leo, take the point." And I took it, down on my belly like a damn snake, until I ran right into Charlie. 8 I couldn't see him in the dark! But I TRIED to tell him, "Donít do this. Slip away, man. We're BOTH gonna die today." But he shot me! He shot me here, in my face. [shows Powell the bullet scar on his cheek, then looks up & screams]

Powell - Hey, Leo! Come back, man! Come back!

Leo - [sobbing] And then everybody was there. Sarge, and Jerry, and Al, and they were firing tracers, like the Fourth of July, like a fountain of fire, like a halo! [sobs loudly against Powell's chest] 9 [Crowley looks on as Leo sobs loudly.*10 [Leo stops crying, sniffles, catches his breath.] And then... and then... and then the chopper came. And it lifted me up. I saw it all. They thought I was asleep. Later... later, they told me that a bullet went in my brain and made me crazy, but that ain't so. I saw it all. I know what happens... and so do you... 'cause you were there. (*this shot is NOT in the DVD version)

Powell - Take it easy.

Leo - You told me you were there!!

Powell - Easy, now, soldier. Take it slow.

Leo - Yes, sir. Like, uh, like a fiery fountain, on the Fourth of July, you know?

Officer - [as Powell leads Leo to the door] Let's go, Leo.

Powell - [to Crowley] It's not him.


Street outside Sheriff's Office 6

[RR walks up to parked T-bird, pulls out "slim jim", & sticks it down into edge of window, trying to pop the door lock. He stops, looks around, starts again.]

RR - Come on, I could've been to New Mexico and back by now.

Struthers - [walks up to RR] Are you doing what I think you're doing?

RR - [forced chuckle] Hi, officer. Uh... doing what? [Struthers grabs RR by back of shirt, starts dragging him toward Sheriff's Office.] Whoa-ooah! Whoa! Whoa! [reaches back to pull "slim jim" from car window]

Struthers - [takes it from him] Give me that! [drags RR inside as DM watches from across the street]


Sheriff's Office, some time later 0

Struthers - Down here. [leads DM through cell area]


Flashback - Tennessee, 1863 9

DM - [is prisoner of war, digging trench for mass grave. The man next to him suddenly collapses.] This man needs water!

Cpl Ezra - Hush up, spy!

DM - He's dying of thirst!

Cpl Ezra - He'll be dying of more than that, if'n you don't hush up.

[DM senses 'buzz' as uniformed man, Desiree, rides up.]

Desiree - Soldier, at ease. What seems to be the problem here, Corporal?

Cpl Ezra - This'n there, Cap'n. Nothin' but a trouble-maker and a low-down abolitionist. Came at night and stole folks' niggers right off the plantation. Caught him without a uniform behind our lines. They's gonna hang him today.

Desiree - He's wearing a uniform now, and he will be treated with respect. Give these men water and rations.

Cpl Ezra - But the colonel, he said--

Desiree - NOW, soldier.

Cpl Ezra - Yes, sir. By who's orders, sir?

Desiree - Captain Lucas Desiree. [shares meaningful look with DM, then rides off]


Sheriff's Office 0

(resume previous scene)

RR - [in cell] I've been here for an hour.

DM - Reflecting on your sins?

RR - Right. Get me outta here!

Struthers - [opening cell door] Come on, Ryan, I'll process you out. [leads RR toward front] Sit down.

DM - [moves to next cell, where Leo sits] Leo.

Leo - You my lawyer? You don't look like no damn lawyer.

DM - [quietly] I'm a friend of the man they say you murdered.

Leo - I didn't murder nobody. When I come upon him in the cabin, he was already hacked to pieces! Like a broken toy soldier.

DM - [still quietly] Did you see anyone else?

Leo - No. Only the lightning. [starts singing loudly] The lightning of his terrible--

Struthers - Shut up!

DM - [whispering] Anything else?

Leo - The sword. Looked like something from "Gone with the Wind."

DM - I'll get you out of here, Leo.

Leo - You and what army?

DM - Just trust me.

Leo - [laughs] You're a hoot, friend. The last person who said that to me stole my shoes while I was asleep. [more loudly] Time before that-- 11

Struthers - Hey, you!

DM - Be seeing you, Leo.

Leo - I won't bet on it.

Struthers - You're a reporter, right? That "stolen car" bull -- that was just so you could talk to our prisoner.

DM - No, I'm a friend of Lucas Desiree's. Was anyone else in town, asking about him before his death?

Struthers - I think we would've noticed. It would have been hard not to.

DM - Well, maybe a stranger passing through.

Struthers - The only stranger passing through is the one we caught.

RR - YOU caught him?

Struthers - No. Sheriff Crowley.

RR - Uh-huh.

DM - How?

Struthers - What do you mean, 'how'?

DM - Well, he didn't just pass by Lucas's place...

Struthers - I never said he did. Fact is, half a dozen folks who live up in the valley saw some kind of lightning or electrical explosion or something about the same time.

DM - And that brought the sheriff?

Struthers - Well, yeah. 'Round these parts, we don't get too much lightning out of a big clear blue sky.

DM - Well, what do you think caused it?

Struthers - Electric company can't say for sure. Some kinda surge in a transformer, maybe. Anyway, like you said, that's probably what brought the sheriff.

DM - Oh, you weren't with him?

Struthers - You ARE a reporter. Why didn't you just say so, like everybody else?

DM - Somebody else was asking questions?

Struthers - Yeah, and she was a lot prettier than you.

DM - Hm.


Street outside diner 10

[close up of bumper sticker on pickup: "SAVE THE LOGGERS / SHOOT AN ENVIRONMENTALIST". Truck pulls away from curb and DM pulls T-bird in & parks.]

RR - So you found out for sure that old Leo isn't an Immortal? What do you guys got, anyway? Secret handshake?

DM - Tattoo.

RR - Really? Where? [They enter the diner.]


Diner 10

Bob - We know how to handle some psycho killer up here.

Gwen - How's that, Bob?

Bob - Well, I tell you what we wouldn't do. We wouldn't let some environmentally sensitive public defender get him off on an insanity plea 'cause he had too much sugar in his diet.

DM - [sitting at counter with RR] Could I get an orange juice and a Coke, please?

Gwen - [smiles] Yes.

Bob - Ain't that right, friend? [sits next to DM] Now you look like you'd know.

DM - You look like you've got too much time on your hands.

Bob - [to rest of patrons, unemployed lumberjacks like himself] You know what I bet we got here? I bet we got ourselves another bird watcher. Another spotted owl lover come up here to save the environment. Put a lot of good men out of work.

Gwen - Give it a rest, Bob.

Bob - But I'll tell you something. You know, one of us will be HAPPY to hire out as a guide. I mean, we'll take you right back into the forest, right to them damn spotted owls. Won't we, boys? [chorus of agreements from other patrons]

RR - [leaning close to DM] Somebody starts playing a banjo, I'm outta here.

Bob - What's that?

RR - Uh, it's, uh... nice hat. My favorite team.

Bob - [to DM] What do you want, tourist?

DM - Just something to eat. [Bob throws a punch at DM, who catches his fist mid-swing & squeezes it, causing Bob to cry out in pain.] I'm sorry the mill closed, or the wells dried up, or the grasshoppers ate your crop, or your life isn't what you hoped it would be. But I'm a friend of Lucas Desiree's. And we're just here to find out how he died. [releases Bob's hand]

Gwen - [to Bob] Now don't you feel even more stupid than usual, Bob?

Bob - [looking around diner] What the hell're you looking at? [gets up & stomps out]

Patron - See ya', Bob.

Gwen - [to DM] We're all real sorry about what happened, honey. It doesn't make a bit of sense. Everybody liked him. Kept to himself, was polite to a fault.

DM - You knew him?

Gwen - Oh, well, nobody really knew him. He came in here for food and supplies. He was a real gentleman.

DM - Yes, he was. 12

RR - [to Gwen] Don't you EVER get hungry?

DM - [as Gwen hurriedly hands them both menus] Uh, thanks. Now, what's the special?

<Gwen - Uh, nothing's ever special here. Try the meatloaf.

DM - Ah, no, I'll try number 4.

RR - And I would like the... cheeseburger, but with processed cheese, and sweet pickles -- on the side -- uh, tomato, lettuce, onion, ketchup, mustard... CUT (continued below)


Street in Steveston 11

Powell - How many ways can I say "no comment" before I bore you, Ms. McFarland?

Randi - Look, no microphone, no hidden camera -- just some background, Sergeant.

Powell - Look, this is the earliest stage of our investigation and--

Randi - Aha! So you ARE investigating the beheading in the city a while back? I mean, why else would you come clear up to the boonies?

Powell - Now, Steveston isn't the boonies, Ms. McFarland. It's the sticks... right before the boonies.

Randi - Any leads on the suspect?

Powell - No--

Randi - --comment, I know. I know and I understand and I appreciate your need for discretion, so if everything I've just suggested is true, just say "no comment" and I'll understand.

Powell - N-- Look, I may be taking a suspect back with me for psychiatric evaluation. Check back with me then; I'll give you whatever I can.

Randi - You're on my Christmas list, Powell.

Powell - Isn't that nice.


Diner 10

(continued from above)
RR - [still ordering] ...extra mayo, and not that light stuff, only the real stuff. If you can only get the light stuff, forget about it. And, uh, I would like that well-done, with... onion rings and French fries on the side. You know something, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna splurge, actually. Make that a double.

Gwen - [crumples up ticket, calls back to fry cook] Salad and cheeseburger.

RR - He'll just know what I want, right?

Gwen - [smiling, sarcastic] Oh... yeah. [drops smile] 13

DM - [back on topic] Uh, did he have any friends here in Steveston?>

Gwen - Mm, got on with the old sheriff real good. They used to play chess every Friday night, right over at that table.

DM - Really? With Sheriff Crowley?

Gwen - [laughs] Oh, no. Old Nate Perkins. He retired and moved to Florida a few years back. Since then, Lucas kept pretty much to himself. Hardly ever saw him.

DM - I guess Sheriff Crowley wasn't much for chess.

Gwen - Who knows. There's another one who keeps to himself. Gets along well enough with the likes of LeMoyne... [gestures toward departed Bob] ...but he's a loner. Well respected, though. Nobody messes with the sheriff.

DM - Not even Lucas?

Gwen - Lucas? I don't think I ever saw the two of them together in the same room. I got the feeling they wanted it that way. 14


Street outside Sheriff's Office, dawn 6

Powell - I still don't understand why you changed your mind. I though you wanted help.

Crowley - I naturally assumed that a big-city force would do a better job conducting an interrogation. You fell for his "crazy Leo" act like a catfish to a stink-bait.

Powell - Look, let's let a psychiatrist decide that. In my professional opinion, Leo didn't behead anybody. Now our lab found no traces of the victim's blood, not even microscopic particles on the sword YOU recovered from the cabin.

Crowley - Maybe there was another weapon.

Powell - You said you showed up on the scene moments later! What did Leo do with the other sword, swallow it? Now look, he is who he says he is: a guy who staggered into the wrong place at the wrong time.

Crowley - I'm afraid that won't wash with the good people of Steveston County.

Powell - I've got a valid psychiatric warrant for him. You tell the "good people" of Steveston it's out of your jurisdiction.

Crowley - Not until you're over the county line. [to Struthers] You know what route to take.

Struthers - Yup.

Powell - Look, I don't need his help.

Crowley - He's gonna show you a back way out of the county. I don't need any trouble on my watch.

Powell - Okay, let's go. [reaches for door of police vehicle. Leo is already in the back, handcuffed.]

Struthers - You're not taking your car?

Powell - No, I think I'll ride with Leo. See, I'm such a city fella, I might get lost on these back roads. I'll send somebody back for my car.

Crowley - You do that. No bother at all.


Diner 10

[Pay phone rings, Gwen answers it.]

Gwen - [into phone] Diner. Speak up. Who? [turns to patrons] Tommy Riley, it's for you.

Tommy - [getting up] Who is it?

Gwen - I don't know. He mumbled so bad, I couldn't understand him.

Tommy - [into phone] Hello.

Gwen - [to DM & RR, who are eating breakfast] So, you all done?

DM - Yeah, thanks.

Gwen - [as Tommy walks out] Ah, Tommy, Tommy, do you intend to pay for this?

Tommy - Yeah, put it on my tab.

Gwen - Yeah, yeah, yeah, put it on the tab. [to DM] By the way, they're taking the guy they say killed your friend down south for psychiatric evaluation.

DM - That sounds fair, Gwen.

Gwen - Yeah, if somebody doesn't hang him first.


Flashback - Tennessee, 1863 9

[As noose is slipped over DM's head, he & Desiree look at each other. Desiree & soldiers watch as "low-down abolitionist" is hung. Later, Desiree returns & digs up DM's body from shallow grave.]

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Thanks.

Desiree - Good thing they buried you way out here. Not too crowded. If I hadn't have happened by today, you could have stayed under there for quite a spell.

DM - Some would think this was a good time to take my head, Lucas.

Desiree - Some would, I expect. It was hard hanging you, even knowing what I knew. [throws DM a bundle of clothes]

DM - The others seemed to enjoy it.

Desiree - You stole their slaves. You're destroying their way of life. Revenge is all they have left. [nods to his left] You follow that road north, to your lines. I might just follow it myself one day.

DM - You're on the wrong side. You know that, Lucas.

Desiree - Oh, we just get attached to the people, don't we? Lot of good folk down here. Friends. Loyalty's a real funny thing. Probably causes as much harm as it does good. Yes, sir. I think I'll up and follow that road north one day.

DM - I'll look forward to that. [They shake hands.]

Desiree - Be dark soon. Best be going.


Street outside diner 10

Bob - [telling punchline of joke to other guys] So he says, "Shut up, they're coming closer." [laughs]

[As DM & RR exit diner, Bob stops laughing. He & the group of loggers quietly move to surround DM, blocking his way. Several carry lengths of wood or pipe. Crowley drives up in Sheriff's vehicle.]

Crowley - Easy, boys. [shares long look with DM as both sense 'buzz'] I don't believe we've met.

DM - I know who you are.

Crowley - If you're here for the hunting, the season's just opened.

Bob - Claims to be a friend of Lucas Desiree, Sheriff.

Crowley - Is that a fact?

DM - That's a fact.

Bob - Now, we heard that that big-city detective is taking that bum back with him.

Crowley - Wish I could tell you different, Bob. City folks just don't see things as clear as you and I. Makes a man lose hope.

DM - To an outsider, that might seem like you want these men to do something about it.

Crowley - Do? Have I asked you boys to DO anything? I'm just informing them as concerned citizens.

Bob - And we do appreciate that, Sheriff. We just MIGHT voice our concern.

DM - That's very civic-minded of you.

Bob - [to other lumberjacks] Let's go, boys.

Crowley - [to DM] Well, gotta run. I suppose I'll be seeing you again. [DM nods.] Your friend Lucas died on his knees, begging for his life.

DM - We'll see how you do.


Street outside Sheriff's Office 6

Randi - [to cameraman] Well, it looks like we missed them.

Cameraman - What do we do now?


RR - [in T-bird across street, to DM] I thought we were jamming?

DM - Nobody's told them Leo's gone.

RR - So they got a bad tip.

DM - She your type?

RR - [appraises Randi, grins] Definitely.

DM - Good.


Randi - [as RR walks up & looks in van] Can I help you with something?

RR - No, no, no, no, no, no. Just thought you might be here to interview that bum, Leo Atkins.

Randi - Yeah, so?

RR - I don't know... he might not make it out of Steveston County. You got a police scanner, right?

Randi - Let's go find them.

RR - Cool. [hops into van & they drive off. DM follows in T-bird.]


Mountain road 1

Powell - [as their car comes upon pickup stopped in the road] What is this?

Struthers - [pulling up next to pickup] Looks like somebody broke down.

Powell - Hey, don't go out there.

Struthers - Hey, around these parts, we like to try and help out. [He gets out of vehicle & several other cars suddenly appear from hiding spots along the road.]

Powell - Struthers, get back in here!

[Men jump out of the cars, carrying rifles, with white cloth bags over their heads so they can't be identified. Powell moves to driver's seat and puts vehicle in reverse. As he backs up, another pickup coming down the road blocks his way. He skids a halt and jumps out, pulling his gun.]

Powell - That's enough!

Bob - Now we don't want to hurt you, officer. Just give us the psycho and we'll be on our way.

Powell - That's not going to happen. Now get back in your trucks and go. Now!

Bob - You're not in the big city now, detective. What are you going to do, call for backup? [looks over as white van pulls up nearby] Now this is the last time I'm gonna ask nice... you did your job, now give him up. Come on, all we want is the guy! We'll let you go! Just give him to us, all right?

[Randi, cameraman, & RR get out of van, drawing Bob's attention.]

RR - Is this a breaking story, or what?

Randi - Roll tape, Frank.

Bob - [points rifle at cameraman] You looking to die, friend? Put that camera down. I said put it down!

Powell - [as DM appears next to him] MacLeod! [Bobs swings rifle back to him.]

DM - [walking forward] Go ahead, shoot him. Shoot her. Shoot the boy, the officer, me! [grabs barrel of rifle and holds it at chest-level] That's your idea of justice, isn't it? Isn't it?! [Bob says nothing.] Go home. All of you. Crawl back under the rocks you came from. It's over!

Bob - Let's go, boys!

Powell - Yeah, and take this disgrace to the badge with you! [shoves the officer in their direction, then turns to DM] What in the hell are you doing here?

DM - I think some people want to talk to you. [motions toward Randi & cameraman]

Randi - [talking into microphone] We're here with Sergeant Powell, who just stood off a mob of masked men intent on taking the law into their own hands. Do you have a statement, Sergeant Powell?

Powell - Later.

Randi - Hey, hey. Hey! You owe me, Powell. Or didn't you notice?

Powell - I suspect collusion by the local authorities in the attempted abduction of Leo Atkins. They clearly made an attempt to violate due process and the suspect's civil rights. I'll be asking the FBI to look into this.

Randi - [as Powell gets back into vehicle with Leo] Thank you, Sergeant Powell.

Leo - [to Powell] You really were there. You were there.

Powell - We're going home, Leo.

Randi - [talking into microphone] The other hero of this amazing encounter is a mysterious man... [looks around, realizes DM has disappeared] Where the hell is he?

Cameraman - I don't know.


Desiree's cabin 2

DM - [walking out of woods as Crowley walks out cabin door] You couldn't let him live in peace. That's all he wanted.

Crowley - Wasn't very ambitious, was he?

DM - Why Leo?

Crowley - People in a small town like to talk. If they don't get a fix on who did what, they keep picking at it like a scab. Eventually, they would have figured it out. People aren't as dumb as we wish they were. [looks around] I was starting to like it here. Now I'll have to move on. But you're staying here.

DM - I guess one of us is.

[They begin fighting. Sword fight ends with Crowley disarmed & on his knees.]

Crowley - In the future, I'll remember to leave your friends in peace.

DM - What future? [beheads Crowley, takes Quickening]


Establishing shot: Seacouver skyline 12

Antique store 0

Powell - I guess I've got all I need for now. [to RR] You might get called as a witness.

RR - I'm sure.

Tessa - Did they ever find that sheriff?

Powell - He disappeared off the face of the earth. The FBI'll find him.

RR - What about Leo?

Powell - He's out in the car. I'm taking him to the bus station.

Leo - [poking his head in the door] Uh, excuse me, uh... I don't mean to bother you folks, but I -- I seen the sign out front, and uh, I was wondering if you bought old medals and such. [pulls small medal out of his pocket, holds it out to DM] I'm a little short.

DM - [takes medal -- a purple heart] That's yours?

Leo - That's right. Figure I can sell it if I want to.

DM - Well, I don't think I can buy it from you, Leo, but I might be able to lend you something against it until you come back this way.

Leo - Deal. [DM opens drawer, pulls out wad of bills, counts out five, pauses, adds another five, then hands them to Leo.] Wow, this antiques business is a going concern. [As Leo walks past, DM quietly drops the medal into the top of his knapsack.] I should have got rid of that long ago. It don't do no good to hang onto the past. There's more'n one day in a man's lifetime. Well, I got a bus to catch.

Powell - I'll give you a ride to the station.

RR - Take care, Leo.

Leo - Good-bye.

DM - Bye, Leo.

Leo - Thank you.

RR - [after Powell & Leo leave] You think they're going to find the sheriff?

DM - Eventually.

RR - What about Lucas?

DM - I took care of him.


Desiree's cabin 2

[Freshly dug grave by cabin, with Lucas's cavalry sword stuck point down in dirt at one end. A flicker of quickening energy runs up the blade.]


End of "Innocent Man"

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