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Episode 10: Revenge is Sweet

Written by Loraine Despres
Directed by Ray Austin
Aired: Nov. 21, 1992
Transcript revised: 8-12-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Rebecca Lord - Vanity
              Reinhardt's fiancĂ©e

Walter Reinhardt - Christoph Ohrt

Angie Burke - Christianne Hirt
              Richie's friend

Sergeant Bennett - Tim Reid
              a detective


Dr. Kramer - Ken Kramer

Harry Dawes - Kevin McNulty
              Used car salesman

Molly Parker - Elizabeth Claridge

Nobleman - Michael Cavers
              Charles Guilford, Earl of Covington

Noblewoman - Shirley Broderick
              Dowager Countess, the Earl's mother

Street Punk - Patrick Stevenson

Locations List:*
0. Scenes on/near sets in Sound Stage 3 at Bridge Studios, Burnaby. [49.263257,-123.019589]
1. Prow Restaurant - at Canada Place [49.289194,-123.108673] (no longer there)
2. Outside antique store - Blood Alley Square [49.283085,-123.105154]
3. Rebecca's house - Aberthau house, 4397 W 2nd Ave, West Point Grey [49.271483,-123.205051]
4. Road to Dover, city park - Stanley Park: Trail near rose garden [49.299230,-123.138780], rose garden [49.299011,-123.136042]
5. Seacouver skyline - looking north from Choklit Park (approximately) [49.265662,-123.128910]
6. Used car lot - Bridge Studios lot, Burnaby [49.262901,-123.021091]
7. Antique store rear exterior - entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263257,-123.019589]
8. City streets, night (DM driving) - past New Dodson Hotel, 25 E Hastings St [49.281444,-123.103575], then past Save On Meats pig sign, 43 W Hastings St [49.281838,-123.106113]
9. Intercut of DM driving home - past 131 Water St [49.284084,-123.107580]
10. Street, night (RR & Reinhardt) - Trimbel St, next to Aberthau House, West Point Grey [49.271577,-123.205724]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & SciFi channel (2000 & 2008/9) (confirmed)

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

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[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Dec. 31, 1988 - Prow Restaurant, night 1

[Camera zooms out from "HAPPY" to 1 "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to "HAPPY NEW YEAR 1998" on banner outside restaurant on pier, then up to roof of restaurant where DM & Walter Reinhardt, dressed in tuxedos (coats removed) are fighting.]

DM - Come on, Reinhardt! Come on, it's all yours.

[They continue to exchange blows until Reinhardt manages to trap DM's blade.]

Reinhardt - Got you, Highlander.

[Reinhardt stabs DM in the shoulder. As he pulls back for the final swing, DM plunges his own sword into Reinhardt's side & pushes him over railing into the water. DM picks up Reinhardt's sword, recovers his coat, & goes down to restaurant where Tessa is waiting for him, just in time for final countdown to the new year. He kisses her as countdown ends, drinks some champagne. Tessa raises her glass to toast someone else in restaurant, throws a piece of ribbon in the air. 2]


Outside antique store, present day 2

[DM walks down street toward antique store as woman in red sports car watches him. Tessa is standing outside entrance.]

Tessa - [kisses DM as he walks up] Hi.

[DM goes inside, Tessa remains outside. 3 Fade in to Rebecca sitting in red car. 4 Rebecca gets out of car across the street & walks toward antique store.] (4 this is NOT in the DVD version!)

Street punk - [to Rebecca] Hey, mamma, lookin' good. [Rebecca ignores him.] What's the matter? Can't you talk?

Tessa - [calls into antique store] Mac! Mac!

Street punk - Come on, baby!

DM - [comes back outside] What? What's the matter?

Street punk - Why don't you and me go find somewhere nice?

[Rebecca takes street punk down easily with a few well-placed blows. His three friends laugh at him as Rebecca continues walking toward antique store.]

DM - Looks like she can take care of herself.


Antique store 0

[DM & Tessa enter. Rebecca enters.]

Tessa - Nice going out there. May I help you? [Rebecca looks around & walks further into the room without answering.] Obviously not.

Rebecca - Are you Duncan MacLeod? [DM turns around to face her.] I called about the French cavalry lance.

DM - Uh, right, I put one out. [picks up lance from top of display counter, then notices Rebecca's attention is on sword in case across the room]

Rebecca - [walks to sword case] May I?

DM - Yes, but be careful. The blade was specially made and the edges are razor sharp.

Rebecca - Don't worry. I know how to handle myself around dangerous objects.

DM - [amused] I'm sure you do. [In background, Tessa rolls her eyes.] It's a 17th century German saber. [takes sword from case]

Rebecca - Yes, I know. It was made by the Osman(?)/Oslin(CC)/Ausland(script) family, swordmakers to the Baron of Heidelberg.

DM - You know swords.

Rebecca - I know many things.

DM - [carries sword back to display counter] About the lance...

Rebecca - [re sword] Well, that's much more intriguing. Do you have the provenance?

DM - No, but I did authenticate the maker's mark.

Rebecca - Well, I'm very interested, but I'd like to try it out first.

DM - You want to fence with it?

Rebecca - That's what one usually does with a sword.

DM - Not with swords of this price.

Rebecca - Well, we can negotiate the price later. If the steel is genuine, it'll stand up to a friendly match. Do you fence?

DM - A little.

Rebecca - Good. Then meet me at four o'clock. [hands DM a business card] And don't stand me up, Duncan MacLeod. And don't forget the sword. [She leaves the store.]

Tessa - [once Rebecca is out of hearing, mimics her] "Don't stand me up, Duncan MacLeod. And don't forget the sword."

DM - [raises his hands] Ha! I didn't--

Tessa - I don't find it humorous at all.


Antique store - workshop 0

RR - [dressed in suit, pulls nail from heel of his shoe with pair of pliers] Damn nails. You'd think somebody'd clean up around here every now and then.

Tessa - [walking in] I've got the broom if you've got the time. [sees RR's suit] Wow! What's the occasion?

RR - Check it out... you like?

Tessa - [admiring his clothes] Look at that... yeah. Yeah! Yeah, sure, what's happening?

RR - Well, I got a line on a new job and I'm gonna go meet my future boss.

Tessa - A job? I didn't know you were looking for one.

RR - Tess, you guys have been great to me. You gave me a break when I really needed one but... I'm just not cut out to be an antique store clerk. I'm just not that person.

Tessa - Oh, I see. And what person are you?

[DM enters, carrying the sword.]

RR - I'm a salesman. I'm a natural. All my life I've had the gift. It's what I do best, I can't help it. See, it's like that sculpture you're building for the city. It's the first one they've bought in years and you are doing it. And it's a big deal, 'cause you're doing what you love to do, you're getting paid to do it, and you're making people happy at the same time.

Tessa - What exactly are you selling?

RR - Used cars. It's all commission. Everybody needs to drive. Basically, I could stand to make a fortune.

Tessa - Richie... used cars...!

RR - Tess, I know what you're thinking. That I'll be pawning lemons off on some poor jerk, but it's not that kind of place. I am talking about strictly quality merchandise here... top of the line.

DM - Don't you know you can't interfere with a guy about to make his fortune?

RR - Thank you very much, Mac. I knew you'd understand. See you guys later. [leaves]

[Tessa gives DM a look.]

Tessa - What do you think?

DM - I think he has the right to make his own mistakes.

Tessa - [walks over to hug him] Be careful YOU don't make any mistakes tonight.

DM - [scoffs] Tessa, I...

Tessa - Yeah, not on purpose. But men don't always know what they're doing. Even very old men. 5


Outside Rebecca's house 3

[DM pulls T-bird up, gets out, carries wrapped sword up to door & rings doorbell.]


Rebecca's house - fencing studio 3

Rebecca - Welcome.

DM - This is quite a place.

Rebecca - It suits my needs. How about a drink before we match?

DM - No, I don't drink before handling dangerous objects.

Rebecca - Pity. Well then, let's begin, shall we? [carries sword to open area]

DM - Have you been fencing long? [reaches for face masks]

Rebecca - Long enough.

DM - Here. [tosses her a mask]

Rebecca - We're not going to need these. [tosses it back to him] You're not going to hurt me, are you?

DM - We don't wear these, we don't fence. [tosses it back & picks up another]

Rebecca - How disappointing. I always thought you'd be the adventurous type. [Before DM has a chance to put on his face mask, she lifts the sword he brought.] En garde!

[DM raises epee he is carrying as she attacks. He parries a few thrusts & tosses his face mask aside.]

DM - You're very good.

Rebecca - Only when I want to be. [As she twirls the saber, the metal glints & transitions into flashback view of same saber...]


Flashback - England, 1728 - dirt road, 25 miles from Dover 4

[Reinhardt stands by dirt road, holding same saber and a pistol, waiting as coach approaches. He steps forward & fires pistol, shooting the driver.]

Reinhardt - Ladies and gentlemen, will you please disembark from the coach and hand over your money and jewels? Hurry it up! I don't have all day! [Woman steps out, then Reinhardt senses another Immortal as young man steps down. DM exits coach next, but Reinhardt thinks the young nobleman is the Immortal.] Walter Reinhardt of Salzburg.

Nobleman - Charles Guilford, Earl of Covington, at your service.

[They fight & Reinhardt quickly drives the young man to the ground.]

Noblewoman - Ah! Take my jewels! Take everything, but don't hurt him! He's my only son. Please, I beg of you.

[Reinhardt refuses to be swayed, swings his sword for the final blow... and is blocked by DM's sword.]

DM - [quietly, with Scottish accent] I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, and I think you're fight's with me. [has his sword at Reinhardt's neck, speaks louder for the two mortals to hear, with upper British accent] Kindly drop your pistol, and I'll take the sword. [to mortals] Well, go on, quickly. Get back into the coach. [They go.]

Reinhardt - Finish the game, MacLeod.

DM - You know our game's not for spectators. [closes coach door, turns back to Reinhardt] Don't worry, Walter, we'll meet again. [climbs up to driver's seat, where coachman is still alive, but wounded] It's okay, we'll get you to a physician. [throws Reinhardt's sword off to side & drives coach away]


Rebecca's house - fencing studio 3

[Rebecca & DM are still fencing. Suddenly Rebecca uses same combination of moves that Reinhardt used on DM in 1988 to trap his blade & stab him in the shoulder. DM blocks move at last moment, recognizing it.]

DM - Where did you learn that?

Rebecca - I've had many teachers. I've even managed to learn a few things from you.

DM - [takes saber from her] Do you want the sword?

Rebecca - I will come for you when I am ready. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe you know the way out.


City park 4

[Tessa, DM, & RR carry heavy sculpture piece from van to site in park where Tessa's creation is being displayed.]


Tessa - Is she mortal?

DM - Very... and she's up to something.

Tessa - Don't tell me, in four hundred years, you've never seen a "femme fatale" before.

DM - It's not as easy as all that, Tessa. The sword that she wants belonged to Walter Reinhardt. [changes subject] So how's the job coming, Richie?

RR - It's good. I got a few leads. So, Mac, who's this Walter Reinhardt?

Tessa - Wait, wait, wait. Wait, uh, he was a Wall Street pirate.

DM - Only in his last persona.

RR - Is he Immortal?

DM - Well, we've been adversaries for centuries -- [as they step off sidewalk] Careful -- She fights just like him: same style, same moves...

RR - Is he still around?

DM - I don't know. I ran into him a few years ago-- [They reach concrete pedestal for sculpture.] How do you want this?

Tessa - Uh, no, the other way. Yeah, like this.

DM - [as they move sculpture into place] And then he disappeared. I thought someone else had gotten to him.

RR - I thought you said you were out of the game for a hundred years.

DM - Well, there were times I really had no other choice.

Tessa - The newspaper said he was dead.

RR - Maybe this Rebecca just has the hots for you guys. You know, like, uh, an Immortal groupie...

DM - Ah, maybe.

Tessa - Stay away from her, Mac. I have a bad feeling about this.


Establishing shot: Seacouver skyline 5

Outside antique store 2

[Several cop cars parked in street, a crowd of people gathered around them.]

Man - [in background] What's the ETA on the ambulance?

Woman - [in background] Uh, at least five minutes.

RR - [to DM & Tessa as they drive up in T-bird] You guys are not gonna believe this.

DM - What?

RR - Somebody got iced and dropped here last night.

DM - Anyone we know?

RR - No one I know.

Man - [in background] Stand back, please. Miss, will you stand back, please.

Bennett - Get these people back and secure the area. Karen, you want to go over here and get some pictures of this before somebody tramples all the evidence?

Karen - [off screen] Yes, Sergeant, I'm on my way.

Bennett - Come on, let's go.

Man - [in background] Hey, keep it back, please.

Bennett - [to another couple trying to get a closer look] You people wanna get back behind the line, please? [They duck back outside the police tape.] Thank you. [to DM & Tessa] Who are you?

DM - Uh, Duncan MacLeod... [points toward antique store, then at Tessa] This is Tessa Noel.

RR - And I'm, uh... Richard Ryan.

Bennett - MacLeod... the antique dealer. Your name comes up a lot downtown. You have a number of swords in your shop, don't you?

DM - We have some.

Bennett - Bet you're the type who knows how to use them.

DM - What's this about?

Bennett - Take a look.

[They walk around the police cars & see body of street punk who was harassing Rebecca earlier.]

Tessa - Oh, my God.

Bennett - You know him?

Tessa - Yes, I just saw him yesterday.

Bennett - What was he doing?

DM - Nothing, he was just hanging around outside the store.

Bennett - I'm talking to the lady.

Tessa - He... he wasn't doing anything.

Bennett - Right... well, he was killed by a very sharp object. Very clean, very professional. One thrust between the ribs, straight into the heart. [looks at DM] It could have been done by a sword... especially by someone who knows how to use one.

RR - What are you getting at? The guy's an antique dealer.

Bennett - And his name keeps turning up in the police reports. I've been on the force fifteen years; I know when somebody's trying to hide something.

DM - Come on, Richie. [as they walk past Bennett] Well, let me know when you find out what it is.

Bennett - Count on it.

DM - [as they walk toward antique store] Richie, what time are you going to work today?

RR - Not till this afternoon.

DM - Good. I want you to go to the library.

RR - The library?

DM - Yeah, it's the place where they keep all the books. It'll be a new experience for you. I want you to find out all you can about Reinhardt's death, and who this Rebecca Lord is.

RR - All right.

DM - And what their connection is. All right?

RR - I gotcha.

Tessa - [to DM as RR moves off] Why didn't you tell Sergeant Bennett about Rebecca?

DM - Because I don't think this is just about her.

Tessa - Duncan, the punk insulted her. He was killed with a sword. You said yourself she was an expert.

DM - It may be as simple as that... or not.

Tessa - Have you sensed the presence of another Immortal?

DM - No. [beat] I've got to go.

Tessa - Where are you going?

DM - [gets back into T-bird] To see Rebecca.

Tessa - And if there's no Immortal lurking in the bushes, you'll tell the police about her?

DM - Yeah.


Outside Rebecca's house 3

[DM pulls T-bird up, gets out, goes up to door & rings doorbell. He waits but nobody answers the door.] 6


Rebecca's house - backyard 3

Rebecca - [looks up from her fencing drills, sees DM] Duncan MacLeod. Well, I was planning on visiting you, but this is so much better.

DM - Someone was killed outside my store last night.

Rebecca - What's that got to do with me?

DM - It was the punk that insulted you.

Rebecca - Well then, I won't grieve much, will I?

DM - He was killed by a master swordsman or woman.

Rebecca - Are you trying to imply that I murdered a man just because he made a pass at me? Oh, come now.

DM - Did you?

Rebecca - Now we've taken up police work as a hobby, have we?

DM - What do you want?

Rebecca - The eternal question: What does every woman want? [laughs] How about a cup of tea? No? All work and no play makes Jack very, very boring. Let's play. You and me. No masks, no padding, and no witnesses. Hm? That is your way, isn't it?

DM - I'm not in the mood for games.

Rebecca - It's not a game, Mr. MacLeod.

DM - It never is! Gimme that! [grabs weapon from her hand & throws it aside] Goodbye, Rebecca. [leaves]

[Rebecca picks up epee & slashes in rage at dummy she was practicing lunges on.]


Used car lot 6

RR - My boss swears these are the original miles.

Angie - You're sure?

RR - Ange, I told him we're tight. You gotta trust me, this is a good deal.

Angie - Yeah, you know, but it's more money than I want to spend, Richie.

RR - Well, Ange, you want high quality and low miles, you gotta pay for it. Come on, get back in the car.

Angie - I was in the car.

RR - Seriously, no, you can't make a judgment till you sit behind the steering wheel and really feel it. Come on, get inside. Trust me.

Angie - [gets in] Okay.

RR - There you go. Look at this. Five speeds, stereo, spotless interior. How'd it drive?

Angie - Nice.

RR - How'd you feel behind the wheel?

Angie - Pretty great. 7

RR - Angie, I am telling you, you look great! Top down, wind in your hair, it's you. It's what you deserve. Look, Ange, I don't want to push you into anything, but this car is priced six hundred dollars under wholesale.

Angie - And you're sure that this is the right car for me?

RR - Angie, what've I been telling you? How long have we been friends?

Angie - Ever since we got suspended from the third grade for beating the hell outta the Maguire brothers.

RR - [laughs lightly] Come on, what d'ya say?

Angie - All right.

RR - Excellent! Angie, I am telling you, you are not going to be sorry.


Establishing shot: Alley behind antique store 7

Antique store - office 0

DM - [working on computer, as RR walks in] How's work?

RR - Fine. Sold my first car, made four hundred bucks, did Angie a solid deal at the same time.

DM - That's great. Did you get that information I asked you about?

RR - [hands DM a stack of papers & magazines] They're fluff pieces, there's not much to them, but I'm going to get in the microfiche room tomorrow and keep checking on it.

DM - Okay.

RR - Apparently this Reinhardt guy was very into models and movie stars. They say he enjoyed being one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

DM - He viewed women as interchangeable.

RR - Well, it looks like he had a bunch of them. There's a gossip column in, uh... in this one somewhere that talks about him being engaged to some mystery woman.

DM - See if you can attach a name to the woman. And find all you can about Reinhardt's death.

RR - You got it.

DM - And Richie, watch your back.

RR - Always do. [leaves] 8

DM - [sets stack of magazines on top of computer monitor as Tessa enters office] Oh, you're back. How'd it go?

Tessa - Well, I go back and forth between loving and hating it, but uh, I think it's my best work.

DM - Oh?

Tessa - I can't believe I was chosen.

DM - You deserve it. [kisses her]

Tessa - Did you call the police about Rebecca?

DM - I don't think she's the murderer.

Tessa - And what part of your four-hundred-year-old anatomy formed this conclusion?

DM - Tessa... I have a feeling Walter Reinhardt has returned.

Tessa - Duncan, it's wonderful the way you love women, but this isn't about women. It's about evil. And that's something men have no monopoly on.

DM - [interrupted by phone ringing, answers it] Hello... Yes... I see... We'll be right there. [hangs up] Tessa! That was the head of the bicentennial committee. He said something happened to your sculpture.


City park 4

Tessa - [running across grass] Oh, my God! [She approaches the sculptures, which are covered in graffiti: '123/123' written across their surfaces.] Look at this! Look at it. What are those numbers?

<DM - CUT A double un deux trois. One, two, three.>

Tessa - Your girlfriend left her calling card. She obviously wants you to go after her.

DM - Or maybe Reinhardt does. Maybe she's working with him.

Tessa - You haven't seen him! You haven't sensed him! What makes you think it's him?!

DM - I don't know! But he's out there, and he's coming.



Bennett - Miss Noel, Sergeant Bennett. We met earlier. Do you have any idea who did this?

Tessa - No.

Bennett - Has this ever happened before?

Tessa - No.

Bennett - Well, have you received any threats lately?

Tessa - Um... no, I haven't.

Bennett - Can you tell me anything, anything at all?

Tessa - No, I'm sorry. I have work to do. [walks off]

Bennett - Thank you. [walks over to DM] And of course, you don't know anything about this. Just like you didn't know anything about the body that was dumped on your doorstep.

DM - I wish I could help you.

Bennett - Yeah, I'm sure you do. [pulls paper from his pocket] Ever seen her before?

DM - [looks at paper -- a sketch of Rebecca] It's hard to say.

Bennett - Uh-huh. Well, a friend of the punk who was killed outside your store said that the deceased was almost gelded by her a couple of days before he was killed. And after that, she walked into your shop.

DM - Well, a lot of people walk into my store. It's hard to remember them all.

Bennett - Yeah, I bet you get a lot of women who look like this. You know, somehow all this is tied together: the murder, the sculpture being trashed, and you're right in the middle of all this, aren't you? Dirty as hell. Something tells me we're going to see a lot of each other.


Establishing shot: outside antique store, night 2

Loft apartment - living room 0

Tessa - [lying on couch] I love you.

DM - I'm sorry this happened.

Tessa - I know.

[DM walks over to couch, sits by her.] 9

DM - Maybe you're right. Maybe Rebecca's behind it all.

Tessa - You don't believe that.

DM - I don't know. Richie told me that before Reinhardt disappeared, he was supposed to be engaged to someone.

Tessa - Rebecca?

DM - Maybe.

Tessa - But why come for you?

DM - Maybe she thinks I killed him.

Tessa - But you didn't. If she was engaged to Walter Reinhardt, wouldn't he tell her about his immortality?

DM - No, not necessarily. Just because I trusted you with my life... Reinhardt trusted no one.

Tessa - Then I can imagine how she must feel. Her man dead, no body to mourn, no closure, just wounds that never heal. What would living like that do to someone? [sits up] Hold me. [They sit together silently.]


Rebecca's house - backyard 3

[Montage of Rebecca lunging again & again, practicing moves with fencing sword.]


Inside antique store 0

Tessa - [offscreen, as Rebecca enters] I'll be right there.

[Rebecca goes to sword case & removes Reinhardt's saber as Tessa comes down stairs.]

Tessa - What are you doing?

Rebecca - I'm taking what's mine.

Tessa - By stealing?

Rebecca - It used to belong to my fiancé. It was supposed to come to me.

Tessa - Duncan was right. You're engaged to Walter Reinhardt.

Rebecca - Was. He's dead.

Tessa - My God, you really don't know, do you?

Rebecca - What?

Tessa - What you're dealing with.

Rebecca - No, you don't know who you're dealing with. MacLeod is a killer.

Tessa - You're wrong. If you'll just let me explain to you...

Rebecca - Let you nothing. He has this sword. The only way he could have gotten it was by killing Walter.

Tessa - If you really think so, why didn't you go to the police?

Rebecca - I did. But there was no body. And there was no proof. But I've got the sword now, and I'm going to do to MacLeod what MacLeod did to Walter. I'm going to kill him.

Tessa - [as Rebecca leaves] Wait! It's not what you think!


<City streets, night CUT

[DM is driving T-bird, interspersed with montage of scenes of Reinhardt & Rebecca.]

DM - [voice-over] What makes people what they are? 8 Is evil the opposite of good? Or just good made evil by hate. To Reinhardt it was always a game where he tried to set the rules. Life to the victor and death to the loser. But what about Rebecca? Is she his ally or his pawn? 8>


Used car lot, night 6

RR - I'm telling you, this baby will stop on a dime and give you nine cents change. It's the car for you. [customer shakes his head & walks off] Eh, pedestrian. 10 [DM drives up.] Yo, Mac, what's up? I couldn't possibly interest you in upgrading your present means of transportation? I happen to have a hot rod--

DM - No thanks. Did you get the rest of the information on Reinhardt?

RR - Yeah, I sure did. One second. [goes into office, grabs papers] This dude Reinhardt was a real sweetheart, wasn't he? Bought up companies left and right, then fired the people that spent their lives working for them. One of these business magazines called him a "bottom line guy," made him out to be some kind of hero.

DM - [flipping through papers] He made a lot of money.

RR - After it all went bust, the S.E.C. and the Feds were ready to file an indictment. I mean, the dude swindled millions out of people. Dying is the only thing that kept him out of prison.

DM - Guess he picked a good time for it. [sets papers in seat, starts car again] I'll catch you later, Richie. [drives off]


Loft apartment 0

Delivery Man - [as Tessa answers knock at door] Delivery for Miss Noel.

Tessa - {??}

Delivery Man - Sign here, please. 11

Tessa - Thank you. [signs] Thank you. [brings box into living room, pulls out black, sequined dress.]

[Intercut: DM driving home in T-bird.] 9

Tessa - [finishes putting on dress as DM enters] Mac? Mac! [She poses for him as he walks in.]

DM - Are we celebrating something?

Tessa - You tell me. It's gorgeous!

DM - Well, I didn't buy it.

Tessa - [faintly] I feel... I feel...

DM - What?

Tessa - Get it off me. Get it off me... my skin... My skin is burning! Get it off me, my skin's on fire!

DM - [yanks on zipper] I can't! The zipper's stuck!

Tessa - [as DM rips dress] Get it off me! Mac!

DM - All right, come on, get in the shower, in the shower, come on.

Tessa - Don't touch me, don't touch me!

[They run into bathroom & DM turns shower on as she gets in.]

DM - Get in there. It's okay, you'll be all right. Turn around. Turn around. Easy, easy.

Tessa - [screaming in pain] My God, what's happening? What's happening?

DM - Shhh, shhh. It looks like a chemical burn. I've got you. [continues trying to soothe her]


Used car lot, night 6

RR - [to his boss, Dawes] Five more minutes, man, I would've nailed that deal shut.

[Angie drives up in car she just bought. It is sputtering, knocking, & puffing out smoke.]

RR - Angie, what happened?

Angie - [gets out] I don't know. I was driving it down to the beach and it just blew up. I thought you said this was a good car, Richie.

RR - Angie, it is, it is. Just relax, you've got nothing to worry about. I'm going to take care of this situation right now.

Dawes - Ah-ah-ah. I don't think so.

RR - Mr. Dawes, my friend just bought this car. We're gonna stand by our product.

Dawes - I'd like to help your friend out, but the car she bought was "as is", and "as is" means "as is".

RR - That's not right.

Dawes - That's life.

RR - What'd you do? Did you turn back the odometer? Did you put in ninety weight motor oil so you wouldn't hear the valves knocking?

Dawes - [as phone rings] Excuse me. [answers phone] Dawes Wholesale... I see... I see, uh, yes, sir.

RR - [to Angie] Angie, I promise you, no matter how long it takes, I'm gonna take care of this situation.

Angie - I spent ten thousand dollars on this car. I told you it was {more than I could afford.}

RR - I know, I know, Angie, I'm sorry. I promise you, I'm gonna take care of this. I promise you. And then when it's all over, we're gonna sue this son-of-a-bitch together. I promise you. Watch me.

Angie - That's what you said before.

Dawes - [still on phone in background] Uh, of course, sir. Right away. [hangs up, walks back to RR & Angie] There's a Mercedes on the lot I've been trying to dump forever. The guy on the phone wants you to deliver it. He says you waited on him or something.

RR - Forget about it, I quit. [to Angie] Let's go.

Dawes - It's a forty thousand dollar sale.

RR - So tell it to someone who gives a damn.

Dawes - I'll fix your friend's car. [sighs] It's the least I can do. I mean, you've just got to pick up the car, pick up a check.

RR - Plus I want the commission on the Mercedes. AND I would like it all in writing.

Dawes - Okay... okay.

RR - Thank you. [smiles at Angie]


Street, night 10

RR - [pulls up to curb in Mercedes] Hey, there. Um, I'm supposed to get the check. You can do the paperwork tomorrow. All right?

Reinhardt - [gets into car, points gun at RR] Great.


Establishing shot: outside antique store, night 2

Loft apartment - living room 0

DM - [to doctor] Is she going to be all right?

Dr. Kramer - Well, thanks to your quick thinking, she is. If you hadn't taken her to that cold shower...

DM - Why didn't the chemical burn through the material?

Dr. Kramer - Well, it was in a powdered form. The chemical was activated by her body heat. Now she needs to rest. I'll check back in the morning.

DM - Okay, thank you.

Dr. Kramer - Okay.

[As Kramer leaves, Tessa walks out of bedroom.]

DM - Hey, back to bed, you.

Tessa - I don't feel like sleeping. Light a fire for me.

DM - Okay, come on. [reaches for her hand. Tessa hisses.]

Tessa - Oooh, careful. [walks toward couch] Rebecca came by. She took the saber.

DM - Then he must want it back.

Tessa - I don't think she's working with him. She really thinks you killed him. She's consumed by it.

DM - Then he's using her. He sees the world as his playing field and the mortals in it are only there for his amusement. He's vicious and completely without remorse. [phone rings, he answers it] Hello...

RR - [into phone, held at gunpoint by Reinhardt] Is that you, Mr. MacLeod? 10 [on phone] Where have you been? I've been calling you for hours.

DM - [into phone] What? [on phone] Richie?

RR - [into phone] Yes, it is, Mr. MacLeod. 10

DM - [into phone] Uh, Tessa had an accident. I had the phone off for a while. I didn't want to disturb her. Are you okay?

RR - [into phone] Rebecca's got me. 10 [on phone] She wants you to meet her at nine a.m. sharp. [into phone] I'm dead if you don't come. 10

DM - [into phone] I understand. [Both hang up.]

Tessa - Who was it?

DM - Richie's being held.

Tessa - Rebecca?

DM - Reinhardt.


Outside Rebecca's house, next morning 3

[DM pulls T-bird up, gets out, goes up to door & forces it open.]


Rebecca's house - fencing studio 3

DM - [barging in] Richie's not here, is he?

Rebecca - Who is Richie?

DM - And you didn't send the dress, did you?

Rebecca - What are you talking about?

DM - Reinhardt's not dead.

Rebecca - You had his sword, so you killed him.

DM - No. He's out there, somewhere. [turns to look out window]

Rebecca - You know, underneath all that charm, you're just one very sick man! [raises saber to strike at him]

DM - Go ahead. [She pauses.] You've been training for this for three years. Do it. Get your revenge. [when she continues to hesitate] Come on! [She screams in frustration & lowers the sword.] How did you find me, Rebecca?

Rebecca - When Walter died, I went to his desk, and I sorted out a few things. There was a list of names, and your name was on it.

DM - And you sought out the people on the list... and you found...

Rebecca - They were all killed...

DM - ...with a sword.

Rebecca - You were the only one left. You had his sword, so you killed him.


Outside Rebecca's house 3

[Reinhardt pulls up in Mercedes, RR tied & gagged in passenger seat. Reinhardt gets out & walks toward house. Left in the car, RR tries to get his hands untied. Reinhardt walks around to back of house. 12]


Rebecca's house - fencing studio 3

[DM & Rebecca are swordfighting. Reinhardt looks in window & watches them. As they begin to move out of view, DM lunges forward & Rebecca (who can no longer be seen) screams. Reinhardt leaves window & enters house to find DM kneeling beside Rebecca's prone body.]

Reinhardt - Well, MacLeod, I think I orchestrated this rather nicely. Tell me, how does it feel to kill an innocent young woman?


Rebecca - [jumps up, saber in hand] I hate you! I loved you.

Reinhardt - You will again.

Rebecca - Never...

Reinhardt - [to DM] How fickle women are.

Rebecca - Everything between us was just a lie.

Reinhardt - Not a lie. A convenience. [punches her out, then turns his attention to DM]

<DM - Where's Richie?

Reinhardt - In my car. If you win, he'll live.

DM - Okay. But why all this? Why not just challenge me?

Reinhardt - It's all part of the game... Your scruples and boring sentimentality were always your weakest trait. Fortunately, I'm not burdened by such things. Yes, I think I'll take you this time.

DM - You'd sacrifice a woman who loved you that much?> CUT

Reinhardt - You really do care about these mortals. <Women are interchangeable. I told you that a century ago.> 12 CUT

DM - This is the last time, Reinhardt.

Reinhardt - Finally, we agree on something.

[They begin fighting, and crash through a window into the backyard.]


Rebecca's house - backyard 3

[The fight continues in the gardens. Then Reinhardt uses his trademark move.]

Reinhardt - Got you again, Highlander.

[DM successfully answers the move, brings Reinhardt to his knees, beheads him, & takes Quickening.]



RR - [walks into backyard where DM & Rebecca are standing] Thank you... Mr. MacLeod.

DM - I'm glad to see you remembered your manners.

RR - [looks at DM & Rebecca] I'll, uh, I'll catch you later. [leaves]

Rebecca - So where's...

DM - Over there. [stops her when she starts to walk in that direction] He won't be back this time.

[Queen - "Who Wants to Live Forever"

There's no time for us.]

Rebecca - He used me to get to you, you know.

[There's no place for us.]

Rebecca - [continues] All these years I wasted trying to avenge a man I didn't even know.

DM - It's over now.

[What is this thing that builds our dreams...]

Rebecca - He was the strongest man I ever met. And then when I thought he was dead...

[Then slips away from us.]

Rebecca - [continues] God, I was a fool.

DM - You were in love.

Rebecca - I was a fool.

[Who wants to live forever?]

Rebecca - [continues] And I believed that I'd never meet another man like him again...

[Who wants to live forever?]

Rebecca - [continues] ...until I met you. I almost wish I'd met you first.

[There's no chance for us.
It's all decided for us.]

DM - [kisses her hand] Go get your life back together again, Rebecca.

Rebecca - Sure. [kisses him on the cheek, leaves]

[This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us.
Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever?
Who dares to love forever?
Oh, Ooh.
When love must die.]


End of "Revenge is Sweet"

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