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Episode 11: See No Evil

Written by Brian Clemens
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Aired: Feb. 6, 1993
Transcript revised: 8-10-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk

Randi McFarland - Amanda Wyss
              a TV reporter


Marcus Korolus - John Hertzler
              serial killer Immortal

Sergeant Bennett - Tim Reid
              a detective


Flapper in flashback - Stacey Barrington

Sam - ??
              security guard at stadium


Natalie Ward/Bard - Moira Walley
              Tessa's friend
    (Ward = end credits, Watcher Chronicles;
     Bard = episode dialogue, shooting script)

Michael Tanovsky - Dee McCafferty
              "The Scalper" serial killer

Lt. Tony Graffini - Fulvio Cecere
              a detective

Officer Delaney - Kelli Fox
              undercover officer

Herbie - Raimund Stamm
              motorcycle shop employee

Helen Willis - Wanda Wilkinson
              victim of "The Scalper"

Brunette Woman - Glynda Fitzgerald
              attacked by "The Scalper"

Locations List:*
0. Scenes on/near sets in Sound Stage 3 at Bridge Studios, Burnaby. [49.263257,-123.019589]
1. Stadium - BC Place Stadium - "G Gate" (SW end) & interior, 777 Pacific Blvd (before Rogers Arena, with old roof) [49.275945,-123.113230]
2. Orpheum Theatre - 601 Smithe St [49.279942,-123.120496]
3. Police station exterior - Exterior of building at Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.2635861,-123.018825]
4. Columbus Park - Central Park, 3883 Imperial St, Burnaby: parking lot [49.223692,-123.020816] & Lower Pond [49.223443,-123.019986]
5. Deeley Motorcycles - 606 E. Broadway, SE corner of Broadway & Carolina [49.262378,-123.090893]
6. Columbus House - 460 E 10th Ave [49.261392,-123.093757]
7. Street behind Deeley Motorcycles - Carolina & E 10th Ave [49.261587,-123.091083]
8. Alley near Deeley Motorcycles - between 10th & 11th: toward Fraser St [49.261088,-123.090428] & at Carolina St [49.261097,-123.091087] & unknown location
9. Antique store rear exterior - entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263257,-123.019589]
10. Alley behind Orpheum Theatre - behind 139 E Hastings [49.281812,-123.101212]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network,* 1998.
~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2009.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Establishing shot: stadium 1

Outside Stadium - Gate G 1

[Car pulls up to gate entrance. Natalie gets out, enters stadium.]


Stadium interior 1

Natalie - Hey, Sam.

Sam - Hello.

Natalie - I'm going up to the boxes. Listen, I'm expecting a couple of people. So could you point them up my way?

Sam - You've got it, Miss Bard.

Natalie - Thanks.


Inside antique store 0

[DM looks at pamphlet: MUNICIPAL STADIUM - SKY BOXES, with a full length photo captioned: NATALIE BARD.]

Tessa - You'll like Natalie.

DM - I like her already. Stylish, tasteful, with a certain underplayed elegance. Anyone can see she's got a great foundation.

Tessa - Uh, you're talking about the stadium, of course.

DM - Oh, of course. Yeah. So your art's going to grace the entranceway.

Tessa - If she likes my ideas. I'm on the short list. And I have an edge -- we were at the Sorbonne together.

DM - Your edge is talent. Ready?

Tessa - Ready.

[They leave to meet Natalie.]


Stadium interior 1

[Natalie walks down hallway & enters luxury box. An unknown man (Michael) wearing tall leather boots walks down same hallway & pulls a knife from his coat.]

Natalie - [looks up as she hears footsteps] Tessa?

[The footsteps stop. Natalie walks to the door to investigate, but sees only empty hallway.]


Stadium exterior 1

DM - [getting out of T-bird] Any chance, as part of your fee, you could negotiate a pair of season tickets?

Tessa - I might.

DM - On the fifty yard line?

Tessa - Don't push your luck, buddy.


Stadium interior 1

[As DM & Tessa walk down hallway, Michael sneaks up on Natalie in the luxury box.]

Natalie - [turns, see Michael, screams] Ahhhh, no! Ahhh!

Tessa - Natalie! [starts to run down hallway. DM follows.]

Natalie - [struggling against Michael] No! Get off of me! [Tessa & DM enter. Michael runs away.]

DM - [to Tessa] Stay with her! [chases after Michael]

Tessa - [softly, cradling Natalie] Oh, Natalie...

[DM chases Michael out of luxury box, down through stadium seats, then inside stadium. They run along interior hallway, then Michael runs back out into seating. He waits & jumps on DM as he runs out, knocking him down, then runs back in & heads for ramps leading down between levels. Michael runs down ramps with DM trailing some distance behind him.]

Security Guard - [pushed down by Michael on Level 3] What the hell--

[Michael is on his motorcycle & riding away by the time DM gets outside.]


Establishing shot: stadium 1

Stadium interior, later 1

Tessa - [to DM as paramedics wheel Natalie out of luxury box] I'm going with her. [follows paramedics out]

Graffini - Duncan MacLeod?

DM - Yeah.

Graffini - Lieutenant Graffini. I'm told you saw the guy.

DM - Yeah, a, uh... tall, well built, wearing old biker's leathers, looked like something out of the Twenties.

Graffini - What about eye, hair color?

DM - He was wearing a helmet and goggles. Sorry.

Graffini - Did he say anything? You pick up an accent, something? [DM shakes his head.] Did you notice anything special about him?

DM - Like I said, he looked like something out of an old movie.

Graffini - What about the bike?

DM - I was too far away to see.

Bennett - Lieutenant, we found this on the floor of the balcony. [shows Graffini plastic bag containing bloody knife]

Randi - [walks up behind Duncan] Is that the scalper's knife?

Graffini - How the hell did you get in here?

Randi - I'm very popular with your men, Lieutenant. I get their names right on TV. Now, you didn't answer my question. Did the Scalper strike again?

DM - Scalper?

Randi - Another woman was murdered last week in North Shore Park. Her throat was slit and she was scalped. Wasn't she, Lieutenant?

Graffini - That information's restricted.

DM - Well, what do you have on the killer?

Graffini - What are you doing, writing a book?

DM - Is he following a pattern?

Graffini - Thanks for your help. We have your name and address. [walks away]

Randi - Surprise, surprise, a weird murder attempt and you're right here in the middle of it. [re Graffini] He's a real prince, huh? So what really happened, MacLeod.

DM - A woman was assaulted.

Randi - Tell me something you didn't tell him.

DM - I told him everything.

Randi - You never tell anybody everything. C'mon, MacLeod, you were here. Give me a quote.

DM - "Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it."


Inside antique store 0

DM - [going through contents of old box, as Tessa enters] How is she?

Tessa - Sedated. She was sleeping when I left. She went into shock in the ambulance. We almost lost her. [DM moves closer.] And that police officer... he came in and made her relive every moment of it. Who could do something like this to her?

DM - A man who was betrayed by the one he loved and then went insane because of it.

Tessa - It sounds like you know him.

DM - Someone like him.

Tessa - An Immortal?

[DM holds up playbill:

Orpheum Theater
"Man and Superman"
by George Bernard Shaw]


Flashback - Seacouver, 1925 - Orpheum Theatre stage 2

Korolus - [holding young blonde flapper tightly, talking into her ear] Why did you betray me, Lenora? [Flapper screams as he waves a knife in her face. Suddenly Korolus pauses as he senses 'buzz'.]

DM - Marcus.

Korolus - You found me.

DM - When I read in the newspapers the description of the other women they found murdered -- tall, slender, blonde -- I knew you were here. Then I saw your picture in the playbill.

Korolus - I knew you'd come, Duncan. [throws flapper to the floor]

DM - Please, don't do this. Let me help you. Come with me.

[Korolus turns abruptly & hurls knife at DM, hitting him in the chest.]

DM - [wheezing] It doesn't have to be this way.

Korolus - [picks up his sword] It is ordained... that my judgment will be realized. And the penalty for adultery is death. [attacks DM, who pulls knife from his chest & parries]

DM - Marcus, this woman is not Lenora.

Korolus - Liar! She's the same. The same face, the same body, and the hair that women covet and men adore. She betrayed me, Duncan. I gave her the world. She told them what I was... and they burned me for a witch.

DM - [continuing to block Korolus's parries with the knife] You killed Lenora three hundred years ago.

Korolus - No! She lives... She won't die. I must kill her. I must kill them all.

[DM grabs katana from his pack on the floor, uses it & the knife to disarm Korolus.]

Korolus - [collapsing onto piece of scenery, looks over at Flapper still lying on the stage] Lenora. [Flapper faints.]

DM - Bye, Marcus. [beheads Korolus, takes Quickening]


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

DM - He was insane.

Tessa - What happened to him?

DM - He died.

Tessa - Then who is doing this?


Inside stadium 1

DM - You know, before this was a stadium, there were orchards and stables. It's where Marcus killed one of his victims.

Tessa - How did he choose them?

DM - By the color of their hair. He only chose blondes.

Tessa - Why?

DM - He fell in love once and the woman betrayed him. He went mad. He had to destroy her and everything that reminded him of her.

Tessa - [sighs] It's too crazy. What was it like here back then?

DM - It was just after the war. 1925... Prohibition. There were half a dozen gang killings just two blocks from here.

Tessa - So one more victim didn't count for much.

DM - No, actually, the press played it up. A copycat killer could do a lot of research if he wanted to, and find out exactly how the women were killed.

Randi - [walks in] Are you guys stringers for a rival network or is there some other reason you're here?

Tessa - Natalie Bard is my friend.

Randi - I'm sorry. How's she doing?

Tessa - Recovering.

Randi - You know, I've been trying to get in to see her... Do you think you could...?

Tessa - Ah, no, I couldn't. I'm sorry. [walks away]

Randi - [calling after her] Hey, maybe later?

DM - Maybe.

Randi - You know, I was thinking about what you said yesterday about history repeating itself. I spent the last twenty-four hours in the archives running down old serial murder cases.

DM - You did?

Randi - There is one that fits the pattern. It happened sixty-seven years ago, MacLeod. How'd you know about it?

DM - Have you told the police yet?

Randi - Didn't anybody ever tell you it's not polite to answer a question with a question?

DM - Have you told the police yet?

Randi - Sharing information with the police isn't a habit I've developed.

DM - Well, I suggest you develop the habit. He'll kill again.


Metropolitan Police Station - parking lot 3

Graffini - If this reporter's theory holds water, and I'm not sure that it will, then the copycat should strike in the exact same locations as the first killer.

Bennett - Now, we can cover all those areas around the clock, but that's an expensive operation for a reporter's hunch.

Graffini - You've got another theory, let's hear it. That captain has authorized a forty-eight hour stakeout. Let's just hope she's right. Let's nail this son-of-a-bitch.


Loft apartment - bedroom 0

Tessa - [rolls over & wakes up, sees DM sitting on edge of bed, deep in thought] What's wrong?

DM - I should be out there.

Tessa - At the risk of injuring your immortal feelings, the police can do this a lot better than you.

DM - Just feels weird... doing nothing while this plays itself out again. [lies down next to her]

Tessa - He isn't Marcus. You've given the police everything they need. They'll catch him. [beat] Uh, I've been thinking of something else.

DM - You want Natalie to come stay with us, {right}?

Tessa - Mm-hm. Just until they catch this monster.

DM - Okay.


Columbus Park 4

Radio - Hey, uh, Bennett, did anyone check to see if Columbus Park was even HERE sixty-seven years ago?

Delaney - [walking past anchor on pedestal engraved with: COLUMBUS PARK - DEDICATED 1912] How many times do I have to walk around this damn anchor? My feet are killing me.

Bennett - [in surveillance van nearby] You'll keep walking until you're relieved. The city pays you for eight; you'll do eight. Now let's not get sloppy out there.

[Delaney sits down on bench to rest. Michael, disguised as city worker with orange fluorescent vest & large trash bag, watches her intently.]

Radio - This is checkpoint three. She's forty-five seconds late.

Bennett - Delaney, talk to me. [Michael moves closer, drawing a knife.] Where the hell are you, Delaney? Delaney, talk to me!

Delaney - [into lapel mike] Don't have a stroke, Sergeant. I just sat down for a minute.

[Michael hears her, hides his knife, & quickly moves off again.]


Basement apartment 0

[The apartment walls are covered in photos & news articles about Marcus Korolus & the 1920s Scalper. Michael enters, distraught. He screams in frustration & turns to "Man and Superman" poster on the wall.]

Michael - They're trying to stop us. But we are smarter than they are. [takes out knife & looks at dummy head modeling woman's blonde wig] Hi. [stabs dummy head] We will kill them all. They will not betray us again. [sits down at old upright piano & begins singing & playing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"]

Let me call you sweetheart;
I'm in love with you.
Let me hear you whisper
That you love me too...
Keep the love-light glowing
In your eyes so true.
Let me call you sweetheart;
I'm in love with you.


Antique store - office 0

DM - [looks up when Randi knocks on door frame] Come.

Randi - [enters, looking around] I've always liked your taste. [beat] So... why don't you tell me what all this is about.

DM - All what?

Randi - What the hell are you, MacLeod?

DM - Is this a fishing expedition or did you come here for a reason?

Randi - Well, nothing's gone down at the stakeouts and they think it may all be a coincidence. [She pulls out a cigarette.]

DM - You shouldn't do that. You'll live longer.

Randi - Who wants to live forever? Tell me you used to be a two-pack-a-day man.

DM - Nope.

Randi - What DID you used to be, MacLeod?

DM - Just what I am.

Randi - CUT What if it's off the record? Just between us. [DM says nothing.] Well, at least think about it. [moves to leave]

DM - The copycat will stick to the same pattern... one way or another. You can tell Graffini that.

Randi - Like he'd listen. See you around. [leaves office, sees RR dusting artifacts] Hey, maybe you and I could talk sometime.

RR - Sure. Anytime. I got lots to say. I had a very interesting childhood. At the age of two I was visited by aliens.

Randi - [laughs] Spare me. I'll see ya'. [leaves]

RR - [as DM comes out of office] So, Mac, what's with you and the lady newscaster, hm?

DM - I can't go to Graffini directly; he'd ask too many questions. I couldn't stonewall him like I do her. Richie, we have some problems here. Marcus killed five women in ten days before I stopped him.

RR - What are you getting at?

DM - The copycat's not following the same pattern. He should have tried again in Columbus Park.

RR - How can you be sure he's going to follow it so closely?

DM - Because... he's probably studied everything he can on Marcus. He wants to be like him, so he has to kill like him.

RR - The knife... he lost the knife. He's got to buy a new knife.

DM - No, no, he's too smart for that. There's got to be something else...

RR - Like what?

DM - The Indian. CUT

<RR - The what?

DM - [in Indian accent] The Indian... you know. [They laugh.]>


Deeley Motorcycles, Est. 1914 5

[Sign reads: Our CLASSIC COLLECTION -- Restorations -- AT REAR OF STORE.]

DM - [enters store with RR] Marcus rides an Indian. Maybe our guy does, too.

RR - Well, this is the place where the yuppies meet the outlaws. If this guy is riding an old Indian, he's definitely getting his parts here. [looks up, recognizes man] Hey, Herbie, yo! My man, bro, what's up? Come talk to me.

Herbie - Richie, I'm glad you're here. Tell me, which leg do you want broken?

RR - Whoa, whoa, chill. Big guy, what'd I do?

Herbie - You said you could get me a manifold for a '46 Harley, remember? I had a cash client all lined up.

RR - I got out of the parts business.

Herbie - What, you get busted?

RR - Ah... [looks over at DM] ...sort of. Uh, listen, Herbie, I was wondering if maybe you could do us a little favor.

Herbie - [unamused] What?

RR - Uh... uh...

DM - We're looking for a guy who owns an Indian.

Herbie - Great bike, fast as hell. They stopped making 'em thirty, forty years ago, though. CUT What's this guy look like?

DM - Yeah, he's about six-two, weighs about a hundred and eighty pounds.

Herbie - Guy wore a scarf and goggles. Kept the goggles on.

DM - Yeah. That's him. Do you have a name? Address?

<Herbie - Nope. CUT Sorry.>

DM - Well, if you see him... [hands Herbie a business card: DUNCAN MACLEOD -- Antiques -- ACQUISITIONS & MARKETING -- FAX: 555-2330 TEL: 555-2336] ...we'd appreciate a call. [hands Herbie a $100 bill]

Herbie - Sure, mister. Whatever you say.

RR - [sarcastically] Thanks so much, Herb.


Michael's apartment 0

[Michael, dressed in 1920s gangster clothes -- brown suit, black Fedora -- sits down in chair & begins peeling an orange with another Bowie knife. As he carves, the scene intercuts a few times with images of Natalie fending off his attack.]


Loft apartment - Richie's bedroom 0

[Natalie wakes up violently, sitting up with a scream. Tessa, sitting in chair by bed, gets up to comfort her.]

Tessa - Shh, it's just a dream.

Natalie - Oh, Tessa.

Tessa - It's going to be okay.

Natalie - [lying back down] Oh, God.

Tessa - It's going to be okay.


Columbus House 6

Helen Wills - [carrying small (Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso) dog down steps] Okay, c'mon, Tippy. [sets dog on ground] There you go, Tippy. I don't have all day. C'mon.

Michael - Mind if I pet your dog?

Helen Wills - Sure.

Michael - He's very cute.

Helen Wills - Thank you. [in baby voice, to dog] Isn't he a nice man, Tippy? [to Michael] Tippy loves attention. [to dog] Don't you, baby?

Michael - [drawn to Helen's blonde curls] You have lovely hair.

Helen Wills - Thank you. I do it myself.

[Michael looks up at sign hanging from building eaves: 'COLUMBUS HOUSE -- ROOMS BY THE WEEK OR MONTH'... & smiles.]


Loft apartment - living room 0

DM - [enters, sees Natalie sitting on couch with copy of "Victor Hugo's Novels"] Hi. Is Tessa around?

Natalie - She went to the drugstore to pick up a few things for me.

DM - How are you feeling?

Natalie - Better.

DM - Good.

Natalie - [as DM turns to leave] I, um... never thanked you. You risked your life going after him like that.

DM - Well, I wish I'd caught him.

Natalie - Yeah. Me, too.

DM - The police will.

Natalie - I wish I believed that. I wish... I wish I'd had a gun when he came for me. I...

DM - It's not as easy to kill as all that, Natalie. Even in self-defense.

Natalie - What if they can't find this animal? What if he keeps killing?

DM - They will. They'll find him. I have to go.

Natalie - Okay.

DM - Tell Tessa I'll be back in an hour or so.

Natalie - Okay.

DM - Good night. 1


Inside antique store 0

RR - [answering phone] Antiques, Richie speaking. What's up?

Herbie - [at motorcycle shop] Richie, it's me, Herbie. He's here.

RR - Who, the Indian?

Herbie - In the flesh.

RR - Well, just stall him. Just keep him there.

Herbie - Hey, this is as far as I go for a hundred bucks. You want him, you come get him.

RR - All right, all right, just keep him there. I'm on the way.


Street behind Deeley's Motorcycles 78

[RR pulls up as Michael drives away on Indian. Recognizing the bike, RR follows. Michael realizes he's being followed and the chase is on. Eventually RR gets cut off by a car & dumps his bike. Michael gets away.]


Columbus House 6

[Police cars line the street, while an officer examines chalk outline on sidewalk beside building.]

Randi - [as DM gets out of T-bird] Look who showed up.

DM - I just heard on the radio that the serial killer had struck again.

Randi - Columbus House instead of Columbus Park. This guy's playing with the cops. He's getting off on it.

DM - He rides an Indian.

Randi - What?

DM - It's a motorcycle.

Randi - How do you know?

DM - That doesn't matter. But make sure Graffini does. There are twenty-six of them registered in the metro area.

Randi - What are you? Federal? State? Special task force? You working undercover, MacLeod? Is that it?

DM - If I were, I wouldn't be talking to you, would I?

Randi - Graffini and the others don't even know, do they?

DM - Neither do you.

Randi - All right. Whatever you say. I can be a team player. You know, if I keep quiet on this, MacLeod, or whatever your real name is, I expect an inside lane when the story breaks.

DM - Well, I can't promise you anything.

Randi - Well then, neither can I. Think about it. Fair is fair.

DM - I have to go.

Randi - [watches DM drive off] Well, what do you know?


Loft apartment - Richie's bedroom 0

[Natalie sits in front of dresser mirror, remembering what happened at the stadium.]

Natalie - [voice-over] Tessa? I'm in here.

[Natalie begins to unwind bandages from her forehead.]

[Flashback to attack at stadium:
Natalie - Tessa?
Natalie gasps as she sees Michael.
Michael - Kill them all.]

[Natalie continues to unwind bandage, beginning to cry.]

Tessa - [enters bedroom] Natalie... don't. Don't! Don't, it's too early. Let it heal first.

Natalie - [as Tessa replaces bandage] One minute you're a... successful career woman in control of her life, and... forty seconds later you're a piece of meat begging not to be butchered!

Tessa - Don't think about it.

Natalie - It's all I think about! God, we're just... something on the food chain, Tessa. If a man wants to hurt us, he hurts us.

Tessa - Stop it. Don't do this to yourself. Don't let yourself start thinking like that.

Natalie - Why? It's true, isn't it? How would you feel if it happened to you? I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Tessa. I can't... I -- I keep...

Tessa - It's okay. It's okay. After the surgeons fix it, you won't even see the scar.

Natalie - Yeah... and if they can't? It doesn't really matter, right? Beauty's only skin deep. And for the rest of my life I'll watch as some man's eyes drift slowly up from mine into this. [motions at her forehead] God, I hate the son-of-a-bitch who did this to me. If he were here right now, I swear I'd kill him. [breaks down crying in Tessa's arms]


Alley behind antique store 9

[DM pulls up in T-bird as RR, limping, wheels his motorcycle up & parks it.]

DM - What happened?

RR - I saw him, Mac. I was right on his ass, and I -- I hit some cinders or something...

DM - Who?

RR - The guy. The -- the scalper. The dude with the goggles.

DM - Richie, what were you thinking? This guy is a psychotic killer.

RR - You weren't there.

DM - Then you should have waited or called the police. What you DON'T do... you don't go off on your own! [gentler] I know, you thought you were doing the right thing.

RR - He saw me at that bike shop. He's not going to go back there again. Mac, I screwed up... big time. I'm sorry.

DM - What am I gonna do with you? Hm? [sighs] Did you hurt yourself?

RR - I'll live.

DM - Come on. Let's go take a look at it. Come on.


Loft apartment - Richie's bedroom 0

[Tessa enters quietly carrying tray of food. Natalie has fallen asleep. Tessa takes the book she was reading & sets it aside, then leaves room again.] 2


Loft apartment - living room 0

<Tessa - [coming out of Richie's bedroom as DM enters] Did Graffini catch him? CUT

DM - That pompous ass couldn't catch a cold. He's sitting on a stakeout at the theater. The scalper knows he's there -- he's not gonna show.

Tessa - So what do we do now?

DM - Well, I don't know. Graffini's just waiting for an excuse to throw me in jail.

Tessa - We've got to do something.

DM - We have to set him up. Make him come to us.

Tessa - I want to help. And don't tell me it will be too dangerous!

DM - Well, there's nothing you can do.>

Tessa - I can be the bait.

DM - Absolutely not. I won't--

Tessa - I have the right. She's my friend.

DM - Oh, Tessa...

Tessa - You said he only kills blondes.

DM - No.

Tessa - You'll be there to protect me. No one is watching over his next victim, Duncan. She -- whoever she is -- is out there alone, with no guardian angel. And she's going to die if you and I don't stop him. You said so yourself.

DM - Okay. [unfolds "Man and Superman" poster & shows it to her]

Tessa - [reading] Man and Superman?

DM - Yeah. It was playing at the Orpheum theater the night I finally caught up with Marcus.

Tessa - And you think this killer will know that?

DM - Yes, I do. He knows everything there is to know about Marcus. The only person who knows more about him is me.


Outside Metropolitan Police Station 3

Randi - [standing next to News 8 van, speaking into microphone] This is Randi McFarland outside police headquarters with an update on the serial killer that has been terrorizing the city for days. Through confidential sources I have learned that today's scalper is imitating another madman who prowled this city sixty-seven years ago. My source assures me that police have broken the killer's pattern and an arrest is expected shortly. [She finishes the recording & turns to DM.] How'd I do?

DM - You were perfect.

Randi - It'll be on the six o'clock news. If you're not right about this, MacLeod, my career as a reporter is over. Nobody'll talk to me.

DM - He'll take the challenge. We'll have him.


Michael's apartment 0

[Michael sits combing out a blonde wig. A TV plays in the background:]

Randi - [offscreen, on TV] This is Randi McFarland outside police headquarters with an update on the serial killer that has been terrorizing the city for days. [Michael puts wig down & turns his attention to the TV.] Through confidential sources I have learned that today's scalper is imitating another madman who prowled this city sixty-seven years ago. My source assures me that police have broken the killer's pattern--

[Michael abruptly turns TV off, then picks up a newspaper & smiles as he reads an ad circled with red pen:

OPEN AUDITIONS -- For blonde female lead for George Bernard Shaw's MAN AND SUPERMAN. To be held at the Orpheum theatre tomorrow at 3 p.m.. Please call for appointment 555-1781.]

[Newspaper ad transitions to "Man and Superman" playbill from previous in the episode.] 3 (this is NOT in the DVD version!)

[Camera stays on newspaper ad as telephone rings offscreen.]


Antique store - office 0

RR - [answering phone] Sisyphus Productions. [beat] No, I'm sorry, that part's already been cast. [beat] You're very welcome. Bye-bye. [hangs phone up. It immediately rings again. He answers it.] Sisyphus Productions. [beat] No, no, no, Angie, Angie, wait, don't hang up. It's Richie. It's me. [beat] Ah, Sisyphus Productions, that's... uh... well, it's a... it's a long story; I'll explain later. Listen, Angie, I gotta run. I can't keep this line tied up right now. [beat] Oh, come on, don't get mad. Don't be that way, Angie. Give me a break, I s-- I'll call you later, I promise. Come on, Angie, come-- [She hangs up on him.] Aw, man... women. What're you going to do? [hangs up phone]

DM - [enters office] How's it going?

RR - Well, we've had one hundred and seventeen calls and they're all pissed the part's been cast.

DM - Well, at least none of them will show up and get in the way. [leaves as phone rings again]

RR - [answers phone] Sisyphus Productions. 4


Orpheum Theatre 2

[Poster on outer wall reads: 'Tryouts TODAY for MAN AND SUPERMAN 3PM.' Tessa walks up & enters theater. 10 DM is hiding behind a partition & startles her as he steps out in front of her.]

DM - Did you see anyone?

Tessa - No. I suppose I wouldn't.

DM - [looks out window in the door but sees nobody. He turns around & calls out:] Richie?

RR - Yo!

DM - [as RR enters] Is anybody outside?

RR - No, sir.

DM - I was sure he'd follow you in.

Tessa - So, how long before I go out again.

DM - Oh, we'll give it another twenty minutes. Don't worry, I'll be watching.

Tessa - He might see you.

DM - He'll be too blinded by your beauty.


Alley by Orpheum Theatre 10

[Michael, wearing leather cap & goggles, watches as a blonde woman hurries down the alley. He grabs her as she walks past & drags her, struggling & screaming, out of the alley.]


Orpheum Theatre 2

DM - [hears woman's screams] Richie, get her out of here.

RR - You got it.

[DM leaves Tessa with RR & runs out of theater, in direction of the screams.] 10


Alley by Orpheum Theatre 10

[DM finds the woman lying on the ground, her blonde wig next to her. He kneels & helps her sit up.]

DM - It's okay. It's okay. It's all right. What happened?

Brunette Woman - [crying] I came for the audition. He had a knife. He tore my wig off... and then he just pushed me down and he... took off.

DM - You had the wrong color hair.

Randi - [jumps out of news van as it pulls into the alley] MacLeod! What's happening?

DM - Call the police.



[RR & Tessa hurry out of theater to DM's T-bird. As they are about to get in, RR stops.]

RR - Whoa. The Indian. [runs toward Michael's motorcycle]

Tessa - Richie! What are you doing? Get in the car!

RR - [kneels down by bike] Son-of-a-bitch won't ride into the sunset this time. [pulls out pocket knife]

[Michael, who was watching RR, jumps out of his hiding place & attacks him. They scuffle. Tessa gets in T-bird & drives it at Michael, hitting him.]

Michael - [as car approaches] No!

RR - [as T-bird screeches to a halt] Tess! [opens car door] Are you okay? Are you all right? Tess, you okay? [She gets out of car, saying nothing, staring at Michael, who is lying in front of the car, trying to get up.]

Michael - Help me!

Tessa - [as DM runs up] I didn't know what else to do.

DM - You did fine. You did fine.

Michael - Help me! Help me! [groans]

Randi - [arrives with cameraman] That's him, isn't it?

DM - Yeah.

Randi - [to cameraman] Shoot the picture, John. Shoot this piece of garbage.

Tessa - [as cameraman films Michael lying in the alley, then her standing nearby] Someone... call an ambulance.


Loft apartment - living room 0

Tessa - [as Natalie enters] There you are. All packed?

Natalie - Uh-huh.

Tessa - You sure you won't stay?

Natalie - No. I need to be alone... in my own place.

Tessa - The door's always open.

Natalie - That's nice to know. If I, uh, get the jitters, I'll call you. [They hug.] I don't know what I would have done, if you...

Tessa - Shhh, it's okay. You're going to be fine. Just... don't be afraid to talk about it.

Natalie - He's still alive.

Tessa - He won't hurt anyone again.

Natalie - You did it. You stopped him. I wish it had been me behind the wheel of that car.

Tessa - No, you don't. Believe me.

DM - [walks in] Ready to go?

Natalie - Yeah. I'm all set.

DM - The car's outside. Your bags are in it.

Tessa - Natalie... I'll call you tonight, okay?

Natalie - That'd be great. [leaves]

DM - [to Tessa, who is crying silently] You okay?

Tessa - Sure. I just keep seeing him in front of me as I...

DM - You did what you had to.

Tessa - I thought... [laughs sadly] I thought "ridding the world of evil" would feel better than this.

DM - [hugs her] I know. I know. 5


End of "See No Evil"

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