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Episode 15: For Tomorrow We Die

Written by Philip John Taylor
Directed by Robin Davis
Aired: Feb. 27, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-1-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk



Xavier St. Cloud - Roland Gift
              Immortal thief

Darius - Werner Stocker
              an Immortal priest



Albert de Tassigny - ??
              Renee's husband


Inspector LeBrun - Hugues LeForestier
              French police officer

Renee de Tassigny - Mapi Galan
              a married woman

Georges Dalou - Jean Claude Deret
              old resistance fighter

Nathalie - Sandrine Caron
              Jewelry store employee

Stan - Tanguy Gouasdoue
              war medic

Madame (Anne) Bertrand - Francine Olivier
              Francois' mother

Francois Bertrand - Thierry de Carbonnieres
              St. Cloud's mortal partner

Medical Examiner - Philippe Agael
              at jewelry store crime scene

Young Girl - Crystel Amsalem
              girl in confessional

Locations List:*
1. Jewelry store, streets - 7 Boulevard Malesherbes: Street 1 [48.870360,2.322838] (looking east), Street 2 [48.870473,2.322732] (looking north/Burberry building), interior [48.870579,2.322624]
2. St. Joseph's chapel - St. Julien le Pauvre [48.852087,2.346953]
3. St. Joseph's confessional & rectory - studio set at Studios de Bry, 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
4. Battlefield - unknown location
5. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
6. Notre Dame Cathedral - 6 Parvis Notre-Dame [48.852968,2.349902]
7. Bridge - Passerelle Debilly bridge by Eiffel Tower [48.862836,2.297503]
8. Old estate / warehouse - unknown location
9. Cafe / street - outdoor set at SFP Studios (Studios de Bry), 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
10. DM chases Xavier - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello, at Rue Lagrange [48.851781,2.347676]
11. Outside St. Joseph's - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello [48.852110,2.347465]
12. Art gallery - Musée Jacquemart André, 158 Boulevard Haussmann (interior & inner courtyard) [48.875621,2.310525]
13. Streets, DM running - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (2000)
~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2008 (or Syfy, 2009).
~Bolded - all three

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Busy Paris street 1

Man - Taxi!

Street Cop - [directing traffic, to Xavier] Hold it. Go on.

[Xavier crosses street & walks to jewelry store. The security guard is lowering security grille across front door, locking up for the night. Xavier taps on glass door & points at his watch, then at clock on wall behind guard -- 5:55. The guard stops lowering grille & opens door to let Xavier in.]

Xavier - I'll only be five minutes.

Nathalie - Bonjour, Monsieur. May I show you something?

Xavier - Anything you wish. I'm looking for a pendant.

Nathalie - Oh, yes, certainly. [walks to display case]

Xavier - Something you would like. [watches as security guard begins lowering grille again, then returns his attention to Nathalie who shows him a necklace] I'm sorry to keep you after closing. I wish I could make it up to you by buying you dinner. [pulls thin, silver, cylindrical object from his coat pocket & unscrews the end]

Nathalie - Who says you can't?

Xavier - I'm afraid you won't be available. [tosses metal cylinder onto the carpet]

Nathalie - What's that?

[The cylinder begins emitting thick yellow smoke & flames. Xavier leans forward & kisses Nathalie lightly on the lips. She begins to cough & falls to the floor. The security guard falls as well.]

Woman - Monsieur Gerard!

[Xavier falls to the floor as the remaining store employees are also overcome. Xavier, being Immortal, recovers quickly, steps over sprawled bodies to back door & lets his partner in, a man wearing gas mask & carrying two briefcases.]

Francois - They look dead. What happened?

Xavier - They'll wake up in a few hours with a heck of a headache, but otherwise they'll be fine. CUT Clean out the manager's safe.

<Francois - [hands Xavier one of the briefcases] Here. CUT [runs up stairs to second floor while Xavier empties jewelry from display case into briefcase. He quickly returns, still wearing the mask.] I got it all. [sets briefcase on counter & holds up handful of jewelry] Look! We're rich! [laughs & tosses handful back into case]>

Xavier - You can take off your mask. It's safe.

Francois - You're sure?

Xavier - It's only potent for a few minutes. Trust me. You're safe.

Francois - Well, if you say so. [takes off gas mask] That's better. [Xavier smiles & nods.] Hey, I'll take these, boss. [reaches for briefcase]

Xavier - I think not. I lied. [Francois starts coughing.] You're dead.

Francois - [collapses] I'll see you in hell.

Xavier - [still smiling] Probably.


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 2

St. Joseph's Chapel - confessional 3

<Girl - My mother doesn't know that she's breaking my heart.> CUT

Darius - Well, it's not a sin for your mother to date your ex-boyfriend. Bad taste, perhaps, but no sin.


Girl - I guess you're right.

Darius - I am. [senses 'buzz'] Go with God, my child... and God bless you.

[Girl leaves confessional & Xavier enters.]

Darius - The Lord be in your heart and on your lips so that you may freely and sincerely confess your sins.

Xavier - So, is God as good a business as they say, Darius?

Darius - Xavier...?

Xavier - I'm flattered you remember me.

Darius - Why are you here?

Xavier - I've come to confess, same as everyone else. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Darius - I will not hear this.

Xavier - You are a priest. And I AM a sinner. Isn't that how it goes? Or have you reinvented the position?

Darius - Why do this? It means nothing to you.

Xavier - Because it means everything to you. Here I am, humiliating one of the world's greatest warriors, and what does he do? Nothing. God, I love religion.

Darius - I pity you.

Xavier - Let's not get maudlin. Are you going to hear my confession or not? I bet you hear MacLeod's all the time.

Darius - If I must, yes.

Xavier - I've been a very bad boy. I've killed six people.

Darius - Why?

Xavier - Money. There's never enough. Looks like I'm gonna have to do it all over again.

Darius - Nothing touches you, does it? Where is your heart, Xavier? Where is your soul?

<Xavier - [laughs] CUT Who needs a soul? [leaves confessional]>


Jewelry store crime scene 1

LeBrun - Six dead. Including that one, Francois Bertrand. Why does a known criminal wind up dead with five innocent victims? [considers the scene] Maybe his partner got greedy.

M.E. - [holds up plastic baggy containing Xavier's gas pen] I'd say it was some toxic gas -- exceptionally toxic -- high dispersion factor. It took about five seconds to fill the room.

LeBrun - Poor bastards.

M.E. - I'll give you specifics later.

Detective - Security tapes, Inspector.

LeBrun - Thanks. I'm going back to my office and take a look at these.

M.E. - The security video tapes won't tell us much. They spray-painted the camera lenses.

LeBrun - Yeah... [raises voice] Okay. It was rush hour. Let's put some people out on the street and see if anyone saw anything. And I want a door to door in a four block radius. The guy went somewhere when he left here. 1


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 3


<[Darius, sitting at his desk, senses 'buzz' and looks up.]

DM - [enters room] So, my old friend, how are we today?

Darius - [shrugs] Mmph.

DM - You ready for our game?> Or are you afraid I'll finally beat you? [Darius doesn't answer.] What's the matter?

Darius - Sometimes being a Catholic priest is easier than other times.

DM - Anything you want to talk about?

Darius - Would that I could, my friend. Would that I could. [stands up] Now... to our game.

DM - I won't press, but if there's anything you need...

Darius - Yes, I know, but... some things must remain unsaid. [sits at chess board]

<DM - Okay, so who's move is it?

Darius - It's yours.

DM - [takes off jacket, sits opposite Darius] Are you sure?

Darius - Yes, very. Good move now, huh?> CUT

[Interesting note - the chess board is set up sideways from normal - instead of the white and black pieces being lined up in FRONT of each player respectively, the white pieces are lined up along DM's left/Darius' right and the black pieces are lined up along DM's right/Darius' left. After several centuries, maybe they got bored playing in the normal orientation?]

Darius - [interrupted by knock at door] Come in.

<LeBrun - [enters room] Father Darius? CUT

Darius - Yes?

LeBrun - MacLeod, what are you doing here?

DM - Playing chess? Uh, Father Darius, this is Inspector LeBrun of the Paris Police.>

Darius - Inspector... Can I help you?

LeBrun - I hope so... There was a robbery last night in a jewelry store a block away from here.

Darius - Yes, I heard. It's a terrible thing.

LeBrun - From the security video, we learned the robbery happened around six. Now, just after six, a man saw someone leave the store and enter this chapel. [DM glances at Darius.] He was a handsome black man, early thirties, well dressed. Do you remember seeing anyone fitting this description?

Darius - Yes, I do.

LeBrun - Who was he?

Darius - I'm sorry, I can't tell you.

LeBrun - The man is a murderer.

Darius - Whatever he is, I can't discuss it with you.

LeBrun - And why is that?

Darius - He came to confession.

LeBrun - He told you about the murders?

DM - He told it to him in the confessional, LeBrun. He wants to tell you, but he can't.

LeBrun - At least tell me his name.

Darius - I'm truly sorry, my son.

LeBrun - MacLeod, he's your friend... talk to him.

DM - He's also a priest.

LeBrun - The poison he used could have killed hundreds and that son-of-a-bitch -- Sorry, Father. -- He didn't even wear a gas mask.

DM - He was immune?

LeBrun - He enters the store, releases the gas, collapses -- just like everyone else. But two minutes later, he's back on his feet again like nothing happened... [DM stands up & moves away from LeBrun & Darius.] He's probably going to kill again.

Darius - I would do anything I could to stop it.

LeBrun - But you won't. CUT

<[DM stares at cross on Bible stand, which dissolves into Red Cross on canvas side of army ambulance.]

Darius - I can't...>


Flashback - Soissons, France, 1917 4


<[Men carrying stretchers run past, explosions nearby, men groaning in pain.]

Stan - [to DM, as explosion hits nearby ambulance] We have to get out of here, run! [They run for cover in a trench, behind a wooden crate.] This is the infirmary, you bastards! The war's over there! [to DM] I don't know why I volunteered for this war.

[Large armored vehicle drives up. Lettering on side reads:

5éme Division d'Intendance]

Soldier - Hey, the mail is here.

Stan - [sits on crate] I don't know about you, but I need a smoke.

DM - [looks at armored truck] Huh, it's pay day.

Soldier - [to guys unloading truck] Hurry up. These guys want to get paid. Come on, come on. We've got eight more stops to go.>

[DM stands, senses 'buzz'.]

Stan - Hey, what is it? What's wrong?

DM - There someone...

Stan - Who? [DM sees small metallic object fall to the ground nearby & runs toward it.] Hey, Mac! Mac!

[The metallic object explodes, releasing yellow gas. Everyone nearby, soldiers & wounded alike, begin coughing & falling down, including DM.]

DM - [as Stan runs to him] Stan, get back! It's mustard gas! [as Stan grabs him & starts trying to drag him to safety] Save yourself. [passes out]

Stan - Ah, stop trying to be a hero. [coughs, collapses under DM]

[Gas-masked figure emerges from the smoke & begins loading boxes back in the armored truck. DM revives with a start & figure senses his 'buzz' (deep, chuckling sound-effect). DM senses 'buzz' as well (normal sound-effect). DM, still affected by the gas, can only watch as the figure draws a sword & advances slowly.]

Xavier - [voice muffled by gas mask] My name is Xavier Saint Cloud. There can be only one.

[More soldiers arrive, wearing gas masks.]

Soldiers - [muffled shouting] They're all over the place! Go, quick. Let's move. This way.

Xavier - Another time. [climbs in armored truck & drives off]

DM - [rolls to the side &leans over Stan's body] Stan. [shakes Stan's shoulders] Stan. Stan! Stan! [realizes Stan is dead]


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 3

(resume previous scene)


<LeBrun - I beg you, Father... talk to me. Help me... [Darius sighs, says nothing, LeBrun turns to go.] This is on your head. [leaves]

DM - It's Xavier, isn't it?

Darius - [nods] I think I need a drink now.>


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge 5

Tessa - [sculpting with clay] So tell me about her.

RR - She's beautiful. She's... she's smart, she's sexy. And she's classy. She's like you. And the thing is, I really think she's nuts about me.

Tessa - It's great you've found someone you like. How long have you known her?

RR - Well, just a few days. In fact, I'm supposed to meet her for lunch, and I do not want to be late. I will -- [kisses Tessa's cheek] -- see you later. [hops up steps to door] Good-bye, au revoir!

Tessa - Hey, you didn't tell me her... [RR is already gone.] ...name. [Phone rings. Tessa wipes off her hands & answers it.] Hello? ...Oh, hello, Achmed.... Well, I discussed the matter with the cultural attaché at your embassy. The Egyptian government has already agreed to send two pieces to the exhibition.... [Behind Tessa, Xavier enters the barge.] Yes, we have all the proper insurance.... Yes, the paperwork will be completed in triplicate.... Goodbye, Achmed. [hangs up] Bureaucrats.

Xavier - Forgive my intrusion, dear lady. I knocked, but--

Tessa - I didn't hear, I'm sorry. I was--

Xavier - Yes, I heard. My name is Gerard Fleuret.

Tessa - Can I help you?

Xavier - Actually, it is I who can help you.



DM - [enters barge] Tess? Tessa...?

Tessa - [comes out of galley] I'm here! I was just about to cook lunch. What do you feel like?

DM - Oh, nothing right now. I just came back to pick the speed boat up. [Tessa kisses him as she walks past.] You look happy about something.

Tessa - That terra cotta Fanti piece I was looking for... just walked into my collection.

DM - All by itself?

Tessa - This morning, this man shows up out of the blue -- Gerard Fleuret -- big collector. And he specializes in -- guess what?

DM - Seventeenth century African sculpture.

Tessa - Exactly. He read that interview I gave. He's offered to lend us a Fanti Queen.

DM - Not bad.

Tessa - I thought they were all lost, but he came across this one in Ghana. Said it cost him an arm and a leg.

DM - Did he say whose?

Tessa - Very funny, Duncan. And it's come at the perfect time. The showing for the Refugee Relief Fund is at the gallery tomorrow night.

<DM - TOMORROW night?

Tessa - Did you forget about it?

DM - 'Bout what?

Tessa - About the show.

DM - No, I didn't forget.

Tessa - Okay.> CUT Did you remember to have your tuxedo cleaned?

DM - [teasing] Yes, I remembered to have my tuxedo cleaned. [more serious] You know, the last time I wore a tuxedo...

Tessa - Was on the deck of the-- [leans forward to kiss him & he topples backward, taking her with him] Ah! --of the Titanic.

DM - You know what? You've got an awful mind.

Tessa - And you love it.

DM - Mm, I know. Come here. [pulls her head down for a kiss]


The Seine

[DM drives the speedboat away from the barge6, along the river7, eventually mooring it at a quiet dock in a small stream or inlet.8]


French warehouse 8

[DM walks along path beside some old buildings. Two toughs appear behind him.]

Tough #1 - Can I help you, monsieur?

DM - [turns] I'm looking for Dalou.

Tough #1 - Who are you?

DM - A friend.

Tough #1 - I know all of Mr. Dalou's friends, and you're not one of them.

DM - Why don't we ask him? [starts to turn & Tough #1 grabs his arm] Please don't. [Tough #1 swings at DM with his other hand & DM blocks, punches him in the face, then kicks him in the groin & pushes him away.]

Tough #2 - [pulls out gun] Stop! [DM kicks gun from his hand & knocks him out.]

[Both toughs are now lying unconscious on the grass. DM continues to walk among the buildings.]

Dalou - [offscreen] Right there is fine. [appears around corner of building in front of DM with shotgun. DM stops.] Smart boy.


Inside warehouse 8

[DM enters warehouse with Dalou behind him, shotgun ready. DM stops & turns.]

DM - Dalou. [off Dalou's stare] Don't you recognize me?

Dalou - Duncan MacLeod! It's... it's impossible. You must be his son. [nods to himself] MacLeod's son. You could be no one else. Welcome. Your father and I had a hell of a time in the resistance together.

DM - Yeah, he told me.

Dalou - You look just like him -- it's incredible! Incredible! Ah! Did he tell you about the time we got a message from DeGaulle himself?

DM - Yes.

Dalou - He wanted us -- he expressly asked for us -- to blow up the railway bridges at Compiegne.

DM - [laughs] Besançon.

Dalou - What are you talking about?

DM - The bridges were north of Besançon.


Dalou - [chuckles] That's right. [taps his forehead] Ah, it's all in here. Just like it happened yesterday. How is your father?

DM - He died some time ago.

Dalou - Ah. I'll grieve for him. Well, what is it I can do for you?

DM - Well, my father told me there wasn't much that went down in Paris without you knowing about it.

Dalou - Oh, I am... somewhat connected.

DM - There was a robbery last night -- a jewelry store on Rue Montcalm. Six people died.

Dalou - I know. It's bad business -- it's bad FOR business. Parisians don't mind a little larceny now and then. If it's done with ingenuity, no one gets hurt. But... killing for no reason... ah.


DM - The police think one of the dead was involved in the robbery. I was wondering if you knew him.

Dalou - Why is this important to you?

DM - I think the man that did the killing murdered a good friend of mine.

Dalou - You want revenge?

DM - I want him dead.

Dalou - The thief who died was named Francois. He worked for me from time to time. He was a good boy. Loyal. He always did what he was told. I used to court his mother when she was young. [DM clasps his hand in thanks & turns to go.] Ah... If you find the killer... and need my help...

DM - If I find him... I won't.


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge 5


<RR - [leading woman into barge] Welcome to my lovely home. Do you like it?

Renee - Yeah, it's nice.

RR - Very nice, huh? [sniffs] Ooh, you smell great. [shows Renee around] We got the kitchen area back there, a little work area here, an area for chess, and THIS... is the bedroom area. [They kiss.]

Tessa - [lying on couch, sits up] Hello.

RR - [breaks kiss, surprised] Tessa. Ha. Hi, uh, I didn't expect you back here for a little while. Um, I'd like to introduce you to Renee.>

Tessa - Renee, nice to see you again.

Renee - Tessa...

RR - [surprised] You guys know each other?

Renee - Mm-hm.

Tessa - We've met. Renee is one of our patrons.

<RR - Oh, well, that's great! You guys are friends. Excellent. CUT Well, listen, we were just about to take a little stroll along the Seine -- you want to join us?>

Renee - Well, I'm sure Tessa is much too busy to tag along with us.

Tessa - Maybe next time.

RR - Okay. [to Renee] Shall we?

Renee - Come on.

RR - Bye-bye, Tessa.

Renee - It's always nice to see you, Tessa.


Establishing shot: Quay by barge, night 5

Inside barge, night 5

Tessa - He doesn't know.

DM - It's not something he'd tell you, even if he did.

Tessa - I called Renee. She hasn't told him she's married. For her it's all a big joke... a fling with a young, virile lover. She was laughing. You don't look shocked.

DM - You are?

Tessa - A little. Besides, she must be at least ten years older than he is!

DM - [laughs] Hold on a minute. You're stepping on dangerous ground, here.

Tessa - You know what I mean. She's using him, and he's taking it seriously. I know this woman... she's not going to leave her rich, influential husband for Richie.

DM - Okay, I guess he ought to be told.

Tessa - So... when are you going to tell him?

DM - Me? [Tessa smiles & nods. DM chuckles nervously.]


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 2

St. Joseph's Chapel 2

Darius - [at Francois' funeral, reciting the 23rd Psalm] "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever." God bless you, Francois. [to mourners] And God bless all of you.

Dalou - [to Fancois' mother, Anne] Is everything all right? [Anne looks at him sadly & walks away. He follows & stops by DM.] I will never forget what you did today.

DM - Well, anyone would have--

Dalou - --buried him in a pauper's grave and been done with it. It's because of you that he will rest in holy ground. Your father would have been proud. [walks away]

DM - See you around, Dalou.


[moments later]

Anne - [looks at money in envelope] Oh, no, you've done enough already.

DM - It's from your son.

Anne - Bless you. [sits down]

DM - [joins her] Maybe you can help me.

Anne - What can I do for you?

DM - Tell me all you know about the man that killed your son.


Anne - All I know is... Francois came home one day and said he'd met a man who was going to make him rich -- and they were going to meet again that night.

DM - Where?

Anne - In this café near Saint Michel.

DM - Le Picotin?

Anne - Yes, that's it. CUT


Outside St. Joseph's 2

DM - Thanks for fixing it with the Archbishop.

Darius - I may have neglected to ask his permission. Use caution. Xavier is ruthless.

DM - He'd better be. [walks off]

Darius - MacLeod...


Café Le Picotin 9

Xavier - [smiles as he reads newspaper headlines] Waiter... more coffee.

Waiter - Right away.

[Xavier suddenly senses another immortal (deep, chuckling 'buzz'), stand up & looks around, finally spots DM in 2nd floor window across the street. Xavier turns to run. DM jumps from window to chase him.]

Man #1 - [reacting to DM jumping from window] Whoa! What the--?

Man #2 - [as Xavier runs past him, knocking box of fruit from his hands] Hey! [He bends to pick things up & DM runs past, pushing him down.] Hey!

[Xavier runs into a kitchen.]

Chef - Hey, get out of my kitchen! What are you--

[Xavier shoves chef against wall & leaps through window out into street. DM follows, pushing past chef & jumping through broken window.]

Chef - [yelling through broken window] You tourists!


Sidewalk by park 10

[DM continues to chase Xavier. Xavier runs into traffic cop, pushing him down, then past some construction workers.]

Worker - Hey, slow down!

[Xavier turns, sees DM catching up to him, stops & pulls out gas canister, activates it & throws it towards DM. The canister lands on pile of sand by construction workers.]

Worker - Look out!

[DM lunges for canister and, thinking fast, climbs on cement truck nearby & drops it in. Xavier takes off running again.]


Inside barge 5

Tessa - You said Darius had been a Buddhist and a Hindu. Why is it so important that he now respect this rule about the confessional?

DM - Well, you said it. Respect. I don't think Darius believes in religion or a set of rules...

Tessa - Then what does he believe?

DM - Being your brother's keeper. I think Darius, if he has to help mankind, he has to honor their codes.

Tessa - Even when they protect a murderer?

DM - The courts protect murderers and innocents alike. No one suggests that we destroy them.

Tessa - Why do I argue with you?

DM - Because you're contrary by nature.

Tessa - I am not!

LeBrun - [offscreen] MacLeod! Are you there? 2

DM - Yes, you are.

Tessa - No, I'm not. CUT

<DM - Yes, you are.

Tessa - No, I am... not. [smiles]

DM - See what I mean? [Tessa growls. DM leaves.]>


Barge deck 5

DM - Inspector.

LeBrun - Who is he, MacLeod?

DM - Who's that?

LeBrun - The guy you were chasing. Talk to me. It was the same guy who confessed to the priest, wasn't it? His description matches. Where's he hiding?

DM - I don't know.

LeBrun - You always know more than you're saying.

DM - His name won't mean anything to you... and even if I did tell you where I met him, you wouldn't believe me. Trust me on this.

LeBrun - If this man kills again because you're holding out on me... I will personally have your head.

DM - Well, I think you're gonna have to wait in line.

LeBrun - Remember what I said. [walks down gangplank]

DM - LeBrun! [LeBrun turns back.] We're on the same side.

LeBrun - That's what worries me. [drives off]

Tessa - [comes up behind DM] Maybe you should have told him.

<DM - Told him what exactly? CUT That I met Xavier in 1917 and he was wearing a gas mask, but I'm not quite sure? How's that going to help him?>

Tessa - How are you going to find him? You know he's not going back to that café.

DM - Well, my guess is that Darius has known Xavier a lot longer than I have... maybe he can tell me something.

Darius - [voice-over] Long ago 3 I found him hiding from the police in my church.


Outside St. Joseph's Chapel 11

Darius - (continued) He was a... he was a petty thief then. They would have guillotined him for stealing a piece of jewelry. No, that's hardly a crime to die for. And later I had news of him robbing, murdering... He was sentenced to life, but he escaped.

DM - Where did he go?

Darius - Well, he fled to West Africa, India -- he lived there like a king. And he must have spent his fortune and now he's here in Paris to collect more. I should have stopped him. LeBrun was right. People will die because of me.

DM - Not because of you. Because of him.

Darius - Perhaps it's time that... Perhaps it's time that I should leave my sanctuary.

DM - Leave if you want, but not over this. Xavier's mine. Besides, he's killed too many already. [Suddenly stands up as he senses 'buzz'. Darius stands, too (low hum sound effect).]

Xavier - I'm afraid the two of you together is more good news than I can take. Holy ground's a wonderful thing. It allows us to speak almost like friends.

DM - What do you want?

Xavier - Actually, I've come to make another confession. You see, I enjoy the company of my own kind. I find humans, um... limited.

DM - Oh, so in your arrogance, you kill them.

Xavier - No, I kill them because... What's the difference? They all die anyway.

DM - So can Immortals.

Xavier - True, but not today.

DM - Really?

Xavier - [pulls out another gas canister] I wouldn't try following me. You may not find any fresh cement this time.

DM - I'll be seeing you real soon, Xavier.

Xavier - Sooner than you think, MacLeod. [leaves]


Inside barge 5

DM - [enters barge, sees RR lying on couch] What're you doing in here? Practicing to be a politician or something?

RR - Mac, you ever been... you know...

DM - What do I know?

RR - You ever had it bad for an older woman?

DM - [chuckles] Well, the situation hasn't come up recently.

RR - Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. You know what I mean. You know I've been seeing this woman, Renee, recently, and it's like she's...

DM - Married.

RR - What?

DM - Renee's married.

RR - What're you talking about? Is that what Tessa said?

DM - [sighs melodramatically] I'm sorry, partner. Hasn't she told you? CUT

<RR - No, she didn't tell me that she was married! Okay, yes, yes, she said that she was married, but... but... but I thought that was like, as in the past. You know, ancient history. You're putting me on.

DM - Do I look like I'm putting you on?

RR - Well, sometimes with you, I never know.

DM - Oh, well, grand. But I'm not putting you on.

RR - She's married. Oh, man. Well, I mean, it's not like it really matters, right? You know, I mean when two people are tight... It's gonna be tough on her husband when she tells him, though.

DM - Richie, don't you think you're taking this a little fast?

RR - Fast? Mac, you have no idea what's gone on between me and this woman. It was like, she saw me, I saw her -- boom.

DM - Boom?

RR - Yes.

DM - Richie, sometimes when you meet somebody, there's an attraction. But...

RR - No, no, no, no, Mac. I am not talking about an 'attraction'. I am talking about the real thing. I just feel sorry for her old man. 4 [DM gives him a look. RR shrugs, sits back down, plays with a plaster model of a hand for a moment, 5 looks at DM.] What? [DM smiles & waves it off as nothing.]>


Art gallery 12

Tessa - [admiring Fanti statue] It's spectacular. I don't know how to thank you, Monsieur Fleuret.

Xavier - Gerard, please. I hear you've invited some of the more prominent philanthropists of our fair city.

Tessa - That's right.

Xavier - Excellent. And I will finally be able to meet your boyfriend -- what was his name?

Tessa - Duncan MacLeod. He promised faithfully to be here.

Xavier - I'm so glad. And what time is this event?

Tessa - Eight.

Xavier - That means everyone should be here by nine. [laughs] The French are never on time.

Tessa - [as phone rings offscreen] Excuse me a moment. [exits to answer phone]

[Xavier picks up Fanti statue & lifts cover from hollow base. A bomb timer sits inside. Xavier sets timer for 9:00:00, replaces cover, & sets statue back on top.]

Tessa - [walks back into room] I'll see you this evening.

Xavier - I may be a few minutes late, but I wouldn't miss this for the world.


Gallery entrance, night 12

Renee - [arrives with her husband, sees RR lounging against column at top of stairs] Richie...

RR - Madame de Tassigny, how good of you to make it. And this, I presume, must be your husband. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir. [shakes Albert's hand]

Albert - How do you do?

RR - Very well, thank you. I'm Richard Ryan, Tessa Noel's associate. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your generous contribution. Oh please, don't let me keep you. Have a wonderful evening.

Renee - Thank you, Mr. Ryan.

RR - [as they walk away] Uh, Madame de Tassigny... [She turns.] If I may have one small moment, please?

Renee - [to Albert] Go and talk to your friends. I'll be right in, cheri. [walks over to RR] Richie, I meant to...

RR - It's okay. He seems like a nice guy.

Renee - Well, he is.

RR - Renee, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Renee - I see.

RR - We can't keep seeing each other.

Renee - We can't?

RR - Ah, maybe if we'd met in another time... or another place... I don't know. But he is your husband.

Renee - Yes, he is.

RR - Well, I'm glad you understand. Good-bye, Renee. [kisses her on the cheek, walks down steps]

Renee - Good-bye, Richie. [He looks back.] Another time. Another place. 6


Inside gallery 12

Tessa - So, what do you think of our fertility goddess?

DM - I think she's wasting her time around me. [holds up glass of wine] Here, you want it? [Tessa accepts glass.] Where's the donor?

Tessa - He said he might be a few minutes late. [quietly] Take a look at these people. Have you ever seen so many diamonds?

DM - Once -- King Solomon's Mines, but that's a long story.

Tessa - Some other time.

LeBrun - [offscreen] MacLeod. [DM looks up.] Can I have a word with you?

DM - [follows LeBrun to empty corner] What is it?

LeBrun - It's time to go downtown, MacLeod.

DM - Is that really necessary?

LeBrun - A witness saw you throw something into a cement mixer. We dug it up... it was a nerve gas canister. The same kind of gas used in the jewelry store.

DM - Was anyone hurt?

LeBrun - No. You guessed right. The concrete deactivated it.

DM - Then you don't need to talk to me. [starts to walk off but LeBrun stops him]

LeBrun - We also ID'd the guy you were chasing. We think his name is Xavier St. Cloud. Where is he?

DM - If I knew, you wouldn't have to worry about him.

LeBrun - This is no time for personal vendettas, MacLeod. Let's go.

DM - Give me a moment. [LeBrun nods.]

Tessa - [talking to older couple] Excuse me. [joins DM] What does LeBrun want?

DM - Me. Downtown. Now. I'll be back as soon as I can. [kisses her cheek]


Paris street, night 13

LeBrun - [riding with DM in back seat of car] We believe this man... this Xavier St. Cloud, came from West Africa.

DM - Why?

LeBrun - InterPol reports a similar crime fifteen years ago. A drug lord was found gassed in his mansion. The place had been looted. The guy got away with millions in cash and a priceless collection of seventeenth century African sculpture.

DM - [remembering Fanti statue -- the timer reads 8:41:01]12 West African sculpture?

LeBrun - Yes, why?

DM - It would take too long to explain. [opens car door & throws himself out, starts running back toward gallery]

LeBrun - Hey, hey, MacLeod!9


Inside gallery, night 12

[Tessa looks at her watch -- almost 9:00. Bomb timer reads 8:59:40.]


Street outside gallery, night 1

[Xavier watches gallery entrance from car across the street.]


Establishing shot: Gallery entrance, night 12

Street outside gallery, night 1

Xavier - Where's MacLeod?


Street near gallery, night 13

[Bomb timer reads 8:59:46. DM runs down street.]

Street outside gallery, night 1

[Xavier senses DM's approach.]


Art gallery, night 12

[DM reaches gallery & runs inside.]

Man - [as DM pushes his way through crowd] Hey!

Tessa - [as DM grabs Fanti statue & looks at it] What are you doing?! [Bomb timer reads 8:59:55.] What are you doing?!

Man - [in background] How rude. This is incredible.

[DM shoves statue at Tessa & starts examining base. He removes cover, pulls out bomb, & yanks black wire away as bomb timer reads 8:59:59. Bomb timer stops at 9:00:00.]

DM - [sighs in relief] Fleuret is Xavier.

Man - [in background] I was speaking to the woman. I'm sure it's all just a show.


Street outside gallery, night 1

[Xavier looks at his watch]


Gallery entrance, night 12

[LeBrun's car drives up to gallery entrance with lights & siren on.]

Gallery security guard - What's going on? May I help you? What can I do for you?


Street outside gallery, night 1

[Realizing his plan has failed, Xavier drives off.]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Barge - on deck, night 5

DM - [to Xavier, who is creeping around on the deck] I've been waiting for you. [Xavier looks up.] Don't bother with the gas. There's nobody home.

Xavier - [holding gas canister] You do turn up most unexpectedly, MacLeod.

DM - I think we both expected this.

Xavier - I'm just trying to earn a few francs. [puts gas canister in pocket] After all, a man's got to live. [draws sword]

DM - Not necessarily. [attacks]

[As fight progresses, Xavier pulls out gas canister again & holds it aloft in his left hand. DM responds by slicing the hand from Xavier's arm. Xavier screams & runs for the river, dropping his sword & diving into the water. DM does the same (minus the screaming).]


Barge - on deck, next morning 5

RR - Any sign of the lord and master?

Tessa - He's been gone all night. I don't know where he is.

RR - Well, don't worry. He'll turn up. He always does. Tess... I need to ask you a question.

Tessa - Sure.

RR - [takes deep breath] Am I as big a fool as I feel?

Tessa - What do you mean?

<RR - I said all this stuff to Renee last night. I thought I was, like, breaking her heart. CUT Little did I know she was happily married. All I was, was just a fling on the side. I never really meant a thing to her, did I?>

Tessa - She married for wealth and convenience. Passion is not something that is so easy to come by.

RR - Passion...? She told you I was passionate? [Tessa shrugs.] Hm. Well, I suppose there are worse things one could be than a sex object. [sees DM walking along river] Ah, look who's here.

Tessa - [runs to DM] Are you okay?

DM - Yeah.

Tessa - Did you find him?

DM - No, he's gone. I found some blood and tracks a few miles downriver.

Tessa - LeBrun has been calling you all morning. He wants to talk to you.

DM - Oh, I bet he does. But right now, I just want to get some sleep. [They enter barge.]

Tessa - Duncan... do you think he will--

DM - Probably. He won't forget what I did to him. He's still out there somewhere. He'll be back.


End of "For Tomorrow We Die"

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