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Episode 16: The Beast Below

Written by Marie-Chantal Droney
Directed by Daniel Vigne
Aired: March 6, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-1-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Carolyn Lamb - Dee Dee Bridgewater
              prima donna singer

Ursa - Christian Van Acker
              Immortal giant

Darius - Werner Stocker
              an Immortal priest


Jenny Harris - Fay Masterson
              backup singer

Frank Wells - Joe Sheridan
              troupe manager

Detective - Francois Guetary



Peasant - ??
              villager in flashback

Keyboard Player - ??
              at rehearsal

Locations List:*
1. Paris Opera - Opéra Garnier, Rue Scribe [48.872003,2.331597]; exterior establishing shot from ~ 32 Ave de l'Opéra [48.868321,2.333303]
2. Catacombs - under / near Opera, exact coordinates unknown
3. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
4. Forest - unknown location, possibly near Abbey
5. St. Joseph's chapel - St. Julien le Pauvre [48.852087,2.346953]
6. St. Joseph's rectory - studio set at Studios de Bry, 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
7. Abbey - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.148084,2.687315]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel, 2008 (or Syfy, 2009) (confirmed)
~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & possibly SciFi/Syfy channel (2008/2009) (can't confirm)

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Establishing shot: Paris Opera 1

Paris Opera - foyer 1


<RR - Check this place out! This is unbelievable!

Tessa - I thought they only did ballet here now.>

RR - This is a music and dance benefit for a refugee relief, I think.

DM - Oh yeah? And how did you get us invited to the rehearsals?

RR - Jenny, the girl who sings backup, invited me.

Tessa - Aha, why would she do that?

RR - Because I am irresistible.


Paris Opera - stage 1

Carolyn - [singing "Love Is A Long Goodbye"]

"Ever since the beginning of time
We speak of love as if nothing changes.
I wonder why--
Love is a long goodbye."

Jenny - [singing backup]

"Sixty seconds in a minute.
Sixty minutes in an hour.
There is twenty-four hours in every day."

Carolyn - [singing]

"Ooh-aah, love is a long goodby."

Jenny - [singing backup]

"Seven days a week.
Fifty-two weeks in a year.
One hundred years a century."

Carolyn - [singing]

"Will the minutes turn into hours?
Will the weeks turn into years?
While we fade away.
We just fade away.
Love is a long goodbye."

Jenny - [singing backup]

"Sixty seconds in a minute.
Sixty minutes in an hour.
There is twenty-four hours in every day."

Carolyn - [singing]

"Ooh-aah, love is a long goodby."

Jenny - [singing backup]

"Seven days a week.
Fifty-two weeks in a year.
One hundred years a century."

Carolyn - [singing]

"Will the minutes turn into hours?
Will the weeks turn into years?
While we fade away.
We just fade away."

Jenny - [singing backup]

"Ten centuries a millennium..."

Carolyn - [singing] Love-- [waves her hand to cut the music] Stop, stop. [Music stops.] I mean, why don't we just cut my microphone, and let her carry the song? [waves toward Jenny, notices spotlight on Jenny] And the light! [turns toward balcony box near edge of stage] Frank!

Frank - Carolyn, do you suppose we could finish this technical rehearsal BEFORE opening night?

Carolyn - [to light operator overhead] Who told you to turn that spot off me?

Frank - [sighs] Carolyn, we have enough union problems as it is. Jenny had a few featured bars, so he naturally thought that--

Carolyn - I -- I want him fired. Either you do it or I will, Frank.

Frank - Take ten, everybody.

[RR leaves DM & Tessa sitting near the stage & climbs up to talk to Jenny.]

Jenny - Hi.

RR - How are you?

Jenny - Oh, well, we're having a couple of technical problems.


Paris Opera - catwalk over stage 1

Frank - Carolyn!

Carolyn - [looking for light operator] Look, I want him gone.

Frank - Listen, you're being really unreasonable.

Carolyn - Really? I am just going to fill this place in three days. This is my comeback. I sang here ten years ago, Frank, and obviously they have not forgotten. So face facts. This is MY show.

Frank - Oh, really? I wonder what the rest of us are doing here. You know, recently I haven't heard you utter one single sentence that didn't begin with the word "I".

Carolyn - [laughs] *I* made you, Frank.

Frank - I rest my case. You know, when I rediscovered you, your career was history. And you were so hungry to get back in the game you were drooling on my shoes -- but there was decency in you. And now? Now you're just another ego-laden bitch with an attitude. Whatever was special about you, you murdered it. [Carolyn slaps him.] Ah!

Carolyn - Who the hell do you think you are?

Frank - I'm a very busy man with a show to run, and you are just one element in it.

Carolyn - We'll just see about that. [leaves]

[Unseen figure has been watching their argument & now moves closer. Frank hears a noise & turns...]


Paris Opera - stage 1

RR - Hey, listen, I want to introduce you to some friends of mine.

Jenny - Okay.

RR - [walks to edge of stage where Tessa & DM are standing] Tessa, come here. I would like you to meet Jenny.

Tessa - Hi. [shakes Jenny's hand]

Jenny - Hi, nice to meet you.

RR - And this here is my old friend, Duncan MacLeod. [DM is busy looking for source of 'buzz'.] Mac?

DM - [turns to Jenny, still distracted] Hi.

RR - You okay?

[DM looks up at catwalk as Carolyn screams & body plummets to the stage, followed by handful of flower petals.]

Dancers - Oh no! It's Frank! Frank? Is he alright? Somebody call an ambulance! Oh! I just saw him falling...

[DM sees figure leaving catwalk & climbs up stairs in pursuit. He runs across catwalk to stairs at other end, then realizes he has lost whomever he was chasing. Meanwhile, the figure disappears into catacombs under the building.2]


Establishing shots: Paris Opera 1

Paris Opera - auditorium 1

Jenny - [sitting in theater's seats with RR & Tessa] I can't believe it. I mean, one minute he was right there, and then...

RR - It's okay. Jenny, maybe you should go back to the barge with us.

Tessa - Yeah, I think it's a very good idea.

Jenny - [quietly] Okay. 1


Detective - [on stage with DM] And you never saw him?

DM - No, the lights were too bright.

Detective - Do you think he ran out a door?

DM - I only felt a draft.

Detective - Well, on that side of the stage, the doors are attached to an alarm. There's also a stairwell leading into the basement. There's no door down there. Anything else?

DM - No. [crouches down next to body & examines flower petals]

Detective - What the hell are those about?


Paris Opera - backstage hallway 1

[DM walks down hallway & finds Carolyn's dressing room 2.]

Carolyn - [looks up as DM knocks] Yes?

DM - I'm sorry, I'm not disturbing you, am I?

Carolyn - No, no.

DM - Do you mind if I come in a minute?

Carolyn - Sure. Are you with the police?

DM - Uh, no... I was, uh...

Carolyn - Oh, I'm sorry. I remember you now. Can I help you?

DM - Yeah. Did you see what he looked like?

Carolyn - CUT The lights blinded me, so...

DM - [picks up flower from table] Wildflowers. From an admirer?

Carolyn - I don't know. They were just here when I came in.

DM - You know, they only grow in the forests.

Carolyn - [bored] How nice. Will you excuse me, please?

DM - Yes, certainly. I'm sorry. Thanks.

Carolyn - Sure. [DM leaves.] 3


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 3

Inside barge

Tessa - You think an Immortal killed him?

DM - I don't know, but there WAS an Immortal there.

Tessa - It's someone you think you know, isn't it?

[Closeup on white wildflower in Duncan's hand.]


Flashback - French forest, 1634 4

[DM rides through forest. Elsewhere in the forest, a huge man, Ursa, quietly picks wildflowers. Villagers armed with scythes & pitchforks creep toward him. DM rides up to villagers.]

DM - What are ye' hunting?

Peasant - A beast that bears no name, sir. A demon that dwells hereabouts.

DM - A demon? Has he horns?

Peasant - None, sir, but when he is cut down, he doesn't die. He springs up somewhere else, like the mushrooms that grow here at our feet.

[DM begins to understand. He rides forward a few paces & senses 'buzz'. Nearby, Ursa also senses 'buzz'. The villagers surround Ursa & chase him through the trees. As they attack him, Ursa fights back.]

DM - [rides up to crowd] Leave him alone! [swings sword at villagers & dismounts] He's done you no harm!

[A villager hurls a javelin at Ursa, hitting him in the abdomen. Ursa pulls the weapon out & staggers toward the villager.]

DM - No!

[Before Ursa can impale the villager, DM runs Ursa through with his sword, killing him.]

Peasant - He'll rise again. You cannot kill him.

DM - Enough! There are ways to bury a man so he will not rise again. And I know of it. Leave! Now! Any man that witnesses the burial site will remain here and grow roots... forever. [The villagers begin to back away.] Go! [They turn & run.]




DM - [as Ursa revives] I won't harm you, but I couldn't let you kill that man. [Ursa looks around anxiously.] They won't bother you. They think you're under there. [points at "grave" with three crosses at base of tree] But you can't stay here anymore. [long pause] You understand what I'm saying to you? [Ursa nods.] We must go. Now.

[DM slowly rides away with Ursa walking beside him.]


Inside barge

(resume previous scene)

Tessa - Where was he from? How did he get there in the first place?

DM - I don't know.

Tessa - You never asked him?

DM - He had a voice, but... he didn't speak much. CUT It's my guess Ursa grew up in the wilds... alone. He lived in a cave. We stopped there to get the few things that he owned.

Tessa - But what would a man who lives in a cave in the woods be doing in the heart of Paris... at the Opera? It can't be the same person.


Establishing shot: Catacombs 2

Paris Opera - stage 1

[Carolyn is playing the piano & vocalizing. Ursa, standing in the wings, tosses small bouquet of white wildflowers onto stage.]

Carolyn - [stops playing] Who is it? Who's there? [no answer] My friends will be right back. [sees the flowers, cautiously walks over & picks them up, sees Ursa hiding in the shadows] Who are you? [with dawning realization] You killed Frank...

Ursa - [haltingly] He... hurt... you.

Carolyn - Y-you're not going to hurt me like you hurt him, a-are you?

Ursa - No. Sing. Sing more.

Carolyn - [sits at piano] He hurt me, and you protected me. Like a guardian angel. Is that what you are? [begins playing] My own guardian angel who brings me wildflowers from the forest floor? [Carolyn looks at Ursa, Ursa quickly looks away. Carolyn continues to play & begins vocalizing again.]


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 5

St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 6

Darius - Ursa, Ursa, yes, I remember him. He was a... a gardener at the Abbey of Saint Gobain before the Revolution. They tore the Abbey down and used the stones to build some houses. I lost track of him after that.

DM - I was hoping you'd have some more recent recollection.

Darius - Oh, for me, that is recent. [DM gives him a look.] Try some of this. [pours tea for them both]

<DM - Oh, this isn't some more of your moss stuff, is it?

Darius - [reassuringly] No, no, no, no.

DM - I don't trust you. You sure it's not? [takes a sip] CUT

Darius - It's from a mold form. [DM spits the tea out. Darius laughs & picks up teapot.] Some more?

DM - [making a face] No! No, no, no. Look, uh, do you remember anything else about him?>

Darius - Well, the monks considered him as one of God's special creatures. They kept his secret from generation to generation. And they taught him to sing.

DM - Do you know where he came from?

Darius - No. No, I doubt if he knows himself. He once drew me a picture of his home... of mountains and a cave. But it's strange that he should choose a monastery. None of the monks remembered how he came to be there. None of them. [walks over to tape player] Listen. [plays tape of man singing]

Man on tape - Gloria in exelcis deo...


Flashback - Rural Abbey, 1634 7

[Singing continues, as DM & Ursa walk through grounds of Abbey.]

DM - If you stay out here, others like me will come. You will have to take their heads, or they will take yours. You'll be safe in the Abbey. Men won't bother you, and others like us cannot hurt you here. Do you understand?

[Ursa nods, looking around, watching the monks.]

Monks - [softly in background] Sanctus spiritus...

[Ursa walks toward Abbey, listening to the singing.]

DM - That's music... men's voices. [as Ursa continues to listen] You too could sing like that.


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 6

(resume previous scene)

Darius - But you never saw him again?

DM - Until yesterday... I think.


Darius - Ah, it's a shame about the abbey. It was his only true home. Of course, now it would be in a suburb of Paris with its own subway line.

DM - Subway?

Darius - Yeah.

DM - Subway... subway line. Are there any woods or parks near the site of the old abbey?

Darius - A huge park, actually, yeah.

DM - Then it makes sense.

Darius - What does?

DM - Well, Ursa always lived in caves, except for his time in the Abbey. He'd be perfectly at home underground... in sewers, in... in subways.

Darius - The catacombs! Those old tunnel works were used during the great plague to empty the city's cemeteries. Ah, yes, but what would draw Ursa so far into the city?

DM - The music.

Darius - Yeah, the Opera. I suppose that it's possible.

DM - Yeah, Ursa always loved music and beauty.


Establishing shot: Paris Opera 1

Catacombs 2

[Ursa stands in an open area, singing. The sound echoes off the surrounding stone.]


Paris Opera - Carolyn's dressing room 1

Carolyn - [applying makeup, hears knock at her door] Come in.

Jenny - [enters, takes in Carolyn's hair & makeup] Wow. It's, uh, hot stuff.

Carolyn - [unimpressed] Really?

Jenny - Uh, can I talk to you?

Carolyn - Sure, Jenny.

Jenny - Well, um, the guys in the band have been helping me out with a couple of songs I've been working on, and, uh... well, they think they're pretty good.

Carolyn - Uh-huh. I'll listen to 'em. And if I like 'em, I'll try them out in rehearsal.

Jenny - The others thought that... maybe I could... sing them myself. You know, I... I'd like to try.

Carolyn - I bet you WOULD like to try, Jenny. [acting supportive] If they're any good, we'll try them out in performance and see if the fans go for 'em. Okay?

Jenny - Yeah! That's all I want.

Carolyn - That's all? [small laugh] At your age, honey, I wanted to be the star. No, seriously, Jenny, you deserve the recognition.

Jenny - I -- I won't forget this.

Carolyn - [as if she's kidding] I won't let you.

Jenny - [leaving] Good. Thanks.

Carolyn - [smiles] Okay. Bye, Jenny.

Jenny - Bye.

Carolyn - Bye. [waits until Jenny has gone, then smile disappears]


Street in front of Opera, night 1

RR - Wait. Let me just get this straight -- you're gonna go down there and look for this big giant named Ursa, who's like, crawling around the opera, you think.

DM - [sitting at open manhole, checks flashlight] That's right. And I'm going on my own.

RR - Okay. So I take it you were around when they built the Paris sewers, right? You probably know them like the back of your hand.

DM - No, I was actually not too much into sewers, you know.

RR - Well then, how do you know where you're going?

DM - [lowering himself into hole] Well, as the old saying goes, "I'm going north by northwest." Well, actually, I'm going that way. [nods & looks back behind RR]

RR - What if your compass doesn't work down there?

DM - I'll get lost. CUT <[echoing up out of sewer] And don't come after me!

RR - Right, sure. [sits at edge of manhole, starts climbing in] Oh, great, big, dumb, giant, ugly Neanderthal Immortal piece of... oh, man.>


Paris Opera - stage 1

[Carolyn is playing the piano again. Ursa places another small bouquet of white wildflowers on the piano.]

Carolyn - They're beautiful. [stops playing] You're back again. How do you get in here without anyone seeing you?

[Ursa walks slowly away, then turns back, wanting her to follow. He leads her down into the basement.]

Carolyn - Here? CUT

<[Ursa pushes piece of equipment aside & takes her hand, leading her into catacombs.]>


Catacombs 2

[DM & RR are wandering around catacombs, separately.]

RR - [sees pile of bones] Whoa! [turns corner, is hit by flashlight beam] Whoa! [It's DM.] Oh, boy, am I glad to see you.

DM - The feeling isn't mutual. I told you to stay by the manhole cover. Now go back.

RR - Go back? I forgot my ball of twine.

DM - You're lost?

RR - Mac, I'm wandering around this place turning, like, fish belly white, growing these... phosphorescent tendrils out of my forehead like some bottom-dwelling sea urchin--

DM - Quiet.

RR - What?

DM - Voices. [begins walking toward the sound]



Carolyn - I'm afraid. I -- I wouldn't have to be if... but I couldn't ask you that either. You've already protected me once. You don't like killing. I guess I'll just have to go away, far from everyone. Far from you. And just hope she doesn't find me. Unless... you could bring her down here. No one will ever find you. Or her. She's already tried to murder me once, in my sleep! Do you want her to succeed this time? Help me! [Ursa hears a noise & shakes Carolyn's arms away, jogging down the tunnel.] What? What is it?



RR - [standing by wall plaque that reads: RUE St. AUGUSTIN] What? What's up? [DM senses 'buzz'.] What's going on? [realizes] Oh, fantastic.

DM - Stay here. Okay?

RR - All right.

[DM walks forward while RR waits. Suddenly, Ursa appears behind RR & drags him off, screaming. DM turns & runs back, sword in hand. He meets Ursa, who is holding a large blade - a sickle. They exchange blows.]

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod! [Ursa pins him to the wall by the neck, choking him.] Ursa, Ursa, Ursa...

Ursa - MacLeod? [lets DM go]

DM - [falls to the ground as Ursa disappears into the shadows] Ursa!

RR - [recovered from being thrown to the ground by Ursa, runs to DM] Are you okay?


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 3

Inside barge 3

Tessa - [cleaning RR's head injury] Why did he attack you, if he's your friend?

DM - He didn't recognize me. It was dark. I told him who I was but... maybe he didn't remember.

RR - Yeah, I suppose the old memory gets a little fuzzy after a couple hundred years.

DM - [noncommittal] Uh-huh.

Tessa - But what's he doing down there? Why did he kill that man at the Opera?

DM - Well, that's what I'm going to have to find out. See ya'.

<RR - Later.

DM - You won't follow me again, will you?

RR - [laughs] No, not this time.> CUT [DM leaves.] Friend, huh? Trust me, he's not exactly the kind of guy you invite over for dinner. [jumps in pain] Ah, Tessa!

Tessa - Sorry!


Paris Opera - foyer 1

DM - Hi... Jenny, right?

Jenny - Uh, yeah, hi.

DM - How're you doing?

Jenny - Fine. Fine, thank you.

DM - Have the police been back?

Jenny - Uh, questioning Carolyn, mainly. She's the only one who saw anything.

DM - You a friend of hers?

Jenny - Well, uh... I guess I'd like to be. I mean, she can sing anything... jazz, opera... [shrugs]

DM - But...?

Jenny - Well, she can be hard to be around sometimes, you know? I keep telling myself that she's just scared, you know. This is her big shot at a comeback.

DM - How did she get along with Frank?

Jenny - Yeah, well, uh... I guess I shouldn't talk about that.

DM - Why not? It might help.

Jenny - How? CUT

<DM - I don't know... were they close?

Jenny - Yeah, they were real friendly... at first. And she was grateful. He always said he was her number one fan. But it's funny -- with somebody like Carolyn, you could almost see the gratitude working like a poison in her bloodstream. She started riding Frank like she hated him or something. Oh... I guess this sounds crazy, right?

DM - Nah, not really. Some people hate owing anything to anybody else. Have to believe they'd done it all themselves.

Jenny - Yeah.

DM - How did Frank deal with it?

Jenny - Oh, I don't know, like this thing'd happened before, you know, it's just kind of sad. Look, I really feel weird talking about this, okay?

DM - Well, I'm glad you did. Listen, stop by the barge sometime -- I think Richie's been looking forward to seeing you.

Jenny - Yeah, sure, I'll do that.

DM - Okay.

Jenny - Oh, look, I hope you don't think that...

DM - No, I don't.

Jenny - Okay. Bye. [calls after DM as he walks away] You know what bugs me the most about Carolyn?

DM - What?

Jenny - That I might turn into her.

DM - I guess that's going to be up to you, isn't it?> 4


Establishing shots: Paris Opera 5 1 (this is NOT in the DVD version!)

Paris Opera - rehearsal room 1

Carolyn - Look, we don't need to give twenty-five percent of our money to some manager.

Keyboard Player (KP) - Who's gonna handle the books?

Carolyn - I can.

KP - Sure you can. [plays a few notes -- Carolyn unplugs the instrument] What the hell are you doing?

Carolyn - I am getting everybody's attention.

KP - We all liked the way Frank ran things.

Carolyn - Well, he can't anymore. I can. I mean, do you really think Frank was earning his percentage? He was a parasite. I mean, I know this is cold, but that is the way the world is. We were the ones making things happen. We were the ones with the talent. Just let me have a shot at running the group, okay?

KP - Why isn't Jenny here?

Carolyn - I didn't invite her to this meeting. I wanted to talk to you all about her. She's not working out.

KP - Come on, what are you talking about? She's one of the best backup we ever had. And we all like the song she wrote.

Carolyn - She is a distraction. She is NOT what this troupe is about.

KP - Exactly what are we about? You? 6

[DM pushes equipment aside & emerges from catacombs into Opera's basement, sending a draft through the structure & setting band's chimes tinkling.]

Carolyn - Look, we'll finish this later, okay? Okay?

Band members - Yeah, right.


Paris Opera - basement 1

[Carolyn goes down stairs & DM steps out in front of her at the bottom.]

DM - Boo! [as Carolyn reacts in fright] Sorry. Expecting someone else?

Carolyn - No. CUT Where did you come from?

DM - A secret door that leads into the sewers, but you've never seen it before, right?

Carolyn - No. How very exotic. [starts back up the stairs]

DM - I want to talk to you about the guy who killed Frank Wells.

Carolyn - Sure. I have a costume to try on. Come along if you want to talk.


Paris Opera - wardrobe closet 1

DM - You know who killed your manager.

Carolyn - I never saw his face.

DM - His name is Ursa.

Carolyn - [takes costume from rack] If you say so.

DM - He brought you the wildflowers in your dressing room.

Carolyn - I never made the connection. [pulls another costume from rack] I told you I didn't know who brought them.

DM - Well, you do now. So why haven't you told the police?

Carolyn - Why haven't you, if you know so much? Who are you?

DM - My name's MacLeod. And you're dealing with something very dangerous.

Carolyn - I think I can handle whatever it is.

DM - I hope so.

[DM leaves. Carolyn looks through hanging costumes & pulls ornamental dagger from its sheath.]


Street in front of Opera 1

[Jenny & RR walk down the street together, holding hands & laughing. 7 They run up the steps outside the Opera and enter the building.]


Paris Opera - foyer 1

[DM senses 'buzz'.]


Paris Opera - basement 1

Carolyn - [looks around until Ursa appears] You took your time. She'll be here any moment. [holds up ornamental dagger] I found this in her dressing room. She's going to use it on me.

[Ursa takes dagger & holds it up, grunting in growing anger. As DM walks through building, trying to locate the Immortal he is sensing, Ursa climbs basement steps.]


Paris Opera - rehearsal room 1

Jenny - [enters with RR] Oh, hey, fellas. Am I late? [Band members greet her.]

KP - Hi, Jenn.

Jenny - Hey, how's it going?

KP - Good.

Jenny - Good? Okay, well, um... I'm just going to get my stuff, okay? [to RR] Alright, so grab a seat. I'll be right back.

[RR leans against wall as band warms up & Jenny goes down hall to her locker. Suddenly, Jenny screams. The band stops playing & everyone looks around. Jenny screams again, & RR runs after her.]


Paris Opera - basement 1

Jenny - [being carried down the stairs by Ursa] Let go of me! Help me, somebody! Aah!

RR - [on stairs] Jenny!

Jenny - Richie! Richie! Put me down!

[RR runs toward them. Ursa knocks him down with his free hand.]

Jenny - Richie! [as Ursa reaches hidden entrance] Richie! Please! Put me down! Please! Let me go! Let me go! Ah! [hits Ursa ineffectually on the back as he pulls equipment in place to hide entrance] Let me go...

DM - [finds RR on stairs] Richie, you all right?

RR - [groggy] Yeah, I'm fine.

DM - Okay. [continues down stairs & pulls equipment away from catacomb entrance] Ursa! [finds old kerosene lantern on the ground, pours kerosene on a stick, or possibly on an actual torch]2

Carolyn - [comes down basement stairs] What's happened? [kneels by RR] What's happened?

RR - [holding his head] He took Jenny.

Carolyn - [pretending dismay] Oh, how terrible.

RR - Damn! [runs off after DM. Carolyn watches him go.]


Catacombs 2

[DM lights his torch with a match as RR runs up.]

RR - [as DM swings torch around in his face] Don't shoot! At least you don't need batteries. [takes torch from DM & walks forward] Oh, Mac, look -- check it out. It slopes down there -- what is all that stuff?

DM - [grabs torch back] The catacombs.

RR - [runs after him] What? Don't! Wait for me, man.

DM - Let's go.



[Ursa has a small fire going as Jenny sits on a ledge nearby.]

Jenny - [as Ursa moves toward her] No, please don't hurt me.

[Ursa moves away & pulls piece of bread from bundle on the ground. He hands her the bread & walks away.]

Jenny - Why are you doing this? [Ursa continues walking.] Please don't leave me. [He disappears into the tunnel.] No, please don't leave!



[DM & RR walk through catacombs, past wall marker that reads:

8 AOUT 1871'
(8 August 1871)]

RR - [as they pass ledges full of skeletal remains] Friends of yours, huh?

DM - Very funny.

Jenny - [further down the tunnel] Help me, someone!

RR - [quietly] Jenny. [takes off down the tunnel]

DM - Richie! Wait for me!

[Jenny, feeling her way along the wall, hears someone coming & starts backing up.]

RR - Jen-- Jenny! Jenny!

Jenny - Richie?

RR - [goes to her] Jenny! Oh! [hugs her] You all right? You okay?

Jenny - [crying] Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

RR - Did he hurt you?

Jenny - No, he didn't. He seemed almost as frightened as I was. I don't know why he took me down here, {understand?}

RR - [as DM looks around] Mac?

DM - What?

RR - Is he close?

DM - No.

Jenny - Well, how do you know?

DM - Well, it's a maze down here. He could be anywhere. Come on, Richie. Find a way out of here.

RR - Me?

DM - You. [hands him the torch] Go on.

RR - All right. Let's go. [leads Jenny down the tunnel. DM follows them.]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 3

Inside barge


Jenny - [takes mug of coffee from Tessa] You know, I don't understand any of this. He was like a confused animal or something. I almost felt sorry for him. I mean, who was he?

Tessa - He's someone very lost.

Detective - [to DM] Well, if you're right, it would take the entire Paris police force to flush him out down there. Some of these homeless guys have been living underground for years.

DM - Well, I don't think you'd flush him out even then.

Detective - Well, we're also making inquiries at all the asylums and hospitals. Maybe he escaped from one of them.

DM - Yeah, maybe.

Detective - And you, MacLeod... you did well, finding her.

DM - Well, I guess it's just beginner's luck.

Detective - [turns to Jenny] And, uh, miss? If you think of anything else, just call me.

Jenny - Thank you, I will.

DM - [shakes Detective's hand] You know your way out. [Detective leaves.] Jenny, have you had an argument with anybody lately?

Jenny - Uh, like who?

DM - Oh, like, uh... Carolyn Lamb?

Jenny - Carolyn? No. As a matter of fact, she's been really nice to me lately. When the band wanted me to sing my own songs, she seemed okay about it.

DM - They wanted you to sing?

Jenny - Well, it's not the first time. Um, Frank... talked about it, too.

RR - Carolyn didn't mind sharing the spotlight?

Jenny - No... she seemed fine. I was kind of surprised. Why?

DM - Oh, no reason.

RR - [leans close to Jenny as DM leaves] Everything's gonna be just fine. 8


Paris Opera - stage 1

[Ursa walks across stage to where Carolyn is sitting at the piano.]

Carolyn - She isn't dead. [Ursa hesitates.] I thought you were my friend. You don't care at all. Now there's someone else who wants to hurt me. His name is MacLeod.

Ursa - Mac... Leod?

Carolyn - You know who he is? [Ursa nods.] He's coming to kill me, and you'll just watch? You don't really love me at all... not the way that I love you. [Ursa looks down, confused and hurt, then senses 'buzz'.]

DM - [walking down theater aisle] Ursa! [Ursa turns.] It's me. Don't you recognize me? It's Duncan MacLeod.

Ursa - MacLeod...

Carolyn - He's coming for me, Ursa!

DM - [walks onto stage] No, I'm not.

[Ursa runs at MacLeod, growling, trying to scare him off.]

Carolyn - What are you waiting for? Stop him! He's gonna kill me!

DM - [calmly] I'm not going to hurt her, Ursa.

[Carolyn throws herself at DM, who grabs her by the wrists & pushes her aside.]

Carolyn - Kill him!

DM - [as Ursa pulls out sickle & attacks him] I'm not going to attack you, Ursa. [dodges Ursa's blows] I don't want to fight you, Ursa! [climbs onto catwalk ladder] She's lying to you, Ursa. [Ursa follows him.] She's trying to fool you about the girl, Jenny. But you didn't believe her, did you? You knew she was good. I've always been your friend, Ursa.

[DM climbs onto catwalk & pulls out katana, backing away as Ursa reaches top of ladder.]

DM - I told you, I don't want to fight you, Ursa. We're friends. [Ursa swings again & DM blocks with katana.] She's using you to kill people for her.


Paris Opera - roof 1

[DM goes out door from catwalk onto building's roof, still blocking Ursa's attacks.]

DM - Ursa, listen to me. [blocks a blow, then hits Ursa in the back, knocking him down] Don't make me do this!

[Ursa knocks the katana away & attacks again. Carolyn comes out onto roof & watches them fight.]

DM - You're one stubborn puppy.

[Fight continues, up & down roof's peaks & valleys. Carolyn watches anxiously. Eventually, Ursa is knocked over edge of roof. DM tries to pull him back up, but he falls to the ground, temporarily dead. Carolyn hurries back inside when DM turns & sees her watching.]


Street in front of Opera 1

[Ursa revives from his fall & lifts his head, looking around.]

Carolyn - [runs out of building, trying to avoid DM] Leave me alone. I haven't done anything!

DM - You wanted him to kill for you.

Carolyn - That is crazy.

DM - First Jenny, then me. He was a gentle soul.

Carolyn - You were friends with that ox?

DM - [as Ursa stumbles up behind Carolyn] Yeah, we were friends.

Carolyn - He was a lobotomy case.

DM - [looking at Ursa] Then you never cared for him.

Carolyn - He must have hit you over the head. He was a simpleton. He belonged in some zoo exhibit!

[Ursa groans behind her. She whirls around & stares at him in horror, then turns & runs... out into the street as a taxi barrels past.]

Carolyn - Aah! [Taxi squeals to a stop as her body rolls to the curb. Ursa rushes over & scoops her into his arms.]

DM - Ursa, there's nothing you can do for her. [Ursa picks her body up.] Ursa... [Ursa walks away, carrying Carolyn's body.]


Establishing shot: French Abbey, night 7

French Abbey, night 7

DM - They rebuilt the old chapel. You'll be safe here. The brothers will take care of you. This is your home again. [Ursa listens to monks singing.] I've got to be going, Ursa. I'll come visit.

Ursa - [walks toward waiting monk, then looks back] MacLeod...

DM - [waves as Ursa walks off] See you, Ursa.


End of "The Beast Below"

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