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Episode 17: Saving Grace

Story by Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Broussellet
Teleplay by Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by Ray Austin
Aired: March 13, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-2-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Special thanks to my mom for help with French translations. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Inspector LeBrun - Hugues LeForestier
              French police officer

Paul Warren - Bruce Myers
              Grace's mortal husband


Grace Chandel - Julia Stemberger
              Immortal doctor

Carlo Sendaro - Georges Corraface

Darius - Werner Stocker
              an Immortal priest


Detectives - ??
              on stake-out at St. Joseph's

Locations List:*
1. Street by lab building - unknown location
2. Lab interior - unknown location
3. St. Joseph's rectory - studio set at Studios de Bry, 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
4. Outside St. Joseph's - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello [48.852110,2.347465]
5. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
6. Country villa - Château de Champs-sur-Marne, 31 Rue de Paris, Champs-sur-Marne [48.852936,2.605008]
7. Notre Dame Cathedral - 6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Paris [48.852968,2.349902], from rooftop camera location [48.8491278,2.3569194]
8. Grace's apartment exterior - outdoor set at SFP Studios (Studios de Bry), 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
9. Streets around St. Joseph's - Rue Galande & Rue Saint-Julien le Pauvre [48.852089,2.346632]
10. St. Joseph's chapel - St. Julien le Pauvre [48.852087,2.346953]
11. Courtyard - Château de Champs-sur-Marne, Champs-sur-Marne [48.853025,2.603575]
12. Park & street - unknown location
13. Cemeteries - unknown location
14. Café - 8345 Bd Sérurier at Rue de Belleville [48.877181,2.406322]
15. Street to subway - Rue du Léman [48.877044,2.406008]
16. Subway - across the street from Rue du Léman [48.876939,2.406250]
17. Metro sign - Boulevard Haussmann & Rue Halévy intersection (looking east) [48.872899,2.332903]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel, 2008 (or Syfy, 2009) (confirmed)
~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & possibly SciFi/Syfy channel (2008/2009) (can't confirm)

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Establishing shot: Street by lab building, night 1

Small lab, night 2

Paul - Why didn't you just tell me you're seeing someone else?

Grace - Because I'm not. Paul, I love you.

Paul - But you want him. It IS Jacque, isn't it?

Grace - Our lab assistant? He's only twenty years old.

Paul - [who is in his sixties] So was I when we met.

Grace - This isn't about jealousy at all, is it, Paul?

Paul - What are you talking about?

Grace - It's about you and me. You grow old and I don't... I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

Paul - Forty years seems forever when you're twenty. It's a lot easier to take then. That's something you'll never understand.

Grace - I understand envy when I see it.

Paul - Go to hell! [Grace begins to walk away.] Don't turn your back on me!

Grace - What's wrong with you?

Paul - I can't stand looking in the mirror, knowing that one day... s-some... [firmly] I'm leaving you before you leave me.

Grace - What?

Paul - We're over.

Grace - Paul... you can't!

Paul - Watch me.

Grace - I'm going home now. We CAN get through this. [leaves office, exits building1]

Paul - [picking up broken petri dishes, hears someone come into lab] I'm sorry. [turns, expecting to see Grace, is shot by somebody off-camera. The assailant then pours gasoline on him & tosses lit match on the floor.]


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 3

[Close-up of diorama on Darius' table depicting Pickett's charge at battle of Gettysburg.]

DM - It's funny what will drive men to their deaths. You know, neither Pickett nor Longstreet wanted to take that hill, but Lee had fifteen thousand men. He thought he was unbeatable.

Darius - [studies diorama] Hm. Pride doth goest before the fall. And victory to those who hold the high ground. [places figure on the battlefield]

<DM - Careful, you're going to knock that over.

Darius - [looking] Oh, that's already bent.> CUT

DM - You know, you may be a priest, but you still think like a warrior. <Now, Napoleon on the other hand -- where's that book on Napoleon you had? [turns to bookshelf]

Darius - Napoleon? That's over there. [points to other side of room]> CUT Well, war in the abstract is a great intellectual puzzle, but in reality, it's all blood and tears.

DM - Then why make it into a game?

Darius - To deny what I was is to deny what I am.

[Both sense 'buzz' of approaching Immortal, then Grace enters room.]

Grace - Darius...?

Darius - Grace!

Grace - [distraught] I've been walking the streets all night long. I didn't know where else to go.

Darius - What is it? Paul?

Grace - He's dead.

Darius - What?

Grace - [turns & sees DM behind her] Duncan? [smiles through her tears] Duncan, I'm glad you're here. [They hug.]


Outside St. Joseph's 4

Grace - ...by the time I got back to him, it was too late.

Darius - So was it an accident?

Grace - I think I heard a gun shot before the fire.

Darius - Any ideas who did it?

Grace - No.

Darius - Perhaps it's someone wanting your research...

Grace - Paul and I had just moved in. There wasn't anything to steal but the equipment, which is completely destroyed.

DM - What about Carlo Sendaro?

Grace - I haven't seen him in years.

DM - {Alright.}

Grace - And if he did kill Paul, why hasn't he come for me?

Darius - I don't suppose you've spoken to the police.

Grace - Too many questions I might not have answers for.

Darius - Oh, I have to... I have to prepare for afternoon mass. Grace, my rectory is a little bit Spartan, not to mention public. But if you like, I'll call the Mother Superior at the convent and arrange for you to stay there. If it's Sendaro, you'll be safe on Holy Ground.

Grace - I feel better just talking to you... [turns to DM] ...and to you. [Darius leaves.] Darius told me you were back in town. And that you were living on a barge... with your mortal lover.

DM - Her name's Tessa, and you should have dropped by.

Grace - Paul and I were having our problems. A handsome Immortal friend wouldn't have helped. [sits down on bench] Duncan, what should I do? If it is Sendaro, he won't just go away. After I left him, he kept trailing me.

DM - You changed your identity--

Grace - Three times.

DM - Yeah.

<Grace - He can't conceive that I've stopped loving him. CUT You were right about him.>

DM - I think you should stay with us for a while, until we can find out whether it's Sendaro or not.

Grace - You think it would be all right with...

DM - Tessa... yeah.


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge

Tessa - [enters] Duncan, I'm home! All day I've been thinking about that New Year's Eve we spent in Normandy. You know, maybe this weekend, you and I could go somewhere and have lots of fun and spend--

DM - [extricates himself from her arms] No.

Tessa - What's the matter?

Grace - [offscreen] Duncan? Duncan, where do you keep the towels?

DM - [sighs] Under the sink in the bathroom.

Grace - [offscreen] Found them! Thanks!

Tessa - You were saying?

RR - [offscreen, outside barge] Bonjour, est quelqu'un à là? (Bonjour, est-ce que quelqu'un est la?)

Translations: Bonjour - Hello; est quelqu'un à là? - is anyone here?

DM - [turns to Tessa abruptly] You want some coffee?

RR - [enters] Ah, mes amis! Bonsoir! Ça va? Oui? Bien? Bon, alors qu'est-ce que fais ce soir? (qu'est-ce qu'on fait ce soir?) Je vous invitere a diner, oui? [Tessa & DM say nothing.]

Translations: Ah, mes amis! - Ah, my friends!; Bonsoir! - Good evening!
Ça va? - It goes (slang: How are you?); Oui? - Yes?; Bien? - Well?
Bon, alors qu'est-ce que fais ce soir? - Good, then what are you/we doing this evening?
Je vous invitere a diner, oui? - I invite you to dinner, yes?

RR - [continues] Okay, so my accent sucks, but I'm working on it. [hears shower turn on] Do we have company?

DM - Grace Chandel. [to Tessa] An old friend of mine.

Tessa - How old?


Flashback - French countryside, 1660 6

[DM is riding through forest. Bandit hiding in tree watches him. As he passes the tree, bandit jumps out, knocks him from horse. While DM is fighting first bandit, second bandit appears & joins the fight. DM knocks first bandit out & second one runs off. DM remounts & continues on his way. 1 Suddenly he hears woman scream & senses 'buzz'. Following the sounds, he enters a villa. 2 He rides to a hay wagon, dismounts, & enters building with sword drawn.]

DM - I'm Duncan Mac-- [reacts to scene of woman in labor on bed]

Grace - [acting as midwife] If it's my head you want, I'd appreciate it if you'd wait a few minutes. [to pregnant woman] C'mon, girl... That's it. Okay, fine. Yeah. Give it one more push! Yes. [to DM] Get me water. [to woman] Yes, one more! That's it, that's it! Come on, one more time! It's coming... one more, keep going, keep going. I see its head... it's coming, it's coming.

[Grace delivers baby & smacks its bottom, causing it to start crying.]

[John Newton - "Amazing Grace"

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.]

[As she wraps baby in a blanket & hands it to the new mother, DM goes back outside.]

[I once was lost, but now I'm found.
I was blind, but now I see.]

[Grace joins DM outside.]

Grace - Do you wonder what it would be like, too... to hold your own child in your arms?

DM - We are what we are.

Grace - Yes, I know. Obviously I can't outfight you, and I'm too tired to run, so we might as well get on with it.

DM - Get on with what?

Grace - Just leave the mother and child...

DM - [laughs] I wish you no harm.

Grace - You don't want my head?

DM - Hm, well... [pretends to think about it] No... only to admire.


Inside barge

(resume previous scene)

Tessa - Is she still a doctor?

DM - Well, she's been doing research, mainly. She figured she could help people more that way. Right now she's been trying to develop an anti-viral vaccine.

Tessa - And she's been your friend for all these centuries?

DM - Mm-hm.

<RR - Centuries. Wow. The expiration date on my relationships is a usually a few, uh-- CUT

DM - Weeks.

RR - Weeks? Thank you -- months.>

Grace - [comes out of bathroom in a robe] Ahem. CUT

<DM - Oh, um... Grace, I want you to meet Tessa...

Grace - Hi. [shakes Tessa's hand]

Tessa - Hi.

DM - And, uh, Richie.

Grace - [shakes RR's hand] I'm sorry I'm not dressed...

RR - Hey, that's okay. I, uh, I think you look fantastic.

Tessa - Come on, I'll find something for you.>


Barge - on deck 5

DM - [touching up paint job on side of barge] Hi.

Grace - Hi. Tessa's beautiful. She may not be one of us, but she has an old soul. You're a lucky man.

DM - Yeah.

Grace - She's lucky, too. Sometimes I wish I was mortal. It would simplify things, wouldn't it, to know there's a limit to life. So that time is precious. To be able to share things, like grey hair, parenthood...

DM - No one can choose who they are, not you, not me, not Paul.

Grace - I know. I remember -- "We are what we are." Paul hated growing old without me. I could see it in his eyes for years before he exploded. He hated me for it. And now he's gone and I hurt again... God, I get so tired of it sometimes. We go on and everything around us dies. You've always been a good friend, Mac. Don't hunt for Sendaro. I don't want to lose you, too. [They hug.]

Tessa - [carrying tray, sees them hugging] I've made some coffee...

Grace - [quickly moves away] I'm sorry, I couldn't...

DM - Tessa...

Tessa - Do you still love her?

DM - No.

Tessa - That's all that needs to be said. She's your friend and she's been hurt. You'll help her. I'd expect you to do no less.

DM - Thanks.

Tessa - I think she would feel more comfortable with some of her own things.

DM - Yeah, well, I'll stop by her apartment. I love you, Tess.

Tessa - I know. [follows DM around the deck] Have you any idea who did it?

DM - Nah, it wasn't a random break-in... nothing was stolen.

Tessa - Then why?

DM - There's an Immortal called Carlo Sendaro. They were lovers for a century, then they fell apart and he couldn't handle that.

Tessa - You think he would kill for her?

DM - Yeah.


Establishing shot: Notre Dame Cathedral 7

Outside Grace's apartment building 8

LeBrun - [exiting building, sees DM] Now look who's here. You wouldn't happen to know someone named Grace Chandel?

<DM - CUT Yes, I would. Why's that?>

LeBrun - Where is she?

DM - Is there a problem, Inspector?

LeBrun - Well, her boyfriend was murdered with a nine millimeter automatic and... [pulls out evidence bag containing a gun] ...<guess what we found in her apartment? CUT

DM - Are you trying to say that Grace shot him?

LeBrun - I don't know. That's what I'll find out.

DM - She wouldn't do that.

LeBrun - Now, how did I know she was a friend of yours?> The neighbors said they argued a lot. One hell of a coincidence, wouldn't you say? And we had an anonymous caller. He swore that she was Paul Warren's murderer.

DM - Maybe your anonymous caller had a reason to lie.

LeBrun - Oh, maybe, but if ballistics matches the bullet in Paul Warren's chest to this... [holds up gun] ...your friend Grace Chandel is going to be charged with murder. CUT <[turns to go, then turns back] And, uh... there's such a thing as an accessory, MacLeod, you know?>


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge

Grace - They think I killed Paul?

DM - They found a gun in your apartment.

Grace - This is crazy. I loved Paul. I would have never...

DM - Look, LeBrun is no fool; now he knows we're friends. [to Tessa] She can't stay here.

Tessa - Where can she go?

Grace - I have to leave the country.

DM - Well, you'll need a new identity to start over. <It's not going to be easy -- everything's computerized these days.> CUT Not like the old days when you could just pick up and walk over the hills and be somebody else.

LeBrun - [calling from outside] MacLeod!

RR - [looks out window] We got company, Mac.

DM - LeBrun?

RR - That's right, boss.

DM - [to Tessa] Get the speedboat and take her to Darius. Here. [takes off his jacket and hands it to RR]

LeBrun - [from outside] MacLeod, you in there?


Barge - on deck 5

LeBrun - [standing on dock beside barge] MacLeod!

DM - [comes out onto deck] Inspector. Twice in one day? I'm honored.

LeBrun - Where is Grace Chandel? [walks up gangplank]

DM - Oh, yeah... well, if I see her, I'll tell her you stopped by. [stands at top of gangplank, blocking it]

LeBrun - Are you going to let me inside?

DM - Do you have a warrant?

LeBrun - If you had nothing to hide, you wouldn't be asking.

DM - Well, I guess that's perfect cop logic. Welcome aboard. [steps aside, follows LeBrun across deck] Nah, it's this way. [leads LeBrun to cabin door. LeBrun enters & DM pauses to watch speedboat motoring away.]


Paris street 9

Tessa - [as Grace pauses] What is it?

Grace - [senses 'buzz'] An Immortal. Quick. [hurries forward]


Inside barge

[RR is sitting in chair, tossing playing cards at glass vase on table (and missing repeatedly), while LeBrun walks around barge interior.]

DM - [to LeBrun] Kitchen and the bathroom are down there, if you want.

LeBrun - She was here, wasn't she, MacLeod?

DM - Well, she's a friend of mine. She comes here from time to time.


Paris street 9

[Grace & Tessa continue to hurry toward St. Joseph's, looking around anxiously for the Immortal following them.]


Inside barge

LeBrun - It would be easier for everyone concerned if you'd tell her to come in and talk to me.

DM - Oh, if I see her, I'll let you know.


Paris street 9

[Grace & Tessa jog across a street.]


Inside barge

LeBrun - MacLeod...

DM - Yeah?

LeBrun - Just don't get in over your head.

DM - Never do. CUT

<RR - [as LeBrun leaves] Have a very nice day, Inspector! [smirks & tosses another card at vase. DM gives him a look. RR tosses another card & it actually lands in the vase.] Ah!>


Outside St. Joseph's Chapel 10

[Tessa & Grace cross the street. 3 Grace looks behind her one last time, then Tessa gasps as Carlo appears in front of them.]

Grace - Carlo... You ARE here.9

Sendaro - For you. [to Tessa] Why are you running? A beautiful woman should never be afraid of me.10 [looks back at Grace] "She doth teach the torches to burn bright..."10 [to Tessa] Carlo Sendaro, at your service. [Sendaro gives a small bow, then senses 'buzz' & turns to look behind him at St. Joseph's. Darius is standing in the doorway. Sendaro turns back to the women.] You were on your way to see Darius, or just trying to get to Holy Ground?

Grace - Both.10

Sendaro - Shall we? [follows Grace up to chapel entrance, pauses next to Darius] Oh, it's been so long since my last confession...

[Sendaro turns & continues to follow Grace into the chapel. Tessa starts to go past Darius also, but he grabs her arm & stops her.]

Darius - No, I think it best we let them speak alone for a while.

[Tessa watches them enter chapel, puts her hand in her coat pockets, sighs, walks a few steps away. 4]


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 3

Sendaro - Grace, you are my life. You always have been.

Grace - Is that why you make my life hell?

Sendaro - You loved me once. I could make you love me again...

Grace - No, you couldn't!

Sendaro - [scoffs] Oh, yes, I could.

Grace - You killed Paul.

Sendaro - [softly] Why would I do that?

Grace - [rushes at him] You bastard! You did kill him.

Sendaro - [grabs her] Calm down! Calm down. Who put those lies in your head? [senses 'buzz', turns to doorway as DM enters] I see.


Flashback - Paris hotel courtyard, 1840 11

Woman - Monsieur. [DM tips his hat as she walks past.]

[DM senses 'buzz' & walks to where Sendaro is standing next to a carriage. Sendaro reaches for his sword as DM approaches.]

Grace - [runs up] Carlo, don't!

DM - I haven't come to fight you.

Grace - Duncan? What brings you here?

DM - I heard you were leaving.

Sendaro - [sharply] Who are you?

Grace - Carlo Sendaro, this is Duncan MacLeod. An old friend.

DM - Where are you going?

Grace - We're going to the Amazon jungle.

<DM - Oh, the Amazon?

Grace - This is a wonderful opportunity for my research.> CUT I've heard the Indians there have some extraordinary medicines. <I'll be staying at Carlo's plantation. CUT

DM - So you have other properties, then?

Sendaro - Oh, yes. Actually, this is a rubber plantation.

Grace - As big as Paris.

Sendaro - No, it's much bigger.

Grace - [laughs] Come on.

Sendaro - I'm not exaggerating, it's much bigger.

DM - [interrupting] Could I have a word with you, please?> [to Sendaro] Do you mind? [takes Grace aside] How well do you know Sendaro?

Grace - I know he won't take my head, if that's what you're afraid of.

DM - No. The Amazon's a long ways away.

Grace - So?

DM - [quietly] I've heard things about Sendaro. Once he thinks something's his, he never gives it up.

Grace - Thank you, but I can take care of myself. [DM scoffs.] I didn't think you were the jealous type.

<Sendaro - [clears his throat] CUT I'm afraid we have quite a long way to go. And our ship sails at dawn.>

DM - [kisses Grace's hand] Be careful.

[Grace nods & joins Sendaro, who helps her into carriage.]

Sendaro - [to DM] She's mine now, and always will be.

DM - Or not...

Sendaro - If I see you again...

DM - If you don't take care of Grace, you will.

Sendaro - [walks back to carriage] Don't worry, she's in good hands.

DM - [to Grace] May the winds be with you.

Grace - Goodbye, Duncan.


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 3

(resume previous scene)

Grace - [as Sendaro starts to draw his machete] Have you forgotten where you are?

Sendaro - Yes. [puts his weapon away] I'm not here to deal with your past mistakes, just our future.

Grace - We have no future.

Sendaro - Grace, you belong with me.

DM - Don't you mean TO you?

Sendaro - You stay out of this if you want to go on living.

DM - Some things are easier said than done.

Grace - You arrogant bastard. You killed the man I love and you expect me to come with you?

Sendaro - Well, what future do you have here with the police searching for you?

<DM - You placed the gun in her apartment? CUT

Sendaro - I said, stay out of this. [to Grace] I love you, Grace. I love you. I have an empire in the Amazon. You could continue your research. In twenty, thirty years, you could come back with new-->

Grace - You're crazy! Get out of here. Once and for all, get out of my life.

Sendaro - I love you. [DM steps in front of Grace as he reaches for her again.] This does not end here.

DM - You're so right.

[Sendaro leaves.]



Paris park 12

[DM & Grace watch woman sitting on park bench with a baby. She places the baby in a stroller & pushes it past them.]

DM - Bonjour. 5 [watches woman pushing stroller down the path] You know, I wonder whatever happened to that baby.

Grace - Which baby?

DM - When we met.

Grace - Funny. I think about her too, sometimes. Maybe she had children of her own, grandchildren, GREAT grandchildren. That child could be one of her offspring. And here we are... still. Actually, I was thinking about another time. There was a little inn not too far from this spot.

DM - Yeah, I remember it.

Grace - Probably a fast food restaurant now. Things change. Even we do. It's time that keeps shifting things under our feet.

DM - That's not what happened.

Grace - No. The truth is, you and I were too different.

DM - Maybe if I'd stayed--

Grace - You would have been unhappy. So I let you go. My wandering knight, charging off to right all the wrongs of the world.

DM - Not so much, now...

Grace - Are you happy?

DM - Yes. Yes, I am.

Grace - That's good. So... what now?

DM - Well, now... we've got to find you a new identity. CUT

<Grace - I want a nice name this time.

DM - [laughs] Well, we'll see what we can find.>


<Paris street 12 CUT

Detective - [to female detective] LeBrun is going crazy. He has MacLeod's barge covered; we have to watch the church. The Chandel girl might try to contact the priest, uh, Darius. [gets into car with female detective & drives off]>


Cemetery 13

[RR walks among the graves, reading inscriptions. He crouches in front of "FAMILLE CAHOREAU" stone a moment, then continues on. 6 He walks toward "ISABELLE PONTAND" stone, crouches to read inscription:

12 AVRIL 1964
20 AVRIL 1964]

RR - "Isabelle Pontand"... born April 12, 1964; died April 20, 1964. Eight days on planet Earth. [pulls out small notebook & pen] You missed a helluva party.


Inside barge

RR - [enters barge] What's up, boss?

DM - [trimming a photo, creating documents for Grace's new identity] Is LeBrun's man still out there?

RR - Oh, absolutely. And doing a very unsuccessful job at trying not to be obvious. Here you go. [hands DM a roll of papers] The two forms you asked for.

DM - Oh, good. [puts cap on glue stick] Tessa'll keep Grace away from the barge long enough for us to get the documents to her.

RR - You know, I keep telling you, Mac, if we were in the States, I could have fixed you up with something absolutely, completely, 100%, totally hassle-free.

DM - Yeah, and all you would have had to do is talk to your friends in the local prison.

RR - Hey, give me a break, Mac. I am talking about one stop shopping. [DM smiles & shakes his head.] So how are we supposed to meet up with Tess and Grace?

DM - [filling out a form] They'll call.


Different cemetery 13

Grace - [places flowers on Paul's grave, joins Tessa] You'd think I'd learn how to handle this, wouldn't you? And the strange thing is every time it happens I tell myself I won't go through it again. I swear to myself I won't fall in love with a mortal... as if love were something you had any control over. You and Mac have something good. I envy you.

Tessa - Grace, about you and Mac...

Grace - We had a moment, that was all... though I wanted it to be more. Please, don't hold it against me.

Tessa - It's funny, but I don't. It would take me several lifetimes to find out everything in Duncan's past. I know there've been others, but I never thought I would meet one of them. And here you are. [They share a look.] What happened between you and Sendaro?

Grace - We went on a great adventure. But over the years, he changed -- he went from being an explorer to being a conqueror. He started terrorizing and dominating the people I was treating. He demanded whole villages to worship him like a god.

Tessa - So you ran.

Grace - I've been running ever since. Every few decades, he finds me. [stops suddenly, senses 'buzz', then sees Sendaro nearby]

Sendaro - Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. What are you doing here, Tessa?

Tessa - That's a question I should be asking you. What do you want?

Sendaro - [to Grace] May I talk to you? Tell her to leave.

Grace - [to Tessa, not looking away from Sendaro] It's all right... I'm safe. Just give us a moment.

Tessa - I'll be waiting by the gate.

Sendaro - [as Tessa leaves] Your chaperone?

Grace - Tessa is my friend.

Sendaro - You always did have a weakness for mortals.

Grace - If you mean I prefer friends to slaves, you're right.

Sendaro - No, I just mean mortals. [as Grace starts to walk away] Grace... stay. Face it, Grace -- our love is immortal.


Dock by barge 5

[Tessa drives up, parks, & rushes over to barge, where DM is standing.]

Tessa - He's got her!

DM - How?

Tessa - He must have been waiting for her at the cemetery, knowing she would come.

DM - Do you know where they went?

Tessa - [shakes her head] I think she went with him to protect me.

DM - I'll find them.

Tessa - Want me to go with you?

DM - No.


Hotel courtyard 11

[Where Sendaro's carriage stood in the flashback, a car is now parked.]

Sendaro - [as DM approaches] I knew I could count on your memory, MacLeod.

DM - Where is she?

Sendaro - She's picking up the passport you were so instrumental in obtaining. You should have been a bureaucrat, not an Immortal.

DM - And you should have stayed in Brazil.

Sendaro - No one takes what is mine.

DM - She's not yours, and she never was.

Sendaro - You still love her, don't you?

DM - No!

Sendaro - I knew it from the first time I saw you.

DM - You know, you were blind then, and you still are.

Sendaro - And you're dead. [draws his machete. They begin to fight.] CUT

<Grace - [runs up] Stop! [They ignore her & keep fighting.] NO MORE KILLING!

DM - Come on!

Sendaro - Do it! MacLeod, do it now! Come on. [hits DM's katana with his blade, egging him on] Come on.

DM - There's plenty of time.

Sendaro - Do it.

DM - [to Grace] Get behind me.

Sendaro - You should have killed me when you had the chance. [DM puts his sword away & takes Grace's hand.] Grace... there's no way you can escape me!

DM - [to Grace as they walk away from Sendaro] You all right?>


Café 14


Grace - I keep looking over my shoulder for the police.

Tessa - It's not the police you should be afraid of.

Grace - I should never have returned to Paris.

DM - But you did.

Grace - I'll be more careful this time.

Tessa - Where will you go?


Grace - It's a big world. <I can go wherever I want. Oh, God, sometimes I get so tired of this charade. One day I'm Grace, next I'm Helen... [opens passport with her photo and the name 'Isabelle Pontand'] Okay, who am I today?

Tessa - At least you have the choice. Most people don't.

Grace - I can change my name -- I can't choose who I am. And we have to move on. You have to move on, I have to move on. At least we'll have a little more choice than Isabelle Pontand. She was a baby. She was here for only a moment, and the only thing she ever had was her name, and... and now I've taken that. 7

DM - You have a right. You're alive. You and every other living thing has a basic instinct -- it needs to survive.

Grace - [to Tessa] Don't you ever get tired of living with a guy who knows everything?

Tessa - [teasing] I thought you would know him better than that.

DM - Well, if I know everything, I know he knows your new identity.> CUT

Grace - I have to take that chance.

<DM - CUT I'll get you out of the country.>

Grace - Duncan, you can't protect me forever. I'm a big girl. I can get on the plane alone.

DM - At least let me--

Grace - Please, it's easier to say goodbye here.


Street outside St. Joseph's 10

[The two detectives are still on stake-out. The male detective suddenly spots Grace walking into the chapel & points her out to his partner.]

Female Detective - [picks up radio] Inspector LeBrun? The Chandel woman has entered the church.


St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory 3

Darius - [senses 'buzz', sees Grace] 8 Grace! [happy to see her] Grace.

Grace - I had to say goodbye.

Darius - Where are you going?

Grace - I don't know.

Darius - Is there nothing I can do to help?

Grace - [shakes her head] Pray to Saint Christopher for me.

Darius - Patron saint of travelers. So... drop me a postcard sometime, hm? I'm starting a collection.

[Grace kisses him on the cheek & leaves.]


Outside St. Joseph's 10

Detective - [approaches Grace as she leaves the chapel grounds, his partner following] Miss Chandel... you're under the arrest for the murder of Paul Warren.

Grace - No...

Detective - Come with us.

[Detective reaches for her, but is grabbed from behind & punched by Sendaro. Female detective pulls out her gun. Sendaro grabs it & hits her also. Grace starts to run, but is intercepted by LeBrun.]

LeBrun - Not so fast, Miss Chandel. You're not going anywhere. [pulls out pair of handcuffs, puts one loop around her wrist & the other around his own] This is the police. You're under arrest for the murder of Paul Warren. [to Sendaro] Stay right there, sir. [Sendaro reaches for machete on his belt. LeBrun pulls out his gun.] Freeze, or I'll shoot. [Sendaro walks toward him.] Stay where you are! I'm warning you!

[Sendaro continues toward them & LeBrun shoots him in the chest. He falls to the ground, temporarily dead. LeBrun hauls Grace over to his car & reaches inside for his radio.]

LeBrun - [into radio] LeBrun here. Give me an ambulance in front of St. Joseph's Chapel, over. [to Grace] Who was he?

Grace - An old boyfriend of mine. He's the one who killed Paul Warren.

LeBrun - You're fast, you know that?

Grace - What do you mean?

LeBrun - Pinning the murder on a dead man.

[Sendaro rushes at him and hits him several times, knocking him unconscious, then uses machete to sever handcuff links.]


Inside barge

DM - [hangs up cordless phone violently] That was Darius. Sendaro just did a number on LeBrun and two of his detectives.

Tessa - And Grace?

DM - On her way out of the country with him, probably.

Tessa - What can I do?

DM - Just one thing. [leaves quickly]

[Tessa watches him go, turns, and off her expression... 9]


Quay by barge

[DM gets in car, drives away.]


Hotel courtyard 11

DM - [grabs keys from ignition] Get out of the car!

Grace - He'll only keep following me and more people will die.

DM - It ends tonight.

[DM throws keys away from car, then turns just in time to block Sendaro's arm as he attacks. Sendaro knocks DM to the ground & raises his machete.]

Grace - [grabs Sendaro's arm] No!

[Both pause as they hear approaching police sirens. Sendaro kicks DM & grabs Grace, pulling her away.]

Grace - No!

[Sendaro drags Grace up a narrow street15, then down into subway station. DM follows them.16]


Subway 16

Man - [knocked over by Sendaro] Watch it!

DM - Stop!

[Sendaro is distracted & Grace manages to get away from him. She jumps down onto the tracks & runs into metro tunnel, Sendaro chasing her & DM chasing Sendaro. She trips & falls & the other two catch up.]

DM - It ends here.

[They begin to fight, while Grace watches anxiously. Sendaro notices DM's foot resting between two tracks & pulls nearby switch lever, moving inside track over & crushing DM's foot, trapping it. A train can be heard approaching down the tunnel.]

DM - [to Grace] Get out, now! [Grace hesitates.] Go! [Grace runs off & DM blocks a few of Sendaro's parries.] Come here, come here!

[The train rumbles closer & Sendaro attacks again. DM fends him off, then scoops up his jacket from the ground & tosses it at him. Sendaro flings the jacket aside, but in the process, the tip of his machete lowers & touches the electrified third rail. DM watches as Sendaro is electrocuted & falls down -- with his neck conveniently hanging over the train track. DM uses his katana to pry moveable track section away from his foot barely in time to escape the oncoming train. Sendaro comes to with only enough time to turn his head toward oncoming train before it speeds past, beheading him. DM takes the Quickening.] 17



Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge

Grace - Thank you again. [kisses RR on each cheek]

RR - Any time.

Grace - [to Tessa] Thank you... for everything.

Tessa - Take care of yourself, Grace.

[Grace nods, they hug, & Grace leaves.]

Tessa - [to RR] Let them have their goodbyes. 10


Quay by barge 5

Grace - Goodbye.

DM - The investigation's over. You could stick around for a while.

Grace - I couldn't. I'm beginning to understand how Sendaro felt... about loving someone he couldn't have.

DM - Grace. I...

Grace - [puts her hand to his mouth] I know. Goodbye, Duncan.

DM - Goodbye. [opens taxi door] May the winds be with you.


End of "Saving Grace"

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