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Episode 18: The Lady and the Tiger

Written by Philip John Taylor
Directed by Robin Davis
Aired: April 24, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-2-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Zachary Blaine - Jason Isaacs
              Immortal thief, Amanda's partner


Pierre - Fred Pearson
              antique store owner

Henry Lamartine - Pierre Gerald
              retired magician/agent

Ringmaster - Bertie Cortez
              at the circus

Bavarian Officer - Michael Hofland
              in flashback

Clown - David Lowe
              at the circus

Locations List:*
1. Road - unknown location
2. Circus - possibly in Bois de Boulogne, exact coordinates unknown
3. Bavarian inn - unknown location
4. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
5. Sword shop - unknown location
6. Lemartine's office - unknown location
7. Museum - Musée Jacquemart André, 158 Boulevard Haussmann (interior & inner courtyard) [48.875621,2.310525]
8. Street/Restaurant - outdoor set at SFP Studios (Studios de Bry), 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
9. Street - unknown location
10. Exploding telephone booth - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network,* 1998
~Bolded - SciFi channel, 2008 (or Syfy, 2009)
~Bolded - both

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Prison van - interior 1

[Zachary, in straight jacket, kicks at guard & snaps man's neck with his legs, then escapes from straight jacket. He kicks open van's back doors & climbs up onto roof. Van passes 18-wheeler transporting cars going in opposite direction. Zachary jumps from van roof onto trailer. He climbs down to lower level of cars, unhooks last car in line, gets in, hotwires it, & drives it off the trailer. He catches up to & passes prison van (driver is oblivious), & smiles to himself as he continues down the road.]


Establishing shot: Traveling circus 2

[A large pink & white striped circus tent is set up in a field. Arch over entrance reads: DIANA MORENO BORMANN.]

Traveling circus 2

[Inside tent, crowd is being entertained by various acts:

-- tiger jumping from one platform to another, over three other tigers lying between the platforms;
-- girl standing on elephant's back as elephant kneels inside the ring;
-- clown entertaining children;
-- man standing on board balanced on stack of wobbly metal cans] 1

RR - [walking up to circus entrance with DM & Tessa] Ah, the roar of the crowd, the smell of the... [sniffs, looks at bottom of his shoe] What's that smell?

Tessa - I love the circus. But why would anyone send you tickets?

DM - I'm not sure.

Tessa - But you can guess. CUT

<RR - I'm actually going to a circus. Unbelievable!>


[inside tent]

Ringmaster - Merci, messieurs et mesdames! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! And now, please direct your attention high overhead, to the high wire... and give a big round of applause... <to the dazzling, the electrifying, the death defying, the Amazing... Amanda!

[As Amanda steps out into spotlight, she & DM both sense 'buzz' of each other's presence.] CUT


[moments later]

[Amanda is crossing the high wire. As she gets closer to DM, she is distracted momentarily by his 'buzz' & looks down.> He smiles back at her & raises an eyebrow. She wobbles briefly & crowd gasps, then claps as she recovers & continues across wire.]

Tessa - [watching DM watch Amanda, makes a guess] Friend of yours?

DM - [wryly] Just a bad habit.


Flashback - Bavarian Inn, 1804 3

Stablehand - I'll take your horse, sir. I'm glad to see you're back safe.

[DM dismounts, tips man, goes into large inn.]


[meanwhile, in guest room]

[Amanda is packing. She ties collection of gold jewelry up in white handkerchief, then spins with bundle hidden behind her as DM enters room.]

Amanda - [pleasantly] Duncan! [DM tosses saddlebags aside.] My love!

DM - Were you planning to say goodbye?

Amanda - Goodbye? [kisses him & uses the distraction to drop handkerchief bundle into her valise] I'm not going anywhere. Just putting a few things away. [continues kissing him]

DM - Mm-hm?

Amanda - Mm-hm.

DM - So what have you been doing since I've been gone?

Amanda - Ah. I've been waiting here... very impatiently.

DM - Uh-huh?

Amanda - [lies down on bed] How was Munich?

DM - [joining her] It lacked a certain... je ne sais quoi. [more kissing]

Amanda - You know very well what it lacked. [continue kissing, fade to black]


[later, night]

[DM is asleep in bed. Amanda, dressed in riding jacket & pants, places gold signet ring on nightstand, grabs valise, & opens door.]

Officer - [downstairs] You, there, check out the room at the top of the stairs.

Soldiers - [downstairs] Yes, sir.

[Amanda closes door & goes out balcony door instead. She tosses her bag over balcony rail, then jumps down into hay wagon below. Zachary is waiting for her by the horses.]

Zachary - I want MacLeod's quickening.

Amanda - You helped me steal the jewels. MacLeod's head wasn't part of the deal. Besides, you'll have to fight a troop of soldier to get to him.

Zachary - [looks up toward window, considering, then back at Amanda] Another time.


[later, same night]

[Soldiers barge into room, waking DM.]

Soldier - There he is.

Officer - [as DM reaches for sword] Don't! Don't be foolish.

DM - [looking around at soldiers pointing muskets at him] What do you want?

Officer - [sees signet ring on table, picks it up] An explanation. What you are doing with Baron Holstein's signet ring, for example?

DM - You first. [sighs]

Officer - You stole it last night from the baron's castle... with all his wife's jewelry. But this ring... you stole right off his finger while he slept.

DM - Imagine that. [Officer slaps DM across the face with riding crop.] Don't do that again.

Officer - Are you threatening me?

DM - [matter-of-factly] Yes.

[Officer raises his hand to strike DM again. DM grabs hand & pushes him away from bed, then grabs the two soldiers' muskets, causing them to fire over his head. Officer recovers, draws his sword, & they exchange a few blows, with DM occasionally fending off the soldiers as they try to intervene.]

DM - [holding sword to disarmed Officer's neck] Pick it up. Pick it up! [Officer picks up riding crop.] Again.

Officer - I... I'm... I'm sorry.

DM - [uses tip of sword to slice end of Officer's mustache off] Apology accepted. [grabs clothes & boots] Gute Nacht. [exits onto balcony, puts his clothes on, then jumps down into hay wagon, climbs out & pulls on his boots, looks around in realization] She's stolen my horse. [laughs]

Officer - [on balcony] Shoot him!

[DM runs over to another horse & vaults over horse's rump into saddle (pained exclamation & amusing expression when he lands).]

Officer - My horse! [Soldier is frantically reloading musket.] Shoot! Shoot! [Soldier fires musket as DM rides off into the night.]


Outside circus tent 2

RR - You mean the Amazing Amanda is, like, a thief?

DM - Not like a thief -- she IS one. A master thief who steals when it suits her.

RR - You mean whenever she needs the money.

DM - Yeah, or when she needs a little excitement.

Tessa - But she could have gotten you killed.

DM - Or worse. When I finally caught up with her, she swore she hadn't meant to get me into trouble.

Tessa - Hey, wait a minute. You mean you tried to see her again?

RR - Uh-oh. [laughs]

DM - Well... yeah.

Amanda - [from side of tent] Duncan!

RR - [turns & looks] Yeah, well, who wouldn't?

[Amanda waves & walks to them.]

DM - [steps forward to greet her] Hi.

Amanda - It's been ages! [They kiss each other's cheeks, European-style.]

DM - Barnum and Bailey, 1926. Tour of the Southwest, as a matter of fact. [Amanda glances behind him at Tessa & RR.] They know.

Amanda - Oh... well, I'm sure they don't know everything.

Tessa - You'd be surprised.

DM - [interrupts the developing tension] There was a federal marshall after you back then... after you left the circus. Something about a string of burglaries across five states.

Amanda - I'm sorry, I hope he didn't bother you. After Bavaria, I never forgave myself.

Tessa - You don't look like someone who would worry much about forgiveness.

RR - [leaning close] Tess -- you do know that they all carry BIG swords with them. [off Tessa's look] Hey, it's just a thought.

Amanda - You've always had a taste for beautiful and spirited women, Duncan.

Tessa - And modest. Don't forget modest.

DM - Time to go. It's been thrilling.

Amanda - It's been sixty-five years. A girl might think you're trying to avoid her.

DM - Now how could you think that? Good-bye, Amanda.

Amanda - If you ever want to run away with the circus again, look me up. [leans in to kiss him, but he brings her hand up between them & kisses it instead]

DM - I will. [joins Tessa & they walk away]

RR - Listen, you know, you should, uh, stop by... you know, maybe say hello, something like that.

Amanda - I'd love that.

<RR - I've, uh, I've got a business card somewhere around here... CUT [searches jacket pockets, pulls out wallet] Here you go. [hands her a card] Just, uh, feel free, drop by... anytime... love to see you. [DM's hand reaches from off screen, grabs him by the shoulder, & pulls him away.] Bye-bye.>

DM - [as they walk to car] So, now you've met Amanda.

Tessa - [shortly] Yep. Now I've met Amanda. [keeps walking as DM stops & exchanges a shrug with RR]


Circus grounds, night 2


<Ringmaster - [as Amanda comes out of her trailer] Hey, Amanda... there's a guy waiting for you in the tent. Says he knows you.

Amanda - Oh, thank you, Jules. I was expecting him.

Ringmaster - Okay, fine.


Inside circus tent 2

Amanda - Hello? [senses 'buzz'] So you couldn't stay away. Hello...? Where are you?

Zachary - [from behind curtain] You haven't changed a bit.

Amanda - Zachary.

Zachary - Amanda. [as Amanda drops to her knees & reaches under a bench for her sword... which isn't there] Finders, keepers. [holds up her sword, clicks his tongue] You've become a creature of habit.>

Amanda - You escaped.

Zachary - Yes. You know, it wasn't easy getting out of a maximum security prison. Even for me. I had to play crazy to get outside the walls. After that... [walks toward her] And you know what I missed most? [runs sword tip along her breastbone] It was the feeling... of a good... old fashioned... quickening. [raises sword]

Amanda - Wait!

Zachary - No. After what you did to me, you can't come up with a reason good enough.

Amanda - I can give you ten million reasons. In American dollars.

Zachary - Funny... you'd think that would be enough. [gets ready to swing sword] CUT

<Amanda - I can give you the head of Duncan MacLeod!

[Zachary lowers sword.]>


Barge - on deck 4


<[It is raining. RR comes out of cabin & begins removing his laundry from clothesline on barge deck. He looks up & sees Amanda coming up gangplank. She is holding an umbrella & wearing low-cut, revealing rain jacket.]>

RR - Ah, bonjour, mademoiselle. Tu as l'... l' bien bel air aujourd'hui.

Translations: Bonjour, mademoiselle - Hello, miss; Tu as l' bien bel air aujourd'hui. - You have a quite beautiful air today. (perhaps: 'You look very beautiful today'?)]

Amanda - [laughs] I've always thought French was overrated as a love language, haven't you?

RR - Absolutely.

Amanda - And you should only use "tu" when you know someone really well. VERY well. [RR nods, eyes beginning to glaze over.] When will Duncan be back?

RR - Who?

Amanda - Duncan.

RR - Duncan... Duncan, yes, Duncan MacLeod. Uh, he will be, uh, he... [pauses, brain starting to work again] I don't know, uh... Maybe you should ask Tessa.

Amanda - Ah. [changes tactics] I'm sorry. I don't think you've told me your name.

RR - My name? Richie. Rich-- ah, ah, ah, Richard. [shakes her hand]

Amanda - Richard. The lionheart. I knew him.

RR - [skeptical] Richard the Lionheart. Yeah, right. [off Amanda's look] Really? [She nods slightly, smiles.] What was he like?

Amanda - His, uh, lion heart wasn't his only animal attribute. [steps closer, puts her hand on RR's chest] He had... the stamina of a bull. His muscles would ripple under his skin like a... fine stallion when he... well. [looks down, smiles as if embarrassed, then looks RR in the eyes] Yes. You DO remind me of him.

RR - I do?

Amanda - [nods] Mm.

RR - Ah, yes, yes, uh, I do. I do.

Amanda - When did you say Duncan would be back?

RR - [completely under her control] Any minute now.

Amanda - It was very nice meeting you... Richard. [walks away toward cabin door]

RR - [lets out a breath] Yeah. Richard. The lionheart. I like that.


Inside barge 4

[Tessa is sketching a charcoal portrait of Amanda's face.]

Amanda - [enters, sets folded umbrella by door] Knock-knock. [Tessa looks up.] Sorry to barge in, no pun intended. [comes down stairs] This is quite charming, in a claustrophobic sort of way.

Tessa - Well, we can't all live under the Big Top and wear rhinestones on our bodysuits. Can I help you with something?

Amanda - Yes, I was hoping to catch Duncan at home.

Tessa - No pun intended.

Amanda - [smiles, sees sketch] So you're an artist?

Tessa - [closes sketchbook] I do sculpture, mainly. This is just a preliminary sketch for something.

Amanda - Ah, sculpture. I knew Rodin. He seldom used sketches. He preferred to go directly to the clay. He liked to work it with his hands. Very sensual man. I modeled for him... among other things.

Tessa - Well... [picks up coat] You'll have to tell me about those "other things" sometime, but right now I have to go.

Amanda - [senses 'buzz'] Well. [sits down on couch] Just in time to say goodbye to Duncan.

DM - [enters barge] Why am I not surprised?

Tessa - The ghost of Christmas past came to pay you a visit. Don't unwrap any presents while I'm gone. [kisses DM, leaves]

Amanda - She's quite refreshing in a gauche sort of way. I think I like her.

DM - What do you want, Amanda?

Amanda - I need your help.

DM - I'm sorry, I don't do second-story work. Or maybe you need a getaway driver.

Amanda - I gave up my life of crime, Duncan.

DM - That's what you said in Constantinople, two hundred and fifty years ago.

Amanda - I succumbed to an impulse.

DM - I was nearly flayed alive when they came looking for you.

Amanda - But you got away. You always do. Someone's after me.

DM - The police?

Amanda - No. One of us. I felt his presence last night.

DM - Who was it?

Amanda - I don't know. But he's not a fan. Could you just... I don't know, keep an eye out for me? I need someone to hold my hand.

DM - That's a switch. I usually end up holding the bag.

Amanda - Not this time, I promise. [as Duncan considers] Look. [holds up sketch] I think she's caught me, don't you?


Sword shop 5

[Zachary enters, looks around briefly.]

Pierre - [comes from back room] May I help you, monsieur?

Zachary - I bought a sword in here, some, uh... some time ago. Unfortunately, it was lost.

Pierre - Ah...?

Zachary - It was forged in Toledo, with a Damascus blade, an Austrian saber.

Pierre - I remember selling just such a sword... but that was before your time. Perhaps you are thinking of one of our very fine copies. [removes sword from wall display & hands it to Zachary, who swings it around some, testing it] That is indistinguishable in appearance from the one you lost.

Zachary - It may look the same, but it doesn't feel the same. [hands sword back] I don't want this for show. I need a blade that can stand up to the finest steel ever made. Do you understand me?

Pierre - Of course, of course. You are a purist. I do have one original... made in Toledo, of Damascus steel.

Zachary - Get it... please.

[Pierre sets first sword on counter & removes another from different wall display. He pulls it from its scabbard & hands it to Zachary.]

Zachary - [holding sword] Yes.

Pierre - There was a man in here thirty years ago who handled a sword just like you. You... you resemble him.

Zachary - Really? [looks at sword again] I'll take it.

Pierre - Monsieur must be aware that such a sword would cost forty thousand francs.

Zachary - I'm not sure I have quite that much on me.

Pierre - Well, we do take credit cards.

Zachary - Ah. [studies sword's blade for a moment, then runs old man through the heart with it] I won't leave home without it. 2


Establishing shot: Traveling circus 2

Circus grounds - near trailers 2

Amanda - He's not here.

DM - Yeah, so I see.

Amanda - [at her trailer steps] Why don't you come inside? I have a Veuve Clicquot '76 on ice. As I recall, it's your favorite year.

DM - That was EIGHTEEN seventy-six. And my tastes have matured since then.

Amanda - You know, I know you won't believe this, but... there've been a lot of times when I missed you. I know it isn't mutual.

DM - There never was another Immortal, was there?

Amanda - You just... you think I made it up to get you here?

DM - Well, it had crossed my mind.

Amanda - I'm not that hard up. Goodbye, MacLeod. [enters trailer]

[DM walks off through circus grounds, then senses 'buzz'. Zachary jumps over stack of hay bales & they begin to swordfight. Amanda watches from a distance.]

DM - [as they exchange blows] Hah, come on!

Hobo clown - [investigating the commotion with Henry, the lion tamer] Hey, you! Hey, you! [Several circus workers arrive.]

Worker - Hey, what the hell's going on here? [DM & Zachary stop fighting.]

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod. I don't think we've had the pleasure.

Zachary - I know who you are. We'll meet again, Highlander.

[Zachary runs off & DM turns to look at Amanda, who shrugs slightly.]



DM - And you're sure you've never seen him before?

Amanda - If I owned a bible, I'd swear on it.

DM - Would you?

Amanda - You know, a girl could get used to having someone like you around.

DM - Don't get too used to it. [walks away]

Amanda - Hey! Where are you going?

DM - Home.

Amanda - Well, what if he comes back?

DM - Well, now that your friends know who to be watching for, I doubt you'll have any more trouble.

Amanda - But... you haven't let me thank you properly for saving my life.

DM - Send me a card. 3


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 4

Inside barge

RR - What's up?

DM - [working on laptop] Just checking on a prison break I saw on the news.

RR - Why?

DM - Well, the Immortal that attacked me resembled the guy who escaped.

RR - What's it say?

DM - The man's name is Zachary Blaine. CUT He tried escaping twice before by... walking out on a telephone wire.

RR - Telephone wire? Like a circus guy.

DM - Just like a circus guy.

Tessa - You think there is a connection between this Blaine and Amanda?


Lamartine's Office 6

Henri - I used to be a performer myself, you know.

Tessa - Is that so, Monsieur Lamartine? I'll bet you were a magician.

Henri - No, no... It was in vaudeville. I was 'The Memory Man'. "There's nothing he doesn't know -- no question he..." I forget the rest. After the war, jobs were scarce.

Tessa - So you became an agent.

Henri - I loved show business, especially the circus.

Tessa - How many performers do you handle, right now?

Henri - None at the moment. I retired three years ago. But I come in every day. CUT

Tessa - Have you ever come across a high-wire artist by the name of Amanda... Amanda Darieux?

Henri - I do remember an Amanda, but her last name was... LeFauve. Oh, she was a beauty -- phenomenal talent. Why do you ask? She must have been dead for years.

Tessa - Um, I'm doing research for a book on the history of the circus.

Henri - She and Zachary were stars of the first magnitude.

Tessa - Zachary?

Henri - Zachary Blaine. They were partners for a while. I think... wait... I may have a poster somewhere. [digs through stack of papers on a shelf] I don't find it... Oh, here we are... That's Amanda.

[Henri unrolls poster titled CIRQUE MORENO. Headshots of Amanda & Zachary are below the title. Rest of poster shows male tightrope walker suspended above pen of lions. Bottom of poster reads:

(The wire of iron above a cage of lions
performed by the stunning
Amanda and Zachary)

Henri - Amanda...

Tessa - Monsieur Lamartine... your memory's just as good as it ever was. [kisses him on forehead & leaves]


Inside barge

DM - Okay, okay. They're in it together. But what are they after?

Tessa - Isn't it obvious? They're after your head.

DM - Not Amanda.

RR - Maybe this Zachary fellow is forcing her.

Tessa - That woman doesn't get forced into anything.

DM - There's got to be something else going on.

RR - Why don't I follow her? See what she's up to.

DM - I don't think so.

RR - Aw, trust me, Mac. She'll never know I'm there. CUT

<DM - No.>


Establishing shot: Museum 7

Sidewalk outside museum 8

[Amanda, wearing scarf & sunglasses, walks down sidewalk. She stops as she senses a 'buzz', then Zachary appears, grabs her arm, & drags her over beside the building.]

Amanda - You're hurting me.

Zachary - Good. I should do more than that. What kind of game are you playing? MacLeod almost took my head.

Amanda - It's your own fault. If you would have come an hour later, he would have been drugged and unconscious. Now he knows you're around, it's going to be that much harder.

Zachary - I told you before, I'd have his head or yours.

Amanda - Just relax, okay? You're gonna get it. You still want the ten million, don't you? Well?

[Zachary lets go of her & both walk toward museum. RR watches them go.]


Letellier Museum - main exhibit room 7

Zachary - These books are worth ten million dollars?

Amanda - This one is. [leads Zachary to display case containing beautiful old manuscript]

Zachary - How the hell are you going to fence a thing like that?

<Amanda - I already have a buyer set up. There are two alarm systems. The Fortrin 303 is the mainline and the 122 is a sonic backup. Now, the little box controls the sonic sensor. [indicates small black jewelry box in corner of display case] If you turn it to the right, it deactivates it. [pretends to be confused] Or is it to the left? CUT

Zachary - Don't be funny. You tend to fall behind in prison.>

Amanda - We work it just like the Gottsburg museum. We do it tonight. [notices RR in the crowd]

Zachary - What? What is it?

Amanda - Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Establishing shot: Quay by barge, night 4

Inside barge

DM - Zachary and Amanda didn't go into the museum because they're art lovers.

Tessa - You're walking into a whole lot of trouble -- and for what?

DM - Zachary's motor is running. He won't rest until he takes my head.

RR - Yes, and don't forget about Amanda. From what I could see, she's not a very happy camper.

Tessa - After all she's done to you, why do you care whether she's happy or not?

DM - I don't know, Tessa. She made me laugh when there weren't too many things to laugh about. Maybe that doesn't seem important, but those are the things I remember of her.

Tessa - She makes me feel like I have to compete with her. Maybe if I'd been a lady pirate or something...

DM - Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Richie, give us a moment, would you?

RR - I was just leaving.

DM - [as RR leaves] Hey. [kisses Tessa] Listen to me, young lady. She's no competition. Hm?

Tessa - Duncan... be careful.

DM - [kisses her again] Always.


Circus grounds 2

Amanda - I should have known I could never fool you, Duncan.

DM - Well, so how'd it happen?

Amanda - [sighs] We were partners. You know, a little high wire, a little burglary. He started to get annoying, very greedy... So I needed to get rid of him. I staged my own death and he was convicted of the murder.

DM - Oh, how convenient. So when he escaped, he came looking for you, and you offered him my head instead?!

Amanda - No! That was his idea. He's detested you for centuries.

DM - And why is that?

Amanda - Because he's always felt second best. I guess that's because I told him he was.

DM - [wryly] Thanks a lot.

Amanda - I would never let him take this head; it's much too pretty.

DM - You should leave town.

Amanda - I will. Come with me.

DM - No, I'm sorry. I've already had that pleasure.

Amanda - We could split the money, we could... we could get rid of Zachary, we could--

DM - If I were you, I'd stop wasting my time talking. Because when he finds out that you're not going to show, he's going to be very angry.

Amanda - [pushes DM into nearby tent] Are you sure there's nothing I can do to make you come with me?

DM - Sorry.

Amanda - Me, too. [claps her hands & several circus workers appear]

DM - Why am I not surprised?

Amanda - A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

DM - [sighs, takes off coat] Okay, let's get this over with. [tosses coat to Amanda and takes on the men, eventually taking them all out] A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

[More men run into tent & drop a suspended rope net on DM. As he struggles to get out from under the net, the men surround him & hold him down.]

DM - Amanda!

Amanda - They promise not to hurt you if it isn't necessary, so just be a good boy and they'll let you go in the morning. [waves & walks away]

DM - Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!! Grrah.


Inside circus tent 2

DM - [tied to chair in the ring] How'd she get you guys to do this? [to himself] Like I didn't know. [louder] You know what she's doing right now? She's committing grand theft.

Clown - You expect us to believe you, rube?

DM - Is that what you think I am? A rube? The circus has been in my family for generations.

Clown - Yeah, right.

DM - My grandmother was Zazel the Great.

Clown - The human cannonball?

DM - Yeah. She traveled with the Silbon family aerialists. Even played for Queen Victoria.

Clown - And what was your act?

DM - Did an equestrian bit. They called me The Great MacLeod.

Clown - Never heard of you.

DM - I played the Orient. Hey, look, I can prove it.

Clown - How?

DM - Test me.

Clown - [shakes his head] Amanda wouldn't lie to me.

DM - Oh, trust me. You wouldn't be the first man she's made a clown of. [The clown smiles hesitantly, considering.]


Building next to museum 7

[Zachary, on roof, aims crossbow & fires grappling hook across to small balcony. He makes sure both ends of line are secured, then walks across wire to the museum. He opens the balcony doors, then waves for Amanda to follow. She carefully makes her way across wire & joins him on balcony.] {Note: Look closely above Amanda's head - you can briefly see her safety wire against the gray stone of the building.}


Inside circus tent 2

Clown - Okay, Rube, show us what you can do. [finishes untying DM]

DM - I might be a little rusty.

Clown - [loud & sarcastic] Ha! Excuses from the Great MacLeod. 4 [as DM walks over to horse being led into ring] At a full gallop, you're going to hit each of these targets.

DM - That's right. [mounts horse]

Clown - Now, you see that man over there? [indicates man loading revolver] That's Henry, the lion tamer. He's a crack shot, and they're not blanks he's loading. [Henry points gun at DM. DM smiles & salutes him.] Anything you want to say?

DM - [holding three throwing knives in his left hand] Yeah. It's show time!

[DM kicks horse into a lope around ring & tosses first knife, which hits dead center of first target.]

{NOTE: According to the shooting script -- "MacLeod was never a circus performer, but after hundreds of years of fighting on horseback, you become very good at it."}

Clown - Lucky!

[DM throws second knife, hitting second target dead center. Clown shrugs. DM rises to his knees on horse's back, then stands. Two of the circus people exchange a look, impressed. As horse continues around ring, DM takes aim with last knife & throws it. It hits fuse box on wall, sparks erupt, & the lights go out.]

Circus people - [as DM rides out of tent] Hey! Come back here! Come back here. Get after him! [Henry fires, but DM is already gone.]


Inside museum 7

Amanda - The Fortrin 122 kicks in on the next floor.

Zachary - How long till the guard clears rounds?

Amanda - Twelve minutes.

Zachary - Alright.


Building next to museum 7

[DM finds wire strung across to museum. We don't see him cross, but according to shooting script, he wraps his arms & legs around the wire and pulls himself across.]


Inside museum 7


<[Zachary & Amanda have strung a rope across area directly over display case, from one side of room's 2nd floor walkway to the other. Amanda, wearing harness, hooks herself to zipline & drops down along rope to hang over display case. As DM watches from shadows, Zachary uses second rope-and-pulley system to lower Amanda down to display case. She lifts up glass cover, twists black jewelry box control slightly to the right, then picks up manuscript. Smiling, DM announces his presence by turning on the lights. Amanda & Zachary look up, startled, as he steps forward across the walkway from Zachary.]>

DM - You know, you're really good. I should let you get away with it. You know what? I'm gonna toss a coin. Heads, I let you go; tails, I call the police. Okay? [He pulls out coin & flips it, pretending to put his hand out to catch it but very obviously missing. Zachary & Amanda watch as coin falls in slow motion & hits floor next to display case. When it hits, the sensors are tripped & alarm begins to ring.] Oops.

[Amanda winces & signals Zachary to let her down. He does, then races downstairs to join her. She hands him the manuscript, removes her harness, & they run out of museum as police cars start to arrive.]


Restaurant 8

[Amanda & Zachary break into closed restaurant nearby & pause to catch their breath.]

Amanda - Well, it wasn't the smoothest job I've ever pulled... [takes book from Zachary] ...but it worked. [looks around] Where the hell is MacLeod?

Zachary - [realizing] I should have known this was a setup.

Amanda - What?

Zachary - I help you steal the book, MacLeod takes my head, and the two of you live happily ever after.

Amanda - Okay, Zach, old pal... if that's the way you want it. [pulls her sword from behind her back -- literally out of NOWHERE] Let's get this over with, once and for all.

Zachary - My pleasure. [pulls out revolver] I was saving this for MacLeod, to slow him down, but as they say: "All's fair in love and..." CUT [stops as they both sense 'buzz']

[DM comes out of the shadows, grabs Zachary's gun away from him, then knocks him down.]

DM - [clicking his tongue in disapproval] Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Amanda - I knew you'd come.

DM - Why? Did you miss me?

[Zachary gets to his feet and pulls his sword from behind his back, exactly like Amanda did earlier -- out of NOWHERE. DM removes his from his coat.]

Zachary - Why try to save her, MacLeod? She's betrayed you before.

DM - [exchanges a few blows with Zachary] At least I'm smart enough to stay out of jail.

[The fight takes them out into alley. Amanda follows, watching anxiously. 9 DM eventually disarms Zachary, but before he can move in for the final stroke, Amanda beheads Zachary herself, then gives DM an apologetic shrug.] 10

Amanda - [after Quickening has ended] What's a girl to do? [collapses in DM's arms for a few minutes, then sits up] Look, I have a beautiful villa in the Greek islands. We could bask in the sun for a hundred years.

DM - Amanda...

Amanda - She's going to get old.

DM - I don't care.

Amanda - [after a pause, collects herself] Oh, well. It was worth a shot. [stands, holding book] I'll see you in a circus someday. [turns to leave]

DM - Amanda.

Amanda - [turns back, hopeful] Yes?

DM - Leave the book. [takes book from her]


End of "The Lady and the Tiger"

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