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Episode 19: Eye of the Beholder

Written by Christian Bouveron & Larry Shore
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: May 8, 1992
Transcript revised: 9-2-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Gabriel Piton - Nigel Terry
              Immortal fashion designer

Maya - Katia Douvalian
              French model


Cynthia Hampten - Rachel Palmieri
              model, Piton's lover

Police Detective - Thomas Kaufman

Waiter - Olivier Pierre
              at L'Etoile D'or

Lawyer - Edwin Gerard

Duchess - Manault Deva
              in flashback

Locations List:*
1. Piton's apartment interior - unknown location
2. L'Etoile d'Or cafe - 35 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine [48.847510,2.352801]
3. Fashion show interior - unknown location, possibly in ballroom at Lutetia Hotel
4. Whorehouse interior, English palace - Château de Champs-sur-Marne, Champs-sur-Marne [48.853722,2.604079]: whorehouse - Salon Rouge, bedroom - Chambre d'Honneur, hallway/stairs - Escalier d'Honneur
5. Whorehouse courtyard - Château de Champs-sur-Marne: Fight with guards [48.852739,2.604736], Jump on horses [48.852767,2.605128], Ride away [48.852636,2.604897]
6. Fashion show exterior - Lutetia Hotel, 45 Boulevard Raspail [48.850819,2.327236]
7. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
8. Piton's apartment entrance - unknown location
9. Road 1 - unknown location
10. Road 2 - Avenue Foch, car drives east, U-turns at [48.872531,2.283300]
11. Studio - unknown location (soundstage?)
12. Streets outside store - 1. unknown, possibly west corner of Rue Mercoeur & Rue Leon Frot, 2. from 5 Rue la Vacquerie [48.857768,2.385060] to 10 Rue la Vacquerie [48.857953,2.385230] across Rue Mercoeur/Maillard intersection
13. Jail interior - unknown location, possibly at Château de Champs-sur-Marne
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network, 1998, & SciFi channel, 2008 (or Syfy 2009) (confirmed)
~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & possibly SciFi/Syfy channel (2008/2009) (can't confirm)
~Bolded - USA Network,* 1998 only

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



Piton's apartment, bedroom 1

Cynthia - [lying in bed with Piton] Sometimes I look around and I cannot believe it.

Piton - What can't you believe?

Cynthia - That it is really me in your arms. Gabriel, do you love me?

Piton - I love your grace, your beauty. The way you move, the feel of your skin. Your kisses, your passion.

Cynthia - Gabriel, I want to stop hiding our relationship.

Piton - No.

Cynthia - But--

Piton - I'm serious. Not a word. Come on. We have a show to prepare.

[He gets out of bed, puts on robe, & leaves the room. Cynthia gets up & puts on robe, too. She crosses to small table & picks up earring, then looks around for the other one.]

Cynthia - Gabriel, did you see one of my earrings in there?

Piton - No. You probably dropped it somewhere.

Cynthia - Hm. It's got to be around here someplace.

[She looks around briefly, then is distracted by music box on table in the corner. She starts music box playing & hidden door rotates open next to the table. Cynthia enters hidden room, which is full of treasures -- artwork, clothing, etc.]

Piton - Beautiful, isn't it?

Cynthia - [admiring piece of jewelry] I've never seen anything like it.

Piton - No, you haven't. It was created by Ivan the Great for one of his mistresses. No one has seen it for over three hundred years. How'd you get in here?

Cynthia - I don't know. The door opened. [looks at painting on easel] She's beautiful. Who is she?

Piton - Francesca da Rimini.

Cynthia - Francesca da Rimini? Isn't that the painting that was stolen last year in Italy?

Piton - That's right.

Cynthia - How did you get it?

Piton - I truly am sorry, Cynthia. This was never intended for anyone's eyes but my own.

Cynthia - I don't understand, Gabriel.

Piton - How could you? Everything you see here is in some way connected with the most beautiful women in history. It is my inspiration; it is my secret place [kisses her] ...my secret place.

Cynthia - Secret place? So you don't want me to tell anyone about it.

Piton - Exactly. [kisses her again, then jabs her in the neck with giant hat pin, killing her. She collapses onto a chair and he looks down at her a few moments. 1]


Establishing shot: L'Etoile D'or Café 2

L'Etoile D'or Café (The Golden Star) 2

Waiter - There you are, monsieur. [sets down large platter of shrimp & oysters] Bon appétit.

Translation: monsieur - sir; Bon appétit. - Enjoy your food.

RR - Whoa. What's this?

Waiter - It's what you ordered, monsieur.

RR - Ah, no, no, no. I think you've got the wrong guy. I ordered fruit salad.

Waiter - No, monsieur. You ordered this.

RR - No, no, no, I didn't. I ordered fruit. You know, like bananas, apples, oranges -- that sort of thing.

Waiter - Monsieur, we do not serve fruit. If you want fruit, go to California.

RR - Okay, okay, just -- just excuse me for one moment here, sir. Now just pardon me. [reaches for menu] This is what I ordered, right there. You see that? 'Fruits de mer.'

Waiter - Oui, {??}, oui. Fruits de mer. Exactement. Bon appétit, monsieur. [leaves]

Translation: Oui - yes; Fruits de mer - fruit of the sea (seafood);
Exactement - Exactly; Bon appétit, monsieur. - Enjoy your food, sir.

[Maya, sitting nearby, has been eavesdropping & begins to laugh.]

RR - Excuse me? What's so funny?

Maya - Um, sorry. Maybe I should tell you that in French, 'fruits de mer' means shellfish.

RR - Yeah, well, maybe in France they should just call it whatever it is. Besides, who could eat this stuff, anyway?

Maya - It's good. Try it.

RR - You try it.

Maya - Okay. [moves closer] Hm, let's see. [uses cocktail fork to eat an oyster]

RR - Alright. [takes oyster shell & the cocktail fork]

Maya - What are you doing?

<RR - CUT Just checking to make sure it's still alive. Don't hate me for this, okay? [eats oyster]>

Maya - Good, huh?

RR - Wonderful. [makes a face] You want some more?

Maya - Sure.

RR - [hands her the fork] Help yourself.

Maya - Thanks. My name is Maya.

RR - Hi, Maya. I'm Richie.

Maya - You're American, aren't you?

RR - [laughs] Yes, I, uh, I guess that would be fairly obvious. And you are...

Maya - Late for a meeting. It was nice meeting you, Richie. [leaves]

RR - Yeah. [to himself] Maybe in my next life.


Fashion show, runway 3

[Fine Young Cannibals - "She Drives Me Crazy"

She drives me crazy, ooh, ooh,
Like no one else, ooh, ooh.
She drives me crazy
And I can't help myself
Ooh, ooh.]

[Model on runway enters backstage area. Models are everywhere, along with many other people busy preparing them for their moment in the spotlight.]

[I can't get
Any rest]

Tessa - It's wonderful! I can't believe you managed to get us backstage passes.

[People say]

RR - Me neither.

DM - Oh, well, it's courtesy of an old friend that I have. Figured you'd both like it.

[I'm obsessed]

RR - [surveying the room full of models] Yeah. I like it a lot.

[They watch the activity, as the song continues.]

[Everything you say is lies,
But to me that's no surprise.
What I had for you was true.
Things go wrong; they always do.]

[Maya, in very frilly white dress and... hat? ...is next to go out onto runway.]

[She drives me crazy, ooh, ooh,
Like no one else, ooh, ooh.
She drives me crazy]

[RR sees her going through the curtain & follows.]

Stage Hand - [as RR moves behind him to peer through stage curtains] Excuse me.

[And I can't help myself, ooh, ooh.]

RR - [to himself as Maya turns toward him] Fruits de mer. [pulls his head back, turns to DM & Tessa] I know her. [DM & Tessa share a look.] I'm serious. Yeah, I do. I met her in a café.

[I won't make it,
On my own.]

[DM & Piton sense each other. Piton walks past them out onto runway.]

[No on likes,
To be alone.
She drives me crazy
Like no one else.]

Tessa - An old friend?

DM - Very old friend.

[She drives me crazy
And I can't help myself.]


Flashback - Paris, 1786 - Whorehouse 4


<[DM, very drunk, is enjoying the attentions of a whore. He gets up & dances drunkenly across the room to where Piton is passed out on top of another whore. DM pours some champagne on his head, waking him up.]

DM - So, what is it that we're celebrating?>

Piton - These. [pulls string of pearls out of his shirt]

DM - That's a fine set of pearls.

Piton - None finer. They lately adorned the neck of a marquise. They still carry her warmth.

DM - I think that's not the only treasure that you took from her.

Piton - THAT she parted with gladly. The rest she hasn't discovered yet. [DM laughs.] I left her sleeping the sleep of the truly satisfied.

<DM - You're a thief and a womanizer, sir. [toasts Piton drunkenly with his glass] CUT

Piton - Oh, but a great thief and a great womanizer. [They clink glasses, drink, and set glasses on a tray.] You're right. I love women. I can't get enough of them. I want to make them all happy! [They each grab a whore & embrace her.] I want to make you all happy! How can I do that? I want to please them, Duncan. It's my only goal in life.>

DM - I thought your only goal was stealing their jewels.

Piton - That's... that's a secondary objective. 2


Flashback - Paris, 1786 - Courtyard 5

[DM, leaving with Piton, sees soldiers approaching.]

Soldier - There! The thief!

DM - Ha, I think your marquise just missed her pearls.

Piton - I believe you're right. CUT

DM - [to soldiers] Stop! The odds are unfair.

Soldier - [to other five soldiers] Prepare to fire. [DM & Piton duck to the side.] Fire! [Soldiers fire their muskets.] Reload!

DM - [checking his pocketwatch] I give them thirty seconds to reload. How about you?

Piton - Ah, forty-five.

DM - Forty-five? Ha, you're on.

Soldier - Hurry, reload, you imbeciles. [DM & Piton step back out into alley with their swords out.] Attack!

[Soldiers attack. DM & Piton fend them off. Accompanying music sounds somewhat Indiana Jones-ish - trumpet fanfares & tympani.]

DM - [once all soldiers are down] I make that four for me, and two for you.

<[They climb through a window in courtyard wall as whores come out of their house & look around at fallen soldiers.] CUT

DM - [at window on opposite side of wall] At least my women don't send armed patrols after me.>

Piton - But I wouldn't have it any other way. It adds spice to my love life. [jumps from wall into saddle of his horse]

DM - And lead to your hide! [jumps onto second horse's saddle. They ride away.]

Whore - [inside courtyard] See if he's dead. [All watch as another whore pours water on soldier's face.]


Fashion show, backstage 3

(resume previous scene)


<Piton - [escorts Maya off runway & over to DM & Tessa] Duncan MacLeod. You got my invitation.

DM - [shakes Piton's hand] Yeah, I did. This is Tessa.

Tessa - [shakes Piton's hand] Nice to meet you.

RR - Hello, Maya.

Maya - Hello, Richie. I had no idea I would see you here.

RR - Yeah, well, I'm a bit of a... fashion-monger myself. Listen, you were fantastic... stupendous... incredible. You were, uh...>

Tessa - You were wonderful. I'm Tessa and this is Duncan.

DM - Hi. [shakes Maya's hand]

RR - Oh, yeah, sorry. Uh, listen, can I buy you a champagne or something?

Maya - Sure, but it's free.

<RR - Then great, I'll buy you two. CUT

Maya - Okay, let's go. [They leave.]

Tessa - I'm going to have a look at the clothes.

Female admirer - [to Piton] {??}, Piton. {??}

Piton - Thank you, thank you.

DM - So, it's Gabriel Piton now?> Still trying to make women happy, I see.

Madame - [to Piton] Magnifique.

Piton - Thank you, thank you. [to DM] Succeeding, Duncan. Succeeding. You're looking fit. Not quite in my league, but fit enough.

DM - Well, I guess you don't really want to put your money where your mouth is.

Piton - I have a training area at my apartment, if you care to join me.

DM - [smiles, shrugs] Maybe.

Piton - Think about it. [leaves]

[DM smiles, shakes his head, turns to look across room.]



RR - Cheers. [clinks glasses with Maya]

Maya - Cheers. [They both take a sip.]

RR - So, what's up?

Maya - I hope I didn't seem too nervous out there.

RR - Nervous? If anybody should be nervous, it's definitely me.

Maya - Why?

RR - Well, look at you, Maya, you, uh... you look quite a bit different now.

Maya - [looks up at the ceiling, sighs] 3 I just hope I did okay. A chance like this doesn't come along every day.

RR - What do you mean?

Maya - Oh, you know, my roommate, Cynthia, was supposed to do the show.

RR - Right...

Maya - But she had to leave town suddenly, so Piton asked me to fill in.

Piton - [joining them] And you were magnificent.

Maya - Mr. Piton, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Richie Ryan.

RR - Sure. Hey, uh, glad to meet you.

Piton - Well, most people are. [smiles, turns to Maya] We need to discuss the next show. [begins to lead her away]

RR - Ah, um, listen, Maya... you, uh, you want to go out later and grab a bite to eat?

Piton - I'm afraid she can't. She's joining me at a reception.

RR - Maya?

Maya - [over her shoulder] I'm sorry, Richie. Next time, maybe.

DM - [approaches with Tessa] You ready to go?

Tessa - We found something for me. Something-- [kisses her fingers -- 'perfect']

DM - YOU found something for you. I didn't.


Street outside fashion show 6

[Maya & Piton walk through hotel lobby to entrance.] 4

Reporters - [as Maya & Piton exit] 'Ah, here he is.' [Camera flashes.] 'Yes, there they are.' 'All right, all right.' 'I'm going to take a shot over there.' 'Piton, here!'

RR - [standing outside with Tessa & DM] C'mon, let's go.

Detective - [intercepts Piton at his car] Excusez-moi, monsieur. Mademoiselle, I'm with the police.

Maya - What?

Detective - May I have a word with you?

Maya - Police?

Piton - What's this all about?

Detective - We've discovered a body. We believe it to be Cynthia Hampten.

Maya - Cynthia?

Piton - My God.

Maya - Wha... What... what happened?

Detective - She was killed with a sharp object and left in an alley next to the Seine. We've been unable to locate her family. Do you think you could come with me to identify her?

Maya - I... I don't... I don't know.

RR - [has been watching the exchange] I'll go with you.

Piton - That won't be necessary. [to Detective] If you'd like to come with us...? [They get into the car.]

[RR goes to stand by DM.]

Man - [offscreen] Taxi.

[Car door closes offscreen as DM & RR are left standing outside the hotel. 5]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge, night 7

Inside barge, night

RR - I just got a very, very suspicious feeling about this Piton character from the first second I laid my eyes on him.

Tessa - You mean the second you saw HIM lay eyes on Maya.

DM - Richie, Piton and I have been friends for a long time.

RR - Yeah, well, you're the one who said the guy's a thief. CUT

<DM - So what are you driving at?

RR - I don't know. I can't put my finger on it. I just don't trust him.

DM - Richie, he's an Immortal. He's not somebody you want to tick off.>


Establishing shot: L'Etoile D'or Café 2

L'Etoile D'or Café (The Golden Star) 2

RR - How well did you actually know Cynthia?

Maya - We'd only been roommates for a couple of months.

RR - Was she seeing anybody?

Maya - [ponders his question for a second] Why do you want to know?

RR - I'm just curious.

Maya - Ah-hm.

RR - She was seeing somebody, wasn't she? 6

Maya - Yes, she was, but she never told me who.

RR - Mm-hm?

Maya - I guess he was married or something.

RR - And what about her and Piton?

Maya - What about it?

RR - How'd they get along?

Maya - [thinks, shakes her head] Great, as far as I know.

RR - Did they ever get together outside of work?

Maya - If they did, I never saw them. 7 Listen, Richie, what Mr. Piton does is not my business.

RR - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, right. Maya, somebody killed Cynthia and what if Piton had something to do with it?

Maya - No, he couldn't. Listen, Richie, it was nice talking to you. [stands]

RR - Maya... Maya, please, listen, listen. [grabs her arm] If you need me...

Maya - [pulls away] No. [leaves]


Barge, on deck 7

[DM is performing kata with wooden stick. He is wearing headphones & his moves appear to be synchronized to the background music of the scene, as if that is what he is listening to.]

RR - Mac?

DM - [continuing kata] What?

RR - Is this a bad time?

DM - [slightly sarcastically, still performing kata] No.

RR - Good. Do you understand women?

DM - Occasionally.

RR - Well, then, will you tell me why they're always going for the guys who are jerks?

DM - If you're talking about Piton, that's not exactly difficult to understand, is it?

RR - Oh, pardon me for being so stupid. I mean, the guy's an arrogant, humorless, self-centered son-of-a-bitch. What's not to love? 8 self-centered-- (This line replaces "What's not to love?" in the USA Network version.)

DM - [stops kata] Richie...

RR - He's an ass, and you know it. 9

DM - You're dealing with a guy who has three hundred years' experience with women as your competition. [returns to kata]

RR - You think that's what this is all about?

DM - [pauses again] Isn't it?

[RR walks away in frustration as DM continues kata.]


Establishing shot: Piton's apartment entrance, night 8

Piton's apartment, bedroom 1


Piton - Maya, I know how hard this was for you, but I just want to tell you -- I thought you were spectacular in the show. I never realized how special you are.

Maya - You're saying that just to make me feel better.

Piton - No, I never say anything I don't mean. I think Cynthia would be pleased if you were the one to fill her shoes.

Maya - But I never even thought...

Piton - I know. [brushes her cheek with his hand]

Maya - Can I have that drink now?

Piton - Of course.

[He leaves the room & Maya wanders around, looking at things. She finds Cynthia's missing earring at base of a sculpture & picks it up.]

Piton - [walks up behind Maya, looks at sculpture] It's an interesting piece, isn't it?

Maya - [sharply] What? [beat] Yes, yes, it's lovely. I forgot... I have to meet someone. I need to go. Thanks for everything. I'm sorry.

Piton - I understand.

[Maya leaves.]


L'Etoile D'or Café (The Golden Star) 2


Maya - [tosses earring onto table] I found it last night at Piton's apartment. It was Cynthia's.

RR - Yeah, and...?

Maya - She was wearing the other one when she died. She got them for her birthday. The police asked me about it.

RR - I knew it! So now we know Piton was with her the night she died.

Maya - But he told the police he did NOT see her. Why would he lie?

RR - Maya, you know why. You've got to take it to the police.

Maya - But what if it's nothing? If I go to the police and they question Piton, my career is finished. Don't you see? This is my chance, Richie.

RR - I know, but Maya, if he DID waste her, then you're just protecting him, and where does that leave you?

Maya - But it's just an earring.

RR - You're right. It's not enough.


Outside Piton's apartment building 8


<[Piton exits building, gets in car & is driven away. RR crosses the street, uses burglary tool to open door, & slips inside.]>


Inside Piton's apartment 1

[As RR makes his way through Piton's apartment, he sets off motion detection device on the wall that begins to blink.]


Back seat of car 9

[Piton hears beeping noise, picks up small pager-like object sitting beside him on the seat & looks at it. His car makes a U-turn & drives back the way it came.10]


Piton's apartment 1

[RR is looking around when he hears downstairs door buzz & open. As Piton comes up the stairs, RR looks around for a place to hide & ends up hiding in wardrobe against the wall. Piton enters room & looks around. Telephone rings & he walks over to the desk to answer it.]

Piton - [into phone] Yes.... Now's not a good time.... Later.

[He hangs up phone, then sees wardrobe door is slightly ajar & moves closer to investigate. RR shoves the door open, knocking him aside, & tries to run, but Piton trips him.]

Piton - Nice to see you again.

RR - [gets up] I know this looks bad...

Piton - Why are you here?

RR - [glances at display of sketches nearby, gets an idea] I was a little short, and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Piton - What are you talking about?

RR - The designs. They... they... they wanted the designs for your fall collection.

Piton - Who wanted the designs?

RR - The guys. You know, the guys.

Piton - What guys?

RR - The guys with the noses.

Piton - What are you talking about?

RR - The knock-off artists. They said they'd cancel my gambling debt if I stole them.

Piton - I don't believe you.

RR - I swear.

Piton - And if you didn't steal my designs, what would they have done to you?

RR - Only broken both my legs.

Piton - You would have been better off.

RR - You did kill her, didn't you? You son-of-a-bitch. [looks behind him, 10 grabs bottle of brandy off side table, throws it at Piton. Piton ducks & bottle breaks against nearby table.]

Piton - Are you quite through?

<RR - CUT [lights a match (which he apparently just happens to have in his back pocket - good practice for pulling swords out of nowhere later on, I guess.)] Not quite. [He throws lit match at spilled liquor & it catches on fire. Piton cries out as the fire starts to burn his clothes. RR runs out of the room. Piton flails about, yelling, still on fire. 11]>


Inside barge

DM - What's the matter with you?! In all this time that you've been with me, haven't you learned anything yet?

RR - Oh, Mac, gimme a break. He killed that girl! I'm going to the cops.

DM - And tell them what? You found an earring so you broke into his apartment and -- and you set him on fire?

RR - Okay, okay. So I admit it looks a little funny. [gets mad] Oh great, just great! What the hell am I supposed to do now?

DM - I think you've done enough already! Piton hasn't lasted this long without taking a few heads. I want you to leave him alone. [heads toward door]

RR - Where are you going?

DM - To talk to him!


Piton's gym 1

<Piton - [sparring with DM, using wooden staffs] Your young friend has caused me a lot of trouble. CUT He thinks I killed Cynthia, doesn't he?>

DM - Did you?

Piton - MacLeod, you know me.

[Sparring continues.]

DM - You didn't answer my question.

Piton - You've killed. You believe there are things worth killing for.


Piton - What about beauty? Flawless, timeless beauty. Perfection itself. Wouldn't you kill for that?

[More sparring. DM knocks Piton off his feet.]

DM - Life is beautiful; that girl was beautiful.

Piton - Yes, she was, but the beauty was transitory. [catches himself] Hey, I was just using her as an example. I thought you'd understood that.

DM - [helps Piton to his feet] I understand. Now I want you to understand something.

Piton - What's that?

DM - You owe me.


Flashback - England, 1803 - English palace 4

[DM is making love to a beautiful woman in her thirties, the Duchess. Suddenly he senses 'buzz' & sits up.]

DM - I have to go.

Duchess - Duncan, stay.

DM - No, Duchess, I'll be right back.

Duchess - [as DM gets out of bed] What are you doing?

[Piton, in another room, shoves gold necklace into his shirt & grabs his sword.]

[DM kisses the Duchess, salutes her with his sword, & goes out into corridor, where he finds Piton.]

DM - You took the necklace. The one that you admired at the ball this evening. I asked you not to as a special favor to me.

Piton - Forgive me. It was too tempting.

DM - Why didn't you just run?

Piton - I avoid duels, MacLeod, but I never run from them.

DM - I haven't come for your head.

Piton - And I haven't stayed for yours. You want the necklace back.

DM - The Duchess is a special friend of mine.

Piton - She's a very rich friend. She won't miss it. [DM says nothing.] Ah, the famous MacLeod sense of honor.

DM - [correcting him] Principle.

Piton - I, too, have principles. And the first among them is that I never give up that which I have acquired.

DM - You design dresses for the wealthy now. A man of your talent has no need to steal.

Piton - [scoffs] I need nothing from these fools, MacLeod. You fight for the rich, I create for them.

DM - I fight for my friends, as you well know.

Piton - Well... then, what do we get, you and I... from our rich friends? Crumbs from the table. They will never part with their most valued assets.

DM - I consider their friendship is their most valuable asset.

Piton - [astonished] All the gods protect us, the man's serious. Very well, then. I'll leave you the lady's friendship and take her necklace.

DM - Why that necklace? I saw 12 Why that necklace? I saw 13 larger baubles on a dozen women at the ball this evening. (There is a different shot here in the domestic versions.)

Piton - Larger, gaudier, but none as perfect. CUT

DM - The Duchess won't live forever. You can steal it back from her heirs.

Piton - I am a patient soul, MacLeod, but with my luck, you'd probably befriend her heir as well. No, I've grown attached to that necklace. More attached than your head will shortly be to your shoulders if you try to stop me. [DM raises his blade in silent challenge.] So be it.

[They begin exchanging blows. DM eventually disarms Piton.]

Piton - Oh, what a loss to generations of women yet unborn. I've so much left to create. So many beautiful gowns. It's a tragedy.

DM - Your modesty's very touching, Gabriel. Where's the necklace?

Piton - [hands necklace over] Farewell, my lovely.

DM - I suggest you leave the palace tonight. I'll make your excuses to the Duchess.

Piton - You're a man of terrifying principle, MacLeod.

DM - And you are a fool... but a gifted one. You have the talent of making women both look and feel beautiful. And rarer still, you make them happy. It's a talent of yours I've always admired. I'll return the necklace. [turns to leave]

Piton - MacLeod. [DM pauses.] I suppose this means I owe you.

DM - Yes, I suppose it does.


Piton's gym 1

(resume previous scene)

Piton - You'd risk your life and challenge me for a mortal?

DM - 'Fraid so... if I had to. But I won't have to, will I?

Piton - [grudgingly] As you said, I owe you. I won't hurt the boy.


Inside barge

[RR wanders around barge, picks up DM's katana, swings it around a few times, & takes a stance with it.]

<RR - CUT [imitating DM] I am Duncan Macleod of the clan MacLeod. [raises sword to a blocking position, now imitating CM] And I am Connor MacLeod. Same clan, different vintage. [swings sword around some more, making swishing noises as he goes]>

DM - [watches silently, almost sadly, for a moment before announcing his presence] 14 No one's ever beheaded themselves before, but you might make history.

RR - I was just getting the feel of it.

DM - Sure. How is it?

RR - It's good. It's good. I think I could really get the hang of it if somebody was to teach me.

DM - Not a chance.

RR - Oh, come on. You're the one who's always telling me I need to know how to defend myself, right?

DM - Right, I'll just give you a quick lesson and off you go.

RR - Good.

DM - Give me that. [takes katana from him] You know how you fight an Immortal?

RR - [thinks] With your wits and cunning.

DM - [serious] You take out your gun and you shoot him in the chest. Then you shoot him again, and again. And when he rises...

RR - I shoot him again.

DM - No. You run like hell.


[later] 7

RR - [playing chess with Tessa] That's your move?

Tessa - Mmm. [RR moves his queen across the board & takes her queen.] Aw, come on.

RR - C'est la vie. [phone rings] I'll get it. [answers phone] Hello.

Translation: C'est la vie. - That's life.

Piton - [into phone] Richie?11

RR - [into phone] Yeah.

Piton - [into phone] You know who this is?11

RR - [into phone] Uh-huh.

Piton - [into phone] If you want to see your girlfriend again, come to the studio alone.11

RR - [into phone] Look, just don't--

Piton - [into phone] If I see anyone else, she dies.11

Tessa - [as RR hangs up, frowning] Who was that?

RR - Wrong number. [Tessa just looks at him.] Uh, listen... I gotta go. [grabs his jacket]


Outside Quincaillerie (hardware store) 12

[Sign over door reads: FOURNITURES INDUSTRIELLES (Industrial supplies).]

[RR exits store carrying long thin object wrapped in brown paper, its shape suggestive of a shotgun. He moves to nearby alley & unwraps paper, revealing a white cane. He puts on pair of sunglasses & pretends to be blind, using cane as he walks down the street.]

RR - [as friendly pedestrian offers to help him cross the street] Thank you. Thank you very much. [at opposite curb] Yes, right here, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

[Policeman watches as RR approaches curb across street from him. 15 As RR steps off curb to cross street, Policeman crosses street to assist him.]

Policeman - Need some help there?

RR - Oh, thank you, sir, very much. [As policeman helps him across adjoining street, RR reaches behind his back and lifts his gun from its holster.] Thank you. I appreciate it.

[RR waits for policeman to move out of sight, then sticks gun in waistband of his pants & ditches cane in a garbage can.]


Piton's studio 11

RR - [enters & finds Piton] Where is she?

Piton - What are you talking about?

RR - [points gun at Piton] Where's Maya?

Maya - [enters room] Richie! What are you doing?

Police officer - [appearing behind RR] Is this the one?

Piton - That's the man. He's the one that broke into my apartment and threatened to kill me.

RR - [as two more policemen appear and grab him] What are you doing? What are you doing? HE'S the murderer!

Policeman - You're under arrest.

RR - He's the one who murdered that girl! [as men drag him out of studio] Maya, tell him about the earring! Cynthia was at his apartment the night she died! Tell him! You son-of-a-bitch, you're going to pay for this!

[Piton turns to look at Maya.]


Dock by barge 7

[DM is practicing a kata beside the barge. He stops as Tessa drives up in his car.]

Tessa - Get in. The lawyer's waiting.

DM - What lawyer?

Tessa - Richie's in jail. He went after Piton with a gun.

DM - Oh, no.

Tessa - He set Richie up. The police were waiting for him.

DM - He said he wouldn't hurt him. Move over. [gets into driver's seat] At least he's alive. 16


French jail 13

RR - [as DM, Tessa, and French lawyer approach] It's about time. Have you paid the bail?

Lawyer - Bail? What is 'bail'?

DM - In case you've forgotten, Richie, this is France.

Lawyer - Eventually the judge will see you, monsieur, and he will then decide if you must remain in jail until your trial.

RR - Okay, fine. Let's go see the judge.

Lawyer - I'm afraid that is impossible.

RR - Why is that impossible?

Lawyer - Ah, because the judge is on vacation. But fortunately, he will be back tomorrow.

RR - Tessa...? Duncan...!

Tessa - I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.

DM - Don't worry, Richie. The chef's probably French.

RR - You can't leave me here.

DM - All things considered, it's probably safer.

RR - And what about Piton?

DM - Piton let you off easy. You could be dead.

RR - It's Maya who's going to be dead!

Tessa - What do you mean?

RR - She's with Piton. He knows she found the earring.


Piton's studio 11

Maya - [standing in front of mirrors as Piton makes adjustments to dress she is wearing] It's late. I really should be getting home.

Piton - Patience, it's almost done. [turns Maya to face him] What's all this business about an earring? You never mentioned anything to me.

Maya - I found it the other night. I did not tell you anything because I did not think it was important.

Piton - You told that boy. How much did Cynthia tell you about us?

Maya - Nothing. I didn't know.

Piton - Too bad. Now you do.

Maya - You DID kill her.

Piton - Don't act so shocked. You've suspected me all along.

Maya - Why?

Piton - Just bad luck for her... and now for you.

Maya - I won't tell anyone. Please. I swear, you can trust me.

Piton - Trust is a very fragile thing. [kisses Maya, then grabs her throat with his hands. Maya reaches for pair of scissors & stabs Piton in the side.] Ahh. [Maya runs off. Piton grabs his sword from nearby table & runs after her.] Maya!

Maya - Stay away!

Piton - I will always remember how beautiful you were. [raises sword to kill her]

Maya - Nooo!

[Piton pauses as he senses 'buzz' of MacLeod appearing above them. MacLeod jumps down to their level.]

Piton - Quite an entrance. You always had a flair for the dramatic.

DM - Maya, get out. Tessa's waiting in the car.

Piton - We're friends, MacLeod.

DM - Not anymore. [pulls out katana]

Piton - Well, you know what they say... breaking up is hard to do.

[Both bow slightly, then begin to fight. Piton pushes mannequin at DM & knocks katana from his hand, then kicks katana away & backs DM up to the stairs. DM climbs a few steps, dodges some blows, then vaults the stair rail & reclaims katana. Another few blows are exchanged & DM beheads Piton. Quickening occurs, ending with DM by the stairs, crying & angry.]


Barge, on deck 7

RR - I'm sorry, Mac. I know he was your friend.

DM - Things change. How's Maya?

RR - She's, uh, fine, I guess. She, hah, she left for Monte Carlo with a Formula One driver.

DM - Don't worry, she'll be back.

RR - You really think so?

DM - Nah, not really. Just trying to be nice.


End of "Eye of the Beholder"

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