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Episode 20: Avenging Angel

Written by Fabrice Ziolkowski
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: May 1, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-2-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend


Alfred Cahill - Martin Kemp
              insane newbie Immortal

Elaine Trent - Sandra Nelson
              Tessa's friend, call girl


Dominique Battini - Patrick Floersheim
              Claudine & Elaine's 'manager'

Claudine - Nathalie Presles
              call girl, Cahill's first victim

Charles Bagnot - Yan Brian
              Elaine's 'customer'

Locations List:*
1. Courtyard - Church of Saint-Séverin, 2 Rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin [48.851799,2.345427]
2. Templars' building - Hopital du Saint Esprit/Le Caveau du St. Esprit, 34 Rue de Jouy, Provins [48.564828,3.284633]
3. Bar interior / street - outdoor set at SFP Studios (Studios de Bry), 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
4. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
5. Street by bar - Rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin [48.851921,2.345102]
6. Place de la Bastille - Angel statue [48.853177,2.369125] from camera position 1 [48.851197,2.369307] & camera position 2 [48.851603,2.367903]
7. Apartment - 48 Boulevard de la Bastille [48.851197,2.369307] & street corner [48.851438,2.369243]
8. Train station - 25 Rue d'Alsace by Gare de l'Est Terminal [48.877934,2.358311]
9. Park bench - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello [48.852110,2.347465]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network* (1998) & possibly Syfy (2010) (can't confirm Syfy)
~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & Syfy (2010) (confirmed)

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.


Templars' building courtyard 1

[Plaque on outer wall of old stone building reads:

('Here lived Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templars.')


Templars' building interior 2

Cahill - [walks down stairs into large room, falls to his knees in front of large cross] Help me, Father. Help me... I'm fighting them. I'm fighting... Protect me from the fires of hell... I've tried so hard to please you. [louder, angry] What do you want from me!?


Inside bar 3

Cahill - [raises glass] Here's to my dad. I hope the sanctimonious bastard rots in hell. [drinks, laughs a little] You haven't had anyone like me, before.

Claudine - Well, you'd be surprised what I've had.

Cahill - Yeah? Well, I'm a genuine war hero.

Claudine - Yeah, you're a real killer, I can tell.

Cahill - You ever heard of the S.A.S. Commandos? The Falklands, Iraq -- I was there. Not even a scratch.

Claudine - [bored & completely unimpressed] How exciting.

Cahill - Yeah, well, you don't look very excited.

Claudine - Well, look, you're my third war hero for the week. [stands, leans in close] Come on. Let's go to my room.

Cahill - Are you saying I made it up?

Claudine - No, baby. I like a man with imagination. Now, come on.

Cahill - [stands abruptly, voice raised] You calling me a liar, bitch?

Battini - [sitting at bar with glass of red wine] You have a problem there, my friend?

Cahill - [looks around, raises his hands, more cocky than contrite] Mind your own business.

Battini - I am. She works for me.

Cahill - Then tell her to shut her lying mouth! [backhands Claudine hard across the face, knocking her down]

[Battini's bodyguards and the bar patrons go after Cahill, who proceeds to prove that he really was a Commando by taking them all down.]

Cahill - [to Claudine] And now we're going to see about correcting YOUR nasty attitude, huh?

[He looms over her, preparing to hit her again, and she stabs him in the chest with a handy knife (according to the shooting script, a stiletto from her purse). He groans and staggers back, stumbling out of the bar and down the street. <DM, sitting in his car, senses 'buzz' as Cahill staggers past him, his hand clutching the handle of the knife still imbedded in his chest. DM gets out of the car to follow and car horns begin to blare.] CUT

Driver - Hey, come on, what're you doing?

[Other drivers yell in French. DM is undecided for a moment, wavering between moving his car and leaving to follow Cahill. Finally he raises his hands in exasperation and takes off after Cahill.]


Templars' building courtyard 1

[Cahill sinks to the ground against wall of building & dies. DM follows, approaches him cautiously, then removes his wallet from his jacket pocket. As he moves off to look through it, Cahill takes a breath and opens his eyes. He sees the plaque about Jacques de Molay, smiles, and pulls knife from his chest.]

Cahill - It's a miracle.>

DM - That's what we all say... the first time.

Cahill - "We?" Who the hell are you?

DM - Someone like you.

Cahill - [stands, walks a few steps toward DM, holding knife up in defense] I know you. You're the angel Gabriel.

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod. [holds wallet out to Cahill]

Cahill - [takes wallet, looks around, laughing slightly, then looks up at bas relief statue on building] Thy will be done!

DM - You don't understand--

Cahill - [whirls & pushes DM aside, then runs off] You were right, Dad! You were right all along!

DM - [gets up & runs after him] Wait!

Cahill - I have seen the coming of the angel of the Lord!

DM - [trailing behind] Wait! [gets to gate at entrance to Templar building's grounds, but Cahill has disappeared]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 4

Inside barge, next morning

Tessa - So he didn't know he's an Immortal?

DM - He does now.

Tessa - Does he know the rules?

DM - No. I tried talking to him, but he thought I was an angel.

Tessa - [laughs wryly] I know better. [punches numbers into cordless phone] I've been trying to get in touch with an old friend. I keep leaving messages on the machine, but she doesn't call me back. [into phone] Hello, this--

Elaine - [on phone] Hello?

Tessa - [into phone] Elaine!

Elaine - [on phone] Yeah?

Tessa - [into phone] I've been calling you for days. It's Tessa!

Elaine - [on phone] Tessa?

Tessa - [into phone] Yeah, it's me. How are you?

Elaine - [on phone] Oh my God, I -- I -- I'm good, I'm good.

Tessa - [into phone] When can I see you?

Elaine - [on phone] Oh, Tessa, this is a really bad time for me...

Tessa - [into phone] Come on, you can't be that busy.

Elaine - [on phone] Okay, how about tomorrow?

Tessa - [into phone] Wonderful! Where?

Elaine - [on phone] At my apartment in the Marais.

Tessa - [into phone, while writing on notepad] Okay. I'm looking forward to it.

Elaine - [on phone] Yeah, me too.

Tessa - [into phone] And there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Elaine - [on phone] Is he cute?

Tessa - [into phone] No, he's ugly, short and poor.

Elaine - [on phone, laughs] Perfect.

Tessa - [into phone] Goodbye, Elaine. See you real soon.

Elaine - [on phone] Okay, bye.

Tessa - [hangs up phone] I haven't seen Elaine since we were teenagers. She's an interior decorator right here in Paris.

DM - [concentrating on laptop screen] Yeah? And I'm the ugly, short, and poor one? [smiles]

Tessa - Elaine was beautiful and bright. I don't want her getting any ideas. What are you doing?

DM - Uh, I took his wallet and glanced through it. Found his name and some information.

Tessa - So you've been 'hacking' on the computer again.

DM - Yeah, well, it's either that or fill out twenty forms and wait six months.

Tessa - [reading from screen] "Alfred Cahill." English?

DM - Yes. As a matter of fact, he was honorably discharged from the Royal Air Force, according to the card he carried. [hits a few keys, looks at screen] Interesting.

Tessa - [looking at screen] "Access denied. Classified."

DM - Yeah, which may mean he was a member of an elite organization. There was a code on the discharge card. [taps some more keys] Let's see if we can find out what it means. [reads screen] "Discharged, failed psychological screening."

Tessa - Which means he's crazy, right?

DM - It's a possibility.

Tessa - Finding out you're immortal must be quite a shock to the mind...

DM - You have no idea.

Tessa - But what will it do to someone who's already insane?


Street outside bar 3

Battini - [gets out of car, walks around to driver's window] I'll be right back, Jean-Paul. You just wait here. [pats side of car, walks toward bar] 1


Inside bar 3

[Battini walks through bar to table in back corner where Claudine is sitting alone, smoking a cigarette.]

Battini - You were dumb lucky. The guy just disappeared.

Claudine - Maybe he fell in the Seine.

<Battini - Maybe you didn't stick him as hard as you thought. CUT Anyway, chalk it up to your guardian angel. Listen, Jean-Paul's outside with the car-->

Claudine - I don't feel much like working today.

Battini - Well, I don't much care how you feel.

[A beat, then Claudine stands, grabs her bag, and leaves the table. She goes outside & gets in back seat of waiting car.]

Claudine - [digging in her purse, pulls out small black book] Come on, Jean-Paul, what are you waiting for? Let's go. [leans forward & taps driver on his shoulder] Hey, wake up.

[The driver slumps over sideways lifelessly.5 Suddenly Cahill appears, opening passenger door behind driver.]

Cahill - We meet again. It's God's will. And we were having such a lovely conversation last night, weren't we? Huh? [takes black book from her] Look at these names and addresses. Well, this will come in very handy. Thank you.

Claudine - You're dead.

Cahill - Well, that's exactly what I thought! But He has seen fit to resurrect this here humble servant. It seems like he's got some special work for me. And do you know... do you know what that special work is? Huh?

Claudine - [silent for a moment, scared] I d--

[Cahill wraps his hand around her throat & strangles her, cutting off her reply.5 He gets out of the car and walks away.]


Establishing shot: Place de la Bastille, night 2 6

Elaine's apartment, night 7

Elaine - [into phone] Wait, slow down.... I don't understand.... What?... Claudine!? But why?... Look, I can't talk right now. I'll phone you back. [hangs up phone, crosses room to older gentleman, Charles Bagnot]

Bagnot - You were positively awe-inspiring, my dear Elaine.

Elaine - [laughing] Charles, it's you, you know that. You bring out the best in me.

Bagnot - Oh, well, in that case, perhaps I can stay a bit longer.

Elaine - Now, now, come on...

Bagnot - We could do something--

Elaine - You know that if you stay, I turn into a pumpkin... and you don't want that. Come on.

Bagnot - [sighs, puts on his coat] That friend of yours who's coming...

Elaine - Mm-hm?

Bagnot - He's not--

Elaine - SHE is going to be here any minute now. [threads rosebud through buttonhole of his suit jacket] You have to go.

Bagnot - Girlfriend?

Elaine - Mm-hm.

Bagnot - Perhaps the three of us could...

Elaine - Now, Charles! You know I don't want to share you with anyone. [kisses him quickly] Now run along. Go on. [pushes him toward door]


Apartment hallway 7

[Bagnot exits apartment, presses button for elevator. He sniffs the rosebud on his lapel, then looks over & acknowledges a man (face is hidden from camera, but it is Cahill) standing nearby, holding a bible & cross. Elevator arrives & he holds the door as Cahill moves forward.]

Cahill - Thank you.


Apartment lobby 7

[Bagnot & Cahill exit the elevator. Bagnot begins walking away when Cahill speaks, stopping him.]

Cahill - How was she?

Bagnot - I beg your pardon?

Cahill - I'm not asking for your pardon. I'm asking how was she... the whore? I mean, was she better than your wife?

Bagnot - My good man...

Cahill - [grabs Bagnot by the neck, choking him] You're a sinner. So was I. I know what it's like. You know, my -- my dad told me all about sin. He preached against it night and day. Long nights he put the strap to me, as he had me kneeling on the cold floor. But I turned against him and his preaching. I went the other way. [Cahill pushes Bagnot down, still strangling him.] That was wrong! I should have listened to him. You know, he could quote the good book, my dad could. [Bagnot struggles weakly.] "The man that committeth adultery and the adulteress shall surely be put to death." [Bagnot stops struggling, dead. Cahill stands & backs away.] Leviticus. [walks away]


Establishing shot: Place de la Bastille, night 6

Apartment lobby, a few minutes later 7

Tessa - Elaine and I were both crazy about art when we were in school. She must be doing well.

DM - Yeah, must be. [stops suddenly]

Tessa - What is it?

[DM looks around, sees Bagnot lying nearby. He goes over and confirms the man is dead, notices rose in his buttonhole.]


Elaine's apartment, same evening 7


Elaine - Wow, some reunion, huh?

Tessa - It's terrible.

Elaine - Yeah. It gives me the creeps, actually.

Tessa - Mac, she could stay with us while Richie's in Amsterdam.

DM - Yeah.

Tessa - [to Elaine] We've got a spare bedroom.

Elaine - Oh, that's very kind, really, but I'll be fine. I'm going to go to my place in the country, I think.

Tessa - Okay. If you'd be more comfortable.

Elaine - Thanks.

Tessa - That poor man...

Elaine - It's awful.

DM - You never saw him before? [wanders over & examines bouquet of rosebuds on table - the same as the one in Bagnot's lapel]

Elaine - No. He must have been visiting somebody else in the building.

<DM - CUT Well, I do hope we meet under better circumstances.>

Elaine - Oh, me, too, really.

Tessa - [collecting her coat] You'll be fine?

Elaine - Yes. Bye, Tessa. [As they hug & kiss good-bye, DM turns briefly back toward the bouquet. His hands are offscreen, but...]

Tessa - Call me as soon as you get back.

Elaine - I promise.


Apartment lobby 7

DM - [speaking to older woman, presumably the concierge] Thank you. [rejoins Tessa]

Tessa - Did she see anything?

DM - She saw someone coming in. From her description... I think it's Cahill. [They exit the building, walk away down sidewalk.] 3


Outside apartment building, night 8

Tessa - [walking up steps with DM] Imagine finding someone dead on your doorstep... even if you didn't know him.

DM - Elaine knew him. [Tessa gives him a look.] The concierge also told me that he visited her once a week, regular as clockwork.

Tessa - What? Did she say why?

DM - Not to the police. She doesn't want the trouble.

Tessa - I don't understand.

DM - [reaches car, opens passenger door] He visited your friend, Elaine. [pauses, then elaborates] He was a regular. [walks around to driver's side]

Tessa - A regular? [realizes] Not Elaine! She's an interior decorator.

DM - It's as good a cover as any for what she does.

Tessa - No. No, it can't be true. The concierge has got it all wrong.

DM - [sighs] Remember the rose we found by the body? [sets rose bud on top of car] That one I found in her apartment. [gets into car as Tessa picks up the rose & looks at it sadly]


<Templars' building 2 CUT

[Cahill walks toward Templar building,1 enters, kneels in front of cross.]

Cahill - [cries out, loudly] Nooooo!>


Outside apartment building, day 7

[Cahill watches from across the street as Elaine enters the building.]


Apartment hallway 7

Battini - [as Elaine exits elevator] Hi. I told you it was safe to come back here. Told you I'd be looking after you.

Elaine - Is that what you told Claudine?

Battini - I was afraid she'd killed the bastard. Now I wish she had. Aren't you going to invite me in for a drink?


Elaine's apartment 7

Elaine - So what are you doing about it?

Battini - I've got people out there looking for that lunatic. They're very good.

Elaine - Was that supposed to make me feel safe or something? Hm? You know, you just want me back in town, 'cause you're losing money.

Battini - Oh, come on. Look, I'm sorry about Claudine, I'm sorry about Jean Paul. They were my friends; I liked them, too. But nobody's going to shut Dominique Battini down.

Elaine - That's right. I always forget we're just property to you.

Battini - You know that isn't true. [beat] I've got about half an hour.

Elaine - I'm not in the mood. [stands up] I'm going to take a bath.

Battini - Wait. [grabs her arm] You seem to be forgetting who your real friends are. It's a crazy world out there... it's full of whackos. I'm the one that protects you. [Elaine pushes his hand away angrily.] Okay. All right, you're upset. Fine. Take a couple of days' rest, then call me. All right?

Elaine - [quietly] Yeah.

[Battini leaves. Elaine has a drink as phone rings. 4 Close on phone as it rings, 5 answering machine comes on.] (In the domestic version, the close-up of the phone is slightly longer, and the ringing and answering machine voice-overs are offset from the video compared to the DVD version.)

Elaine - [recorded message] Hi, I'm sorry I'm not available. Please leave a message. [machine beeps]

Tessa - [on machine] Elaine, this is Tessa again. Please call me as soon as you get in.


Outside apartment building 8

Tessa - If she's back, she's not picking up the phone.

DM - Well, we may as well go over there anyway. What do you say? [They begin walking.]

Tessa - What am I going to say to her?

DM - What do you want to say to her?

Tessa - I know what she'll want to hear. That it's okay... That I understand. [beat] But it isn't okay.

DM - Tessa, she hasn't killed anyone.

Tessa - [turns on him, angry] Yes, she has! She killed a good friend of mine. A young, intelligent, lovely... She had so much, and she became a WHORE! [pauses, then sadly continues] I sound like her judge and jury. [DM gives her an understanding smile.] CUT


Elaine's apartment 7

[Door chimes. Elaine answers door, wearing a robe. Tessa & DM are standing in the hall.]

Tessa - You ARE back.

Elaine - Yes, just got in. I was going to phone you, but, uh...

Tessa - Elaine, Mac thinks you might be in danger.

Elaine - Me? Why?

DM - I talked to the concierge -- about the murdered man and why he came here.

Elaine - [resigned] Won't you come in.

DM - [exchanges a look with Tessa] I'll be back in a while. And, uh, don't open the door to anybody else but me. [leaves as Tessa enters apartment]


Outside apartment building 8

[Cahill is standing nearby, holding his bible & cross. DM walks down the street & briefly senses another Immortal. He looks around & keeps walking.]


Elaine's apartment 7

Elaine - I had it all planned out.

Tessa - What planned out?

Elaine - When you phoned me, and um, I found out you were back in Paris, I started rehearsing what I would say to you. How successful I'd become as an interior decorator. I'd even started clipping out a few pictures from magazines... to show you... as if -- as if they were... you know, as if I... [trying not to cry]


Outside apartment building 8

[Some of Battini's toughs sit in a vehicle, watching Cahill 'preaching' across the street.]

Tough1 - Come on, let's go take care of this guy.

Tough2 - Sit tight.

Cahill - My soul is free! I have been reborn! [DM watches him from across the street.] I was evil! My father knew it. He tried to beat the evil out of me! I've been in love! In love with killing and whoring and sin... [DM gets closer & Cahill reacts to his 'buzz'. He looks up at the sky briefly.] But I was struck down like Saul at Damascus. I have been reborn! To search out and destroy the wicked. [Absolutely nobody in the crowd is paying attention.] I am stalking all you sinners back to your lairs. You will not escape me this time. [DM walks up to Cahill.] Archangel Gabriel.

DM - We have to talk.


Elaine's apartment 7

Elaine - It's like someone just held up this big mirror... you know, like the ones in public bathrooms lit with the fluorescent light bulbs that make you look two days dead. When you called me, I suddenly saw myself. And I remembered all the lies... See, we're, um... we're really good at lying. We lie to our customers, to the pimps... ourselves. "Oh, poor Elaine, couldn't break in as a decorator in big bad Paris. So, what else could she do?" Right?

Tessa - It's not too late, Elaine. I'm sure you could do--

Elaine - Oh, please, don't patronize me, Tessa! God, I can't stand that. The truth is, I really got tired of working as a waitress. I got tired of walking up the six flights of stairs to my converted maid's quarters, bathing out of the kitchen sink. I got tired of being poor.

Tessa - You can get out.

Elaine - It's not that easy.

Tessa - More lies.

Elaine - [shakes her head] Oh, Tessa. You were always stronger than me. This never would have happened to you. You know, I, uh... This is stupid... but I'm... very proud of you.

[Tessa looks down, then back at Elaine. She stands and goes to her friend.]

Elaine - [scoffs at herself] As if you even care.

Tessa - You know I do. When Mac gets back, we'll get out of here. 6


Outside apartment building 8


<Tough2 - When we get out, I want you to come to the bottom of the stairs. Now remember, you've only got three minutes to do this job.

Tough3 - Let's do this clean.

Tough2 - Do you understand?

[The two toughs in the back seat (TanCollar and DarkHair) get out of car.]

Cahill - How'd you know about my step-dad?>

DM - I know a lot of things about you that YOU don't even know yet.

Cahill - Right. You know, my stepdad, he knew I was different the first time he set eyes on me, too. I've got the welts to prove it. All the time, preaching about the power of sin. Whippin' and preachin'. You know, that belt of his could whistle in the wind like you've never seen.

DM - The Lord had nothing to do with why your stepfather beat you.

Cahill - Don't say that! He died for his beliefs. And for that belt of his, too. You know, they could never pin it on me. I was always too smart. [beat] I am a sinner.

DM - Cahill...

Cahill - Please, look, no more talk about the Gathering, okay?

DM - Men will be after your head for the Quickening.

Cahill - I get your game. You're testing my faith. But I know I can't die. Let the blood of other sinners wash my soul clean!

DM - The killing is over. I can't let you do this.

[Remaining two Toughs (Turtleneck and Driver) get out of car across the street.]

Cahill - You can't stop me. Now I know who you are -- you've been sent by the Fallen One to stop me from doing my work! [runs down stairs to lower street level and is met by TanCollar]

TanCollar - Mr. Battini sends his regards. [draws gun & points it at Cahill. Cahill kicks his hand aside as gun fires.]

Driver - [as DM moves to interfere] Keep out of this.

DM - Sorry. [turns to Driver, begins fighting him & Turtleneck as Cahill fights TanCollar & DarkHair. By the time DM has taken out his two, Cahill has disappeared.]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 4

Inside barge 4

Elaine - So what you're saying is that there's this religious lunatic stalking me. Well, I am not about to convert.

DM - That's not what he wants. 7

Elaine - Well, I'll just phone Battini, and he'll take care of it.

Tessa - He won't be able to stop him, Elaine.

Elaine - Why not?

DM - Because he hasn't dealt with anybody like Cahill before.

Elaine - Oh, and you have.

DM - Yes.

Elaine - Tell me, how come you know so much about this guy?

DM - That doesn't matter.

Elaine - To hell it doesn't.

Tessa - He only wants to help you, Elaine.

Elaine - Thanks, thanks a lot, but I've had PLENTY of help from the men in my life.

DM - FINE! Then go. Go on. Go get yourself killed.

Elaine - A-all right, look... um, can you really help me?

DM - I can try. But first we have to get you out of Paris.

Elaine - I need to phone Battini first.

Tessa - Don't forget to leave him a forwarding address.

Elaine - Ooh, you're even tougher than I thought. [beat] Okay, let me just go to my apartment so I can pack a few things, hm?

DM - I'll go with you.

Elaine - Okay.

Tessa - [as Elaine leaves] Mac... you're mad at yourself, I can tell.

DM - I could have taken his head and ended this. I shouldn't have hesitated. The shock of his resurrection and the discovery of being Immortal has just fed all his delusions. It's just pushed him over the brink. He's insane.

Tessa - Enlightened societies don't kill their insane. They treat them.

DM - I think there's only one way to treat Cahill. [beat] I've got to go. [kisses her, then before she can say it...] I know -- I'll be careful. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Place de la Bastille 6

Elaine's apartment 7

Elaine - I'll, uh, I'll just be through in a minute.

DM - Okay. [turns as Battini unlocks door & enters]

Battini - Who are you?

DM - I'm a friend of Elaine's. You must be, uh [pretends not to remember] Bami -- Batti -- Battini! Is that right? Battini?

Battini - Yes. I didn't know she was, uh, expecting company.

DM - Well, she wasn't expecting you.

Battini - She's always glad to see me.

DM - Things change.

Battini - [to Elaine] Going somewhere, doll?

Elaine - I'm through with the game, Battini.

Battini - What's that? There must be something wrong with my hearing. Did you just say you were quitting?

Elaine - Look, you heard me.

Battini - What's the matter? Haven't I always taken good care of you?

DM - [picks up Elaine's bag] Like a prince.

Battini - [as DM carries bag away] Look, uh, I realize things have been tense. Take a vacation, that's fine. Two, three weeks. Four weeks. I don't mind. I can wait.

Elaine - Yeah? You're going to be waiting a long time.

Battini - [to DM] Isn't she something? When I found her, she was waiting tables. She thought she was an interior decorator or something... except nobody would let her wallpaper an outhouse. She smelled like kitchen grease, and the waiters couldn't keep their hands off her ass.

Elaine - Would you shut up!

Battini - [ignores her] Wait a minute -- I taught her everything, right? And you think you can just walk in here and try to take over? Are you trying to put the move on me?

Elaine - Stop it.

Battini - Shut up!! [to DM] Are you trying to put the move on ME, Dominique Battini?

DM - It's not like that.

Battini - Oh, I think it is. You have five seconds to get out of here.

DM - [sighs] Okay. [starts counting, being a smartass] One... two... three... four... [Battini pulls a gun. DM grabs him & throws him to the ground.] Drop it! Drop it. [Battini drops the gun.] Elaine's retired. Now, when you've got time to think about it, you'll realize that's for the best. [pats Battini on the cheek] For everyone. [releases Battini, stands up]

Battini - [still lying on the floor, to Elaine] I never thought you'd go over to the competition, you bitch. 8

Elaine - Don't worry, I didn't. You're still the biggest pimp in Paris.

[They leave the apartment. Battini gets up.]


<Apartment hallway 7 CUT

[Elaine pushes button for elevator impatiently.]

DM - Stairs.

[They start down the stairs.]

Elaine - [after a few floors] Could you hold onto this for a second, please? [hands DM the bag she is carrying so she can put her coat on. They continue down the stairs.]


Elaine's apartment 7

[Battini, in the apartment, stands looking out the windows for a minute, then comes to a decision and grabs his gun from the table where DM left it. He leaves the apartment & presses button for elevator.]


Apartment lobby 7

[Cahill gets in elevator downstairs & closes elevator door.]


Stairwell 7

[As DM & Elaine continue down the stairs, DM suddenly senses 'buzz'.]

Elaine - What is it?

DM - Take the car. Go back to the barge. [hands her the keys]

Elaine - Where are you going?

DM - Cahill's here. [goes back up the stairs. Elaine stops on landing & watches him go.]>


Apartment hallway 7


<[Elevator reaches Battini's floor. He opens the door and Cahill grabs him & chokes him. Elaine hears Battini cry out and, leaving her bag on the landing, starts running back up the stairs. DM continues running up the stairs ahead of her (at least five floors). Cahill goes down in the elevator as DM climbs the last flight. DM sees Battini dead on the floor.]

Elaine - [coming up last flight] Duncan?

DM - [as she reaches him] I told you to go back to the car.

Elaine - I heard him scream. He came here looking for me, didn't he? If I had been here, instead of Bat--

DM - It's all right, it's all right, he's gone. Let's get out of here. [follows her back down the stairs]>


<Elaine - [grabbing her bag from the landing] I'm not going to be able to leave the country now. The police are going to be looking for ME.> God, what a bloody mess.

DM - The police will find him.

Elaine - I was talking about my life.

<DM - We all have things we regret. [sees man & boy coming toward them as they reach the next floor and grabs Elaine's arm, pulling her in the other direction] This way. [begins different conversation, to be overheard] So, sweetheart, what are you going to do at your mother's tomorrow? CUT

Elaine - [after waiting for man & boy to get out of range] You know what I regret the most? That I'll never have a shot at a decent guy like you.>

DM - You don't know that. Come on.

Elaine - Yeah, right. Everybody wants to settle down with a used-up whore. 9

DM - Elaine, people reinvent themselves all the time. You weren't born a call girl. Nobody has to know what you did here. The world is a big place. You can change whatever you like. [makes sure the coast is clear out in the lobby] Go on.

Elaine - Sounds like the voice of experience.

DM - You have no idea. [follows her outside]

Elaine - [outside now] I like you, Duncan MacLeod. I think Tessa's lucky.

DM - I'm lucky.

Elaine - Ah, she's lucky she has someone who knows that.

DM - Okay, so we're both lucky. [Elaine laughs.] What are you going to do?

Elaine - I don't know, Duncan. I've been lying all my life. To my parents, my friends, everybody -- myself, especially. If I started so-called 'reinventing' my life now, wouldn't I be doing just more lying?

DM - [opens car trunk, puts bags inside] Look, if I didn't-- [stops mid-sentence, starts again] Most people can only handle so much truth. If you meet a guy who CAN handle it... [shrugs, closes trunk] Otherwise...

Elaine - How'd you get to be so smart?

DM - Trial and error.

Elaine - Ah.

DM - Like a rat that bumps into a lot of walls until he finally learns the maze. Lots of trial and error. [holds passenger door open for her] Hop in.

Elaine - Thank you, Mister MacLeod. [gets into car]

DM - You're welcome, Miss Trent. [closes door, gets in on driver's side] 10


Templars' building 2

Cahill - He has fallen, as Lucifer fell. His soul dwells with the devil. For Your kingdom and Your glory... Duncan MacLeod must die.


Inside barge 4

Tessa - [at knock on door] I'm coming. [opens door] Can I help you?

Cahill - I came for the devil... and I found his whore.

Tessa - [backs away from him] What do you want?

Cahill - [approaches her slowly] To save you. [grabs her by the throat] You shall be cleansed.

Tessa - [playing along] Praise the Lord, you're here. I know you've come to save me. [falls to her knees at his feet]

Cahill - [his hand still on her throat, but no longer choking her] It is his will.

Tessa - The Lord told me you would be coming. He said we would pray together, and I would have his blessing.

Cahill - [pleased] He spoke about me?

Tessa - Oh, yes... Yes. He watches you... He favors you.

Cahill - [considers this, then grabs Tessa again] You're lying! He hates you. You're a whore.

Tessa - So was Mary Magdalene. [Cahill releases her again.] He said his messenger, a man reborn, would free my soul.

Cahill - I am reborn. I am Jacques de Molay. I died for Him. [gets down on his knees in front of Tessa and grabs her hands] Pray with me. Pray with me and you will be saved through my prayer... and you will help me kill MacLeod.

Tessa - Yes.

Cahill - [quietly] Where is he?

Tessa - He's looking for you.

Cahill - [suddenly angry] Where?!

Tessa - He wouldn't tell me. He knew I was his enemy. He knew I would betray him.

Cahill - [kisses her on the forehead, then holds her against him] You have done well, my sister. Very well.

Tessa - When he returns, I'll let you know. Just tell me where I can reach you.

Cahill - [lets go of her, finally] CUT I find them all... sooner or later. [rises & leaves]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 4

Inside barge, later 4

<Elaine - [enters barge with DM] Let me know if you have any connection with anyone who could get me a fake passport -- anything to help me to get the hell out of Dodge, you know what I'm saying?> CUT

DM - Tess? [hangs up his coat] Tess? [sees her sitting by the bed, her back to him, then sees her sketchbook on the couch -- she has drawn a portrait of Cahill.] Tessa? [carries sketchbook up to the bed & kneels beside her] He was here?

Tessa - [tearfully] He thinks he's on a holy crusade.

DM - [hugs her] It's all right. It's all right. Did he hurt you?

Tessa - [shakes her head, begins to cry] No. I had to crawl inside his head. I had... I had to think like him. I had to become like him.

DM - [quietly] It's okay, it's all right.

Tessa - [pulls back, looks at him] He's mad, Duncan. He's stark raving mad. He believes he's been reincarnated, that he was someone named Jacques de Molay or something.

DM - Jacques de Molay? He was the last leader of the Knights Templar. He was burned at the stake.

Elaine - [joining them] He couldn't think he was Napoleon, like everybody else? [Tessa laughs a little through her tears.] What the hell's a Templar?

DM - They were a fanatic order, sworn to protect pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

Elaine - They don't sound like such bad guys to me.

DM - They used their faith as an excuse to kill and plunder across three continents. They became the richest order in Europe. Hidden treasures, secret passages, and their headquarters are right here in Paris. [grabs coat & leaves barge]

Elaine - [to Tessa] It'll be okay. 11


Establishing shot: Place de la Bastille, night 6

Templars' building courtyard, night 1

[DM walks up to building & senses Cahill's 'buzz'.]


Templars' building 2

[Cahill, inside building, senses DM's 'buzz'. Cahill is now wearing a costume reminiscent of a Crusades knight (white tunic with red cross over dark gray knit long-sleeve hooded shirt resembling a suit of chainmail).]

Cahill - [hiding behind support column as DM enters the room] I prayed and you have been delivered unto me.

<DM - [looking around, but not seeing him] Cahill, listen to me...

Cahill - Why should I, MacLeod? Does Eve listen to the serpent?

DM - Sometimes the shock of being Immortal--

Cahill - There is no shock. There is only glory.> CUT

[DM reaches large cross at end of room & Cahill lunges at him from his hiding place, attacking him with a battle axe, presumably taken from one of the suits of armor scattered through the room. (Which is possibly where he got his costume, as well.) The fight eventually ends with DM running Cahill through with his sword.]

Cahill - [clutching the wound in his belly] See! You can't kill me! I'm Immortal! I'm His avenging angel! [exchanges another few blows with DM, gets knocked down] You won't do it.

[DM beheads him and takes the Quickening. Apparently Templar buildings aren't holy ground.]


Park bench outside St. Joseph's, day 9

DM - [as Tessa walks up and joins him on a bench] Hiya. How's Elaine?

Tessa - She's gone. Moved out. No message, nothing. Not even a forwarding address.

DM - CUT At least she's free to do what she wants now.

Tessa - But how could she leave without saying good-bye?

DM - There are times you have to start over.

Tessa - And forget about your friends?

DM - Sometimes you have to.

Tessa - She still could have said something.

DM - Well, maybe she will someday... when she gets to where she wants to be. Come on. [They walk off together, then run through a flock of pigeons.]


End of "Avenging Angel"

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