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Episode 21: Nowhere to Run

Written by David Abramowitz
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: May 15, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-3-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Col. Everett Bellian - Peter Guinness
              an Immortal

Allan/Alan Rothwood - Anthony Stewart Head
              Tessa's childhood friend
    (Allan = closed captions, opening credits;
     Alan = shooting script, Watcher Chronicles)


Mark Rothwood - Jason Riddington
              Alan's son

Lori Bellian - Marion Cotillard
              Everett's step-daughter



Charles Dartmore - ??
              young soldier in flashback

Captain - ??
              in charge of firing squad

Locations List:*
Country mansion/roads/countryside - unknown location(s)
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - USA Network* (1998) only
~Bolded - SciFi/Syfy channel (2009) only
~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & possibly SciFi/Syfy channel (2009) (can't confirm)
~Bolded - USA Network (1998) & SciFi/Syfy channel (2009) (confirmed)

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Duncan MacLeod]
I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.



French road, day

(NOTE: This is an alternate opening scene from the 1998 USA Network version of the episode... and presumably part of the official Eurominutes.)

[Lori walks slowly down road, holding sweater closed over torn front of dress. Leaves & bits of dried grass are in her hair. Flashes of Lori & Mark sitting in yellow sports car, Mark kissing her.]

[J.C. Phillips - "The Hunter"

[He's trackin' her down
With a drink and a smile.
He's movin' up closer.
Her mouth's gettin' drier.]

[Flash of Mark kissing her, his hand unbuttoning her sweater.]

[But somethin' doesn't feel right.
Touchin' her skin...]

[Back to Lori walking down the road.]

[He wonders if it's all right,
And how did this begin.]

[Back to sports car, Mark getting more frisky.]

Lori - [pushes him away] I want to go home.

[Flash of Lori walking down road.]

Mark - I thought you liked me.

[Flash of Lori walking down road.]

[The hunter, the hunter...
The hunter, the hunter...]

Mark - You want to go home? [Flash of Lori walking down road.] Okay. That's up to you. [leans across & opens her door]

[Flash of Lori walking down road.]

[He's thinkin' 'bout connection
And where it's gonna lead.
The charm of her reaction.
The feelings they feel...] 1

(NOTE: This is the DVD version of the opening scene.)

[A yellow sports car drives down road as rock music plays.]

[J.C. Phillips - "The Hunter"

[He's trackin' her down
With a drink and a smile.
He's movin' up closer.
Her mouth's gettin' drier.

But somethin' doesn't feel right.
Touchin' her skin,
He wonders if it's all right,
And how did this begin.]

[Convertible stops by side of road.]

[The hunter, the hunter...]

[The driver, Mark, leans over & kisses girl in passenger seat.]

[The hunter, the hunter...]

[He begins to unbutton her sweater & she pulls away from the kiss.]

Lori - Don't unbutton, please.

Mark - Sure. No pressure.

[He kisses her again.]

[He's thinkin' 'bout connection
And where it's gonna lead.
The charm of her reaction.
The feelings they feel...]

[He starts to unbutton her sweater again, & again she pulls away from him.]

Lori - No.

Mark - I thought you liked me.

Lori - I do like you.

Mark - Good. [He resumes kissing & unbuttoning. She stops him again.] Now what?

Lori - [sighs] Look, I'm sorry. I'm not ready.

Mark - Maybe we should... Maybe we should practice. [goes back to kissing her, now getting frisky with her breasts through unbuttoned top of sweater.]

Lori - [pushes him away] I want to go home.

Mark - This, uh, this isn't a taxi service. You want to go home? Okay. Okay. [leans across & opens her door] That's up to you. [She gets out.] Hey. Come on. Hey. [He follows her.] I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. <I acted like an idiot. CUT Come on... Look, okay, I'll take you home.>

Lori - What is it?

Mark - What? [pause] Sometimes, when you're -- you're with somebody... that you really like... What I mean is... when I kissed you just now, I kinda... I couldn't... [strokes her face with his hand] If you weren't so damn beautiful...

Lori - [looks up at him] You think I'm beautiful?

Mark - [nods] Very. [kisses her]

[The treetops spin overhead & Lori screams.]


Same road, some time later

[Lori walks slowly down road, holding sweater closed over torn front of dress. Leaves & bits of dried grass are in her hair.] 2

Bellian - [drives up & stops on opposite side of road] Lori. [gets out & walks over to her] Where have you been?

Lori - Daddy.

Bellian - [hugs her] Lori... What happened?

Lori - I told him no. He wouldn't stop.

Bellian - Who did this to you?

Lori - He hit me, and he kept--

Bellian - [grimaces, reaches out, 3 grabs her arms] Tell me!

Lori - Let go.

Bellian - Who is he?

Lori - You're hurting me.

Bellian - [quieter] His name, Lori. I want his name.


Rothwood Chateau, outside front gates

DM - Open the gate, would you, Richie?

RR - Gotcha. [gets out of back seat of car]

Tessa - Alan was the first man I ever loved.

DM - Should I be jealous?

Tessa - Very. I was seven. He was nineteen.

DM - [teasingly] Oooh.

Tessa - When he joined the diplomatic service after college and left the country, I was heartbroken. Even then I had a thing for older men. Maybe I should thank him.

DM - [laughing] Maybe you should. [drives through, waits for RR to close gates] So how many people did you say were going to live here?

Tessa - Just two. We would visit almost every Sunday. Alan's mother and my mother were very old friends. [RR gets back into car.] It was magical. There were parties to dress up for and horses to ride.

RR - Sounds just like my childhood, except for the parties, the magic, and the horses.

[Tessa laughs.] 4

[DM drives car through fog to chateau.]


Rothwood Chateau, front entrance

Alan - [opens door as Tessa runs up steps to hug him] Tessa!

Tessa - Alan!

Alan - Wow, would you look at you! [as DM enters] You must be Duncan.

DM - Right.

Alan - Please, go right in.

RR - Thank you.

[They enter & look around.]

Alan - [to RR] Alan Rothwood.

RR - Hi. I'm Richard Ryan, but feel free to call me Richie.

Alan - My son will be happy to have someone his own age to talk to.

RR - Great.

Alan - Mark, where are you? Come down here. [Mark joins them.] My son Mark.

Tessa - Hi.

RR - [shakes Mark's hand] Hi, Mark. I'm Richie. It's nice to meet you.

Mark - [to RR] Excuse me. [crosses to Tessa, reaches for her hand] Hi.

Tessa - Hi. Tessa.

Mark - Mark. My father said you were very beautiful. He's right.

Tessa - Your father's prejudiced.

Mark - Hardly. [motions toward her hand] And, uh, you're not married.

Tessa - [indicates Duncan] But well spoken for.

Alan - And still as beautiful as ever. Come, let me show you around. I'm afraid time hasn't been too kind to the old place. It will be months before we can move in. Actually, I was hoping you might be able to help me put it back together.

Tessa - A little paint, a little polish -- the place will be as good as new.

RR - [to Mark, as others move away] Nice harp. [Mark just looks at him, then walks away. RR clears his throat & follows.] This place is incredible.

Mark - If you like drafty ruins in the middle of nowhere.

RR - It's not that bad.

Mark - Right. And for our afternoon's activity, we'll watch the grass grow. And you can forget about the women around here -- the cows have more style.

[Flashback to Mark kissing Lori beside tree.]

Mark - [continues] And better legs.

RR - [not sure how to respond, so changes the subject, picking up carved African statue] Tessa tells me that you've lived just about everywhere in the world.

Mark - Diplomat brat. That's me. Look, I know you're trying to be friendly, but what's the point? I mean, I know we're both guys, but really... that's all we have in common. [takes statue from RR & puts it on mantle across the room]


Inside chateau, another room

Alan - No one's lived here in years. After Mother died, there seemed no point in staying on. I think I've stayed away too long.

Tessa - I remember my first Christmas in this room. I couldn't believe anything could be so beautiful. [DM senses 'buzz'.] Mac?

DM - I've just got to get something out of the car.

Alan - [hugs Tessa again as DM leaves] God, it's good to see you.


Outside chateau, front

Bellian - Who the hell are you?

DM - Duncan MacLeod, and you?

Bellian - Everett Bellian.

DM - You're here for me?

Bellian - It's not my primary objective.

DM - Then what can I do for you, General?

Bellian - That's Colonel. I'm here for Mark Rothwood.

DM - Why?

Bellian - Just bring him to me, MacLeod.

DM - Maybe if you told me what this was about.

Bellian - He raped my step-daughter. Where is he? [DM doesn't respond.] Didn't you hear what I said?

DM - I'm sorry. If there's proof, the police will--

Bellian - Lori's word is my proof. I don't need the damn police.

RR - [in distance] Mac!

DM - [quickly] That's not him.

Bellian - But you'll bring him to me. Now I can go around you or through you. Your choice. Don't keep me waiting too long, MacLeod. [walks away, joins another man]

Man - Everything okay, Colonel?

Bellian - Let's go. [They depart.]

RR - [comes out of chateau] Anytime you want to leave...

DM - What's up?

RR - I'm with this jerk fifteen minutes, I'm ready to take him apart.

DM - [looks back at Bellian walking off into fog] You'll have to wait in line.


Inside chateau

Mark - Rape her? I don't even know her.

DM - Well, her father thinks you do.

Mark - Well, he's a liar... or she is. Take your pick.

DM - Why'd they lie?

Mark - [laughs] You've got to be kidding. These things happen all the time.

DM - Do they?

Mark - Yeah. This girl goes at it hot and heavy with her boyfriend. I don't know. Maybe... maybe she gets pregnant. Maybe her father just gets pissed she's too easy. So she's got to tell him something.

DM - Well, go on.

Mark - She's got to blame somebody... so she tells him she was raped or something. So then it's not her fault.

DM - But why does she blame you?

Mark - Ha! You don't know?

DM - Enlighten me.

Mark - Okay. These things happen all the time to people with money.

DM - Oh.

Mark - We always pay to avoid the scandal. Here, look, uh... [writes something on piece of paper] Just give him this. It's the number of my father's lawyers. They'll, uh... they'll work out something financially acceptable. [hands paper to DM]

DM - Your father's money isn't going to get you out of this one. Did you rape her?

Mark - Come on.

DM - [loudly] Did you rape her?

[Flashback to Mark kissing Lori by tree, then pushing her down.]

DM - [continues] Did you?

Mark - I swear there's been some kind of mistake.

[Flashback to Mark on top of Lori. Lori screams.]

Mark - [continues] I didn't do it. He's got the wrong guy.


Flashback - French countryside, 1815

DM - [in the distance, galloping toward group of soldiers] Stop!

Charles - It's a mistake! Please! I didn't do it! I swear it! They are lying!

Captain - You are guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy.

Charles - It's their word against mine. A man has a right to a fair trial.

Captain - This is a battlefield, not a courtroom.

Charles - I was following orders, for God's sake.

DM - [still riding in the distance] Stop!

Captain - May God have mercy on your soul. [moves back to stand by firing line]

DM - [riding nearer, hidden by fog] Stop! He's innocent! Stop! It's a mistake!

Captain - Ready...

DM - No, don't!

Charles - No, please!

Captain - Aim...

DM - [rides up & dismounts between Charles & the soldiers] Stop! Stop! Put up your weapons!

Captain - Get out of the way. We're going to shoot that man.

DM - No! He's innocent! It's a mistake!

Captain - Get this man out of the way!

DM - No, you don't understand! [One of the soldiers pushes him aside.]

Captain - Ready...

Charles - No!

Captain - Aim...

Charles - Please! No! Don't!

[DM pushes soldier guarding him aside & runs in front of firing line.]

Captain - Fire!

DM - No! [Soldiers fire, killing both men. As DM dies...] It was a mistake. It was a mistake.


Outside chateau, front

Bellian - Where is he?

DM - I understand how you feel. But don't let your hatred make you do something that you will regret. We have time. CUT

Bellian - I want him... now.

DM - I can't give him to you. Even if he is guilty, he has rights.

Bellian - He has nothing. Lori's mother... she was the gentlest, most beautiful woman. She was more than beautiful. She brought light back into my life. When she died, I promised to watch over her daughter.

DM - Everett... there are courts, laws.

Bellian - Macleod, look at this place! You've been around long enough to know that the rich aren't bound by the law. They own it!

[DM watches as several vehicles pull up and a number of men get out of them.]

Man - Let's move it out.

DM - Mercenaries?

Bellian - My staff. My brothers. We fought together on three continents. Then they retired with me. Lori is like a daughter to them. They won't leave without justice.

DM - This isn't justice. This is vengeance.

Bellian - If it were your woman he raped, what would you do? Is this animal worth endangering everyone in the chateau?

DM - Then let them go.

Bellian - CUT I've no desire to harm the innocent, MacLeod.

DM - But you will!

Bellian - Their safety doesn't depend on me. It depends on you.


Outside chateau, short time later

[One of Bellian's men climbs up to junction box on outer wall of chateau & cuts wire running into it.]


Inside chateau

RR - [quietly] Mac, check it out. [points out back window]

DM - [to Alan] Is that your jeep outside?

Alan - Sure, it is. Why?

DM - We're leaving.

Alan - You just arrived.

DM - Yes. You're coming with us.

Alan - I am?

Tessa - What's going on?

Mark - Apparently, there's some lunatic outside who claims I raped his daughter.

RR - Did you?

Alan - Of course he didn't. The police will take care of this.

DM - There is no time.

Alan - [picks up phone] It's dead.

DM - Yes. Let's go.

Alan - Maybe if Mark and I talk to him...

DM - If you go outside with Mark, he dies.

Mark - Ha! You're not serious. You don't actually think this old guy's--

Tessa - Alan, listen to Duncan. If he says we're in danger, we are.

DM - Okay? Let's go. Let's go!

Mark - All over some crazy old man.


<Outside chateau, back CUT

[Group runs for jeep, but Bellian's men shoot artillery shells at them, forcing them to retreat.]

DM - Fall back!

RR - Come on, come on! Get back!

DM - Get back!

RR - Come on! Everybody, come on, get out of here!>


Inside chateau

Alan - This is unbelievable. Those crazy bastards could have killed us all. 5

RR - [looking out window] I can't see them. Why aren't they coming?

DM - They'll come. We don't have much time.

Mark - To do what? Pray?

DM - There any guns in the house?

Alan - Uh, no, none.

DM - Then we have to make do with what we have.

Mark - But with what?

DM - We need to seal off most of the house.

Tessa - The back door.

Mark - We can't defend this place.

Alan - Mark, be quiet.

DM - All right. Barricade the windows.

Alan - We'll do whatever you ask.

DM - The windows. Start with those.

Alan - Mark, help me with this.


Outside chateau

Bellian - If they're armed, there's a hell of a field of fire in front of the chateau. We'll let the fog settle.


<Inside chateau CUT

DM - [to Tessa, who is collecting bottles of oil & other liquids on rolling cart] Boil as much oil as you can. [inspects boards nailed across window] Alan, this one needs strengthening.

Alan - Yes, of course. This, too?

DM - Yeah. [to Mark] Are you finished yet?

Mark - Yeah.

DM - Okay, I need your help in the back room to barricade it. [He lays out extension cord, strips wires at free end, wraps them around handle of front door.]


Outside chateau

[Bellian & his men approach house through the fog.]


Inside chateau

[DM plugs other end of extension cord into outlet.]

DM - [to Mark] Start over there. Richie...?

RR - Yeah, I'm here.

DM - We need a hand.

RR - [helps lift metal headboard] Where do you want it?

DM - Uh... [helps RR carry headboard through rooms] That back window. [RR carries headboard over while DM grabs a trunk.] Pile as many boxes up against it as you can. 6


Outside chateau

[Bellian's men continue to advance.]


Inside chateau

[DM & RR set up bear trap in middle of a room.]

DM - [holds steel jaws open as RR sets trap] All right. Perfect. Let's go.


Chateau kitchen

[Tessa pours containers of oil into pot on stove.]


Outside chateau

Bellian - [preparing his men to storm the house] I want him alive. And you... you fire when I tell you to fire. [Men cock their rifles.]


Inside chateau

DM - [picks up circular saw blade from table] Sharp. [sets blade down & grabs roll of wire, motions for Alan to follow him into next room] Okay, pull that end. [gives Alan the free end of wire] Tie it off to that leg there.

Alan - [wrapping end of wire around table leg] Do you know this guy?>

DM - Not personally, but I've known others like him.

Alan - Is he crazy?

DM - No.

Alan - If he gets Mark, would he--

DM - He's not going to get Mark.

Alan - My son didn't rape his daughter. [pause] You think he did, don't you?

DM - What matters is that they think he did.

Alan - You don't have to stay. This isn't your fight.

DM - Pull that a little tighter.

Alan - [tightens wire] I keep thinking I should ask you to leave. The truth is, I'm not really that brave. We don't have a chance without you.

DM - And I thought it was because you like my company.

Alan - Thank you.

DM - [senses 'buzz'] They're coming. CUT


Inside chateau

[One of Bellian's men breaks upstairs window & enters house, making his way carefully down staircase. RR & Mark are standing in downstairs room, waiting for action to start.]

[Flashback to Mark kissing Lori beside tree, then pushing her down. She cries out as he holds her down.]

Mark - [to himself] I can't believe all this is over that mousy blonde bitch. 7

RR - What did you say?

Mark - Nothing.

RR - You did rape her.

Mark - Now, you prove that.

RR - Well, first you said you didn't know her, and now you said she was blonde. How'd you know she was blonde?

Mark - Well, I don't know, I guessed. Yeah? [pushes RR away, RR comes back at him & they scuffle] What? Yeah?

DM - [sees Bellian's man coming around corner] Richie, down! [RR & Mark both drop to floor as man starts shooting.] Hey, soldier! [throws saw blade at man, hitting him in the chest & killing him, then goes over and checks for a pulse]

Mark - That bastard could have killed me.

RR - Good.

Mark - Well, what the hell does that mean?

DM - [yelling] Do you two think you can keep from killing each other? Well, do you?

RR - Yes.

DM - I'll check the rest of the chateau. 8


<Outside chateau CUT

Bellian - [talking on phone] Congratulations, MacLeod. You're a hell of an opponent.

DM - What do you want?

Bellian - What I've always wanted. Last chance.

DM - Go home, Everett. [hangs up phone]

Man - [to other men, quietly] Go. Over there. Let's go.

Bellian - Fan out. Go around the back.>


Inside chateau, kitchen

[Tessa balances pot of hot oil on top of slightly open kitchen door. She loops twine around door handle & unwinds roll back toward other side of room.]

DM - [comes in through different door] Need anything?

Tessa - Yes. How about a week on the Riviera?

DM - It's a date. Remember, after you pull the cord, don't wait around. And step carefully through the doorways. It will be alright.

Tessa - Is this what war is like? I don't like it.

DM - Neither do I. All right? [Tessa nods.]


Inside chateau, various rooms

[Alan picks up bug sprayer & slings canister over his shoulder.]

[Mark looks out window.]

[Tessa holds ball of twine attached to kitchen doorknob.]


[Alan's bug sprayer now has small flame burning at tip of wand.]

[As Tessa watches door to kitchen, one of Bellian's men crashes through window behind her.]

Man - Don't move!

[They circle around each other slowly. Suddenly, Tessa grabs spray bottle & squirts man in the face. He stumbles back & hits door, knocking pot of oil down onto his head. He screams & writhes on the floor as Tessa runs out.]

[DM tackles & fights with another man in a hallway.]

[RR waits in ambush with length of pipe & hits another man as he enters the room, knocking him down. The man falls onto bear trap set up in middle of room & it closes around his head.]

[DM knocks down his opponent as fourth man opens up with automatic gunfire at front door. He stops firing & reaches for doorknob -- and is electrocuted by extension cord wired to knob on other side.]

[The man DM had been fighting jumps him from behind & tries to strangle him with length of wire. DM fights him off & throws him out the front door.]

[Another man kicks in set of French doors & finds Alan, who blasts his homemade flame-thrower at him, setting him on fire. Alan watches as the man flails around, screaming. 9 Covered in flames, the man runs back out the door.]

[The last intruder enters the room where Mark is waiting. He trips on wire strung across doorway earlier by DM & Alan. Mark raises his pipe to hit him but hesitates. RR jumps at man, but man pushes him away, grabs his pipe from him, & hits him with it. He turns toward Mark, still frozen beside door, but stops when Bellian blows a whistle from outside chateau, sounding the retreat. The man & Mark exchange a look & the man leaves.]


[short while later]

DM - [as Alan & Tessa enter room] Is anyone hurt?

RR - Uh! Only my pride.

Alan - I'm okay, I think.

Tessa - I'm fine.

Mark - Did we kick their asses or what? Did you see them running?

DM - We got lucky.

Mark - What do you mean -- lucky?

DM - We surprised them. We won't get a second chance.

Tessa - At least we're safe... for now.


Outside chateau

Bellian - You don't belong here!

Lori - So take me home.

Bellian - Lori... damn! Brenner!

Lori - Not Brenner. You, Daddy. You take me home.

Bellian - Lori...

Lori - Let's go.

Bellian - You know I can't do that.

Lori - Why? Are you too busy defending my honor?

Bellian - Look, I don't want to discuss it!


Inside chateau


<RR - You raped that girl. [to the others] He admitted it.>

Mark - You're a liar.

Alan - I'm not so sure.

Mark - What? Are you going to take his word over mine?

Alan - Did you rape her?

[Flashback to Mark kissing Lori, pushing her down.
Lori - No!
Mark - Come on, you know you want it.]

Alan - [continues] Mark!

Mark - She was asking for it. What did she expect? She knew where we were going. You should have -- you should have seen her jump in the car to impress her friends.

[Flashback to Mark ripping front of Lori's dress.
Lori - Don't!]

Tessa - She changed her mind.

Mark - Oh, come on! Please!

Tessa - Did she ask you to stop?

[Flashback to Mark holding Lori down.
Lori - Please, don't!]

Mark - What world do you live in? That's -- that's just part of the game!

Tessa - Like hell it is!

Alan - This is no game, Mark. People are dead because of you.

Mark - Look, what's the big deal? She's -- she's nobody. I wasn't even the first.

[Flashback of Lori screaming.]

Alan - How could I miss seeing what you've become?

Mark - I'm your son. You can take care of this. You can take care of everything. You're a diplomat. You have immunity. CUT And you always... I'm sorry. Help me.


Outside chateau

Lori - If you're going to commit murder, let's at least be honest about why.

Bellian - Lori...

Lori - This isn't about me. And don't tell me it's about keeping some stupid promise to my mother.

Bellian - I loved your mother.

Lori - This isn't about love. It's about you and your damn vanity. The great warrior's ego couldn't stand it that his daughter was raped. He has to have his revenge. That's what this is about. Not love or justice. And it's not my revenge, it's yours.

Bellian - You don't understand.

Lori - What don't I understand? That I was raped? He's not worth it. If you kill him, they'll send you to prison. I'll lose you, too. Come home with me.

Bellian - I'm sorry.

Lori - Then I'll get the police. They'll stop you.

Bellian - Brenner. Lock her inside.

[Brenner locks her in nearby shed.]


Inside chateau

RR - That guy's got everything -- brains, money, looks. I don't get it.

DM - Well, somewhere along the line, he figured he could get away with anything. CUT

<RR - Still, Mac, that's no excuse. I keep thinking if I had a kid...>


Inside chateau, hallway

Alan - [to Mark, encouragingly] Come on. We'll do fine. Are you ready? [Mark nods.]

Tessa - [walks up] Duncan wants us to take our places.

Alan - We have to leave now.

Tessa - You can't!

Alan - Everett just wants us. He has no reason to harm you if we're not here.

Tessa - What if he catches you?

Alan - Listen, if we make it through, we'll send help.

Tessa - There are men with guns out there!


Alan - Tessa! It's time we took responsibility for ourselves. [to Mark] Ready?

Tessa - [as they walk toward door] Alan! Don't!

[Alan blows her a kiss & they leave.]


Inside chateau, another room

[DM & RR are fortifying a window when Tessa runs in.]

Tessa - Mark and Alan are making a run for it.

DM - They won't get past Everett's men. Take this. [hands her gun from one of Bellian's men] Barricade yourselves inside this room and shoot anybody that comes through those doors.


Outside chateau

[Alan & Mark run across lawn, through fog.]

Alan - Come on. All right. Go, son.

[DM runs after them, takes out one of Bellian's men before he can shoot them.]

DM - [catching up with them just as they come upon another of Bellian's men] Go back!

Alan - [sees armed man, jumps at Mark, pushing him down] Mark!

DM - [as Alan is shot by Bellian's man] No! [shoots man] Alan! Alan! He's still alive. Let's get him back to the house.

Mark - He's okay.

DM - Come on. Get him up.

Mark - You'll be okay.

DM - Come on. [lifts Alan over his shoulder]

Mark - Okay.

DM - Give me the gun. Come on. Go!

Mark - What?

DM - Go!

[They run back to the house.]


Inside chateau

Tessa - He's not breathing well. I can hardly feel his pulse.

<DM - He's gone into shock. We've got to get him to a hospital. Richie... CUT

RR - No bullets in the gun. It's empty.

Mark - I should go get some help.>

RR - There's the door.

DM - Now's not the time to go playing hero.

Mark - Look, my father's dying. I got to do something.

DM - You want to do something for him? You stay alive. That is what all this is about. I'm not going to let you throw away a life that he's paid for. Do you understand? [leaves room]

[Alan looks over at Mark from his bed on the couch. Mark looks away. Alan continues to look in his direction.]


Inside chateau, another room

DM - [walks into next room, 10 picks up phone, hits cradle lever repeatedly; into phone] Everett. Come on, Everett. I know you can hear me.

Bellian - [into phone] You killed a good man, MacLeod.

DM - [into phone] Five, Everett. Your man in the house is gone, too. And the boy's father will die without medical attention.

Bellian - [into phone] Then give me the son.

DM - [into phone] Haven't you had enough of death? Can't you stop this insanity? No one else has to die.

Bellian - [into phone] It's too late. [lowers his phone]

[DM hangs up phone.]

Tessa - [enters room] Duncan.

DM - We stay here, Alan dies. Tell Richie to keep an eye on Mark. And if they get by me...

Tessa - This is all absurd -- Alan shot, Mark...

DM - We'll have a good story to tell.

Tessa - If we live to tell it. I'm scared, Duncan. I've got this feeling more people are going to die.

DM - [quietly] It's all right. [kisses her] Love you. [leaves]


Outside chateau

[DM sneaks up on one of Bellian's remaining men through the fog (or fogged lens - it looks like the REAL fog has disappeared... oops!) and snaps his neck.]

[DM swings down from a tree & knocks another man out, then a third that materializes from the fog (the real fog again) behind him.]


Inside chateau

Mark - I want that gun. Give me the gun.

RR - This gun? What are you going to do with it, big shot --- take 'em all on? I nearly had my brains splattered all over the place because you're such a...

Mark - What?

RR - Forget about it.

Mark - You think I'm afraid.

RR - I think you were right before. We have nothing in common. There's no point in talking.

Mark - I'm not a coward.

RR - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

Mark - I'm not a coward.

RR - Look, I heard you the first time, and I don't give a damn what you are.

Mark - Do you hear that?

RR - What?

Mark - [pointing] It came from in there.

RR - Wait here.

[As RR moves into next room & looks cautiously around, Mark sneaks up behind him & hits him with piece of pipe. RR falls down & Mark grabs gun & leaves. RR gets up & starts looking for Mark. 11]


Outside chateau

[RR goes outside, still looking for Mark, & hears Lori calling from inside shed.]

Lori - Help! Help! Let me out! [bangs on door]

RR - I'm coming! I'm coming!

Lori - Let me out! Hurry, please! [RR opens door, lets her out.] Who are you?

RR - I need a doctor. [goes to one of Bellian's vehicles] Do you have the keys to this thing?

Lori - Where's my father?

RR - [realizes] You're her.

Lori - Where is he?

RR - I'll have to hot-wire it. [as Lori runs off] Hey, you'd better stay with me.


Outside chateau, elsewhere

Bellian - I could shoot you, then take your head.

DM - You could... but you won't.

Bellian - I suppose it had to come to this eventually.

DM - No, it didn't.

Bellian - I told you not to interfere, MacLeod. Now I have to go through you.

[Swordfight commences. It lasts for a while, with both Immortals playing hide & seek through the rolling fog.]

DM - [with his sword at Bellian's neck] Will you let this madness be over?

Bellian - No.

[DM raises his sword for beheading stroke, but then lowers it again.]

Mark - [appearing at same time as Lori, from opposite directions] Do it. [raises gun] Kill him.

DM - Put the gun down.

Bellian - [as Lori raises a gun also] Lori! Don't! Don't!

[Lori & Mark both fire. Lori shoots Mark, killing him. Bellian goes to Lori & comforts her.]


Outside chateau, front

[Alan is in back seat of a car, still alive, but unconscious.]

Doctor - I'll have to take him to the hospital right away.

Tessa - Okay. Thank you. [goes over to DM's car]

DM - Is he going to be okay?

Tessa - I think so. I want to be with him when he finds out about Mark.

DM - We've got to get going.

RR - What about Everett and his daughter?

DM - They'll run, hide, try to forget.

RR - Will they?

DM - We never do.


End of "Nowhere to Run"

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