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Episode 3: Turnabout

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Clay Borris
Aired: Oct. 16, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-13-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk

Charlie DeSalvo - Philip Akin
              Dojo owner

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Michael Moore - Geraint Wyn Davies
              Immortal, MacLeod's friend


Jeanette - Gaetana Korbin
              Michael's wife, in flashback

Nurse - Brittaney Edgell
              in flashback

Young Father Morton - Ian Alden
              priest at Barnes' execution

Old Father Morton - John Tierney
              victim of Barnes' revenge

Judge Marvin Singer - Alan Robertson
              victim of Barnes' revenge


Quenten Barnes - Geraint Wyn Davies
              evil Immortal "stalking" Moore

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Raskers Prison establishing shot - unknown location
2. Prison, Asylum, etc - Riverview Hospital, 2601 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlan: Asylum entrance [49.24539,-122.808738], cemetery [49.245071,-122.809772], rectory [49.245117,-122.809253], park sidewalk & Joe's car [49.244911,-122.808840], & hotel [49.245473,-122.809694]
3. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
4. Outside near dojo - BC Place Stadium ramp (SW ramp) [49.275464,-123.111492]
5. Outdoor cafe - behind 770 Pacific Blvd, Plaza of Nations [49.274424,-123.110638]
6. Outdoor path - near Plaza of Nations ferry dock [49.274243,-123.110442]
7. Courthouse exterior - Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby St: establishing shot (NW side) [49.283215,-123.120720], closing shot (NE side) [49.283145,-123.120034]
8. Seacouver bridge - Granville Bridge [49.271963,-123.133907] , from Burrard Bridge [49.275755,-123.135952]
9. Outside antique store - Blood Alley Square [49.283085,-123.105154]
10. Construction yard - 8451 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond [49.192372,-123.132077]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut, with one exception.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2009) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Raskers Prison 1

Raskers Prison - death row 2

QB - Well, well, the vultures are all here.

YF Morton - Quenten Barnes, the hour is late. In His name, may I pray for you?

QB - No, but maybe you could get Him to take my place. Hey, priest... come here. Come here!

YF Morton - [leans close] Yes?

QB - [grabs Morton's necklace and yanks cross from his neck] Something to remember you by.

YF Morton - Pray, my son. Consider where you'll spend eternity.

QB - Eternity? Oh, yes. [laughs]

YF Morton - [prays in Latin] In nomine Patris et fillii, spiritus sanctum Deus. May God have mercy on your soul. Amen.

Translation: In nomine Patris et fillii, spiritus sanctum Deus. - In the name of the Father and Son, Holy Spirit [of] God.

[QB continues to laugh as switch is engaged for electric chair and he is killed.]


Establishing shot: Dojo 3

[Sign above door reads: DeSalvo's Martial Arts]
[Sign on corner of building reads:

Raincoast Realty
For Sale
Andrea French

Dojo 0

RR - Great. Tattoos, triple-x chromosomes everywhere you look -- it's like watching a great Kung Fu flick.

DM - It's an art, Richie. It's good for your soul.

RR - Yeah, well, personally, I'd rather catch a movie.

Charlie - Well, it's a hell of a lot safer, that's for damn sure.

DM - Nice place you got here.

Charlie - It'll do. Who sent you?

DM - Nobody. I just was looking for a place to work out.

Charlie - Well, I'd like to help you boys out, but this is a private club. Invitation only.

DM - So invite me.

Charlie - You look in decent shape, but trust me -- you stay around here, maybe all you're gonna do is get your butt kicked.

Man - [in background] Eeaah!

RR - Maybe we should talk to the owner.

Charlie - You're looking at him.

RR - Well, the place is for sale. Business must be booming, huh?

Charlie - Uh, he always mouth off like that?

DM - Only when he might be right.

Charlie - I tell you what. You pass the initiation, and I'll sign you boys up.

RR - Cool. What's the initiation?

DM - Not what, Richie. Who. [takes off jacket, pulls hair back into ponytail] After you.

RR - [sits on bench along wall] A date, man. I knew I should have gone on a date.

[DM & Charlie move to wrestling mat and exchange a few hand-to-hand blows.]

DM - You got to do better than that.

[They fight some more. DM knocks Charlie down. He gets back up and takes off his sweatshirt. They fight some more. Joe suddenly steps into view and distracts DM. Charlie flips him to the mat.]

Charlie - Hey! Now, that's better.

DM - If you say so. [rises, continues fight, gets Charlie down again] Submit. [Charlie holds his hands up in defeat.] Can I join now?

Charlie - Anytime.

DM - Thanks. [to RR] I'll be right back.

RR - Take your time, Mac.

Man - [offscreen] Hey, Charlie! [leans over balcony from 2nd floor of dojo] There's no hot water again.

Charlie - It's still wet, ain't it?


Dojo office 0

DM - I was wondering when I'd see you again.

Joe - I'd like to explain, MacLeod.

DM - Don't bother. What do you want?

Joe - You know anything about an Immortal named Quenten Barnes?

DM - I know he was executed thirty years ago.

Joe - For murdering two young women. He stayed buried until they were building a new chapel at the prison. They dug up a few graves. They came up one body short.

DM - Why are you telling me this?

Joe - Because everyone involved in his execution is being murdered.

DM - Not my business.

Joe - He's got to be stopped, MacLeod! We think we kno--

DM - Then why don't you stop him? I'm not a cop, Dawson. Why don't you just disappear? As I seem to remember, you do that very well.

Joe - All right. If you want to get in touch with me-- [writes on piece of paper]

DM - I won't.

Joe - Well... just think about it. [hands paper to DM and exits office as Charlie enters]

Charlie - It's not enough that you kicked my ass in public? You got to take over my office, too?

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod. [holds out his hand in greeting]

Charlie - [rolls eyes, shakes offered hand] Charlie... Charlie DeSalvo.

DM - Nice to meet you. I was just leaving.

Charlie - Hey. You come back sometime. I want another crack at you.

DM - [smiles] I just got lucky. [leaves office]

Charlie - [rubs sore jaw] Yeah. Right.


Outside near dojo 4

RR - So who was that at the office?

DM - Dawson.

RR - THE Dawson? What's he want?

DM - Doesn't matter. [senses 'buzz'] Go ahead. I'll catch up with you. [jumps over rail, pulling sword, comes face to face with Michael, also wielding a sword] Do you know how close you came to losing your head?

Michael - That would be a hell of a way to greet an old friend. What makes you think I'd let you take it, anyway? [They clasp forearms. DM laughs.]


Outdoor café 5

Photographer - [taking photos of wedding party] Okay. That's nice.

Michael - [sitting at table with DM, Tessa, & RR] Well, finally, a woman who knows everything about Duncan MacLeod.

Tessa - Not everything. There are still a few decades he keeps to himself.

Michael - Well, if you have questions, I'd be happy to fill you in.

DM - Thanks. It's been a long time, Michael. Where have you been keeping youself?

Michael - I've been trucking around, trying to find out what it's all about.

RR - So, have you?

Michael - No... but I've had a hell of a time trying. And now I've come to visit my good old friend Duncan MacLeod.

DM - And Quenten Barnes.

[Awkward silence.]

Michael - Yeah, well, I knew he couldn't stay buried forever. So, how'd you find out he was free?

DM - [shrugs] That doesn't matter.

Michael - Well, it's time to finish this.

DM - Michael...

Michael - I've got to try. I owe it to Jeanette.

Photographer - [to bride] Smile. Okay, spin around. That's it. Spin. Beautiful.

[Bride turns around and morphs into...]


Flashback - Thornhurst asylum, 1921 2

[Elderly woman in tattered bridal veil walks up to DM's car. An orderly collects her and leads her away. DM exits car, enters building.]

Nurse - [in hallway] Excuse me. May I help you?

DM - Ah, yes. My name is Duncan MacLeod. [hands over business card] I've come to see Dr. Moore.

Nurse - Oh, yes, Mr. MacLeod. He's in the west wing with some of the patients.

DM - Thank you. Are you new here?

Nurse - Yes.


[patient wing]

Jeanette - Michael! Help! [trips and falls down]

QB - [struggles with her, then starts choking her (face not visible to camera)] You deceitful, lying bitch! A

Jeanette - No, please! Don't!

Asylum inmate - Help her.



[Sign in hallway reads: Welcome to THORNHURST INSTITUTION.]

Doctor - [struggling with screaming patient] Stop it! {??} Annie, stop playing with us.


[patient wing]

[DM enters through door, looking for Michael, hears Jeanette screaming.]

Jeanette - Michael!

DM - [to himself] Jeanette?

Jeanette - Michael! [screams, tries to back away]

QB - [offscreen] You'll never get away from me!

DM - [moving quickly in direction of screams] Jeanette?

Michael - [huddled in corner with sword] You stay away! Stay away!

DM - Michael, it's me. It's me. What happened?

Michael - Duncan, I tried. He was too fast. I couldn't handle him!

DM - Who? Who did this?

Michael - Quentin Barnes. Where's Jeanette? [runs over to body on floor] Jeanette. Jeanette. [searches for pulse, finds none] No. No. Why, Duncan? Why?


[later, in cemetery] 2

Michael - [lays flowers by gravestone] Eternal peace. I hope she's found it.

[Gravestone reads:

1897 - 1921

DM - You have to believe that she has.

Michael - It's more peace than I'll ever find. Mac, he was coming after me. Why did he have to kill her?

DM - I don't know.

Michael - Whatever it takes, whatever I have to do, I'm going to hunt that son-of-a-bitch down and kill him. Mac, if he kills me... I know it's not your fight...

DM - I'll finish it. I promise. [They clasp forearms.]


Outdoor path 6

DM - I want you to understand, I'm doing this for my reasons, not yours. B

Joe - All right, as long as it gets done. What do you need?

DM - I want your files.

Joe - No chance.

DM - I need to know more about him -- where he's lived, what he's done, his habits. I also need the names and addresses of all the people involved in the execution.

Joe - We have rules.

DM - Then break them.

Joe - Look, MacLeod, I would like to help you, but I'm gonna have to run this by some people. It's going to take some time.

DM - Time is something we don't have.

Joe - Okay. The priest who attended the execution lives in the heights. It's about sixty miles from here. I'll take you up there.

DM - Just give me the address.


Establishing shot: outside of rectory 2

Priest's office 0

OF Morton - [hears jiggling at door] Hello? Is somebody there? [goes back to sorting through mail]

QB - [opens door] Father.

OF Morton - Oh, you startled me. I usually see my parishioners in church. Have you been waiting long?

QB - Long? [tosses cross from necklace on table] Only thirty-three years.

[Flashback to QB ripping cross from young priest's necklace.]

OF Morton - Quentin Barnes. But that's impossible. He's dead.

QB - I was, but as you can see, I'm back.

OF Morton - Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done-- [choking noises as QB strangles him]


Inside antique store 0

RR - Tess, I'm telling you, it's some cruel law of nature. If a girl really digs me, her mom really hates me.

Tessa - But not all of them.

RR - Oh, no, no, no. Sometimes it's the fathers.

Michael - [enters] Hi.

Tessa - Oh, Michael, how nice to see you again.

RR - Hey, Michael, how you doing?

Michael - Okay. Uh, look, there was a man outside looking for MacLeod. He wanted him to have this. [hands folder to Tessa]

Tessa - Oh. Okay.

Michael - I think it's got something to do with Barnes. I was hoping Mac would be here by now.

Tessa - Oh, I'm sorry. I'll see he gets it. You okay?

Michael - Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Tessa - Why don't I believe you?

Michael - I was never a very good liar. Jeanette used to say that.

Tessa - You know, sometimes it's good to talk about it.

Michael - There's really nothing much to say.

Tessa - I think there is. Richie, could you keep an eye on things?

RR - Uh, yeah. Sure.

Tessa - [to Michael] Let's take a walk.

[RR watches them leave, then opens folder sitting on display case.]


Outside rectory 2

DM - [to paramedic] So you think it was about what, an hour and a half? [watches medics load gurney into ambulance, sees Joe nearby & confronts him] I thought I told you not to follow me.

Joe - You found Father Morton.

DM - Yeah, but not before Barnes did. I want his files, Dawson.

Joe - It's being printed. Josh should be on his way with it by now.

DM - It might keep someone else alive. [gets in T-bird, drives away]


Park sidewalk 2

Michael - I never stopped loving her. After all these years. Does that seem strange to you?

Tessa - No. 1

Michael - She was a part of me. She was the best part. I remember going to places I'd been to a hundred times before, but with her it was like I was seeing it for the first time. The colors, the shapes -- everything was beautiful through her eyes. Everything, even me! Will you listen to me? She's been dead seventy years. I must sound like an idiot.

Tessa - No, you sound like a man who was very much in love, and who, one day, will be again.

Michael - [sighs] I don't think so.

Tessa - I do.

Michael - Really?

Tessa - Yeah, really.

Michael - [kisses the back of her hand] From your mouth to God's ear.

Tessa - I think it's time I went back.

Michael - Sure. Would you tell MacLeod I'm back at the hotel?

Tessa - [nods] And anytime you want to talk...

Michael - Tessa... thank you.


Inside antique store 0

RR - Man, this dude is bad to the bone.

DM - [looking through Watcher files] Yeah, but there's less here than I'd hoped -- whole decades unaccounted for.

Tessa - My God.

DM - I don't think God matters to Barnes. He killed a priest for trying to save his soul.

RR - So there's no witnesses left. That means Barnes is batting a thousand.

DM - [reading printout] Not quite. The prosecutor that convicted Barnes is still alive. [shows paper to Tessa] Judge Marvin Singer.


Establishing shot: courthouse 7

Courthouse - judge's chambers, dusk 0

Judge - Louise, you still around? [no answer] Of course not. Not when I really need something. [rifles through papers on desk] Where the hell is that deposition? [knock on door] Coming! CUT [opens door, cries out]

Closing shot: courthouse 7

Establishing shot: Seacouver bridge 8

Outside Moore's hotel, night 2

Michael - Why Singer's chambers? Why not his house?

DM - I called. His housekeeper said he was going to be working late. There's a chance we can get there before Barnes.

Michael - Remember, Mac, this is my fight.

DM - Hey, I'm just there to watch you win.

Michael - Or him.

DM - That's not going to happen. One way or another, he's going to lose.

Michael - You're a real comfort, you know that?


Courthouse - judge's chambers, night 0

[DM knocks on door, enters, sees judge tied in chair with black hood over his head.]

DM - We're too late.

[DM removes hood to reveal dead judge, electrocuted; his bare feet in bucket of water wired to power cord plugged into wall outlet.]

Michael - Same way Barnes was executed.

DM - Now he's killed the last of them.

Michael - And he'll disappear just like he did before.

DM - [looking at desk] I don't think so.

[Block letters written on notepad on desk read:




Establishing shot: outside antique store 9

[Man walks past antique store, past lamp post & out of frame.]

Inside antique store 0

[DM turns away from camera, walks behind RR.] C

RR - This doesn't make sense. These guys can't be as good as they think they are.

DM - Why do you say that?

RR - Mac, they've been tracking this guy for centuries. You know? I mean, this is all they got? There's got to be more stuff here -- you know, real pictures, things like that.

DM - No. They don't see everything, Richie. There aren't that many pictures around of me, either.

RR - Yeah, but still...


[elsewhere] 2

[Joe, standing by car, places call on cell phone.]


RR - [on phone] Hello. Antiques... 2 [into phone] Yeah, hold on one second. [turns to DM] It's for you, Mac.

DM - Dawson? [takes phone]

RR - Yeah.

DM - [into phone] What do you got?

Joe - [into phone] He killed Singer last night. 2

DM - [into phone] Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Joe - [on phone] I think we found him.

DM - [into phone] Go on.

Joe - [into phone] That old asylum out past Route 3? 2

DM - [into phone] Yeah, I know it.

Joe - [into phone] I'd like to be able to do more, MacLeod. 2

DM - [into phone] You do what you can. [ends call]

Michael - Barnes. You know where he is?

DM - Yeah.

Michael - So tell me. I'm on my way.

DM - Michael, he left that message at Singer's for a reason. He's going to be ready for you.

Michael - I'll be ready for him.


Abandoned Thornhurst asylum 2

Michael - He WOULD come back here. You think he's in there?

DM - Well, it's too far away to sense him. Why don't you go around the back and flush him out. I'll wait here in case he comes out the front.

Michael - Mac, he's mine.

DM - I'm just around for the ride.


Inside abandoned asylum 2

Quietly echoing voices of patients - Help her! Help... Are you all right, nurse? Help her! Oh... Jeanette! Jeanette! Somebody help her! Somebody...

[DM, walking down hallway, senses 'buzz', kicks in doors of two empty rooms, then reaches large room at end of hall.]

DM - Michael? Michael, is that you? [enters side room, sees newspaper clippings on table, picks one up]

[Newspaper clipping reads:


Michael - [in distance] No! [sound of glass shattering]

[DM runs back down hall and out front of building.]

DM - Michael?! Michael! Barnes? Michael?! [finds scrap torn from Michael's shirt] Michael. Oh, Michael.


Inside antique store 0

DM - Michael must have gone after him. Damn fool.

RR - You think he's dead?

DM - Somebody is.

Tessa - I liked him.

RR - We all did, Tess.

[Phone rings.]

DM - [answers phone] Hello. Hello, who is this?

QB - [into phone] You're unlucky, MacLeod. And so was your friend. I gave him a shot. The pitiful bastard was hardly worth the trouble.

DM - [into phone] Oh, but I am.

QB - [into phone] We're touchy, aren't we?

DM - [into phone] Where are you?

QB - [into phone] The asylum. You'll know me. I'm the one with a head. [laughs]

[DM hangs up phone, kisses Tessa, leaves.]

Tessa - [to herself] Be careful.

RR - [stands] Aah. Tess, can I get you something?

Tessa - [upset] Look at this place. We've got to start working if we want to open in this century.

RR - Hey, just let me know what you want me to do.

Tessa - We need more inventory. More shelf space. And I can't be spending all my time doing this. I have my own work.

RR - Look, Tess, I'm worried about Mac, too. But he can take care of himself.

Tessa - Don't you think I know that?!

RR - Fine, hey, I'm sorry. You know, sometimes you just say some things. You know, open mouth, insert foot.

Tessa - I'm sorry, Richie. I'm sorry.

RR - That's okay.

Tessa - It's just that... sometimes... I tell myself that this is the way it is. That it's my choice that I'm with him. It's been twelve years. You'd think I'd learn.

RR - Learn what, Tess? Learn not to be human? Learn not to love him so much? Hey, come on, give yourself a break. Listen. You know what I always do when I'm worried about something?

Tessa - [quietly] What?

RR - I don't know. I was hoping maybe you could tell me.

Tessa - [laughs, hugs him] Thanks a lot, Richie!

RR - What are friends for?


Abandoned asylum 2

DM - [enters asylum, searching for QB] Barnes! Come on, Barnes! Where are you? Come and get me, Barnes! What are you afraid of? It's me -- MacLeod!


Inside antique store 0 (In the domestic version, this scene is moved down to replace the cut scene below.) 2

RR - So I'll take inventory of all the paintings.

Tessa - Yup.

RR - {??} [Michael staggers into store.] Whoa!

Tessa - Michael!

RR - [rushes to Michael's side] Hey, Mike, Mike, Mike, come here. [helps Michael] What the hell happened out there?

Michael - I don't know.


Inside abandoned asylum 2

[DM finds door propped open by rubber floor mat, opens door fully and corpse of dead mortal falls out. DM checks for man's pulse, finds none.]


Inside antique store 0

Michael - [as Tessa cleans blood from his arm through rip in sleeve] You know, you don't really have to do that, Tessa. I'm almost healed.

Tessa - I know. I feel better when I'm doing something.

Michael - And I thought it was my attractive personality. [beat] You're worried about Duncan, huh? Look, I'm sorry I got you guys into all this trouble.

RR - That's okay, Michael. It's not your fault.

Michael - I just couldn't pass up a chance at Barnes.

RR - How come he didn't take your head?

Michael - I don't know. Sometimes I think he's keeping me alive just to torture me.

RR - Yeah, well, with a psycho like that, anything's possible, huh?

Michael - Yeah. [throws glasses on table in frustration] 3


Inside abandoned asylum 2

Joe - [examines Watcher tattoo on dead man's wrist] Oh, God. [rises, looks around] I don't see the file.

DM - Don't play games with me, Dawson. I already have the file.

Joe - Well, who gave it to you?

DM - One of your guys. They left it with a friend.

Joe - Then you never saw him.

DM - Who?

Joe - Josh.

DM - No. What difference does it make?

Joe - [points at body] This is Josh.

DM - If Barnes killed Josh, it had to be after he left the file.

Joe - No. Josh wouldn't do that.

DM - Well, why not? There could be a lot of reasons--

Joe - You don't understand.

DM - No. Maybe there wasn't time--

Joe - You don't understand! He would never leave that file with anyone else. Not while he was alive. CUT


Inside antique store 0

Tessa - Michael, you all right?

Michael - Yeah, I should really get back to the hotel.

Tessa - [grabs his shoulder] Wait. At least until Duncan gets back.

Michael - [turns, takes her hand] You really want me to stay, don't you, Tessa?

Tessa - Yes, of course. [as Michael caresses her hand] Michael, I think you've got this wrong. I only meant that Duncan would want you to stay here.

Michael - Is that all you meant, Tessa?

Tessa - Yes. Yes, of course. [forcefully pulls her hand from his]

[Michael starts to raise his hand to her face, then cringes and turns away.]

Tessa - What is it? What is it?

Michael - It's these pains, these blackouts -- sometimes they just come. I need to take something.

Tessa - In the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

RR - [enters as Michael exits] What's with him?

Tessa - I don't know. He suddenly got sick.

RR - Hmm. Do Immortals get sick?

Michael - [offscreen] No!

Tessa - Michael? What is it? [enters bathroom] What's wrong? [sees writing on bathroom mirror: GET READY MICHAEL, I'M COMING] Who wrote this?

Michael - It's Barnes. He's here, Tessa. He's already inside.

Tessa - But he can't be. We would see him.

Michael - No, he's coming. I can feel him. You've got to leave. Leave now.

Tessa - But not without you.

Michael - No, it's too late. The blackness is starting.

Tessa - Michael, don't move. [runs to bathroom door as Michael holds his head with his hands & cries out in pain] Richie! [goes out into store] Something's wrong. Michael thinks Barnes is here.

RR - In the store?

Tessa - That's what he says.


[meanwhile, in bathroom]

[Michael releases his grip on his head and straightens up, holding open lipstick tube. He begins to write on the mirror, under previous message.]


RR - [to Tessa] Maybe that fight with Barnes bent his antenna a little bit. I tell you what -- relax. I'll go talk to him.


[in bathroom]

[Message on mirror reads: GOODBYE MICHAEL. QUENTEN IS BACK!]


RR - [enters bathroom] Michael? Michael? [Michael doesn't answer.] Hey, listen, Michael, you gotta chill out. I mean, Barnes couldn't get in here with a Sherman tank.

Michael - [turns, speaks with QB's voice] It's nice of you to make the effort, Richie, but I'm already here.

RR - What -- [backs out into store] Michael? Michael... Tessa! Tessa, get out of here! Tessa! Go! Now! [hits Michael/QB. Michael/QB knocks him unconscious.]

Tessa - What are you doing? Michael! [rushes to RR] Have you gone crazy?

QB - Michael isn't here anymore, Tessa. It's me -- Quenten Barnes.

Tessa - You're not Barnes. You're Michael Moore!

QB - Michael is dead, Tessa. I killed him. I'm like the genie in the lamp, and now I'm out.

Tessa - Oh, my God -- the blackouts.

QB - That was me taking over. It's kind of a time-share arrangement. Only Michael never gets to figure it out! I thought you were special, Tessa. I thought you were different.

Tessa - Why?

QB - Because you led me on, just like Jeanette. That little walk by the park. I know what that was about! You're just like all the others. That's why I had to kill them. Sniveling little Michael couldn't do it, but I could. I could! [senses 'buzz'] I can. [DM enters. Both draw their swords. They fight. QB runs out of store. 9]

DM - [to Tessa & RR] You okay?

Tessa - I'm fine. [RR nods. DM runs out of store after QB. 9]


Construction yard 10

QB - It's good you came out to play, MacLeod. It's time you and I got to know each other.

DM - We already know each other. You're my friend... don't you remember?

QB - No. That was Michael Moore.

DM - You ARE Micheal.

QB - No. I'm Quenten Barnes. [They fight, then QB staggers, straightens, speaks with Michael's voice.] MacLeod! All those people dying -- I swear I had no idea. It was Barnes!

DM - You couldn't. Your mind blocked out the memory.

Michael - All those years buried... I thought it was a dream. I thought he was part of the nightmare.

QB - And I am!

[They fight. QB runs among equipment, out of sight.]

DM - [looking for QB] Michael, maybe there's a way out of this.

QB - Duncan, Duncan, Duncan! Do you think I'm as big a fool as Moore?

DM - What about Jeanette? She loved you! Was she a fool, too?

QB - She... she betrayed me. Just like all the others! 4

[QB runs at DM. DM blocks him, then chases after him.]

<DM - She made a mistake, Michael. CUT She loved you, just like you loved her. You couldn't kill her yourself; that's why you turned into Barnes.>

Michael - MacLeod? Help me, Duncan! I want to stop this!

DM - Then come out. We can figure this out.

Michael - [quietly] I can't move. Duncan, please...

QB - [climbs on top of backhoe, throws metal barrel at DM] Figured it out, MacLeod. After thirty years in that tomb, I can use Moore whenever I want! I spy with my little eye... something that is dead! [jumps down] 5 [More fighting.] You're mine, MacLeod!

DM - Not yet! [exchanges parries] Talk to me, Michael!

QB - Stop calling me that!

DM - [wounds QB] Michael, I know you're still in there. It's me -- Mac!

[QB attacks again. DM manages to disarm him & stabs him in the gut.]

Michael - Duncan!

DM - Michael. Michael, talk to me.

Michael - You'll have to finish this alone. I can't help!

DM - But you didn't know, Michael.

Michael - I do now. Barnes must die. [fights for control] Duncan, if you care about me, you're going to have to kill Barnes now!

DM - Forgive me, my friend. [raises katana] I have a promise to keep. [beheads Michael, takes Quickening] [as Quickening ends] Michael...


Empty dojo 0

[DM, bare-chested & wearing black gi pants, performs kata. Partway through, the image begins to mirror/double/overlap. 6]

Joe - [enters] Sorry it worked out this way, MacLeod. I lost a good friend. [turns to leave]

DM - [continues kata] Dawson... so did I. [Joe leaves. DM finishes kata, kneels on dojo floor.] Eternal peace, Michael. Eternal peace.


End of "Turnabout"

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