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Episode 4: The Darkness

Written by Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: Oct. 23, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-13-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              street punk


Greta - Traci Lords

Pallin Wolf - Andrew Jackson


Billy (William) - ??
              W/H working for Pallin


James - Adrian Hughes
              Immortal killed by Pallin

Michelle - Kendall Cross
              James' girlfriend

Harry - Frank C. Turner
              the taxidermist

Carmen - Lisa Vultaggio
              MacLeod's gypsy girlfriend

Roman - Richard Lautsch
              Carmen's brother

Mark Roszca - Travis MacDonald
              teenage junkie

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Pallin Wolf's Tudor - 3490 Cypress St, Shaughnessy [49.254896,-123.148249]
2. Pallin's blackout room - unidentified location (at the Tudor?)
3. Bar / pool hall - unidentified location
4. Gypsy camp - unidentified location
5. Chase 1, 5a, 5b, 8, 10 - Blood Alley Square [49.283085,-123.105154]
6. Chase 2 - Carrall & Water intersection (Brothers Restaurant, red awning) [49.283554,-123.104382]
7. Chase 3 - south on Carrall St at Blood Alley [49.282983,-123.104336]
8. Chase 4 - along S side of Powell St [49.283210,-123.103462]
9. Taxidermist's shop, Chase 7 - 33 W Cordova St [49.282788,-123.105259]
10. Chase 6 - parking lot at 65 W Cordova [49.282981,-123.106261] (no longer there)
11. Chase 9 - unidentified parking garage alley (Trounce Alley?)
12. Forest shoreline - unidentified location, likely somewhere in Lighthouse Park
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (2000) match the official cut, with two exceptions (and one addition).
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2009) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room 1

Michelle - James! Stay Away!

Establishing shot: Pallin Wolf's Tudor

Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room 1

[Whine of night goggles powering up. Man looks at his watch, showing Watcher tattoo on wrist.]

Michelle - [in chair, hands bound, in center of dark room] Why are you doing this? He's done nothing to you.

Pallin - This isn't personal. You ever wear red dresses? Be a good color for you. [waves his hand in front of her face. She can't see it.]

Michelle - I'll wear whatever you want me to wear. CUT It's been three days. He won't come.

Pallin - He'll come. They always come.

[Alarm beeps as James opens front door.]

Pallin - See? Right on time.

Michelle - You're not an Immortal. What chance do you have?

Pallin - Do you want to know a secret? I cheat.

Michelle - James! Stay away! Stay away!

Pallin - Scream all you want, if it makes you feel better.

[James climbs stairs to second floor.]

Michelle - James! Stay--

[James walks down upstairs hallway, enters room, door closes behind him.]


Pallin Wolf's Tudor - blackout room 2

Pallin - [in center of room lit by bright spotlights, holding a sword, night goggles pushed up onto his forehead] Surprise.

James - You're not an Immortal.

Pallin - Give that man a cigar.

James - [draws sword] Where is she?

Pallin - She's around here somewhere. All you got to do is find her.

James - Oh, I will... after you're dead.

Pallin - Talk's cheap. [flips goggles down, turns spotlights off]

[In the complete darkness that follows, James can't see anything. Pallin plays with his prey a short while, then beheads him.]


Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room, later 1

Pallin - [opens door slightly] Guess who won. [closes door]


Bar / pool hall 3

RR - So, how's my love line doing?

Greta - I see you're very romantic.

RR - Yeah, well, I've had my moments.

Greta - You attract women not only of beauty, but of intelligence.

RR - You're very good at this. Do you, uh... see any attraction for me in the very near future?

Greta - Not likely. I sense you're not looking to have a serious relationship.

RR - No, but I can live with frivolous.

Tessa - [at nearby table with DM] So, you see anything you like?

DM - [stares at her] Yeah. You know, I look at you sometimes, and I realize how beautiful you are.

Tessa - Maybe... we should go home.

DM - Maybe.

RR - Hey, guys. I would like you to meet...

Greta - Hello, I'm Greta. I'm the seventh daughter of the seventh son. I see things that other people don't even look for.

RR - As I was saying, this is Greta. Would you care for some wine, Greta?

Greta - Thank you. [takes sip from wine glass] As I was saying, a few dollars spent on Greta's gifts could be the best investment of your life.

DM - The rap alone is worth the investment.

RR - No, Mac, trust me. She has real talent.

DM - I can see that just by looking at her.

Tessa - Come on, it would be fun to have my palm read.

DM - [with humor] Only if she tells you what you want to hear.

Greta - I see you're a woman of taste. [takes Tessa's hand, gets a flash of something] Oh, that was a rush.

Tessa - Are you okay?

Greta - Yeah. Where were we?

[Greta takes Tessa's hand again, gets flash of Tessa surrounded by darkness, a man's smile, the hostage room where James' girlfriend was held. Two sword blades crossed, a woman saying "Stay away from me," more distorted images, and finally a gun muzzle and blood, ending with a very brief white-out flash of a boy wearing a dewrag.]

Greta - [blinks, looks around] What the hell was that about? [lets go of Tessa's hand]

Tessa - What's wrong?

RR - Ah, it's no big deal, Tess. She's just having a psychic experience, right?

Greta - That's it. I must have -- I mean, I did.

RR - Greta, I was kidding.

DM - [to Tessa] Hey, don't worry.

Greta - You have to get the hell out of this city.

Tessa - What are you talking about?

Greta - Trouble -- and you're right in the middle of it.

DM - I think we've heard enough. Thanks. [stands up]

RR - Hey, come on, guys. We're all having fun here. [to Greta] I mean, this is just a joke, right?

Greta - Look, I saw what I saw. I think this is for real.

DM - I'm sure it is. [to Tessa] Let's go.

Greta - I know this sounds crazy as hell, but I saw swords.

Tessa - It's okay. Thanks for the reading.

DM - [to Tessa as they walk away] Come on. Don't let it bother you.

Tessa - She seemed so upset. What about the swords? How could she know about that?

DM - Well, maybe it was a coincidence. Or maybe she really did have a psychic experience and caught a glimpse of our life together.

Tessa - She scared me.

DM - Hey, Tess, nothing's written in stone. Whatever she saw or didn't see, we decide our future. It's whatever we want it to be.

Tessa - Hold me. I love you, Duncan.

DM - I love you too, sweetheart. [They kiss.]


Flashback - gypsy camp, 1848 4

Carmen - [kisses DM, then slaps him] You bastard!

DM - What was that for? [wrestles knife away from Carmen] Give me that! Why?

Carmen - I am not a whore! [storms out of wagon]

DM - What did I do?

Carmen - [runs through camp] Roman!

DM - [follows] What did I do?

Carmen - Roman!

DM - [to himself] What is this about? Oh, I don't understand women. She's crazy. [calls after her] Carmen!

Carmen - Roman!

Roman - [sitting by fire, stands] What is it?

Carmen - MacLeod. He used me. He lied to me. He said he would marry me!

DM - I WILL marry you.

Carmen - Liar! [grabs DM's hand] I saw it in your palm!

DM - What are you doing?

Carmen - You will have hundreds of women, but you will never marry. Not me, not anyone!

Roman - Is this true?

[Older gypsy woman looks at DM's palm, nods.]

Roman - [takes off jacket] Get him a knife.

DM - Oh, this is crazy.

Roman - [puts knife in DM's hand] You have destroyed the honor of my family.

DM - What on earth are you talking about?

Roman - You raped my sister.

DM - What?

Roman - You will marry her now.

DM - Roman, I love your sister, but no one's going to force me to marry anyone. [Roman slices DM's cheek with his knife.] Uh!

Roman - Then you will die.

DM - [throws knife down] Roman, I am your friend. [turns to Carmen] Carmen...

Roman - Go, MacLeod.

Carmen - [as DM walks away] MacLeod... you will bury many women, but you will marry none! You will always be alone. Do you hear me? Alone.


Bar / pool hall 3

(resume previous scene)

DM - Let's get married.

Tessa - What do you mean, married?

DM - I mean, married as in... married.

Tessa - You mean, as in a proposal? You mean as in "Will you marry me" married?

DM - Is this better? [gets down on one knee, sings] Will you marry me? Will you marry me?

Tessa - Get up! There are people.

DM - Well, you still haven't answered my question. [asks nearby people] Do you think she should marry me?

Woman - Yes.

DM - I think she should marry me. Yeah? I think she should marry me. What do you think?

Tessa - All right. All right. All right. Yes!

DM - Yes?

Tessa - I'll marry you!

DM - Yes! [picks her up, spins her in a circle]

Tessa - Why now? [DM notices two men (Pallin and Billy) by pool tables watching him intently.] What are you looking at?

DM - Uh... probably nothing. I'll be right back.

Tessa - [as DM leaves] Whew!

RR - [walks up to Tessa] What's going on? Thought you guys were taking off.

Tessa - Richie, Duncan just asked me to marry him.

RR - He what?

Tessa - He proposed to me!

RR - For real?

Tessa - Yeah.

RR - Just now?

Tessa - Uh-huh.

RR - Why? [off Tessa's look] Well, no, no, Tess, don't. I mean, I know that he loves you and all, but I mean, after all this time, it seems a little strange, don't you think?

Tessa - Well, no, not to me.

RR - Well, congratulations.

[DM looks around pool hall, walks behind pool tables. A He walks between two pool tables, looks around some more, then shrugs and returns to Tessa.]


Loft apartment - bedroom 0

Tessa - Did you ever think... what if we had never met? What if you didn't jump in that boat? Hmm? What if--

DM - You'll drive yourself crazy.

Tessa - Where would you be now? Where would I be?

DM - I give up. Where would you be?

Tessa - Well...

DM - Well?

Tessa - I don't know. I can't even imagine a life where we're not together. Do you think there's such a thing as fate? Something that drew us together?

DM - I think... what drew us together... was you. Your face... [kisses her] Your eyelashes... Your hair... and your ears...

Tessa - Mmm. My whole head?

DM - Mmm. And everything inside. But most of all... your heart. [continues kissing her]

Tessa - Duncan...

[fade to black]


Inside antique store, next morning 0

DM - You know, it's going to be funny opening the store again tomorrow.

Tessa - Mm-hmm.

RR - So, is this going to be a traditional wedding or what?

Tessa - What do you mean?

RR - I mean, have you thought about who's going to give you away?

Tessa - Come on, Richie. Give me a break.

RR - See, I was actually kind of hoping that Mac would ask me to be his best man.

DM - [laughs] I wouldn't have it any other way.

RR - All right. Cheers.

DM & Tessa - [clink champagne flutes with RR] Cheers.

RR - Tess. [holds glass for her to take] Mac, can you give me a hand for a second?

[DM sees Billy looking in through window, goes to door.]

Tessa - Mac?

RR - [as DM leaves store] A simple "no" would have worked.


Outside antique store 5

[DM sees Billy. Billy looks behind him, makes sure DM sees him, then turns and runs. DM follows.] 67

[Meanwhile, Pallin drives up to antique store.]

[DM continues chasing Billy.]8


Inside antique store 0

[Pallin enters store.]

RR - Can I help you? [Pallin tasers him unconscious.]

[DM continues to chase Billy.] 5

Tessa - [enters from workshop] Richie?


Outside antique store 5

DM - [finally catches Billy] What do you want? [knocked aside by motorcyclist. Billy jumps on back of motorcycle and escapes.]


Inside antique store 0

Tessa - [backing away] Take whatever you want.

Pallin - I will. CUT


[short time later]

DM - [enters store] Tessa? [RR moans.] Richie! What happened?

RR - Mac, a guy comes in here and zapped me in the neck.

DM - What guy?

RR - I don't know. A big guy.

DM - What'd he look like?

RR - Tall guy. Blond hair.

DM - Where's Tessa?

RR - I don't know. Mac, I'm sorry.

DM - It's not your fault. It's not your fault. I just have a feeling I've just been set up.


Establishing shot: Pallin Wolf's Tudor 1

Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room 1

Tessa - What do you need me for?

Pallin - [in the shadows] Bait.

Tessa - But he'll fight anyway, if that's all you want.

Pallin - Well, maybe that's the way the Immortals do it, but I have to be a little more careful. [He smiles at her (one of Greta's flashes).]

Tessa - [sees his tattoo] You're a Watcher.

Pallin - Oooh, so you know about us.

Tessa - Yes, I know about you. But I don't understand you. What in God's name do you think you're doing?

Pallin - My friends would call it saving the human race. But I do it for other reasons. I get off on it.

Tessa - Why Duncan?

Pallin - Because he's a freak.

Tessa - He's a good, decent man.

Pallin - He's not a man. He's not human. He's an it. CUT I think it's time we spoke to him, don't you?


Inside antique store 0

DM - [answers phone] This is MacLeod. [on phone, Pallin laughs.] Listen to me carefully, you son of a bitch. If anything-- B [on phone] If anything-- 1 C I mean anything -- happens to Te-- (this is NOT in the DVD version!)

Pallin - [on phone] Wait, don't tell me... [into phone] I'm a dead man, right? 1

DM - [into phone] If you're lucky.

Pallin - [on phone] How'd I guess? [into phone] Don't worry, buddy. You'll get your shot. And to show you that I'm not such a bad guy, I'm going to let you talk to her. [holds phone for Tessa]

Tessa - [into phone] Mac. 1

DM - [into phone] Tessa, are you all right?

Tessa - [on phone] I'm fine. Don't come! It's a trap.

DM - [into phone] Where are you?

Pallin - [pulls phone away, into phone] Of course it's a trap. That won't matter, now will it? 1 [on phone] I'll be in touch. [hangs up]

<RR - CUT Mac, look what I just found. Isn't this the earring that Tessa was wearing today?>


Empty bar / pool hall 3

DM - I just need five minutes of your time.

Greta - Something happened to her, didn't it?

DM - Tessa was kidnapped last night.

Greta - Then what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with the police or something?

DM - I need your help.

Greta - Mister, I do an act. A little theater for the paying customers. My mother had the gift, but I never did.

<DM - You do now. CUT [puts earring in her hand]>

Greta - Look, last night was my first time -- my only time. It's not gonna happen again. [hands earring back]

DM - Please. [gives her the earring again]

Greta - [rubs earring between her palms briefly] I'm sorry. I'm blank. Nothing. The only thing I get a picture of is the pizza I had for lunch.

DM - Try again.

Greta - I do this and then I'm out of it, right? You go away? Far away? [concentrates on earring, gets images of mounted animal heads, Tessa, Pallin's smile again, Tessa bound to a chair in the hostage room, crossed sword blades, more distorted images]

DM - What did you see?

Greta - Nothing. [drops earring on table]

DM - What did you see? Talk to me!

Greta - All right. I saw her... your friend. She's a prisoner or something. And there was a guy with a mask. He was swinging a sword. What kind of weird stuff are you people into?

DM - Is she okay? Can you tell me something about her location?

Greta - No.

DM - Is there anything -- anything else at all?

Greta - There was a wall with animal heads on it.


Taxidermist's shop 9

Harry - Dying art. People just aren't killing things like they used to.

DM - That's too bad.

Tax - It's hell on the fur business, too. My cousin Mel's a furrier uptown.

DM - That's nice for him.

Tax - Nice? It's terrible. He's in hock up to his ears. Nobody's buying nothing, and when they do, some wacko starts throwing eggs and garbage at them.

DM - The man I'm looking for is tall, blond.

Tax - If God didn't want women to wear fur coats, why'd he invent mink?

DM - About the blond man--

Tax - What did he do -- birds or beasts?

DM - What?

Tax - What did he hunt? Ducks? Quail?

DM - Big game.

Tax - Well, there was a guy in... but he was bald. I got a great memory for animals. But people...

DM - [sees Billy at the window] Thanks anyway.

[DM chases Billy. 109511 1 Billy climbs fire escape. DM follows. They scuffle, DM punches Billy, Billy falls from fire escape and dies. 5]


Forest shoreline 12

<DM - Did you get it? CUT

RR - Yeah. [hands DM manilla folder] Everything you asked for. [as DM looks through folder contents] Something to drink? [offers bottle to DM]

DM - Yeah, thanks. [takes bottle, twists off cap]

RR - So, what's next?

DM - I'm not sure. I just killed the person that could have led me to her -- don't ask me to explain. [looks at folder contents again] There's got to be something in here.

RR - I can't believe Greta called all this. [beat] Are you beginning to believe in this psychic stuff?>

DM - I don't know, Richie. You know, sometimes just because something can't be proven now, it doesn't mean it'll never be proven. [beat] People used to believe that the earth was the center of the universe.

RR - A couple years ago I would've never believed an Immortal could exist. So, uh... never been married before, have you, Mac?

DM - No.

RR - Well, I guess without being able to have kids, there's not much point, right?

DM - Something like that, yeah.

RR - Then why now? [beat] I mean, I know it's probably none of my business, and basically I shouldn't be asking...

DM - That's twice you're right, yeah.

RR - Sorry.

DM - [sighs] It's okay. I'm sorry, myself. Look, it might be just because of what Greta said. Or maybe it's just... the thought of really losing her...

RR - Mac, don't worry. We'll get her back.

DM - I've been around a long time, Rich.

RR - Four hundred years -- I'd say that's quite a bit of time, yeah.

DM - Yeah, but sometimes I feel even older than that. I've seen so many things. I've fought so many battles. People become part of your life, and then they... they just die. It all stays with you, Rich. You live with it -- their hopes, their dreams... their pain, their love... Tessa makes me feel so young. Every time I see her, it's like the first time. Every time I touch her... I...

RR - Sounds to me like you're in love.

DM - Huh, yeah. Come on, I want to get back to the store. We've got to be by a phone.

RR - All right. 2


Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room 1

Pallin - [enters with tray of food] You'd better eat. You'll be here for a while.

Tessa - Why are you waiting? Why don't you just get it over with?

Pallin - The longer MacLeod has to wait, the edgier he becomes. An edgy man makes mistakes.

Tessa - Maybe he won't come.

<Pallin - He'll come as soon as I tell him to. CUT [answers cell phone] Yeah.

Man - [on phone] Billy's dead. MacLeod killed him.>

Pallin - [hangs up phone] Your good and decent man just killed my friend.

Tessa - You have no one to blame but yourself.

Pallin - [slaps her] Bitch! Billy really believed in this crap. He was a soldier.

Tessa - Soldier? You're trying to kill an innocent man. That isn't war. It's murder! [throws plate of food at him as he leaves]


Outside antique store 5

RR - Anything? [DM, still looking at manilla folder contents, shakes head. Greta approaches.] I thought you wanted no part of this.

Greta - I didn't, but I can't get it out of my head. I keep having these visions -- these images. It's making me crazy.

DM - Did you see anything new?

Greta - I saw you.

DM - What was I doing?

Greta - I don't know. I mean, all I get is bits and pieces. It's not like I can put in a tape and watch the movie.

DM - Well, what do you think I was doing?

Greta - Fighting with somebody -- the guy in the mask, I think. Look, this is all new to me. I read palms, I make a few bucks. It's a gig, not a life style.

DM - [looks at his palm, sits down beside her] Read my palm.

Greta - What good will that do?

DM - Please.

Greta - [looks at DM's palm] My God, you've got a life line the size of the Mississippi. Wait a minute... how old are you? [begins to get image flashes again:

- crossed sword blades
- DM about to die for the first time ("Family Tree") [DM - Father...]
- DM taking Voshin's Quickening ("The Sea Witch")
- DM dies ("Family Tree") [Ian - Duncan...]
- DM yelling "Where do I come from?" [no audio] ("Family Tree")
- DM receiving Grayson's Quickening ("Band of Brothers") [DM - It is a miracle!]
- Ian MacLeod reacting to DM's revival ("Family Tree") [Ian - 'Tis the work of the demon master of the world below.]
- DM fighting bandit in flashback ("Saving Grace") [DM - Father!; Ian - You're not my son!]
- DM taking Sendaro's Quicking ("Saving Grace")
- firing line of soldiers shooting Charles in flashback ("Nowhere to Run")
- DM taking Kuyler's Quickening ("For Evil's Sake")
- DM jumping in front of Charles, being shot ("Nowhere to Run")
- DM fighting French soldiers with Piton ("Eye of the Beholder")
- DM taking Ballin's Quickening at Science Dome ("Eyewitness")

- outside view of Pallin's house, night
- DM on the stairs with stained glass window at the landing and a deer head on the wall
- crossed sword blades again
- Pallin's night vision goggles
- DM in the room with the spotlights in the corners
- same room, dark, lit by green of night vision goggles
- blackness]

Greta - What are you?

DM - What did you see?

Greta - Halloween. Guys in costumes, sword fights. This big old house. And then it all just went black.

DM - Well, you mean the vision stopped?

Greta - No. It was different than that. It was pitch-black. You know, like somebody turned out the lights or something, but blacker.

DM - Was it night? [Greta shakes her head 'no'.] Well, what color were the walls? I mean, I need details!

Greta - What details? Black is black.

DM - Well, was there anything else of Tessa or the man holding her?

Greta - No.

DM - There must have been something.

Greta - What do you want from me? You want me just to make up something so you feel better?

DM - No. I want you to give me something that I can use. [pause] I'm sorry. I know you're doing your best. Was there anything else? What about the house?

Greta - It was an old Tudor, I think.

DM - Was there anything special about it?

Greta - No. I mean, it's probably nothing.

DM - What?

Greta - The windows of the house -- some of them were colored glass. Look, I told you, it's not much.

DM - It's more than I had.

Greta - Wait. This is my home number. [writes number on inside of matchbook cover, hands matchbook to DM] I won't sleep until this is over.

DM - Thanks.

Greta - Let me know what happens, okay?

DM - Yeah.


Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room 1

[Tessa studies metal fork, then goes to door.]


Inside antique store 0

DM - Did he call?

RR - No. Mac, what's he waiting for?

DM - That's his game. [opens laptop]

RR - And what are you doing?

DM - I'm looking for a Tudor house that Greta saw.

RR - Mac, there are tons of Tudor houses in this city.

DM - Some are registered as historical landmarks, though.

RR - Sure. Dozens.

DM - Yeah, but not all of them have colored glass windows.


Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room

[Tessa tries to open locked door with metal fork, gives up and tries to jam the door knob with the fork instead.]

Pallin - What are you doing in there?

[Pallin kicks door in & Tessa breaks the wooden chair against his back, knocking him down. She runs down two flights of stairs and out into street.]

Tessa - [runs in front of passing car] Stop! Stop! Stop, please! Stop! You have to help me!

Driver - [pushes her away from car window] What the hell! Are you drunk or something? You could've gotten yourself killed. [drives away]

Tessa - You have to help me!

Pallin - [grabs her] I still need you. [drags her back into house]


Inside antique store, night 0

RR - [answers phone] Hello.

Pallin - [on phone] Is that you, Richie?

RR - [into phone] Who is this?

Pallin - [into phone] Still stunned?

RR - [on phone] Why don't you come find out.

Pallin - [into phone] Ha. Ha. Funny man. 1 [on phone] Let me talk to MacLeod.

RR - [into phone] He's not here right now.

Pallin - [on phone] That's too bad. [into phone] Give him a message for me. You tell him that the girl is at Thirty-four Ninety Briarcliff Street. 1 [on phone] And you tell him I'm expecting him. [hangs up]


Establishing shot: Pallin Wolf's Tudor, night 1

Pallin Wolf's Tudor - hostage room 1

Pallin - That was very good before. I won't underestimate you again. [cuffs Tessa to radiator]

Tessa - It's not me you have to worry about.

Pallin - We'll see.


Outside Tudor, night 1

[RR pulls up on motorcycle, walks toward house, is suddenly grabbed by DM.]

RR - Mac!

DM - Quiet! What are you doing here?

RR - He called just after you left. He's in that house.

DM - I know. I want you outside. Tessa's the only one I want to worry about in there. Right?

RR - Right.

DM - [firmly] Right?

RR - Right. [watches as DM walks toward house, turns to go around back of house] Wrong.


Inside Tudor, night 1

Pallin - [watching from inside] So he brought the posse.

[RR enters house. Pallin follows him and knocks him out. Meanwhile, DM enters at front of house, goes up stairs, hears noise and enters room where James was killed.]


Pallin Wolf's Tudor - blackout room 2

Pallin - [holding sword, goggles on forehead] Welcome, Highlander. You got here sooner than I thought.

DM - Where's Tessa.

Pallin - Here. [pulls goggles over eyes]

DM - Who are you?

[Spotlights turn off. Pallin's green night goggle vision engages. DM takes off jacket & moves into defensive position. Pallin toys with him & DM actually manages some decent parries.]

Pallin - Ooh. Very impressive. [cuts DM across the belly]

DM - Aah! [backs away, pulls Greta's matchbook from his pocket]

Pallin - It's only a matter of time, Highlander. [cuts DM's arm]

[DM tosses matchbook into air and hits it with sword blade, igniting the matches & causing a flare of light.]

Pallin - [pulls off night vision goggles] Aah!

[In flickering light from matchbook, DM kills Pallin, then leaves room to find Tessa.]


Pallin's Tudor - hostage room, night 1

Tessa - [as DM enters] Mac! Thank God!

DM - Out of the way. [uses sword to break handcuff link]

Tessa - [hugs DM] Oh.

DM - You all right?

Tessa - I'm fine.

RR - [enters room] I'm fine, too, if anyone cares.

DM - I thought I told you to stay outside.

RR - So sue me.

DM - Take Tessa home in the car. I'll take your bike. I want to find out a little bit more about this guy and his friends.

Tessa - Don't be too long. I love you.

DM - I love you, too.

[Tessa & RR leave.]


Outside Tudor, night 1

[Tessa & RR walk to T-bird.]


Inside Tudor, night 1

[DM searches computer.]


Outside Tudor, night 1

RR - [holds out jacket] Tessa.

Tessa - Thanks. [puts jacket on]

RR - Come on. Let's go.

Mark - [wearing jacket and dewrag (from Greta's first vision)] Nice car. How about a ride?

RR - Some other time. [to Tessa] Let's go.

Mark - [pulls gun] Now! Give me your keys. I want your rings, wallet, necklace! Come on!

Tessa - Okay! Okay!

Mark - Come on! Hurry up! Come on!

RR - All right!

Mark - That's all you got? You got more. Where's her purse?

Tessa - I don't have a purse, I swear -- only the rings.

Mark - You lying bitch! D [shoots Tessa]

[DM, inside, hears gunshot.]

Tessa - Aah!

RR - [shot twice] Aah!

[DM, inside, reacts to gunshots.]

[Mark turns, runs off. DM runs out of house, down porch steps E and across yard, kneels by Tessa's body, cradles it gently.]

[RR opens his eyes -- he's alive.] 3 CUT


Inside antique store 0

[Kansas - "Dust in the Wind"

I close my eyes...
Only for a moment,
And the moment's gone.
All my dreams...]

[DM stands in center of room, looking sadly around, remembering...]


Flashback: Paris, 1980 - tour boat
(from "For Evil's Sake")

DM - Uh... I didn't want to miss the tour.

Tessa - Is this the way you always make an entrance?

[Pass before my eyes, a curiosity.]

DM - I wanted to make an impression.

Tessa - You have. Bravo.]

[Dust in the wind.
All we are is dust in the wind.]


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM, still remembering...]


Flashback: Antique store - workshop
(from "The Sea Witch" cut scene #2)

[Tessa is working on a still life as MacLeod enters. He slides his arm around her and squeezes.]

[Same old song...]


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[Just a drop of water in an endless sea.]

[DM, still remembering...]


Flashback: Antique store - workshop
(from "Family Tree")

[Tessa behind welding flame, talking to DM (no audio).]

[All we do...]


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM, still remembering...]

[Crumbles to the ground
Though we refuse to see.]


Flashback: Loft apartment - bedroom
(from "Road Not Taken")

[Tessa sits on bed, pats beside her for DM to sit.]

Dust in the wind.]


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM, still remembering...]

[All we are is dust in the wind.]


Flashback: Antique store - office
(from "The Gathering")

Tessa - Damn you! Damn your Gathering! Damn your whole race!

DM - I'm not your enemy, you know.

Tessa - No.


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM, sitting on stairs to upper level, still remembering...]


Flashback: Loft apartment - living room
(from "The Gathering")

Tessa - Maybe I'll want someone I can grow old with.

DM - You know I've wanted the same thing -- to grow old with you.


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM, sitting on stairs to upper level, still remembering...]


[Flashback: Bar / pool hall
(from this episode)

Tessa - I love you, Duncan.

DM - I love you, too, sweetheart.


Inside antique store 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM, sitting on stairs to upper level, still remembering...]

[Now, don't hang on.
Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.]

[DM exits store, closes door.]

[It slips away,
And all your money won't another minute buy.
Dust in the wind.
All we are is dust in the wind.]

[DM turns & senses 'buzz'.]

[(All we are is dust in the wind.)
Dust in the wind.
(Everything is dust in the wind.)
Everything is dust in the wind.
The wind.]

DM - [walks across street to RR] You're one of us now. [gives RR key to store] Sell it. [as RR moves away] Richie... watch your head. [walks toward T-bird. RR follows.] 5


End of "The Darkness"

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