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Episode 6: The Zone

Written by Peter Mohan
Directed by Clay Borris
Aired: Nov. 6, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-16-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Charlie DeSalvo - Philip Akin
              Dojo manager

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Canaan - Santino Buda
              bad guy exploiting the Zone

Asia - Sandra P. Grant
              runs clinic in the Zone


Mark Wells - Brian McGugan
              Watcher observing Canaan

Tio - Alfonso/Alphonso Quijada
              punk kid

Old Man - Tom Heaton
              hobo on couch

Jesse Collins - Michael Shanks
              mine owner's son in FB

Tom McGee - Leam Blackwood
              leader of miners in FB

Judd Collins - Ken Camroux
              mine owner in FB

Woman - Lorena Gale
              at clinic meeting

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. The Zone - abandoned Versatile Pacific Shipyard [49.309825,-123.079235]
2. Mining camp - Britannia Mine Museum, 1 Forbes Way, Britannia Beach [49.623121,-123.204368]
3. Dojo exterior (Eurominutes establishing shot) - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on SciFi channel (1999* & 2009) match the official cut.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the 1999 tape.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



The Zone 1

Canaan - [speaking to crowd] There's only one thing you need to live in this world. It's not food. It's not money. It's not love. People need... respect. Where is your respect? Gone... with the paint chips your babies eat, and the drugs your teenagers do. You want to know where your respect is? Rich man's society's taken it from you. You didn't even see it go. Your kids' future has gone to buy his kid a new video game. And you say you don't like it, rich man says it's too bad. It's part of the game. [Young man, Mark, moves through crowd. He carries a pen and small pad of paper.] Well, sure, it's part of the damn game! Well, in our game, we take back our kids' futures. And if the rich man gets in the way of that, well, sorry, it's just part of the game. [as Mark turns to leave] Stop. Stop! [Mark turns back.] Rich man's game says that if the poor man tries to organize himself, you stop him. You send your spies, then you send in the police. Well, here's your rich man spying.

Mark - I'm no cop! Look, I'm a reporter. See? Here's my I.D.

Canaan - The rich man has no mercy for you. Show the rich man what we have for him.

Mark - Look, I'm no threat to you!

Canaan - We know.

[Mark turns and runs; the crowd follows, shouting.]

Men in crowd - Get him! Come on, get him!

[Mark runs among shanty-town dwellings, runs behind one, out of camera-view, then re-emerges with a stab wound in the abdomen. He falls to the ground, dead. On his wrist... a Watcher tattoo.]


Dojo 0

Charlie - [to sparring partner] Hey, man.

Sparring partner - One more, one more, come on. [Charlie takes him down.]

DM - Looking pretty hot out there, Charlie.

Charlie - MacLeod, I'm sizzling today. Hey, you know what? Today's my day to teach the lesson, man. Come on.

DM - Okay. What do you want to discuss in today's lesson? I know. How about the history of martial arts, which was designed to keep the little guy from being trounced by the big guy?

Charlie - Oh, is that so?

DM - Yeah, I mean, look, take wrestling, for instance. [gets Charlie in a hold] Even Jacob wrestled with an angel. [dumps Charlie on the mat] Whoa! He lost, but he tried so hard, the angel blessed him anyway. [pulls Charlie to his feet]

Charlie - You feel like no angel to me, man.

DM - Well, uh, take Kung Fu. I mean, it was taken to China in the sixth century by an Indian priest, who taught it to a bunch of Shaolin monks so that they could protect themselves against bandits. [takes Charlie down with a Kung Fu move]

Charlie - Well, somebody's always picking on somebody, huh? Hey -- How about, uh, boxing?

DM - Boxing? [puts his fists up and bounces in place]

Charlie - Yeah. Big-ticket item in the Roman Forum, Mac. Come on. Whoo-whoo-whoo. Whoo-whoo-whoo. [lands a punch to DM's jaw]

DM - I didn't think I'd be taking bruises over schoolwork. I tell you what, how about Karate, which means "empty hand"? It started in Okinawa four hundred years ago, because the peasants weren't allowed weapons. They had to do something to fight the ruling Japanese. [Joe walks in and stands at the back of the crowd of dojo patrons that has gathered to watch DM and Charlie. DM exchanges karate moves with Charlie and lands a punch in his gut.] Now, of course, there are the modern techniques. [steps on Charlie's foot, pokes him in the chest, then taps him on the head] Ah. Bing! Bonk! [points two fingers at Charlie's eyes] D-i-i-ing!

Charlie - [laughs] Where did you learn that one?

DM - Three Stooges. [sees Joe] Uh... we'll finish it later on.

Charlie - No, no, no. No, MacLeod. School's out.


Dojo office 0

DM - [follows Joe into office] Nice suit. You going on a date, Joe?

Joe - No. I'm going to a funeral.

DM - Oh, sorry. Whose?

Joe - Mark Wells. He was one of my people.

DM - So what's this got to do with me?

Joe - He was in the Zone, checking out a guy called Canaan.

DM - You think this guy's Immortal?

Joe - And a murderer.

DM - So what exactly do you want me to do about it?

Joe - He has to be stopped.

DM - So you can have your revenge? No, if you want something done about it, you do it yourself.

Joe - You know we can't get involved. [sighs] Just check this guy out. Then you can do what you want.

DM - I don't want this to become a habit.


Dojo 0

Joe - [nods, follows DM out of office] You be careful around Canaan, all right? I would hate to lose another friend.

DM - Since when did we become friends? [Joe shrugs, leaves. DM turns to find Charlie watching him.] What?

Charlie - Your buddy just asked you to be careful of Canaan, and you're asking me questions?

DM - It's not polite to eavesdrop, Charlie.

Charlie - So sue me. Hey, look, you're not going to go down there, man, are you? To the Zone?

DM - I have to do a favor for a friend.

Charlie - Well, this better be a pretty good friend. 'Cause anything that involves poking around in the Zone is one hell of a favor.

DM - I can take care of myself.

Charlie - Yeah, right. When you know what you're fighting. But look, you go down into the Zone cold, there's a hundred ways of getting yourself killed. I mean, you look at somebody the wrong--

DM - Then I guess I'm going to have to look at somebody the right way.

Charlie - Hey, you think somebody is going to just open up and talk to you? Huh? You need somebody to be a guide. Or at least somebody to watch your back. Take Richie, if you don't want me.

DM - Richie's out of this.

Charlie - Well then, that leaves me, then, doesn't it? Look, I grew up down there. I still know a lot of people.

DM - This isn't your business, Charlie.

Charlie - Not my business? You get yourself killed, man, I lose my shot at a re-match.

DM - Look at the bright side -- you'd win by default.


The Zone 1

[DM walks around, senses he's being followed, hides around corner and ambushes his tail... Charlie.]

Charlie - Hey, hey, hey, chill, man. I'm here to help.

DM - I told you I didn't need your help.

Charlie - I didn't believe it then, and I don't believe it now.

DM - You're not going to go away, are you?

Charlie - No.

DM - Okay. After you. [They walk together.] 1

Charlie - Things weren't this bad when I was a kid. Come on. People didn't have much, but at least they had some self-respect.

DM - What happened?

Charlie - A lot of things. Gangs moved in, businesses moved out. People just kind of gave up.

DM - Hold on, hold on, where are you taking me?

Charlie - To meet somebody who didn't give up.


The Zone - Asia's clinic 1

Asia - Okay, you got to stay off the glue, hon. It's frying your brains. Now, I'm going to send you to get some help. [hands girl a piece of paper] You going to take care of you? Please? See you next time. [sees Charlie enter] Charlie, hey! How are you? [hugs him]

Charlie - Hey, Asia.

Asia - What are you doing here?

Charlie - Oh, uh, this is a friend of mine, Duncan MacLeod.

DM - Hi.

Charlie - Uh, he said he wanted to see the Zone, and I told him you'd be the person to tell him about it.

Asia - Well, I don't know if Charlie told you -- it's not exactly the safest place to go sightseeing. Coffee?

DM - No, I'm all right. You seem to be holding up all right.

Asia - I live here. I know what to do and what to stay clear of.

Charlie - Listen, uh, the reason this place exists is because of her. This lady makes a difference down here.

Asia - So what can I do for you guys?

DM - I'm looking for a guy called Canaan.

Asia - You a cop?

DM - No, I'm just interested.

Asia - The man dealt drugs, guns, did all kind of things. Nobody cared as long as it stayed in the Zone. Soon as he got himself a political rap, folks uptown started to freak.

Charlie - Well, does anybody buy into his rap?

Asia - You'd be surprised. I mean, in case you haven't noticed, folks around here don't have an awful lot to believe in. It's not exactly the land of milk and honey.

DM - Do you know where I can find him?

Asia - You don't want to find him. And you don't want him to find you. Look, man. what Canaan does or doesn't do is something you wouldn't understand. And I don't think it's any of your business.

DM - Thanks for your help. [walks away]

Charlie - [to Asia] Hey, what are you so pissed about, huh?

Asia - Hey, Charlie... Look, just stay out of it, okay?

Charlie - Hey, I'll call you. Don't worry.


The Zone 1


Charlie - He's got them all scared to death.

DM - No, Asia didn't seem too frightened.

Charlie - Nothing scares Asia, man. You should see some of the people she takes care of. Look, about before -- I know she's a little rough around the edges, but I don't think she meant it.

DM - She doesn't seem the type that says anything she doesn't mean. CUT

<Charlie - Look, people around here don't trust outsiders, you know what I mean?

DM - Yeah, I can see why. (CUT)

Charlie - I'm beginning to hate this place. I didn't spend this much time down here when I lived down here.

DM - I told you, you didn't need to come.

Charlie - Yeah, well, if you're dumb enough to come down here, the least I could do is be dumb enough to keep you company.> 2


Dojo office 0

DM - The guy's like a dictator in a banana republic. We spoke to a dozen people. Everybody knows what's happening, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Joe - Maybe they don't have to. One of our guys found Wells' notebook. [hands DM a piece of paper] That's where Canaan hangs. CUT

<DM - How long have you had this notebook, Joe? You wouldn't be holding out on me, would you?

Joe - No, MacLeod. [leaves]>


The Zone 1


Canaan - A man who takes back what's stolen from him isn't a thief. He's a liberator. [checks chamber of pistol]

Tio - You put a gun to somebody's head and you take his wallet -- man, that ain't liberation. That's armed robbery.

Canaan - It's all semantics, my friend. All words. But when you come right down to it, you have two choices -- you can either be my friend, or you can be my enemy.


Flashback - Pennsylvania, 1920 - mining camp 2

DM - So how do you like the real world, Jesse?

Jesse - I never knew people lived like this. Hate to say it, but I'm ashamed to be a Collins.

DM - So your father doesn't know you're working in the mines?

Jesse - Are you kidding? He thinks I'm back at Princeton studying engineering. And it might not be too healthy for me if anybody else found out I was the mine owner's son.

Tom - [talking to group of miners] Collins and his family get richer every day. And what do we get? The black lung, or crushed in some damn cave-in. For what? So he can get fatter, and our wives and children can starve. [looks at DM] Who the hell are you?

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Jesse - He's a friend of mine.

Tom - A friend? Is he one of Collins' private cops? [to DM] Are you a Pinkerton?

DM - Nope.

Tom - And how do I know that?

DM - Because I said so. [Several men chuckle.]

Tom - I knew you weren't no cop. Your suit's too good. [Other miners laugh.] Six weeks we have been sitting on our asses, waiting for Collins to negotiate. And what does the bastard do? He brings in his own damn army.

Jesse - He's not going to negotiate, Tom. He's going to bring in scabs. We can't win.

Tom - Like hell, we can't. We can hit him where it hurts -- in the pocket.

Miners - Yeah. You tell it, Tom.

Tom - We can blow the mine entrance, and then burn down his damn house. Show him what it's like to live like an animal.

DM - You're dead if you do.

Tom - And what do you know about it?

DM - I know the Pinkertons are just waiting for an excuse to earn their eight dollars a day.

Tom - They're here fighting for money. We're here fighting for the right. They'll back down.

DM - They won't back down. They kill people like you for a living.

Tom - Better a bullet than to die slowly in the mine.

Miners - Yeah!

Tom - Are you with us on this, Jesse?

Jesse - I don't know.

Tom - Look, Jesse... you've got two choices -- either you're with us, or you're against us. And I don't think that you want to be against us!


The Zone 1

(resume previous scene)

DM - [watching Canaan from nearby] I've seen enough.

Charlie - Hey, that's it? You only wanted to see him?

DM - He's not what my friend was afraid he was.

Charlie - Yeah, well, he was plenty scary from where I was standing.

DM - Come on.

Charlie - Hey...

Canaan - [hands gun to Tio] Leave.

Tio - [to other two boys] Let's get outta here.

Canaan - [to henchmen as the boys leave] Let's go.

Charlie - Hey... 3 I used to know that kid. Uh... Tio. You know, I'm going to go talk to him.

DM - Charlie, that "kid" has a gun. Be careful. CUT

<Charlie - [approaching the boys] Hey, Tio. It's Charlie -- Charlie DeSalvo, man. How you doing? Hey, I just want to talk to you, buddy. How's it going?

[DM walks away from Charlie and the boys, finds himself surrounded by a group of homeless thugs.]

DM - Uh-oh.

Tio - [to Charlie] What are you doing here, man?

Charlie - I just wanted to come down and talk to you for a bit. Where'd you get the piece, man?

[DM goes hand-to-hand against the thugs, but there are too many for him. Canaan gets involved and knocks DM unconscious with a length of pipe.]

Tio - I got nothing -- nothing to tell you, my man.

Charlie - Hey, what do you mean?

Tio - Don't touch me, man! What are you doing here, anyways? You don't belong here no more!

Charlie - Get out of here.

[The boys leave, and Charlie sees DM being dragged to the docks by two guys.]

Charlie - MacLeod?

[The two guys toss DM into the water.]

Charlie - [runs to the water] MacLeod! MacLeod? [He takes off his jacket, preparing to dive in after him.]>


Loft 0

Joe - So, how was the water?

DM - Wet.

Joe - You're sure that he's not an Immortal?

DM - Believe me, I was close enough that I would have known.

Joe - So... it's over.

DM - Not quite.

Joe - But you said he wasn't an Immortal.

DM - He's evil.

Joe - But, MacLeod--

DM - Don't give me that line about it's not my job. We've been sitting on the sidelines for too long -- both of us.

Joe - What am I supposed to do, start a war?

DM - I want you to help me nail this guy.

Joe - Call the cops.

DM - Hey, Joe, the cops won't go anywhere near the Zone. They think it's a bunch of animals killing each other. There are people that watch, and there are people that do.

[Joe leaves without responding.]


Flashback - Pennsylvania, 1920 - mining camp 2

Jesse - I spoke to my father.

DM - Figured you would.

Jesse - He called me a traitor. He said he'd disown me if I didn't go back to school.

DM - So what are you going to do?

Jesse - I don't know. He doesn't give a damn about these people. I told him the only reason we're rich is because of them. It's their blood that's in these mines.

DM - But it's his money.

Jesse - Now how did you know he'd say that?

DM - Because he's not the first or the last that will feel that way.

Jesse - McGee thinks we can shut it down and bring my father to the bargaining table.

DM - McGee's wrong.

Jesse - You don't like him, do you?

DM - No, it's not that. It's just that I don't think he's going to help anybody by getting them killed.

Jesse - Well, what do you think I should do?

DM - I think you should go back to school.

Jesse - I'm not a coward.

DM - No, you're my friend. And I came down here to help you. But if you try taking the mine with violence, you're going to have the governor, the militia, and the whole damn country against you. I'm not going to get involved in that, Jesse.

Jesse - You think my father will order his men to shoot?

DM - Yeah.

Jesse - And you think people are going to die?

DM - I'm sure of it.

Tom - [walks by with crowd of miners, all carrying tools/weapons.] Well, Jesse? Are you with us? [Jesse doesn't respond.] Come on, men! Let's go!

Jesse - [to DM] Well, maybe some things are worth dying for. [gets up to join the miners]


[nearby, short while later]

Miners - [approach group of men with guns] Look at them! Cowards!

Collins - You men, hold it right there. You're trespassing on my property.

Tom - This is our home!

Miners - Yeah!

Tom - Paid for with our blood!

Miners - Yeah!

Tom - Get the hell out of my way!

Collins - McGee, I suggest you turn around and take your people back the way they came.

Tom - Like hell I will!

Collins - Suit yourself.

[There's a brief stand-off as the miners and Collins' enforcers eye each other.]

Tom - Come on. He's bluffing. They won't fire.

DM - [runs up] No!

Tom - Come on, men!

[Collins' men take aim and begin to fire into the crowd as the miners surge forward. Suddenly, a look of horror crosses Collins' face as he sees his son in the crowd. Jesse is shot and collapses.]

Collins - [no audio, lips moving without sound] Stop firing!

[DM struggles through the miners to reach Jesse.]

Collins - [runs forward] Stop shooting!

[DM is shot in the leg, reaches Jesse's body at the same time as his father.]

Collins - [cradling Jesse's body] Nooo!


Empty dojo, night 0

[DM exits elevator, gets jumped by somebody, wrestles and gets the guy up against a wall.]

DM - [recognizes his assailant] Charlie?

Charlie - MacLeod?

DM - [lets Charlie go, turns on the lights] This is getting to be a bad habit.

Charlie - How was I supposed to know it was you? I thought you were dead. Man, I saw you go into the water.

DM - I did. It woke me up. It was as cold as hell.

Charlie - Yeah. I know. I spent half an hour diving for your body.

DM - Oh, I'm touched.

Charlie - Yeah, and then I checked out the Zone, but nobody was talking.

DM - Well, I'm going to jog somebody's memory.

Charlie - Yeah, well, I thought you were doing this for a friend, man.

DM - That WAS for him. This is for me. [puts hair in ponytail and starts working out with punching bag]


The Zone, morning 1

[DM is back, still trying to locate Canaan. He approaches an old man sleeping on a beat-up couch.]

Old Man - [wakes up] Don't hurt me, don't hurt me. Look, I didn't mean nothing.

DM - It's all right.

Old Man - I was just looking for a place to crash is all.

DM - It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. [to a few curious onlookers] It's all right.

Old Man - You ain't one of Canaan's men?

DM - No. I need to find him, though.

Old Man - Mister, you don't need that kind of trouble.

DM - Let me worry about that. Do you know where he's gone?

Old Man - He should go to hell, for all I care. That son-of-a-bitch... tried to buy me with a bowl of soup. I ain't for sale. At least not for a bowl of soup.

DM - [smiles] Doesn't sound like you're one of the faithful.

Old Man - Listen, pal, this is Canaan's world. And if you don't buy his line of crap, you ain't part of the plan. And if you ain't part of the plan, you're gone.

DM - Yeah. Canaan's brave new world.

Old Man - Ain't nothin' brave about it, buddy.

DM - I know. [hands him some money] Here. Buy yourself that bowl of soup.


Establishing shot: Dojo 5 (this is NOT in the DVD version!) 3

Dojo 0

Charlie - [coaching dojo patron] Good. Get the knee up. Good. One more... knee up. Good. What? [sees Asia enter] Oh, hang on. Take five, man. [approaches Asia] Asia, hey. How're you doing? Come on, sit down. What's up?

Asia - I... I heard what happened. 4 Look, I told him to leave Canaan alone. He should have listened.

Charlie - MacLeod's okay.

Asia - What do you mean, "okay"?

Charlie - I mean, walking, talking... okay.

Asia - They said he was dead.

Charlie - Well, I get the feeling he's a hard man to kill.

Asia - Thank God. Charlie, you got to stay out of this. Keep MacLeod out of it, too.

Charlie - Look, once he gets something into his head, I don't think he gives up too easily.

Asia - Neither does Canaan. Look, Charlie, you got to understand. Things aren't always... sometimes you got to take what's there, if that's all there is.

Charlie - What are you talking about?

Asia - Never mind. [gets up]

Charlie - What? [follows her to the exit] Asia, what? Asia, come on. [Asia leaves.]


Loft 0

DM - [arrives in elevator, finds Canaan's thug, Marley, playing with a switchblade knife] That's a dangerous toy if you don't know what you're doing with it. [Second thug, Parker, attacks him and he fights both.] Come on. [takes both down] Come on, boys, get up. Come on. Up you get. [whistles] Come on. [Both get to their feet and run up the spiral staircase to the roof.] Tell Canaan I'm coming.


Dojo office 0

DM - Yeah, I know, but I need to know where he is.

Joe - We're working on it.

DM - Yeah, well, work harder.

Joe - Why do you care so much about the Zone, MacLeod? Nobody else gives a damn.

DM - Look, we'll talk philosophy some other time. Just help me find this son-of-a-bitch.

Joe - All right, I'll try. This guy's invisible when he wants to be.

DM - Yeah, I know. When people see him, they don't see him.

Joe - He'll show up. MacLeod... he'll show up. [leaves]


The Zone - Asia's clinic 1

DM - [pulls earphones from Tio's head] How's it going, Tio?

Tio - Who the hell are you?

DM - You gonna work for Canaan?

Tio - I don't know what you're talking about, man, all right?

Asia - Hey, what are you doing?

DM - You shoot anybody yet? [pulls gun from Tio's waistband] Oh, look.

Tio - Hey, listen, man...

DM - No, you listen. The only thing Canaan is going to get you is dead.

Tio - Oh, yeah?

Asia - Let him go. Please.

Tio - Anytime you want to finish this, man. You know? I'm right here, man.

DM - Yeah? [Tio leaves. DM shows Asia the gun.] Is this what you want? How long are you going to watch what he's doing to these people?

Asia - Oh, hey, it's no different than what society's doing to them. You be Tio for a minute. You're illiterate, never worked your whole life. Your parents never worked either. How does that match up to what you see on the TV?

DM - Canaan doesn't give a damn about Tio or anybody else. It's all a con.

Asia - You don't know him. And maybe what it's about is retribution. I mean, what's wrong with taking back what's been taken from us? I mean, look how we live. Something's got to be done to wake up people to what's going on down here.

DM - Then you do it. But somebody has to stop Canaan before there's nothing left to save.

Asia - How would you do that?

DM - By getting people to stand up to him.

Asia - And where would you find these people?

DM - Charlie already has some, but they need a place to meet.

Asia - You can meet at the clinic.

DM - It could be dangerous... Hey, don't worry, we'll protect you.

Asia - You really think you can do that?

DM - Yeah.


Dojo office 0

DM - Asia said we could use the clinic.

Charlie - Asia did? Well, great. I'll set it up. Thanks, man.

DM - Yeah, I didn't do anything.

Charlie - No, all this kind of stuff's been going on in the Zone for years, and I've just been shaking my head.

DM - You made it out.

Charlie - Well, it's time to make it back. Because of you, I am.

DM - Hey, Charlie, I think you probably would have done it anyway. 6 CUT


The Zone - empty meat packing plant 1

Canaan - What the hell does he want?

Marley - The man's looking into the reporter we iced.

Canaan - It's more than that. It's got to be.

Marley - Maybe he's looking for a little taste of what you got going here?

Canaan - If he wanted a taste, we'd know about it. [Cell phone rings. Canaan pulls phone from his pocket and answers it.] Talk. [pauses as he listens to response] I'll get back to you. [hangs up phone] There's going to be a meeting at Asia's place.

Marley - That's crazy.

Canaan - What's crazy is that he's still alive. Now let's go.


Dojo office 0

DM - [answering phone] Hello, this is MacLeod.

Asia - [into phone] Duncan, Canaan's people heard about the meeting.1 [on phone] They're coming after me.

DM - [into phone] It's all right. Lock the doors. I'll be there as fast as I can.

Asia - [on phone] Duncan, please hurry.

DM - [into phone] Asia-- [She hangs up.]


The Zone - outside Asia's clinic 1

[DM jogs toward the building, enters.]


The Zone - Asia's clinic 1

DM - [runs inside] Asia? [The place is empty.]


The Zone - outside Asia's clinic 1

DM - [goes back outside and finds Tio] Oh, I should have known. Let's go.

Tio - Let's go? Let's go where?

DM - Canaan's. That's where you're supposed to be taking me, isn't it? After you tell me how he grabbed Asia.

Tio - Hey, man. You're crazy.

DM - Am I? This whole thing is a setup. That's how Canaan knew about me and Charlie. THAT is why you are here.

Tio - How did you know that?

DM - I didn't... until now.

Tio - He's gonna kill you, man.

DM - Let's not keep him waiting.


The Zone - empty meat packing plant 1

[Marley playing with switchblade again, Asia nearby. Tio and DM enter.]

Marley - [holds up knife] You want this?

DM - I thought we talked about you playing with sharp objects. [Marley lunges at DM with the knife. DM takes him out, approaches Asia.] Funny, you don't seem so surprised.

Tio - He knew what was coming down.

Asia - And you still came.

Canaan - [enters room] Man obviously thinks he's a hero.

DM - [to Asia] Why?

Canaan - Who do you think pays for that clinic that keeps those people alive?

Asia - The city shut us down three months ago. People were dying. No one gave a damn.

Canaan - Except me.

DM - So you took ten and gave back one.

Canaan - It's good business. And speaking of business, you should have minded your own.

DM - Oh, well, seeing as I can't mind my own business, why don't we talk about yours?

Canaan - I don't think so.

[Asia whacks DM with a baseball bat, knocking him unconscious.]

Canaan - Put him in the freezer. [Thugs drag DM to walk-in freezer.] You done good, baby. You done real good.

Asia - You're not going to kill him, are you, Canaan?

Canaan - [grabs Asia's hair] Don't tell me what to do! Understand? Understand?

Tio - [has had enough of Canaan manhandling Asia, pulls his gun] Let her go, man!

Asia - It's okay, Tio. Put the gun down.

Canaan - You talking to me?

Tio - Let her go.

Canaan - [lets go of Asia] It's okay, man. I wasn't going to hurt her. Hey, man, it's Asia. We take care of her. Come on, it's okay. We're just playing with her, huh? Huh? Be a good boy. [Tio lowers gun.] That's good. Okay. See? Good. [clears his throat] Ahem. [suddenly pulls his own gun and shoots Tio] I have to set an example.

Asia - You bastard! [lunges for Canaan, is pulled back by Parker, who tosses her in the freezer with the still-unconscious DM] Canaan, you bastard! Canaan!

[Parker locks the freezer door with an ice pick holding the lever closed.]

Canaan - Pick up the body. We have a meeting to go to.

[Thugs leave, dragging Tio's body. Canaan follows.]


Inside freezer 1

[Asia kneels by DM's body & feels at his neck for a pulse, bangs on locked freezer door.]


[short time later]

Asia - [as DM wakes up] Hey. You okay?

DM - [groans] What's the matter? Not dating your boyfriend any longer?

Asia - You see enough suffering, you take help from anyone who's offering, even if it's someone like him.

DM - [kicks at freezer door] You try this door? [freezes his hand on the metal doorknob] Oh, God.

Asia - Hey, I'm sorry.

DM - It's okay. At least you're on my side. What's the important thing is to get out of here.


Asia's clinic 1

Woman - You got us down here... Where's Asia and that guy we're supposed to meet?

Charlie - They'll be here.

Woman - We're not here to play games. We're taking a big risk just being here.

Charlie - Look, I said they'll be here.

Woman - That's it, I'm out of here.

Charlie - Hey, hey, hey. Look, I know you're afraid. That's what this is all about. You don't have to be afraid. You make the choices, not him.

Canaan - [enters clinic with thugs] Mouth like yours should run for President, my man. I gave you a chance to step back. You should have taken it.


Inside freezer 1

DM - Come on, you got to get up.

Asia - I can't.

DM - You got to keep moving. Come on. Get up. Move. Move. Good. Keep moving. Keep moving. I'll get us out of here. I'll get us out. Keep moving. [jumps up and grabs piece of metal overhead, trying to break it. The cold burns his hands and he lets go.] Ah! Keep moving. [He jumps again and breaks off a section, then uses it to break out the small window in the freezer door. He tries to reach the door latch through the window but can't.] Come on. [He uses the piece of metal to reach for the latch.] Ah, come on, come on. [He finally gets the piece of metal under the ice pick and lifts it out of the way, allowing the door to open.]

Asia - [teeth chattering] Ca-Canaan's gone to the cl-cl-clinic.

DM - Clinic? Let's go.


Asia's clinic 1

Canaan - What does it take to convince you people? Someone gets in the way, you get him out of the way. Simple.

[While Canaan's back is turned, Charlie breaks away from Parker and runs out the door.]

Canaan - Kill him!

[The thugs tackle Charlie outside. Canaan follows.]


Outside Asia's clinic 1

Charlie - This doesn't end here.

Canaan - Nobody's coming to the rescue, Charlie. Asia took care of that.

Charlie - You're lying.

DM - [arrives with Asia] Something he does a lot of.

Canaan - Look who's joined the party. You should be dead.

DM - You know, neither of us does what we're supposed to.

Canaan - Let's see about that.

DM - You know, there's a problem thinking that the strongest can take what they want.

Canaan - Yeah? What's that?

DM - There's always somebody stronger. [They fight. Charlie helps by taking out Marley. Both look at Canaan.] He's mine, Charlie. He's mine.

Canaan - [to his thugs] Help me! Kill him! [The thugs help each other to their feet and run.]

DM - Come on! Come on! [beats Canaan up] It's over, Canaan.

[Canaan gets up and pulls his gun.]

Asia - Canaan, no!

[DM kicks the gun from Canaan's hand and kicks Canaan -- lights out.]

Asia - Are you okay?

DM - Yeah. [looks up] Hey, Charlie.


Empty dojo 0

Charlie - I'm heading out, MacLeod.

DM - Take it easy, Charlie.

Charlie - About Asia...

DM - Everybody makes mistakes.

Charlie - What are you, MacLeod?

DM - What do you mean?

Charlie - When I was in the SEALS, I saw guys with eyes like yours -- the lifers. The ones who'd gone to too many battles and never came all the way back.

DM - Well, I guess that describes me pretty good.

Charlie - It don't begin to describe you, and we both know it.

DM - You're playing psychologist and detective all in one night, Charlie. You're pushing your luck.

Charlie - Maybe. But one day, I'm going to find out what you're all about.

DM - You might be disappointed.

Charlie - I don't think so. You walk pretty close to the edge, MacLeod. What are you hiding?

DM - You don't want to know, Charlie. Some of the people that found out aren't around anymore. Lock the door on the way out, Charlie. [walks to elevator and turns the lights out as Charlie leaves]


End of "The Zone"

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