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Episode 10: Epitaph for Tommy

Written by Philip John Taylor
Directed by Clay Borris
Aired: Dec. 4, 1993
Transcript revised: 9-20-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student



Anthony Gallen - Roddy Piper

Suzanne Honniger - Andrea Roth
              Galen's lover

Mike Honniger - Ken Camroux
              Suzanne's father

Betty Bannen - Jan d'Arcy
              Tommy's mother


Claire - Jane Sowerby
              Honniger's secretary

Johnson - Robert Collins
              Honniger's bodyguard

Bess - Gabrielle Miller
              MacLeod's lover in FB

Ned - Nicholas Harrison
              Bess' fiancé

Mother - Patricia Dahlquist
              Bess' mother

Harry - Bill Dow
Frank - Paul McLean
              newsroom reporters


Tommy Bannen - ??
              reporter killed by Gallen

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Amusement park - Playland, 2901 E Hastings St [49.281874,-123.035717]
2. Cemetery - Mountain View Cemetery, 5455 Fraser St: Tommy's grave [49.241217,-123.092113], cars [49.241148,-123.093155], flashback (unknown location)
3. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
4. Honniger Communications (establishing) - NE side of Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby St [49.283102,-123.120161]
5. Country road & Honniger Estate - 6749 MacDonald St, Southlands [49.224249,-123.168977]
6. Tommy's apt window - unknown location
7. Park bench - Miller Dr, behind Playland [49.284636,-123.037207]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2009) matches the official cut, with three exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Deserted amusement park, morning 1

[DM, jogging, feels 'buzz', turns and is attacked by Gallen. He runs to the T-bird and grabs his katana. Gallen follows.]

Gallen - Anthony Gallen.

DM - Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod.

[They fight. Tommy drives up in a red convertible, gets out, sees them fighting on the slope of a rollercoaster. Gallen notices Tommy, pushes DM aside and jumps to the ground. DM looks for him but he has disappeared. Tommy walks toward the coaster, carrying a satchel. As DM watches, Gallen runs over Tommy with his car and drives off. The satchel goes flying, landing in the grass at the base of the coaster. DM runs to Tommy's body and begins administering CPR.]

DM - Come on, man. Come on. Live. Breathe. Breathe! Damn it! [Tommy gasps and coughs.] Come on, it's all right. It's okay. It's all right. Breathe. You're going to be all right. [Tommy dies.]


Loft above dojo 0

RR - Tommy Bannen?

DM - That was his name.

RR - And you never came across this Gallen before?

DM - No.

RR - You must have been more than he bargained for.

DM - It was an even match, Richie.

RR - Then how come he took off?

DM - I don't know.

RR - Well, too bad about the Bannen kid. Guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

DM - That's no reason for him to be dead, Richie.

RR - You didn't hit the guy, Mac. You think that Gallen is losing sleep over this?

DM - Hey, I'm not Gallen.

RR - Take it easy. I didn't say you were. You want to talk about it?

DM - No. You want some breakfast?

RR - Sure. Look, Mac... if you don't want to discuss it, I understand, but there's nothing you can do for Tommy Bannen.

DM - I can go to his funeral.


Cemetery 2

Betty - I'm Betty Bannen. I don't think we've met.

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Betty - You're the one that tried to save him.

DM - I'm sorry it wasn't enough.

Betty - You did what you could. I thank you for that with all my heart.

DM - I should be going.

Betty - Would you... would you stay awhile, Mr. MacLeod? Please? You were the last one to see my Tommy alive.

DM - Of course.


Flashback - Annapolis, Maryland, 1866 2

DM - [hidden under load of hay in wagon] Oh! [laughs, pushes hay away to reveal himself and a girl] You do that very well.

Bess - You think you're the first man who ever courted me?

DM - Only if the men around here are fools.

Bess - The girls say that men are like horses -- big and stupid, but they do have their uses.

DM - You comparing me to a horse?

Bess - Well, you're certainly not stupid, but as for uses...

Ned - Bastard! Get out of the wagon.

DM - Who are you?

Bess - That's Ned.

Ned - Her fiancé.

DM - Your fiancé? We have to talk about this.

Ned - Bess and I will talk about it when you're dead. She was sworn to marry me.

Bess - It was my parents' idea, not mine.

Ned - Give me satisfaction.

DM - Well, you have me at a slight disadvantage.

Ned - Then get out and arm yourself.

Bess - Duncan, please. [as DM gets up] Duncan, please.

DM - [climbing out of wagon] Tell him, not me.

Ned - Come down and meet your fate.

DM - Ned, let this go before it does more harm-- [Ned attacks.] Whoa!

Bess - Ned, do not hurt him.

DM - [dodging and parrying] Whoops.

Bess - No! Duncan, watch out. [climbs out of wagon] Ned, stop it. Duncan!

DM - No, Bess! Stay back!

[Ned turns and accidentally impales Bess with his sword.]

Ned - Bess!

Bess - [quietly] Duncan... [collapses]

DM - [rushes to her] Bess. [Bess dies.]

Ned - Dear God.

DM - [gives him a look, turns back to Bess] Bess?


[some time later, Bess' grave]

Mother - [crying, lays flowers on fresh grave] Oh, Bess! My Bess! Oh, God!

[Ned stands nearby, in chains, with two guards at his side. DM is a short distance away. Bess' mother sees him and runs over.]

Mother - You dare to come here!

DM - I would give anything to undo this.

Mother - It's you who should be dead!

DM - If I could, I would.

Mother - She was supposed to marry Ned, then you came. And now Ned will be court-martialed and we have nothing!

DM - You will have whatever you need, I swear. Anything.

Mother - Can you bring Bess back? She was my only child. [slaps him] May you rot in hell!


Cemetery 2

(resume previous scene)

Betty - I raised Tommy by myself. My husband died in Vietnam. He'd only been an American citizen three years.

DM - I'm sorry.

Betty - He was a soldier. After he was gone, I thought about going home to the Highlands. CUT Someday I'd like to go back there to live.

DM - Why don't you?

Betty - Oh, money. Tommy helped with expenses, but he was just a reporter.

DM - What kind of reporting did he do?

Betty - Investigative. He wanted his own byline, but he was always working undercover. He promised me that one day I'd see his name. [sobs] I don't... I don't know why I'm telling you all of this.

DM - You can tell me what you like.

Betty - Mr. MacLeod... are you... was it... was it really an accident?

DM - What do you mean?

Betty - Well, I don't know. But the last time I saw Tommy, he was really scared about something. It was like he thought he was in danger.

DM - From what?

Betty - Well, he wouldn't tell me. He said it was for my own protection.

[Limo pulls up and driver, Johnson, helps Suzanne out. She is followed by her father.]

Suzanne - Betty, I am so sorry that we're late.

Betty - That's all right, Suzanne. You're here now.

Suzanne - I don't believe you've met my father, Mr. Honniger.

Honniger - My sympathies, Mrs. Bannen.

Betty - Thank you. This is Duncan MacLeod. He tried to save Tommy.

Suzanne - I'd better thank Mr. MacLeod.

Honniger - Tommy was a fine young man. We'll miss him at the paper.

Suzanne - Will you forgive us if we run? We have a board meeting at four. I'll call. [They leave.]

Betty - She won't call. She's not the type. But my Tommy was in love with her.

DM - Mrs. Bannen, if... if you need anything, anything at all... [hands her a business card] don't hesitate to call. [with Scottish accent] Us Highlanders have to stick together.

Betty - Hmm. [gets into car]

[DM, walking away, senses 'buzz'. Gallen drives up and rolls down car window.]


Gallen - Too bad we're on holy ground, eh?

DM - Oh, we'll be off it one day. [Gallen drives off.]


Establishing shot: Dojo, morning 3

Loft above dojo 0

RR - So, what makes you think Gallen's not in town to hunt you, Mac?

DM - Because he didn't know my name before we fought. It was a chance meeting. What I can't figure is what he was doing in that cemetery.

RR - Unless he was reacquainting himself with some old pals, Mac, he had to be after you.

DM - No, he couldn't have known I'd be there. And if he'd followed me, I would have sensed him.

RR - That's true. Okay, so if he wasn't there for you, and we know he wasn't sentimental about Tommy Bannen, who's left?

DM - Well, there's Betty Bannen, but I don't think so. And there's Suzanne, his girlfriend, and her father, Mike Honniger, who he worked for.

RR - Honniger? The guy's no Immortal, but he does own Honniger Communications. That's three newspapers and half a dozen TV and radio stations.

DM - Maybe... or maybe it wasn't a coincidence that Tommy was there when I fought Gallen. Maybe he was investigating Gallen for Honniger's paper.

RR - Exactly. This could have something to do with Gallen's Immortality.

DM - Maybe.

RR - I tell you what, I'm going to go down to Honniger's paper today and ask a few questions.

DM - There's a few questions I want to ask, too.


Establishing shot: Honniger Communications 4

Honniger Communications office 0

DM - Good morning.

Claire - Good morning.

DM - I've come to see Mr. Honniger.

Claire - Do you have an appointment?

DM - No, I'm afraid I don't.

Claire - Well, then you couldn't see him even if he was in.

DM - [as door to Honniger's office opens and man walks out] Thank you. [enters office] Mr. Honniger.

Suzanne - [turns chair around to face him] Mr. MacLeod. It's nice to see you again.

DM - Call me Duncan.

Claire - Should I call security?

Suzanne - No, that's all right, Claire. [Claire goes back to her desk out front.] My father's not in at the moment. Didn't Claire tell you?

DM - Yes, she did, but I saw a guy leaving here as if he'd just been fired.

Suzanne - He HAS just been fired. I've been a vice president at Honniger Communications for two years. I assure you, I've earned the title.

DM - [looks around room at collection of paintings and sculptures] Nice pieces.

Suzanne - Yeah. My father's quite the collector of things. Now, what can I do for you?

DM - Do you know what Tommy was working on before he died?

Suzanne - No. We didn't talk much about his assignments. Why?

DM - Betty seems to think his death was tied to whatever he was working on.

Suzanne - She thinks that it was deliberate? You were there. You told the police it was an accident.

DM - It seemed that way at the time.

Suzanne - And now?

DM - I'm not sure.

Suzanne - If there was any chance this wasn't an accident, we have to find out. My father might know what he was working on.

DM - Do you think I can talk to him?

Suzanne - Yeah. Why don't you come by the house this afternoon?

DM - Okay.

Suzanne - I'll get you a card. Tommy and I were good friends. [hands DM a business card]

DM - Betty told me. I'm sorry.

Suzanne - Yeah, we were from different worlds, but it worked for us. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all you've tried to do.

DM - See you this afternoon?

Suzanne - Yes.

[DM leaves.]


Newsroom bullpen 0

RR - Oh, excuse me. Um, excuse me. I'm looking for a friend of mine. His name's Tommy Bannen.

Harry - Never heard of him. What's he do?

RR - Uh, he works up here. He's a reporter.

Harry - Not that I know of.

Frank - Oh, you know Tommy Bannen. He works specials.

RR - Specials -- is that kind of like, uh, undercover?

Harry - [laughs] Yeah, that's right. Undercover. Sure, I remember him now.

RR - Short guy.

Harry - Yeah, about five-five.

RR - Balding, about forty?

Frank - I was always thinking he looked older.

Harry - You know, I told him he would look a lot younger if he wore a piece. [RR fake-laughs with them.]

Frank - Well, I don't see him around.

RR - Uh, that's some story the guy's working on, huh?

Harry - Yeah, some story.

RR - He talk to you guys about it?

Frank - Nope.

Harry - No, the man kept pretty much to himself, you know. <Hey, Clackson, take this over to Petrovich.> CUT

RR - So, uh, where's his desk?

Frank - I think he worked mostly out of his home.

Harry - Yeah, a lot of investigative guys do that. It's kind of a personality thing.

RR - Yeah, right. Right. Right.

Frank - Uh, listen, we've got a paper to get out, here.

RR - Yeah, sure. Um, well, listen, if you guys do see Tommy, you tell him I'm looking for him, okay?

Frank - Yeah, sure. Uh, listen, what did you say your name was?

RR - Richards. Jordan Richards. Take care, boys.

Harry - See you later, Jordan.

Frank - [into phone] Yeah, Frank...


Loft above dojo 0

RR - They had no idea who Tommy Bannen was, Mac. They didn't even know he was dead.

DM - Then why would Mrs. Bannen and Honniger say that he worked there when he didn't?

RR - That's just the thing. He did. You see, I went down to payroll and told them I'm a friend of Tommy Bannen's. He's sick and wants me to pick up his paycheck. It was for two grand.

DM - Nice salary for a guy without a desk or a phone extension.

RR - Exactly. So now what?

DM - Now the Honnigers are expecting me.

RR - The Honnigers? Well, that would include Suzanne. I'm correct, right? I checked out her picture, Mac. Maybe you need some company. You know, you talk to her father, I talk to her.

DM - Richie, this is work. It's not like I'm going to enjoy it.

RR - So let me do it. I mean, Suzanne Honniger's only, what, twenty-eight years old.

DM - Twenty-five, and incredibly beautiful.

RR - Twenty-five? And how old are you?

DM - Four hundred. But you know what, Richie? Today I feel like a kid.


Country lane 5

[DM drives past country estates, pulls up at closed gate.]

Man on intercom - Who is it?

DM - It's Duncan MacLeod. [waits for gate to open, senses 'buzz', looks around but doesn't see anybody]

[Gate opens & DM drives through. Gallen pulls out of next driveway down the road where he was hidden, watches DM enter.] 1


Honniger estate 5

[DM arrives, rings doorbell.]

Butler - Come in, Mr. MacLeod. [leads DM into house] In here, please. Mr. Honniger will be with you in a moment.

Honniger - [arrives with Johnson, sees DM admiring antique wood cabinet in corner of room] Like it? It's a Luigi Balda. Turn-of-the-century Italian. Would you believe I got it for almost nothing?

DM - That depends on what you call almost nothing.

Honniger - Under twenty thousand.

DM - Then you got a bargain.

Honniger - Always nice to get an expert opinion. Drink?

DM - No, thanks.

Honniger - Really? My father always told me to be suspicious of men who don't drink.

DM - Are you suspicious of me?

Honniger - Actually... I'm curious.

DM - About what?

Honniger - About what you were doing at that amusement park so early in the morning.

DM - I was out jogging, minding my own business. Who's business was Tommy minding?

Honniger - Mine. Please. [They sit.] Look, uh, Suzanne told me about Mrs. Bannen's worries, so I checked with my editors. Tommy wasn't working on anything that could have gotten him killed.

DM - Do you mind if I ask what he was working on?

Honniger - Do you mind telling me why you're so interested in him?

DM - When a man dies in your arms, you get interested.

Honniger - Exactly what kind of antique dealer are you, MacLeod?

DM - You should know that. You checked me out, didn't you?

Honniger - A man in my position can't be too careful.

DM - And what position is that?

Honniger - On top.

Suzanne - [enters] Don't worry about Daddy, Mr. MacLeod. [DM stands in greeting.] He's suspicious of everybody, including me. [motions for DM to sit again] Please.

Honniger - My daughter graduated from Vassar in three years and got her masters from Wharton in one, but she has a lot to learn about real life. Survival is not learned from reading a book.

Suzanne - Please, Daddy, no more stories about fighting with baseball bats to get the best newspaper route.

Honniger - For someone who wants to run my companies, you're incredibly naïve. Mr. MacLeod here has lived here and in Paris and in half a dozen other cities. His name turns up in a stack of unsolved police files. Some antique dealer.

DM - [after a beat] That piece over there is worth forty thousand dollars. It came from Vienna, not Italy, and the carver's Wolfgang Bosch. Who's Luigi Balda? Your hairdresser?

Honniger - My attorney.

Suzanne - Touché. Nicely done, Mr. MacLeod.

DM - Thank you.

Suzanne - You're welcome. So, about Tommy.

DM - Your father doesn't think there's a connection.

Suzanne - Frankly, neither do I. Those calls that I made? Nothing. If he was working on something, he kept it to himself.

DM - Did he keep any notes anywhere?

Suzanne - He had an apartment in the Rivercrest Arms. The corner of Rivercrest and Watson. You might try there.

Honniger - You'd be wasting your time.

DM - It's mine to waste.

Honniger - As you like. Good day, Mr. MacLeod.

DM - Good day. [leaves]


Tommy's apartment (#502), night 0

DM - [enters apartment, is attacked by two men, Johnson & Ray, takes them down and turns on the light] Well, well, well. Why did Honniger send you?

Johnson - Go to hell!

DM - [knocks him out] You first. [shakes his head, considers his next move A]


[short while later] 6

Johnson - [blinks awake, shakes his head, groans] B Help! Help! Hey. [Camera rotates to show he is being dangled upside down by DM from apartment window.] Hey, you, let me up. Hey! You! You're crazy.

DM - I'm just impatient. Now what were you doing here? Well?

Johnson - Up yours!

DM - Well, that's very brave but not very smart. Come on! I mean, think about it. You might chip a tooth down there.

Johnson - [looks at the ground far below him] All right. All right. It was Honniger.

DM - That was who. Now why? Come on, my arms are getting tired.

Johnson - All right. Okay. He thought somebody was trying to kill him.

DM - And?

Johnson - He pays big money to know what's going on, on the street. The word came back that there was a contract out on his life, and he figured it was you.

DM - Why me?

Johnson - Because of your file. Because of your history with the cops. And because you killed Tommy Bannen.

DM - Why would I hit Tommy Bannen?

Johnson - How the hell should I know? All right. All right. Honniger said whoever hit Tommy was out to kill him. Okay? Now let me up. CUT

<DM - Say please.

Johnson - You son-of-- please.

DM - Pretty please.

Johnson - Please.>


Honniger's office 0

Gallen - I don't like letting you out of my sight. Now, it's not that I don't trust you, but... [grabs Suzanne and pulls her into his lap]

Suzanne - What has trust got to do with it? You are being well-paid in more ways than one. Didn't I warn you about Tommy?

Gallen - Little bastard was good. I never thought he'd find me. Ooh. MacLeod's next.

Suzanne - Don't worry about him. Daddy thinks he's a hit man who's after him. He's sending Johnson to take care of him.

Gallen - Johnson will fail.

Suzanne - How do you know?

Gallen - Because I know. You leave MacLeod to me. [grabs her shoulder] You understand me?

Suzanne - [calmly] You're hurting me. I love it when you play rough. [kisses him, then sweeps the desk clean and pulls him onto it with her. They kiss and grope passionately. 2]


Cemetery 2

DM - Mrs. Bannen?

Betty - I'm sorry to bother you.

DM - It's okay. When I offered to help, I meant it. What can I do for you?

Betty - I need your advice.

DM - Then you're going to have to tell me what it's about.

Betty - Well, Tommy's lawyer called. He told me Tommy's will left me everything. There wasn't much... except a key to a safety deposit box.

DM - So you opened it? [Betty nods.] What did you find?

Betty - There's over two hundred thousand dollars in cash in there. Duncan, Tommy was just a reporter. Where would he get that kind of money?

DM - I don't know. What are you going to do with it?

Betty - Well, my mother said, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

DM - Then use it. Go back to the Highlands. It's what Tommy would have wanted.

Betty - Well, I thought of that. But without knowing where he got it...

DM - All right. I understand. Put it in the bank for now. There's nothing wrong with just having it.


Honniger estate - driveway 5

Honniger - [in passenger seat of car] I still don't see why Johnson couldn't drive us.

Suzanne - [in driver seat] Oh, Daddy, we never get to spend time alone together. It will be fun. [beat] Damn! I forgot! I've got to get those bank proposals.

Honniger - I'll wait.

[Suzanne leans over and kisses him on the cheek, then gets out of car.]

Honniger - [gets out of car, looks back at Johnson standing by driver-side door of nearby car] Johnson, let's go. I told you to stick close to us. [Johnson shrugs, gets into the car. Honniger gets back into his car. The car phone rings and he answers it.] Hello?

Gallen - [on phone] Hello, Mr. Honniger.

Honniger - [into phone] Who is this? How'd you get this number?

Gallen - [on phone] Your daughter gave it to me. She also gave me a message for you.

Honniger - [into phone] What message?

Gallen - [on phone] She told me to tell you... goodbye. [laughs]

[Suzanne turns to look back at the car as Honniger hangs up and turns to look at her. She turns away, the car explodes in a fireball, and she smiles to herself. Johnson gets back out of his car and runs toward the burning car. Gallen drives slowly past, smiling.]


Establishing shot: Honniger Communications 4

Honniger's office 0

DM - [enters office] I thought you'd be too grief stricken to work.

Suzanne - Life goes on.

DM - Not for everyone. What was worth eight thousand dollars a week?

Suzanne - What do you mean?

DM - I got hold of Tommy's pay stubs and ran his social security number. Your father was paying him two thousand dollars a week through four different companies. No tax evasion charges for little old Tommy.

Suzanne - I don't know what you're talking about.

DM - Of course you do. You know everything that goes on in this company.

Suzanne - You're right. I do. I AM this company. My father hasn't made a decision of his own in years.

DM - Oh, Daddy's little girl. Couldn't you wait until he handed over the reins?

Suzanne - Daddy was a very healthy man. I would have had to wait twenty or thirty years. [secretly pushes button on underside of desk] Patience never was one of my virtues. [as Johnson enters office] This man killed my father. Take care of him.

Johnson - Remember me?

DM - Yeah. You're the guy that's afraid of heights.

Suzanne - [as Johnson points gun at DM] Not here.

DM - Your pants still wet?

Suzanne - [conks DM on the back of the head with item from desk] Get him out of here.


Honniger estate 5

Gallen - Well... [kisses Suzanne] How was the funeral?

Suzanne - It was wonderful. Even the governor was there.

Gallen - So, how much are you worth now?

Suzanne - Two hundred and eighty-seven million dollars, but who's counting?

Gallen - Since I did the job, I'll take my money.

Suzanne - That was one million.

Gallen - Two.

Suzanne - My mistake.

Gallen - It's a bargain. Cheers.

Suzanne - Cheers. [Both drink.] I'll get it. <[turns away from him to face the drinks cabinet] CUT

Gallen - You know, maybe in a couple of months, I could come back, huh? [Out of his sight, Suzanne picks up a gun.] We could have a lot of fun.>

Suzanne - I don't think you'll be coming back. [turns and points gun at him]

Gallen - You may be surprised.

Suzanne - I don't think so. [shoots him, *turns back to cabinet, takes a drink, smiles]

Gallen - [from behind Suzanne] Surprise. 3 (In the domestic version, the end of this scene, starting at *, is moved down to follow the scene of Johnson dropping DM, below.)


Tommy's apartment window, night 6

[DM is being held upside down from window, like Johnson was earlier.]


<Flashback - deserted amusement park, morning 1 CUT

DM - [voice-over] Like the stroke of a sword, one second there's life.

[Gallen swings his sword at DM, kicks at DM on the coaster tracks.]


Flashback - Cemetery - Tommy's gravestone 2

DM - [voice-over] The next second it's gone.


Flashback - deserted amusement park, morning 1

DM - [voice-over] I didn't want him to die.

[DM at chain-link fence, senses Gallen. Tommy is hit by Gallen's car.]

Honniger - [voice-over] Tommy was a fine young man.


Flashback - Cemetery - Tommy's funeral 2

DM - [voice-over] Our fight isn't their fight. I should have stopped him.


Flashback - Annapolis, Maryland, 1866 2

DM - No, Bess! Stay back!

[Ned turns and accidentally impales Bess with his sword.]

DM - [voice-over] We have to be careful. Human life is too fragile. Tommy. Bess.

[DM holds Bess as she dies.]


Flashback - Cemetery - Tommy's funeral 2

DM - [voice-over] All of them. Life is so fragile.

Betty - [voice-over] I'm Betty Bannen. I don't think we've met.


Flashback - Annapolis, Maryland, 1866 2

[DM looks up at Ned.]

DM - [voice-over] Bess.


Flashback - Cemetery 2

DM - [voice-over] No matter what you do, death comes when it's ready. On its own time, not yours.

[Gallen rolls down car window.]

DM - [voice-over] You can't keep them forever.

Suzanne - [to Betty] I don't believe you've met my father, Mr. Honniger.

DM - [voice-over] All you can do is say goodbye.

Honniger - Tommy was a fine young man. We'll miss him at the paper.

DM - [voice-over] Gallen killed Tommy, but why kill him? Our fight isn't his fight.


Flashback - Honniger's office 0

Suzanne - If there was any chance this wasn't an accident, we have to find out.

DM - [voice-over] Why kill Tommy? Gallen knows.


Flashback - Cemetery 2

Betty - Two hundred thousand dollars in cash in there.

DM - [voice-over] Something is missing.


Flashback - Loft above dojo 0

RR - They had no idea who Tommy Bannen was, Mac. They didn't even know he was dead.

DM - [voice-over] Suzanne and Honniger.


Flashback - deserted amusement park, morning 1

DM - [voice-over] Suzanne and Tommy.

[DM runs to Tommy's body.]

RR - [voice-over] They didn't even know he was dead.

DM - [voice-over] Tommy dies.


Flashback - Cemetery 2

[Galen in car, drives away.]

Honniger [voice-over] - His name turns up in a stack of unsolved police files.

DM - [voice-over] Then Honniger dies. What's the connection?


Flashback - Honniger estate 5

Honniger - Some antique dealer.

DM - [voice-over] Tommy's working for Honniger. What was he really doing there?


Flashback - deserted amusement park, morning 1

[Gallen jumps from coaster track.]

DM - [voice-over] Gallen was death.


Flashback - Honniger's office 0

DM - Your father was paying him two thousand dollars a week through four different companies.

DM - [voice-over] Then who was Tommy?

DM - No tax evasion charges for little old Tommy.

DM - [voice-over] Death comes in its own time.


Flashback - Loft above dojo 0

RR - Too bad about the Bannen kid. Guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

DM - [voice-over] What was Tommy doing there? Tommy and Gallen -- something's missing. Tommy wasn't in the wrong place, Tommy was in the right place.


Flashback - Honniger estate - driveway 5

[As Honniger's car expodes, Suzanne smiles.]

DM - [voice-over] Tommy was there for a reason, but the reason wasn't me.


Flashback - Honniger estate 5

Honniger - You'd be wasting your time.


Flashback - Honniger estate - driveway 5

[Honniger's car explodes.]

DM - [voice-over] Tommy's dead. Honniger's dead. Suzanne in the center.


Flashback - Honniger's office 0

Suzanne - Mr. MacLeod. It's nice to see you again.

DM - [voice-over] It's all connected.


Flashback - deserted amusement park, morning 1

DM - [voice-over] Tommy was there for a reason.

[Tommy sees DM & Gallen fighting.]


Flashback - Cemetery 2

Betty - Was it really an accident?


Flashback - Honniger estate - driveway 5

[Honniger's car explodes.]

DM - [voice-over] Maybe Tommy was death, too.


Flashback - deserted amusement park, morning 1

[DM performs CPR on Tommy's body.]

Honniger - [voice-over] You'd be wasting your time.

DM - [voice-over] It's all connected.


Flashback - Annapolis, Maryland, 1866 - funeral 2

Mother - May you rot in hell!


Flashback - Honniger estate - driveway 5

DM - [voice-over] It has to be connected.

[Honniger's car burns in slow motion.]> 4


Tommy's apartment window, night 6

Johnson - Hey. Hey! That look familiar? [laughs]

<DM - Uh... hold on. No, not from this angle. CUT

Johnson - You got a smart mouth, but not for much longer. Miss Honniger said to get rid of you, and she doesn't much care how. You had a good time when you were up here where I am now.

DM - Why don't you just shut up and let me go. Huh?

Johnson - Say please. [DM is silent.]> Well... have a nice flight. [drops him]

(In the domestic version, the end of the previous scene, with Gallen and Suzanne, is moved here.) 3

Deserted amusement park, night 1

<RR - I say we go back and have a little chat with your friend, Suzanne. CUT

DM - She's not going to tell us anything.

RR - All right. Well, in that case, do we have any idea what we're looking for?>

DM - No. We'll know when we find it. What we know is that Tommy was being paid a ton of money by Honniger for something. And Gallen went out of his way to kill him. Now when Gallen first jumped me, it was over there. The fight took us halfway up the roller coaster. Gallen got hold of me. He pushed me down. When I looked back, he'd disappeared. I looked down here and Tommy was standing here by his Corvette. Stand here a minute. Now, as Tommy was standing this way, Gallen's car came from the right. It accelerated, went straight for Tommy, and it hit him.

RR - So obviously, he nailed Tommy on purpose.

DM - The question's why. [remembers satchel flying through the air, jumps fence onto coaster rails]

RR - Mac, what are you doing?

DM - Looking for something. [picks up satchel] I think I just found it. Catch. [tosses satchel to RR, climbs back over fence, looks in satchel] A nine millimeter. A hitman's weapon.

RR - How'd you know this bag was down there?

DM - Tommy was holding it. It went flying when he was hit.

RR - Well, if Tommy was carrying a gun--

DM - Then he was coming to kill Gallen. [Both sense 'buzz'. Gallen appears from around corner of building.] Nice of you to drop in.

Gallen - Well, we have some unfinished business. But this time, we won't be interrupted, will we?

RR - You're the one who killed Honniger.

DM - And Honniger knew you were coming after him, so he sent Tommy to stop you. [holds up Tommy's gun]

Gallen - You should have used that. I didn't want to have to handle both of you. But now, uh... I'm all yours, MacLeod, huh?

DM - [cocks gun] Really? How much is she paying you?

Gallen - The bitch? Tried to double-cross me. She actually tried to kill me. [laughs]

RR - Come on, Mac, let's take this son-of-a-bitch.

DM - No, Richie, one-on-one. You know the rules. [hands the nine mil to RR]

Gallen - That's right, Richie. You run along now and live a little longer, huh? I'll see you soon enough.

RR - I doubt it. [leaves]

Gallen - Well, shall we rock and roll?

[Fight begins. Past coaster, into building with strobe lights and cart track.]

Gallen - Come on, MacLeod.

[Back outside, through hanging swings, then Gallen gets beheaded. As Quickening begins, rides start to turn on -- the swings, carousel, bumper cars, etc.]

DM - Come! Come! Aah!

[Rides spin, sparks fly, then everything powers down as the Quickening comes to an end. DM makes his way unsteadily off the platform and away. C]


Park bench 7


By Tommy Bannen
Exclusive to the Gazette

A dramatic explosion has taken the life of Mike Honniger, publisher of The Evening Gazette. Suzanne Honniger, Mike Honnigers' (sic) daughter, was found dead inside the house in what police describe as an alaborate (sic) double murder. Mr. Honniger was killed when a large explosive device went off inside his car while parked in the driveway of their home. So far police report that the (sic) have no leads and few witnesses to the crime. Ms. Honniger was found by police investigating the murder inside the house. Preliminary tests indicate she died of multiple gunshot wounds. The double murder has put the normal quiet upper-class neighborhood into a state of shock.]

Betty - [lowers paper] By Tommy? But this is today's paper. How could he... You wrote this.

DM - I just put the words on the paper. It's because of Tommy that those people were caught.

Betty - Well, the money... the two hundred thousand?

DM - Well, sometimes when a reporter's on a risky assignment, he can ask for the money up front.

Betty - So, the money really was his.

DM - It's yours.

Betty - Thank you. You've brought my Tommy back to me. If you could use some of that money--

DM - Take it. Go back to Scotland, back to the Highlands, like you wanted. See them for me.

Betty - I will. [kisses his cheek] Duncan... when I'm over there, you'll come visit me?

DM - It's a promise.


End of "Epitaph for Tommy"

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