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Episode 12: Under Color of Authority

Written by Peter Mohan
Directed by Clay Borris
Aired: Feb. 12, 1994
Transcript revised: 9-22-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Kid (Gregory) - Gregory Smith
              10-yr-old boy in FB


Mako - Jonathan Banks
              Immortal lawman

Laura Daniels - Deanna Milligan

Tim - Lochlyn Munro
              DM's friend in FB


Sheriff - Howard Storey
              in FB

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Alley - west of City Centre Motor Hotel (between 5th & 6th Ave) [49.265985,-123.102260]
2. Frontier town - Bordertown, 144 Ave, Pitt Meadows [49.269909,-122.616809]
3. Near dojo - abandoned Versatile Pacific Shipyard, North Vancouver [49.309825,-123.079235]
4. City Centre Motor Hotel (& Richie's shower) - 2111 Main St [49.265832,-123.101042]
5. Field - near Bordertown, Pitt Meadows (exact coordinates unknown)
6. Joe's house (establishing) - Aberthau house, 4397 W 2nd Ave, West Point Grey [49.271483,-123.205051]
7. Joe's house interior - unknown location (near Bordertown?)
8. Alley behind dojo / Parking lot - between W Hastings & W Cordova: behind 49 W Hastings St [49.282347,-123.106458]; W side of 50 W Cordova St [49.282403,-123.106119]
9. Street, empty building - Abbott & W Hastings intersection [49.282007,-123.107225]; Abbott St, north of Hastings [49.282253,-123.107085]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

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~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (2000) match the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2009) matches the official cut, with one exception.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Alley, night 1

[Laura runs, pursued by Mako. She jumps in front of RR's motorcycle & flags him down.]

RR - You got a death wish?

Laura - I'm sorry. Please help me.

RR - What is it? What is it? What's wrong?

Laura - He's after me! [Mako jogs toward them.] Please help me! There's no time!

[RR & Mako sense each other's 'buzz'. Mako turns corner & runs down street toward them.]

RR - Get on! [They drive off, escaping.]


Loft above dojo 0

[DM, reading, senses 'buzz', hears knock at door, opens door.]

RR - [enters with Laura] We need your help, Mac. <CUT She had an accident.>

DM - Why didn't you take her to the hospital?

Laura - No, no hospital. No doctor.

RR - I tried. She didn't want to go.

DM - Get her to the couch.

RR - Okay. It's gonna be alright. You okay? Here you go, Laura. Have a seat. [turns to DM] Mac, she was being chased by one of us.

DM - Couple of cloths and some water. [RR goes to get them. DM approaches Laura.] Hi. Just lay back a little bit. That's it. Let's have a look here. [looks at cut on her head] Nay, it's okay. Cut's only superficial. Your pupils are okay. It's too early yet to see if you have a concussion. [takes cloth from RR, starts cleaning her injury] Is there any family or friends we can contact?

Laura - No, uh... I'm sorry to bother you. I should probably get going.

DM - No, no, no, no, no. You just relax right there. You're not going anywhere. Just put this on your head... [lays fresh cloth on her forehead]... and let's get you something to drink, all right? You take it easy. [gets up]

RR - It's going to be okay. [follows DM to kitchen area]

DM - From the top.

RR - I was riding along and she appears out of nowhere in front of my bike. She says there's a guy chasing her. I look around, and there he is. I felt him coming a block away.

DM - What did he look like?

RR - <Mean-looking sucker. Big nasty scar down one side of his face. CUT Made him look scary as hell.> [off DM's reaction] You know him, Mac?

DM - His name's Mako. And, yeah, I know him.


Flashback - 1880 - Frontier town, main street 2

Tim - Just think of it, Duncan -- gold in Alaska. Within a few months, it could be California all over again.

DM - You never struck me as the prospecting type.

Tim - It's the store I'm thinking of. Hundreds of people heading through here on their way north -- Man could get rich just by selling supplies.

DM - You never struck me as the greedy type, either.

Tim - Well, a man has to think about his future.

DM - Future? You don't usually think beyond your next meal.

Tim - Well, here you are, the newspaperman, and you haven't heard the biggest story in town.

DM - Mm-hmm?

Tim - Judith's expecting.

<DM - Aw, Tim, congratulations.

Tim - Thanks, Duncan.

DM - We have to celebrate.

Tim - But she's waiting for me.

DM - Well, Judith can wait a little longer. I have something that I've been saving for an occasion just like this.

Tim - What have you got in mind?> CUT

[They enter 'North West Ledger' building as Mako rides into town. Mako slows his horse to a walk and looks around as he rides down the main street. A Meanwhile, inside the Ledger, DM pours drinks from bottle of brandy:

1820 vintage
40% ALC. BY VOL.]

Tim - Sixty years old. I'm not used to anything that didn't come out of the washtub last week.

DM - Well, here's to the newest addition to the Ramsey clan. And to his father -- a man with a future. [They drink.] Mmm. [senses 'buzz']

Tim - Duncan, what is it?

DM - Chill. Must be a draft. [goes to window, looks out, sees Mako. Mako senses 'buzz', sees DM at window, rides on.]

Tim - [joins DM at window, sees Mako] Duncan, I just remembered -- Judith needed something from the apothecary.

DM - Sure.

Tim - Thanks for the hospitality. I gotta go.

DM - Tim, is everything alright?

Tim - Yeah, I'm fine. Fine. I'll see you later. [leaves]

[DM leaves also, heads toward Mako.]

Mako - [to sheriff] You the sheriff?

Sheriff - What can I do for you?

Mako - Federal Marshall. I'm looking for a man who may be living in these parts.

Sheriff - Afraid we got ourselves a real quiet town, Marshall. Ain't a lot of desperadoes hanging their hats here.

Mako - We'll see about that. You recognize this man? [holds out wanted poster: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE $500 BOUNTY]

Sheriff - I'm not sure.

Mako - You're not sure you recognize him, or you're not sure you're gonna tell me about it? [turns as DM approaches, sensing 'buzz' again, notices gathered crowd] How about you people? Do you recognize this man? He was part of a gang that robbed a train and killed a Wells Fargo man. If you know him, you are obligated by the law to help me find him. And you can rest assured, I will find him. Whether it goes hard or easy is entirely up to him. If you would be kind enough to tell him that when you see him, I'd appreciate it.

Sheriff - Maybe we'd better talk in my office.

Mako - In a minute. [approaches DM] MacLeod.

DM - Mako.

Mako - I'm not here for you. I came here to do a job.

DM - So you said.

Mako - You going to get in my way?

DM - Is there any reason I should?

Mako - I'm going to do what I have to do to get my job done.

DM - Yeah, well, we all have to do what's right.

Mako - As long as we understand each other.

DM - We understand each other.


[that night, livery stable]

Tim - [saddling horse, turns as DM enters] Duncan, I thought you were the marshal.

DM - So what he says is true? You killed a man?

Tim - No. Never killed anyone in my life. I was sixteen years old. My brother rode with the Daltons. I went with them one night to hold onto the horses while they were on the train. The Wells Fargo man went to stop them and one of the guys in the gang shot him. I didn't even know what happened until they ran out. I spent the next two days hiding under the floorboards of my mother's house, looking up at the lawmen telling my mother they were going to hang me and my brother.

DM - So if you didn't kill anyone, why are you running?

Tim - Doesn't mean a damn to that marshal now. He's already judged me guilty.

DM - Tim, I have friends in the territorial capital and in big newspapers. I'll find a way to help you.

Tim - Duncan, I have a wife, and a child coming. They need me. The best thing I can do is put as many miles between me and that marshal as I can and come back for them in a couple months when he's gone.

DM - Tim, this man's different. He's not going to be gone, and he's not going to give up.

Tim - I reckon I know that already. So long, Duncan.

DM - Tim... Hide out in the hills east of the river near the Bayou Falls. I'll bring you supplies when I can.

Tim - You're a good friend, Duncan. Thanks.


[later same night, main street]

Mako - Well, you're out late. You working on a big story?

<DM - Well, you know us newspapermen. We need to get out from time to time. It's good for the constitution. CUT

Mako - Constitution? [laughs] You know, generally, our kind, we don't worry too much about our constitutions, MacLeod. And a newspaperman, is it? The last time I saw you, you and Fitzcairn were just learning to read.

DM - What do you want, Mako?

Mako - I always thought that you were a man that respected the law.>

DM - I like to see justice done.

Mako - Justice. Justice is what a lawyer gets when the judge rules in his favor. The law is what we live by. It is the rules.

DM - A man can't always live by the law.

Mako - A man cannot live any other way. Do you realize that I have been a lawman for almost six hundred years? Even before I was Immortal. I have seen cities burned; I have seen children slaughtered. Law is what separates us from the beasts. We leave it, we leave a hole with no bottom.

DM - Yeah, but in all this law of yours, isn't there any room for compassion?

Mako - Not from me. MacLeod, folks say that you're a good friend of Tim Ramsey.

DM - I am. Is that against the law?

Mako - It is if you're harboring him.

DM - Doesn't it matter to you that Tim Ramsey spent the last ten years living a decent, hard-working life?

Mako - That is ten years that the Wells Fargo man's family has been grieving.

DM - Tim Ramsey didn't kill anyone.

Mako - Says him. And maybe the judge will see it the same way. That's the beauty of the law, ain't it? Now you tell your friend that if he comes with me, he'll have his day in court. If not, I have a warrant that says "dead or alive".


Loft above dojo 0

(resume previous scene)

RR - Wait a second. You're telling me this guy is a cop?

DM - Ask yourself, Richie. Why didn't she want to go to the hospital? Or to the police?

RR - I don't know.

DM - What do you know about her?

RR - Not much. Um... her name's Laura. <CUT She said she needed help, and she was scared, she needed me to hide her out.>

DM - If I were you, the first thing I'd find out is what she's hiding from.

Laura - [from couch] Richie?

RR - Yeah. [goes to her] Laura. Let me see. [looks at her head wound] Oh, it's getting better. You're going to be fine.

Laura - Yeah, it's better, thanks to the two of you.

DM - Do you have any idea why that guy was chasing you?

Laura - No.

DM - You're sure?

Laura - Yeah, I told you, I don't know who he is.

DM - Then you won't mind me bringing the police in, will you?

Laura - No, please. [beat] Well, maybe I do know.



Laura - [sips from mug] You see, where I come from, there's still a right and a wrong side of the tracks. And all we ever dreamed of was getting to the other side. So I married Earl Morrison. He's the son of the richest guy in town. I thought that I was going to be Cinderella. [flash of Laura holding vase of flowers]

RR - What happened?

Laura - Well, it didn't take him two weeks. [flash of Earl drinking a can of beer] He started drinking and seeing other women. [flash of drunk Earl with Laura] And when I'd say something, he'd slap me. [flash of Earl slapping Laura] Pretty soon, I didn't have to say anything. Just got to be out of habit. So I had to... I had to go.

RR - And that's when he sent this guy after you? [Laura nods.]

DM - Why don't you go to the police, Laura?

Laura - Well, my father-in-law, he owns half the town, and he told this judge that I stole from him, and they charged me. They'd do anything to keep me there.

DM - You could get a lawyer.

Laura - You don't know Earl's daddy. Half the people in town would lie for him. If I don't go back with Earl, they'll send me to jail for sure. Are you gonna turn me in?

RR - Of course not. We're going to help you. Right, Mac?


Empty dojo, night 0

RR - [exiting elevator] Thanks for letting her stay the night, Mac. <She's not your type anyway, right?

DM - Very funny.> CUT

RR - I'll figure out what to do about this tomorrow.

DM - I suggest you figure out how deep you want to get involved in this, Richie.

RR - What are you talking about?

DM - I mean Mako's no one to fool around with.

RR - Yeah, but, Mac, she needs our help.

DM - Richie, you don't know anything about her. You don't even know if she's telling the truth.

RR - Oh, come on, Mac. You saw her. She look like a criminal to you?

DM - At least let's check out her story.

RR - You want to check her out? Check her out. CUT

DM - If Mako finds you...

RR - Mako's not going to find me, Mac. He has no idea who I am. [leaves]


Waterfront near dojo, night 3

[Laura, alone, walks by old warehouse, then sits & plays with Zippo lighter in fenced lot nearby. DM walks up behind her.]

Laura - [hears DM's footsteps & turns, startled] You scared me.

DM - Trouble sleeping, Laura?

Laura - I thought you were him.

DM - I could have been. Whatcha' doing out here?

Laura - Nightmares. I guess I just think if I stay in one place for too long, he's going to find me, so...

DM - Well, staying out here won't help. You're making yourself an easy target.

<Laura - We lost him. I thought it'd be all right for a little while. CUT

DM - You don't lose him that easy. Mako doesn't sleep like other people.

Laura - You talk like you know him or something.

DM - Enough to know that he won't give up. Not when he's this close.>

Laura - [nods] I'm sorry. I had to work some things out and clear my head, and this seemed like a good place to do it. CUT

DM - Well, this place isn't safe at the best of times. And these aren't the best of times, are they, Laura?

Laura - I guess I should thank you, you know, for looking after me.

DM - Thank Richie, not me.

Laura - You don't exactly trust me much, now do you?

DM - I don't know you.

Laura - So you don't believe me.

DM - No, I believe that you're frightened, and I believe that you're running from something. I'm just not sure what.

Laura - Yeah, well, Richie believes me.

DM - Richie cares about you! Whatever you tell him, it's the truth... Is it the truth, Laura?

Laura - Look, I appreciate what you've done, but I am not going to get hurt anymore.

DM - I don't want you hurt, either. But think about Richie. What happens to him if he gets in Mako's way?

Laura - It's not like I made Richie do anything.

DM - You don't have to. When you're young and you care about someone, you... you think with your heart. You don't see clearly.

Laura - I don't know why you're so worried about Richie. I mean, you act like you're his father or something.

DM - I'm not his father, Laura... but he is like family to me. And I just don't want to see him throw his life away.

Laura - Look, if it helps any, I don't want to see Richie get hurt either. I just want to get out of this mess.

<DM - Look, he's going to have to make his own choice. But whatever decision he makes, he's going to make it on his own. I just hope he makes the right one. CUT

Laura - Yeah.>

DM - We'd better get out of here. You're going to need your sleep.

Laura - Yeah. 1


Richie's apartment - bathroom 4

[RR is taking a shower, senses 'buzz', pulls shower curtain aside to reveal Mako. <Mako punches him in the face.] CUT

Mako - Now, don't do it, boy. Let's try this again, a little bit friendlier.>

RR - What do you want?

Mako - Where's the girl?

RR - I don't know.

Mako - [grabs RR's hair, pulls him close] Now, you listen to me, boy. In case you don't know it, our kind don't necessarily have a liking for each other. Some of 'em even lose their heads over it. Now, you could do yourself a world of good if you start telling me the truth.

RR - We talked for a while, and I let her off down by the bus station. That's all I know. Look, why don't you just let her go? You don't even know what this is all about.

Mako - I don't care about the hows and the whys, son. I'm just bringing her back. Now you could have yourself a nice long life if you don't get in my way again. [leaves]


Empty field 5 (CUT)

DM - Keeping surveillance on the birds?

Joe - Ha. Lot less dangerous than keeping an eye on you.

DM - I need a favor, Dawson.

Joe - What kind of favor?

DM - There's a woman named Laura Daniels. She's on the run. Says she's being framed for a crime she didn't commit.

Joe - Prisons are full of people that say that same thing.

DM - I know. That's why I want you to find out whether she's telling the truth or not. And I don't want the police story. Supposedly, the man that wants her brought in owns the local police.

Joe - So what's the rest of it?

DM - How do you know there is a "rest of it"?

Joe - Because you could hire anyone to find this out. You don't need my network for this.

DM - There's an immortal named Mako on her trail.

Joe - Mako? Whoo. Yeah, the lady's got real trouble. Mako -- he was a... a sheriff in England back in the 1700s.

DM - I know. We ran into each other.

Joe - Well, last I heard, he was a... a federal marshal around 1860.

DM - Can you find out who he's working for now?

Joe - You know, maybe we should both stick to watching the birds, MacLeod. That'd be a lot safer all around.


Dojo 0

Patron - [leaving dojo] Hey, Richie. What's up?

RR - Hey, take it easy, fellas. [enters dojo] Mac, I got to talk to you.

DM - [doing chin-ups] What's up?

RR - Mako -- he came to my place. CUT I can't believe how fast he found me.

DM - I told you he's the best there is. What did you tell him?

RR - I told him I let her off at the bus station downtown, I don't know where she is. I guess he believed me.

DM - I wouldn't count on it. Come on. [pulls RR toward the elevator]

RR - I tried to talk to the guy, Mac, tell him what's going on. He doesn't seem to care.

DM - All that Mako cares about is the letter of the law -- guilt and innocence are just details.

RR - Well, not for me. [enters elevator with DM]

DM - [as elevator ascends] Richie, I want you to think about this.

RR - What's there to think about? I'm not going to let this psycho take her back.

DM - He's not a psycho.

RR - How do you know, Mac? How do you know he's the same guy he was back then? You know, I don't understand what's going on here. You help people all the time.

DM - Richie, if you want to help her, take her to the police.

RR - The police? Mac, she's not gonna get a fair trial, you know that.

DM - So she says.

RR - I believe her, Mac. CUT She's scared. She asked for help. I'm not gonna let her down.

DM - Richie, the only way you're going to stop Mako from taking her is to kill him... and you're not good enough.

[Elevator arrives at loft.]

RR - [sees Laura standing nearby, reaching for her jacket] You were going to leave?

Laura - Richie, you've done a lot already. I don't want to get you any more involved.

RR - Well, it's too late for that. The guy who was chasing you paid me a visit this morning.

Laura - Are you all right?

RR - Yeah, I'm fine. A little bruising of my ego, but that's okay.

Laura - All I need is a head start. I'll be okay.

RR - No, Laura, you don't know what you're up against.

Laura - I appreciate your help, but I'd rather die running than go back to Earl's daddy. You don't know what he's like.

DM - Was it Earl or Earl's daddy who hit you?

Laura - Uh, it was Earl. I told you, Earl's daddy never touched me.

RR - What are you getting at?

DM - Well, it seems to me it's her husband she should be afraid of. I was wondering where he fit in.

RR - Mac, what difference does it make?

Laura - Look, um... I'm sorry that I got you involved. Uh... you were wonderful to me, and I really appreciate all the help.

RR - I'm going with you.

DM - What?

RR - I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself.


Flashback - 1880 - North West Ledger 2

Kid - "I can take care of myself!" That's what he said!

DM - Slow down, Gregory. Who are you talking about?

Kid - Tim Ramsey. He's got a gun and everything.

DM - [stops kid from leaving] No, wait a minute. Where is he?

Kid - Out in the street.


[In street, Mako & Tim face off.]


Kid - There's going to be a shoot-out, Mr. MacLeod!

DM - You stay in here, all right? You stay here.


[meanwhile, out on street]

Mako - This doesn't have to happen, boy.

Tim - No other way it can be.

DM - [runs out of office] Tim, don't!

Tim - Stay back, Duncan!

DM - What are you going to do, shoot me?

Tim - I'm not gonna let him destroy my life. Judith needs me!

DM - You're no good to her dead.

Tim - Yeah, well, when I kill him, no one in this town's going to turn me in.

DM - You can't kill him, Tim.

Mako - Listen to your friend, boy. Time to give up and face what you've done. There's no reason to die here today.

DM - Mako, don't do this. I'll bring him in.

Mako - It's not your job, MacLeod. Get out of the way. He's coming with me.

Tim - No! [starts to draw his gun. Mako shoots him.]

Mako - [as DM starts toward him] This was never between us, MacLeod.

DM - You didn't have to kill him.

Mako - I didn't kill him. The law did.


Loft above dojo 0

(resume previous scene)

DM - This is a mistake.

RR - Then it's mine to make.

DM - Don't do this.

RR - [to Laura] Come on, let's go. [halts as he senses 'buzz']

Laura - What is it?

DM - Use the stairs.


Empty dojo 0

Mako - [as DM exits elevator] Well, well, well. Look who's here.

DM - Nice to see you, Mako.

Mako - Long way from the newspaper business.

DM - What are you doing here?

Mako - I'm looking for a girl.

DM - Try working on your personality.

Mako - I knew the boy would lead me back to her. I didn't expect to find you here. Where is she?

DM - [shrugs] Can't help.

Mako - [senses RR's 'buzz'] They're outside.

DM - [steps in front of him] Not this time, Mako. I can't let you do it.

Mako - Seems we've been here before. <[They stare at each other like two quick-draw gunmen. CUT Mako reaches for his sword but DM beats him to it, drawing and raising his katana first.]>

DM - Let them go, Mako. They're only children.

Mako - Can't do that.

DM - Is it worth your life?

Mako - It's the law. It IS my life. Is this your idea of justice?

[DM lowers his sword, lets Mako leave.]


Establishing shot: City Centre Motor Hotel, evening 4

Hotel room, evening 4

Laura - Looks okay.

RR - Yeah, it's all right. [peeks out curtains]

Laura - Richie, it's okay. He doesn't know where we are.

RR - Yeah, well, he'll find us. He always does.

Laura - Why is it I get the feeling you know more about this guy than you're telling me?

RR - Mac had a run-in with him some time ago. There's still some bad blood.

Laura - Yeah?

RR - Yeah.

Laura - Well, there's more to it, Richie.

RR - Well, don't worry about it. Let's just get some sleep. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Okay?

Laura - Hey. Come here.

RR - What? [sits next to her on the bed]

Laura - Why are you doing this?

RR - What do you mean?

Laura - Well, here you are, you turn your whole life upside down to help me, and you don't even know me.

RR - I know enough. You needed help.

Laura - Then you... you became my knight in shining armor.

RR - Yeah, right. I'm a hell of a hero. All we've done so far is run.

Laura - Nobody's ever put themselves on the line for me. If I had had half a brain when I was younger, I would have been dreaming about somebody like you instead of Earl and his money. And, uh... I'd like to thank you. [kisses him]

RR - [pulls away] Laura... you don't have to.

Laura - I know. [smiles, kisses him again]


Establishing shot: Outside a house, next morning 6

Inside house 7 (CUT)

Joe - Mako's working for the Texas State Courts. He's bringing in bail jumpers.

DM - Bounty hunter. Is there any chance he could be free-lancing?

Joe - What do you mean?

DM - Well, doing private jobs for people with political muscle?

Joe - No. Not a chance. He is a law-and-order fanatic. Hunting fugitives -- that's all he does.

DM - Whether they're guilty or not.

Joe - MacLeod, I know about your friend, Tim Ramsey. Mako's still doing his job. It's still the law.

DM - Well, what about justice?

Joe - This girl is wanted for murder. She killed her husband. Stuck him with a carving knife. You didn't know? [DM shakes his head.]


Establishing shot: City Centre Motor Hotel, same morning 4

Hotel room 4

Laura - [as RR enters room] Hey.

RR - Hey, how're you doing?

Laura - Food!

RR - Yeah! Cheeseburgers and fries. Nothing too fancy.

Laura - Mmm. Looks good to me.

RR - Oh, and... I went to the bank. [pulls out wad of cash] Got six hundred bucks. It's not going to get us very far, but...

Laura - We'll be okay, Richie. We've just gotta keep moving, that's all.

RR - Yeah, I guess you're right. [senses 'buzz']

Laura - What?

RR - [looks out window, sees Mako talking to motel manager] He's here.

Laura - Can we get to the bike?

RR - No. We'll never make it. Let's go out the window.

[Mako nears motel room, senses 'buzz'. He kicks in the door and sees the open window.]


Empty dojo 0

RR - [off screen] Yes! The T-bird's here. We're going to be fine. We're going to be fine. Everything's going to work out. Mac! [enters dojo with Laura] Mac, we need to borrow your car -- now.

DM - Richie, slow down. We have to talk.

RR - No, no, no, Mac. There's no time. He knows I'd come to you for help.

DM - Richie, she's not wanted for theft. She's wanted for murder. She killed her husband.

RR - [to Laura] Is that true? Laura, please talk to me. Is that true?

Laura - I did it. One night, Earl came home drunk. [flash of Earl violently knocking vase of flowers off the table] I was in the kitchen. He called me a lazy bitch and he started hitting me. [flash of Earl slapping Laura] The next thing I knew, I had the carving knife... [flash of Laura grabbing knife from table and stabbing Earl] ...and then the next thing I knew, it was in him.

RR - So... so it was self-defense.

Laura - Well, not in Earl's daddy's town, it wasn't!

RR - But, Laura, you were protecting yourself, right?

<Laura - CUT Well... my father-in-law told me that I would not live long enough to stand trial, so...>

RR - Laura... Laura, why didn't you tell me this before?

Laura - I wanted to. I was afraid that you wouldn't help me. I know that it was wrong, but I'm really sorry, Richie. [walks away]

RR - Laura...

DM - Richie. Richie, listen. Listen. I've spoken to a lawyer. We can fight the extradition, but she has to go back to face the charges.

RR - Why, Mac?

DM - Because those are the rules.

RR - Mac, the hell with the rules. We're Immortals. Who cares about the rules?

DM - Sometimes it's all we have.

RR - You sound like him.

DM - Richie, where is this going from here? What happens if you're out on the road and a cop recognizes her? What are you going to do? Kill him?

RR - I don't--

DM - How far is this going to go, Richie?

RR - I don't know, Mac! I don't know. All I know is I gotta help her, Mac. Mac, she needs me!

Laura - [looking out window] Richie, I just saw his car.

RR - Mac, please.

DM - [gives RR his keys] Out the back.

RR - Thanks.


Alley behind dojo 8

[RR and Laura get into T-bird. It won't start.]

RR - Damn! Let's run!


Empty dojo 0

Mako - [enters with two men] I warned you, MacLeod. Where are they?

DM - Who are they, your deputies?

Mako - The girl's a killer. The boy's obstructing justice. I can't have you interfere again.

DM - Then why don't we just pick up the telephone and call the police. How far can they get?

Mako - There'll be no police. They're mine.

DM - I thought this was about the law.

Mako - I am the law.

DM - No, you're not, Mako. You may come here under the color of authority, but you're placing yourself above the law. Nobody's above the law, not even you. [fights off the two mortals as Mako goes out the back]


Alley behind dojo 8

[Mako pauses by the T-bird, then walks down the street. DM knocks out the two mortals and follows him.]


Streets of Seacouver 9

[RR & Laura run as Mako drives around looking for them.] 8

Laura - [when RR stops] Richie, what are you doing?

RR - He's here.

Laura - Where? I don't see him.

RR - He's close.

Laura - Let's go.

RR - No.

[Mako pulls onto their street and speeds toward them.]

Laura - Richie, but he'll catch us!

RR - If not here, somewhere else.

Laura - We can't stay!

RR - Laura, we can't run. [Laura falls backward into street and is hit by Mako's car.] Laura, no!

Woman - Someone call the ambulance!

Man - Call 911!

RR - [crying, bends over Laura's body] Laura...

Man - The ambulance is on the way.

Woman - Does anyone know CPR?

Mako - It wasn't supposed to end like this. All she had to do was give herself up. All right, boy, come on. It's all over.

RR - You son of a bitch! [runs at Mako & shoves him through the window of an empty building]

Man - Does anyone know CPR?

[DM arrives and sees Laura's body.]

Man - Excuse me. [kneels to check for a pulse]


Inside empty building 9


[RR & Mako swordfight. DM enters building, looking for them.]

<DM - [finally finds them] Richie, back off! CUT

RR - No, Mac. He killed her.

Mako - [standing on a table] It was an accident, boy. I was just doing my job.

RR - Yeah, like hell you were.

DM - Richie, this doesn't have to go any further. Leave it alone.

RR - Mac, it's already gone too far.>

[RR swings at Mako. Mako slices him across the chest. RR swings at him again. Mako jumps to avoid the blow and breaks through the top of the table when he lands, becoming trapped.]

Mako - Remember, MacLeod, all that separates us from the beasts is the law. [lunges forward with his blade, stabbing at RR, who swings a final time and beheads him]

RR - Mac. [DM turns & walks away as the Quickening starts.]


Loft above dojo 0

RR - [exits elevator] It's getting pretty cold. It's probably going to snow soon.

DM - You have to leave.

RR - It's that time? [DM nods.] Was I wrong? About Mako?

DM - It's done.

RR - I just never figured it like this. I was gonna have friends, get a job, meet a girl... CUT It's all backwards now.

DM - CUT Some things will never change. Some things will. You'll learn to live with them.

RR - Yeah. Maybe. CUT So, um... I guess I'll see you around.

DM - Yeah. You take care of yourself.

RR - Thanks, Mac. [steps forward but stops when DM turns his back to him] For everything. Mac... are we ever going to have to face each other?

DM - Maybe.

[RR gets back into elevator and leaves.]


End of "Under Color of Authority"

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