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Episode 15: Unholy Alliance
Part Two

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Peter Ellis
Aired: Feb. 26, 1994
Transcript revised: 9-26-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Charlie DeSalvo - Philip Akin
              Dojo manager

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Renee Delaney - Stacey Travis
              C.I.D. agent

Xavier St. Cloud - Roland Gift
              Immortal thief

James Horton - Peter Hudson
              Watcher / head Hunter

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor


Detective Malle - Denis Fouqueray
              at the Sûreté

Catherine Legris - Alexandra Stewart
              wife of dead Immortal

Marc Cluny - William Cagnard
              mercenary at Chez Arnaud

Luc Bergon - Jean-François Pages
              mercenary in car

Henri Martin - Pierre Lacan
              wounded general in FB

Shop Owner - France Anglade
              of caviar store

Cavalry Captain - Manuel Bonnet


Tessa Noel - Alexandra Vandernoot
              Duncan's girlfriend
              (barge flashbacks)

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Mercy Hospital exterior - St. Paul's Hospital, Comox St, Vancouver [49.280656,-123.12747]
2. Hospital interior - unknown location, Vancouver
3. Horton's warehouse - abandoned Versatile Pacific Shipyard, North Vancouver [49.309825,-123.079235]
4. Eiffel Tower - 5 Avenue Anatole France [48.860494,2.292828]
5. Notre Dame Cathedral - 6 Parvis Notre-Dame [48.85184,2.353156]
6. Airport runway - unidentified airport, Vancouver
7. Paris Airport - Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 2C [49.003227,2.566482]
8. Quai near Notre Dame - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
9. 'Near' canal - unknown location
10. Canal - Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
11. Domeini & Co - 66 Rue Caulaincourt [48.889506,2.336606]
12. Flower shop - unknown location, Paris
13. Chez Arnaud - Caulaincourt Square [48.889635,2.335723]
14. Hotel (establishing) - Place de la Bastille [48.853177,2.369125] from camera position [48.851603,2.367903]
15. Hotel room - unknown location
16. Cavalry grounds - École Militaire, 1 Place Joffre [48.851922,2.304383]
17. Battlefield - unknown location
18. Cavalry office - unknown location
19. Riding stable - unknown location
20. Sûreté (establishing) - 7 Boulevard Malesherbes [48.870360,2.322838] (looking east)
21. Sûreté interior - unknown location
22. Villa du Pré - Avenue des Marronniers at Avenue du Belvédère [48.882028,2.406461]
23. Pier - unknown location
24. Xavier's mansion - unknown location
25. Park - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2000) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with four exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Joe - [voice-over] Last week, on Highlander...


New York, NY - parking garage, night

[Two masked men with automatic guns get out of back of van.]

Jason - This is wrong. It's against all the rules. You can't.

Xavier - Oh, but I can.

[The two mercenaries open fire.]


Loft above dojo

DM - You said you wanted to talk.

Joe - Something strange is happening, MacLeod.


Paris - alley behind flower shop, night

[Xavier opens side door of van. Two masked men with automatic weapons jump out.]


Loft above dojo

Joe - In the last few days, two Immortals have been killed.


Paris - alley behind flower shop, night

Joe - [voice-over] They were shot first, and then beheaded by an Immortal.

[The two masked men start shooting at Anton. Anton falls to the ground and Xavier beheads him.]

Joe - [voice-over] They were working together.


Loft above dojo

DM - Why are you telling me all this?

Joe - I thought you'd want to know. You watch yourself, MacLeod.


Empty dojo

[Xavier appears at dojo entrance wearing formal coat and top hat. Close-up of Xavier's claw.]

DM - You're a long way from home, Xavier.

Xavier - Home is where the head is...

DM - [senses 'buzz'] Charlie, get out of here.

[He and Charlie run and dive into office as two masked men with guns open fire.]


Parking lot

Delaney - Excuse me. Would you, you know, do the guy thing?


Delaney's apartment

Delaney - [enters apartment] Now, I want you to know, ordinarily, I don't let strange men in my apartment.

DM - [enters, moves past her] Unless you trust them?

Delaney - No. [pulls out gun, cocks it] Unless I have a gun.


Empty dojo

DM - This isn't your fight.

Charlie - No? You're going to tell me this isn't about the other night?


Warehouse, night

DM - [voice-over] Listen, Charlie--

[DM drops by rope from ceiling, knocks out the two mercenaries.]

Charlie - [voice-over] No, no, no, you listen, man. This is not just about Xavier St. Cloud.


Empty dojo

Charlie - This is about a special ops team, and that is something that I know about.


Warehouse, night

DM - Get out of here.

Charlie - No way, MacLeod. No way. [as DM stops suddenly] What?

[DM punches him.]


Delaney's apartment

Delaney - If you knew this was a setup, why did you come along?

DM - Because I want to know who's following me.


Warehouse, night

Xavier - Different strokes for different folks. [attacks]

[They fight. Charlie watches them from the shadows.]

Horton - MacLeod!

[Horton shoots DM in the chest. Charlie runs forward. Horton shoots him.]


Hospital ICU

Charlie - We're dead.

DM - Do I look like an angel to you, Charlie?

Charlie - I saw you take one in the heart.


Hospital corridor

DM - You set me up! Xavier and the mercenaries -- they were waiting for us. And so was Horton.


Dawson family crypt

[Pan up from shoes to reveal Horton.]

Joe - [voice-over] That's impossible. You know Horton's dead.

DM - [voice-over] He wasn't last night.

Joe - [voice-over] You're seeing things, MacLeod.


Hospital corridor

Joe - He's dead and buried.


Dawson family crypt

DM - What about Xavier? How'd you find him?

Horton - I shot him and I was just about to cut his head off, when I realized he could lead me to you. Rather an unholy alliance, wouldn't you say?


Dock parking lot, night

Delaney - Look, you can't keep doing this by yourself. You're not the Lone Ranger.


Dock, night

[DM runs down dock. Boat pulls away as DM reaches end of dock.]

Delaney - [voice-over] Look, I got Army Intelligence computers, informants, yet every time I get somewhere, you're always one step ahead of me. What's going on, MacLeod?


Dock parking lot, night

Delaney - Who are you?


Joe's house, night

DM - I'll tell you why he came back. To kill Immortals. Horton buys the mercenaries and Xavier takes the heads. Next time I see you will be the last. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Mercy Hospital 1

Mercy Hospital - room 320 2

PA - Doctors Robertson and Kensington, O.R. Robertson and Kensington to O.R.

Delaney - [as DM exits room] How's he doing?

DM - Not great.

Delaney - Oh, I'm sorry.

DM - He's not taking visitors.

Delaney - I'm only going to be a minute.

DM - Your compassion is overwhelming.

Delaney - All right, I'm here on business. Doesn't mean I don't feel for the guy.

DM - Right.

Delaney - Then you tell me what I can do for him, other than find the shooter?

DM - You can leave him alone.

Delaney - MacLeod... there's also another reason I came.

DM - And what's that?

Delaney - You. You mentioned dinner once. Does that offer still stand?

DM - I told you, it's not safe being my friend.

Delaney - I'm a big girl. And I carry a gun.

DM - Yeah, I noticed. I thought you didn't let strange men into your apartment.

<Delaney - CUT I don't.>


Loft above dojo 0

Delaney - [looking at photo of Tessa] She's pretty. Is she your... girlfriend?

DM - [stirring pot on stove] Was. She's dead.

Delaney - Perfect timing, Renee. I have a gift for these things.

DM - That's all right.

Delaney - [looking in pot on stove] This looks almost done.

DM - You? Married?

Delaney - Nope. Where's your corkscrew? [DM hands it to her.] Ah.

DM - Ever?

Delaney - Once.

DM - Divorced?

Delaney - No. It ended in a shootout in Albequerque. This guy tried to start World War Three in a hamburger joint. [uses corkscrew to open bottle of wine] Lasted all of ten months, not counting leave.

DM - You hungry? [Delaney nods.]



DM - [refilling Delaney's wine glass] You really were an army brat?

Delaney - Born and bred. CUT Every year, a new town; every town, a new school. You know what I mean.

DM - Do I? 1

Delaney - I thought you said you were army.

DM - No, I didn't say anything of the sort.

Delaney - My mistake.

DM - No, it wasn't. You were fishing again, but it's fun to watch. [moves piece on chessboard] Chess is such an interesting game.

Delaney - Hmm. If you're good at it. The army was always home. I knew I'd wind up there.

DM - In the C.I.D.?

Delaney - I like to keep my home clean.

DM - Must be interesting work.

Delaney - It's boring... mostly.

DM - Even when you're chasing killers like Davis?

Delaney - Now YOU'RE digging.

DM - You're right.

Delaney - But it's fun to watch. But I'd rather talk about something else.

DM - Such as?

Delaney - Why haven't you kissed me yet? [Both lean forward, about to kiss, when buzzer sounds.]

DM - Guess I ought to get that. [Buzzer sounds again. DM moves another chess piece and gets up.]

Delaney - [to herself] Timing.


Empty dojo 0

Joe - What's done is done, MacLeod. I can't take it back. You're the Immortal. You know better than anyone.

DM - I'm waiting.

Joe - Maybe we weren't friends, but we did trust one another once based on nothing more than a feeling. I just hope you can trust me now. [holds out piece of paper] It's an address. It's where they are.

DM - Why should I believe you?

Joe - Whether you believe me or not is up to you, but it's the truth. [shoves paper at DM and leaves]


Loft above dojo 0

Delaney - [as DM exits elevator] Never mind. I know when the horses have bolted.

DM - I have to leave.

Delaney - Is this about the shooting? What did you find out?

DM - It was a nice meal.

Delaney - Damn it, MacLeod, I could help you.

DM - All right. Grab your coat.

Delaney - I'm glad you're finally seeing this my way. [goes over to the bed] <Now listen, you're a civilian, so when we get in there, let me go... [turns back around with coat and purse in hand to find DM gone]>


Establishing shot: Waterfront dock 3

Waterfront - Horton's warehouse 3

<Horton - [working at laptop] There are times to eat and there are times to work. CUT

Xavier - Persian kings died for a taste of that.> [sets caviar tin on keyboard. Horton moves it aside.] Horton, Horton. When will you learn to savor life? When you eat, eat well. When you love, make it last a long time. When you kill, kill for pleasure.

Horton - It would give you great pleasure to kill Duncan MacLeod, would it not?

Xavier - I owe him so much.

[Outside, DM drives up near warehouse and parks. Xavier and DM both sense 'buzz'.]

Xavier - He's here.

Horton - Who is?

Xavier - MacLeod.

Horton - He can't be.

Xavier - I can feel him.

Horton - [packing up laptop] It's time to go.

Xavier - No. I can kill him.

Horton - Another time. [leaves warehouse]

Xavier - [as DM approaches] You don't disappoint.

DM - Where's your friend?

Xavier - Forget Horton. You and I have business to attend to.

[They fight, ending up outside. Helicopter flies toward them and Horton shoots at DM from the opening. While DM is pinned down behind some boxes, Xavier runs toward the helicopter.]

Horton - [to Xavier] Hurry up, get in!

[Xavier climbs in and helicopter flies away, leaving DM standing on the docks alone. A]


Mercy Hospital - Charlie's room 2

PA - Dr. Brown, 4-3-9-7.

Charlie - [examining caviar tin] Caviar, huh?

DM - Yeah. Xavier left it. Bought it in Paris. Little store on the Rue de Sevres. If I go there, maybe they'll point me in the right direction.

Charlie - Well, how can you be sure they're going to go back there?

DM - Friend of mine told me they cleared customs yesterday.

Charlie - And now you're going after them?

DM - I may be gone for a while, Charlie. And, uh, maybe if I...

Charlie - You'll be back, MacLeod.

DM - If I'm not, the dojo's yours.

Charlie - What's left of it.


DM - Take care of yourself.

PA - Dr. Davis, Dr. Davis, 3-2-7-9

Charlie - Hey, aren't you forgetting something, MacLeod? I thought you promised you'd tell me why you're still breathing.

DM - You got any thoughts?

Charlie - Oh, a couple. Oh, hey, if it's a long story, don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

DM - You wouldn't believe me.

Charlie - Try me. Hey, when I was dying, you told me you'd tell me before I went.

DM - Well, the doctor said you still have a good thirty or forty years left.

Charlie - Damn, you are the most secretive, evasive son of a-- [tries to sit up] Ahh.

DM - Careful.

Charlie - What about the swords, MacLeod? How are you gonna explain that?

DM - It's an old feud. 2

Charlie - You are not going to tell me, are you? CUT

DM - What if I told you it was magic?

Charlie - Oh, I'd almost believe you. CUT

[DM shrugs, leaves.]


Establishing shot: Eiffel Tower 4

Establishing shot: Notre Dame Cathedral 3 5

Establishing shot: Airplane landing on runway 6

Paris airport 7

[DM walks through terminal, exits, looks around at empty curb and rainy weather.]

DM - Great. [raises his hand] Taxi! [jumps back onto curb as a car screeches up]

Delaney - [driving car] Can I drop you somewhere?

DM - [smiles, leans down] You made good time.

Delaney - I hitched a ride with the Air Force. As soon as your reservations for Paris hit our computers, I was on my way.

DM - Nice to be missed.

Delaney - Let's play a little game. You tell me all you know...

DM - And what do you do?

Delaney - And I keep the State Department from revoking your passport and shipping your butt out of here.

DM - Ah, so you came all the way to Paris to blackmail me.

Delaney - Because you won't play fair. What do you say?

<DM - Paris is lovely in springtime?

Delaney - Then what are we doing here in the middle of winter?> CUT Come on, MacLeod.

DM - I'll think about it. [gets into car] But first, you can drop me off at the Quai de la Tournelle.

Delaney - I don't think so.

DM - All right, fine, I'll get a cab.

Delaney - The barge isn't there.

DM - [disbelieving] Right.

Delaney - Okay, okay. Suit yourself.


Quai by Notre Dame 8

[Sign on wall reads: PONT DE LA TOURNELLE]

Delaney - [pulls to stop at edge of flooded street] Your destination, sir.

DM - [looks out at flooded Seine] It's not there.

Delaney - Oh, ye of little faith. It was moved when the river flooded.

DM - But I bet you know where it is.

Delaney - Aren't you glad you have me along?


Canal 9

Delaney - Now that I've helped you...

DM - You have my undying gratitude.

Delaney - I like you, MacLeod, but you're beginning to get on my nerves.

DM - [grabs bag from back seat] I thought this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Thanks for the ride.

Delaney - Well, wait. Wait. CUT Why don't we talk about this later over dinner?

DM - You don't give up, do you?

Delaney - Not when I really want something.

DM - All right. Chez Arnaud. Rue de la Mer. Six o'clock. [gets out of car, then leans back in] And one step at a time.

[Delaney nods, drives away. DM walks to barge. Moored directly behind the barge is a much smaller, very colorful red boat.10]


Flashback: Barge - on deck, morning
(from "For Tomorrow We Die")

[Tessa, walking on top of barge, waiting for DM to return from his fight with Xavier.]

[Kansas - "Dust in the Wind"

I close my eyes...]


Canal 10

(resume previous scene)

[DM stares sadly at the barge.]

[Only for a moment,]


Flashback: Inside barge
(from "Saving Grace")

[Tessa pulls DM onto couch, wanting to go away for the weekend.]

[And the moment's gone.]


Flashback: Inside barge
(from "For Tomorrow We Die")

[All my dreams...]

[Tessa sneers, smiles, arguing about being contrary.]


Flashback: Inside barge
(from "Avenging Angel")

[Tessa climbs onto DM's back as he looks up info on laptop.]

[Pass before my eyes, a curiosity.]


Flashback: Inside barge
(from "For Tomorrow We Die")

[Tessa pokes her head out of galley, comes down stairs, kisses DM, teases him about his tuxedo as they fall onto the couch.]

[Dust in the wind.
All they are is dust in the wind.]


Flashback: Inside barge
(from "Avenging Angel")

[Same old song...]

[DM kisses Tessa, before leaving with Elaine.]


Flashback: Inside barge, night
(from "For Evil's Sake")

[Just a drop of water in an endless sea.]

[Tessa hugs DM before RR enters with bust of Napoleon.]


Flashback: Inside barge
(from "Avenging Angel")

[DM hugs Tessa after Cahill threatens her.]

[All we do...
Crumbles to the ground
Though we refuse to see.]


Flashback: Inside barge, night
(from "The Hunters")

[Tessa approaches DM, before Darius' funeral.]

Dust in the wind.]


Canal 10

(resume previous scene)

[DM stares sadly at the barge.]

[All we are is dust in the wind.]

[DM walks up gangplank, enters barge, picks up empty wine bottle. A man can be heard singing wordlessly in the shower.]

Maurice - [comes out of shower in robe] I have no money.

DM - What's going on here?

Maurice - Who are you?

DM - More to the point, what are you doing on this barge?

Maurice - I'm having a shower.

DM - I can see that.

Maurice - What are you doing on this boat?

DM - I own it.

Maurice - Of course! MacLeod, my friend!

DM - I think I'd remember a friend like you.

Maurice - But I'm Maurice. From the boat next door. Everyone knows Maurice.

DM - Does everyone find you in their bathroom?

Maurice - All I took was a little water.

DM - Oh? [holds up empty wine bottle]

Maurice - Ah, that? Another week and it would have been vinegar. I was doing you a favor.

DM - And what about the other bottles?

Maurice - You got off cheap. You should have seen the ruffians I threw off your barge. There were five -- no, six of them. They were the worst kind.

DM - Who moved the barge?

Maurice - The police. But you're lucky I was there to supervise. Did I tell you I was a veteran? I have wounds to prove it.

DM - [starts pulling linens off clothesline strung across barge interior] Maurice, get your clothes and get off this barge.

Maurice - Ah. This is the gratitude you show Maurice? Maurice, who risks his life to save your barge from the worst flood in fifty years. And I'm not a young man.

DM - Maurice, don't leave...

Maurice - I knew you were a man of unending generosity.

DM - Until you clean this place up and it looks exactly the way I left it. And I want it done soon. [notices what Maurice is holding] Maurice, that's my toothbrush.

Maurice - Oh. [hands toothbrush to DM, leaves]


Rue Sevres - Domeini & Co., Imported Delicacies 11

[Sign on wall reads: RUE CAULAINCOURT]

DM - [greets woman on street] Bonjour, madame. Vous être ouvert?

Translations: Bonjour - Hello; Vous être ouvert - Are you open?

Shop Owner - What can I help you with?

DM - I was looking for some caviar for an old friend.

Shop Owner - Ah. You've come to the right place. We have beluga, caviar from Russia...

DM - No, I was looking for golden caviar.

Shop Owner - Ah. Impossible. You can't get it out of Iran.

DM - My friend said he did. Said he bought it here. [shows her Xavier's caviar tin]

Shop Owner - But not from me. That was sold by the previous owners.

DM - Oh, I'm sure you can help me.

Shop Owner - Believe me, I would love to, but what you want can't be found.

DM - [pulls roll of cash from his pocket] Then where can I find the previous owners?

Shop Owner - Back in Iran... in jail. [enters store]

DM - Perfect. [walks away]


Flower shop 12

DM - [holds up bouquet] C'est cher ça?

Translations: C'est cher ça - It is dear? (i.e. expensive)


Catherine - [hugs him] Oh, Duncan!

DM - How are you, Catherine? [She looks away.] I know, I'm sorry.

Catherine - How is Tessa? [DM looks away.]



Catherine - Tessa... Anton... We can't win, can we, Duncan?

DM - You take your happiness while you can, for as long as it lasts. Anton knew that.

Catherine - But all we ever wanted was to live our lives without being bothered.

DM - Catherine, I want the Immortal that killed him. Is there anything you can tell me? Anything at all?

Catherine - Nothing. He felt the presence of an Immortal. He went out and he never came back.

DM - When he left, did you hear gunfire?

Catherine - CUT You know who did it, don't you? As if there hasn't been enough death already. Be careful. Please. [kisses his cheeks] 4 CUT


Chez Arnaud, a sidewalk restaurant 13

Delaney - [walks up to table] Hi, MacLeod.

DM - Hi.

Delaney - So, what's our next step?

DM - Why don't we take it from our first step and start from there?

Delaney - [sits at table] If you work with me, I promise you won't regret it.

DM - Even if you are right about this, what makes you think I need a partner?

Delaney - Because I'm good.

DM - Want some wine?

Delaney - Yes. [DM fills her glass, tops off his own.] Because we both want the same thing -- the guy who hit Charlie.

DM - All right, I'll help you get him. But that's it. This one guy, then you go home.


[Nearby, a masked mercenary, Cluny, approaches.]

Delaney - So, who are we after?

DM - It's an Englishman named James Horton. But I wouldn't bother digging for his file, because he's too good for that.

Delaney - [as waiter brings menus] Thank you.

DM - [to waiter] Merci. [Waiter walks away, drops napkin as he passes.]

Delaney - Well, if he's so good, how do we find him?

[Both reach for napkin dropped by waiter just as Cluny opens fire.]
{Seriously, how does this guy manage to not hit EITHER of them?? He shoots 65-70 rounds from less than 20 feet away.}

Man - Get down! Get down!

DM - I think he just found us. [takes off after Cluny. Delaney grabs a gun from her purse and follows.]

Delaney - Stop! [shoots Cluny in the leg. He staggers but keeps running.]

Cluny - [runs toward car] Wait! [grabs at driver's arm through open car window]

Bergon - [driving car] I'm sorry. [shoots Cluny in the head and drives away]

[DM reaches Cluny, finds gold cuff link in his hand, palms it as Delaney arrives, checks Cluny's neck for a pulse.]

Delaney - See? I told you I was good.

[DM removes hand from Cluny's neck, looks over at Delaney, looks back at Cluny. B] CUT


Establishing shot: hotel building 14

Delaney's hotel suite 15

DM - How're you feeling?

Delaney - Fine. There's going to be hell to pay with the Sûreté, but my people are trying to calm them down.

DM - Why don't you just sit down for a minute?

Delaney - Can you imagine the paperwork?

DM - Forget the paperwork.

Delaney - I don't want to sit down. [DM pushes her down anyway.] We need to open up this investigation. We gotta get backup in here, people to--

DM - No backup.

Delaney - MacLeod, a man died out there.

DM - And you didn't kill him.

Delaney - It doesn't matter! He's dead because of me. I've been in the field for three years. I never even fired before. Have you ever killed anybody?

DM - Yeah.

Delaney - It's not easy, is it?

DM - It's not supposed to be.

[Phone rings. Delaney answers it.]

Delaney - [into phone] Hello?... Speaking... Now? Couldn't we wait at least a day? I... Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Fifteen minutes. [hangs up phone] They want me at the Embassy.

DM - Well, it's not good for a U.S. Army officer to kill a French national.

Delaney - They're probably trying to decide whether to kill me or give me a medal.

DM - It's a medal. It's easier to explain.

Delaney - I don't want a medal.

DM - Better not keep your general waiting. [leaves] 5


Cavalry training grounds 16

[DM walks up to gate at entrance, looks at crest of eagle and crown that matches Bergon's cuff link.]


Flashback - 1814 - battlefield, after a battle 17

Soldier 1 - [offscreen] {Get} the animals.

Soldier 2 - [offscreen] Get out of there.

Soldier 3 - [looking for the wounded] Men, there's one over here!

Soldier 4 - [pointing bayonet at fallen soldier, Henri Martin] Dirty general.

DM - No, hold your fire. There's been enough killing for today. Go. Go on! [Soldier 4 leaves.]

Martin - Thank you, but I think I'm already dead. [as DM helps him sit up] Your Highlanders fought well today.

DM - We paid a high price for this victory.

Martin - 'Twas a glorious battle.

DM - Aye.

Martin - Look! The jackals! [points at peasants] They come to rob the dead. May I ask a favor? [takes off glove & removes gold ring] My ring. I want my son to have it.

DM - [takes ring] What is his name?

Martin - Pierre. Pierre Martin. We live in a small village called Mionnais, near Lyon.

DM - I will see to it.

Martin - Thank you. And tell him his father died with honor.

[DM examines ring -- eagle and crown motif -- as battle continues around him.]


Cavalry training grounds - office 18

Cavalry Captain - [examining cuff link with same eagle and crown motif] Luc Bergon.

DM - So he WAS one of yours. [Captain says nothing. DM looks around at paintings on the walls of various battle scenes.] Champaubert... Berry-au-Bac... Montereau... where the favorite nephew of General Haguet Chateau was mortally wounded?

Captain - Not a Guardsman, not even French, but you know our battles?

DM - It's a great history. But Luc Bergon was not part of it.

Captain - Bergon was facing disciplinary action last year. He disappeared before the proceedings.

DM - Do you know where to find him?

Captain - If I knew, he'd be in prison. Shame. He was a good horseman. It was his passion. Never stopped riding, even when he had time off. CUT

<DM - Well... thanks for your help.>


Riding stable 19

Bergon - If Cluny hadn't missed, MacLeod would be dead.

Horton - If you hadn't been such a fool, Cluny would still be alive.

Xavier - You were told to leave MacLeod to me. I told you that.

Bergon - I thought I'd save you the trouble.

Horton - You're not paid to think, you're paid to kill... when I tell you.

Xavier - Leave. [Bergon leaves.] Before this is over, I'll kill that fool.

Horton - Not before he brings us MacLeod.


Establishing shot: Sûreté office (French police station) 20

Sûreté office 21

Delaney - [looking at rap sheet] Marc Cluny. This is all you have on him?

Detective Malle - If you hadn't shot him, his record might have become longer.

Delaney - I didn't kill him, Detective.

Malle - That's right. You only wounded him. If I had my way, you'd be out of the country tomorrow.

Delaney - So where did he serve as a mercenary?

Malle - Africa. How did you know that?

Delaney - Why isn't it in here?

Malle - The Cluny's are a very old family, with a great many holdings.

Delaney - And that's enough to keep it off his record?

Malle - In this country, Warrant Officer Delaney, old ties count for something.

Delaney - They sure as hell do. Well, thank you for your cooperation, Detective.


Street near market 22

Delaney - So how long have you known MacLeod?

<Maurice - CUT For a very, very long time.> But for men such as MacLeod and myself, time has little meaning.

Delaney - Is that so? What exactly is it you do for him?

Maurice - I'm consulting on the remodeling of his barge.

Delaney - And you're staying there?

Maurice - An artist needs to be close to his work. I don't like to boast, but I have exquisite taste... [looks at her] ...in everything.

Delaney - I think I see him. MacLeod.

DM - Hi.

Delaney - Hi.

Maurice - I have brought this Venus to you.

<DM - Thanks, Maurice. [to Delaney] You said it was important. CUT

Delaney - Yeah, I called because--

DM - [interrupts her] Maurice. Why don't you go do something?

Maurice - But... I was going to help you to shop.

DM - Then why don't you go buy some wine?

Maurice - Ah, but with what? How can a grand chef--

Delaney - You're a cook?

Maurice - Cook?! I was a chef at Pyramide under the great Fernand Point. Cook!>

DM - [hands him some money] How did you live before I got here?

Maurice - On your very excellent credit. [bows to Delaney] Until later. [leaves]

Delaney - So, our dead shooter -- Marc Cluny. He was a mercenary.

DM - You didn't say you were going to the police.

Delaney - Well, you didn't ask.

DM - [takes paper from her] Any addresses?

Delaney - About fifty. Seems his family owns half the buildings in Paris. There must be at least a dozen where he could train men.

DM - Maybe. But not many where you can train horses.

Delaney - Did I miss something here?

DM - Yeah, the guy in the car was Luc Bergon -- ex-cavalry officer.

Delaney - How'd you I.D. the guy?

DM - There was a cuff link in Cluny's hand. He must have torn if off the driver.

Delaney - You never mentioned any cuff link.

DM - You didn't ask.

Delaney - So what do we do now?

DM - We see if any of these places are big enough to hold a riding stable.


Riding stable 19

Horton - [pointing to photos and blueprints on table] There are two entrances to the barge -- here and here. Stun grenade in this one. You go in through this one, shooting. [to Xavier] Whenever you're ready.

Xavier - Have you ever seen them harvest caviar?

<Horton - CUT Do they cut the heads off?>

Xavier - [senses 'buzz'] By the way, you can stop planning.

Horton - MacLeod. How did he know we were here?

Xavier - Offhand, I'd say your friend here was sloppy.

Horton - [to Bergon] Get MacLeod and you're rich. Fail, it's the last thing you'll ever do.

Xavier - [as Horton picks up briefcase] You're not leaving, are you?

Horton - I'll wait for you at the boat.

Xavier - Shame. You'll miss quite a show.


[short time later]

DM - No sword, Xavier?

Xavier - I was thinking of giving it up, but old habits die hard. We can't go on meeting like this.

DM - Well, don't worry. This will be the last time.

Xavier - At least we agree on something.

DM - We agree on nothing.

Xavier - You're angry because I broke the rules. I had two very good reasons. One, I get to kill you. Two, I also get a little help ensuring that I am the last of us.

DM - Horton lives to kill us. He's using you.

Xavier - As I am using him. He lives as long as I need him. 6 [raises his voice] Boys! [Two mercenaries appear from corners of room.] Go for his heart.

Delaney - [jumps out from behind wall] Nobody move!

[Xavier nods at mercenaries. One turns to shoot Delaney. Delaney shoots him but takes a bullet in the shoulder. DM takes down other mercenary. Xavier leaves building.]

Delaney - I'm all right. Go! Just get him.


Nearby pier 23

Joe - [as Horton jumps into boat] It's finished, James.

Horton - Joseph! We're family.

Joe - I'll light you a candle. [shoots Horton, who falls into river] He always had a way out.

DM - I would have done it.

Joe - No, MacLeod. We make mistakes, we clean them up.

DM - [takes gun from Joe, throws it into the water] Dawson. I'll see you around.

[Joe leaves. DM turns back to look out over the water for a beat. C]


Delaney's hotel suite 15

Delaney - [to doctor] Thank you.

Doctor - [leaving] Au revoir.

Delaney - Au revoir.

Translations: Au revoir - Goodbye

DM - What's the verdict?

Delaney - No broken bones, no blood poisoning. A few days, I'll be out of here.

DM - Good. [turns to leave]

Delaney - You don't have to go.

DM - No, you need your rest. Besides, the police are going to want to know what happened.

Delaney - Yeah, I think they are -- in triplicate. So, what do I tell them?

DM - Whatever you want, as long as you keep my name out of it.

Delaney - And the man with one hand?

DM - You got Horton. Leave it there.

Delaney - There's more to this, isn't there?

DM - You remember the part where you promised not to follow?

Delaney - Vaguely...

DM - Then keep that promise. [wryly] You might even get another medal.

Delaney - I heard here they kiss you on both cheeks.

DM - Yeah. That's how they do it.

Delaney - How about you?

DM - [kisses her on the lips] Take care of yourself. [leaves] 7 CUT


Barge - on deck 10

Maurice - MacLeod! Good to see you! You'll have the place shipshape in no time. You'll be very glad you employed me to do the job.

DM - Employed you? All right, we'll talk about it later. Maurice, were you really a chef?

Maurice - For the very best. CUT You should have tasted my oysters. This time of year, they were magnificent.

DM - I'm sure they were.

Maurice - Washed down with a crisp Sancerre. It's like heaven.

DM - Maurice, can we talk about something?

Maurice - I can do things with shrimp you wouldn't believe.

DM - Let me guess. You're hungry.

Maurice - Exactement. And I have such difficulty talking on an empty stomach.

DM - You need more money?

Maurice - If you could lend me a little.

DM - What if someone was looking for some special food -- say, golden caviar?


Maurice - It's possible, for a price. Have you a taste for golden caviar?

DM - I'm looking for a special buyer. An elegantly dressed black man with one hand. [holds out money]

Maurice - [takes bills] One hand.


Dojo office 0

Charlie - [into phone] MacLeod? You son of a gun. [on phone] Hi. How come it took you so long to call?10

DM - [in barge, into phone] Well, I called the hospital a few times.10 [on phone] They said you were out chasing nurses.

Charlie - [into phone] No, man. I had to get away from the hospital food.

DM - [into phone] How's the plumbing?10

Charlie - [on phone] Hurts like hell.10 [into phone] And I'm not quite as fast as I used to be. You know, I think they left some lead in there or something, man.

DM - [on phone] Well, you'll get it together. It just takes time.

Charlie - [into phone] Yeah, sure.

DM - [into phone] I thought you might like to know -- Horton's not coming back.10

Charlie - [into phone] Well, funny, I don't feel like dancing, but I can't say I'm too sorry, either.

DM - [into phone] Well, don't be. Just start fixing the dojo up.10

Charlie - [into phone] That sounds like you're not sure about coming back.

DM - [into phone] Things aren't written in stone, Charlie. There's just something I have to finish.10


Dock by barge 10

Maurice - MacLeod! MacLeod! Ha, ha, ha! [slurring drunkenly] MacLeod, my friend. You wouldn't believe the food I've eaten, and the wine I've drunk.

DM - Try me. I paid for it all. What did you find out?

Maurice - There was one house in Rue Pashu... uh, Pash... uh, Chapelle. A young, black man, very rich, such exquisite taste... he never comes to the store, only takes deliveries. And he's waiting for a delivery tonight.

DM - [grabs Maurice by his coat front] What about the hand?

Maurice - That's the best part. Only one. [DM pats his cheek and leaves quickly.] Hey, wait. Hey, Mac -- Whoa!


Establishing shot: Xavier's house, night 24

Xavier's house, night 24

Xavier - So, did you bring the caviar?

<DM - I left it downstairs. CUT

Xavier - That's a shame. I thought we might share it.

DM - Oh, you mean like a last supper?

Xavier - Mm. Exactly. I'll eat it on your grave.

DM - I doubt it.>

[They fight. DM wins, beheads Xavier, takes Quickening, walks away, offscreen. D]


Park 25

Delaney - [sitting on bench] Thanks for coming.

DM - No problem. How's the arm? [sits next to her]

Delaney - [re sling] Oh, I just wear it for sympathy. I've got to be in Washington tomorrow. Great timing, huh?

DM - Do you think you'll ever be back in Paris?

Delaney - Does it matter? I mean, what I meant to say was, do-- Listen to me. I sound like an idiot.

DM - No, you don't.

Delaney - I mean, I know you -- you loved that woman you were with -- Tessa, right? And I respect that. I know you're not supposed to get involved with people you're in the field with, but...

DM - I know there's a question in there somewhere.

Delaney - Do you think, someday, that you and I would... Oh, my God, this is embarrassing. 8 How come you haven't come on to me yet? It's not me, right?

DM - Right.

Delaney - So, I mean, maybe someday, if-- [DM pulls her to him and kisses her.] Guess that answers my question.

DM - Guess it does.

Delaney - See you around, MacLeod.

DM - See you around, Renee.

[She kisses him again, then leaves. Pan behind DM into trees where JAMES HORTON is watching him, very much ALIVE.]


End of "Unholy Alliance, Part Two"

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