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Episode 16: The Vampire

Written by J.P. Couture
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: March 5, 1994
Transcript revised: 9-27-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Nicholas Ward - Jeremy Brudenell
              Immortal, NOT a vampire

Helene Piper - Nathalie Presles
              Barry's daughter, Ward's fiancée

Alan Baines - Denis Lill
              FB: the vampire chaser

Henry Jacom - Trevor Peacock
              FB: Stillwell's partner

Juliette - Tonya Kinzinger
              FB: Jacom's daughter


Peter Wells - Jack Galloway
              man killed by Ward

William Stillwell - Peter Vizard
              FB: man killed by Ward

Waitress - Claire Keim
              FB: finds dead Stillwell

Gentleman - Michel Feller
              FB: shoots Ward

Doctor - Nigel Nevinson
              FB: examines Stillwell

Clerk - Chrystelle Labaude/LaBaude
              at municipal hall


Barry Piper - ??
              record producer, killed by Ward

Locations List:*
1. Helene's residence - unknown location
2. Parking garage - somewhere at Hippodrome d'Auteuil (see Grandstand) - exact coordinates unknown
3. Flashback street - unknown location
4. Flashback nightclub - unknown location
5. Flashback bridge - unknown location
6. Jacom's house - unknown location
7. Notre Dame Cathedral - 6 Parvis Notre-Dame [48.852968,2.349902]
8. Baines' room - unknown location
9. Municipal Hall - Mayor of the 5th arrondissement, 21 Place du Panthéon [48.846261,2.344817]
10. Peter's residence - unknown location
11. Paris streets - around Pont Saint-Michel: 1. SE corner of Pont Saint-Michel, looking SW toward Fontaine Saint-Michel [48.853794,2.344587], 2. unknown location, 3 & 5. SE corner of Pont Saint-Michel [48.853794,2.344587], 4. unknown location, 6. E on Quai du Marché Neuf [48.854353,2.344925]
12. Outside Peter's residence - unknown location
13. Outside Helene's residence - unknown location
14. Grandstand - Hippodrome d'Auteuil, Route d'Auteuil aux Lacs [48.851531,2.254719]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with three exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Helene's residence - indoor pool, night 1

[Barry Piper swims laps (breaststroke), reaches side to rest, is held underwater by unseen assailant until he drowns.]


Area above pool - one week later, night 1

DM - Hey, Peter, how are you?

Peter - Good. It's a good wake, isn't it?

DM - Yeah. Only Barry would want his wake at his pool.

Peter - And to be buried near Jim Morrison, so he'd have someone to party with. [raises his glass] To Barry Piper -- my partner, and the best ears in the record business.

DM - Do the police know what happened?

Peter - They think he had one too many, slipped, and fell in the water.

DM - What do you think?

Peter - [shrugs] Well, he used to swim drunk all the time.

Helene - [joins them, looks at photo of Barry, cries] Oh, Dad.


[later, by piano]

Helene - [plays keys slowly, then closes lid] Time to go. Thank you, Duncan.

DM - I know it's been rough on you, Helene.

Helene - [to sleeping Peter] Come on. Wake up, Peter.

DM - We'll take you home.

Peter - No. I am at home.

Helene - All right. Just for tonight.

Peter - Yes, Mother. Play it again, Sam.

[Helene covers him with a blanket, takes partially empty liquor bottle from him, hands it to DM.]

Helene - [to sleeping Peter] Good night. [leaves with DM & remaining guests]


Outside, night 2

Helene - You're a good friend, Duncan. My father was very fond of you.

DM - I'll miss him, too.

Helene - Life's funny, isn't it? Sometimes, it seems you have all the time in the world, then it's over. How am I going to get over this? [DM turns away, sensing 'buzz'.] What's wrong?

DM - Nothing. Go on. Go back inside and get some sleep. [kisses her cheek]

Helene - Okay.

DM - I'll see you tomorrow.

Helene - Bye. [leaves]

[DM waits a few seconds, then goes to locate the Immortal he felt.]


Parking garage nearby 2

DM - [looking for source of 'buzz', turns and sees figure farther down tunnel] Ward?


Flashback - Paris, 1840 - empty street, night 3

Ward - Mr. MacLeod, you do turn up in unexpected places.

DM - I was thinking the same about you, Mr. Ward.


Parking garage 2

(resume previous scene)

Ward - See you around, MacLeod. [disappears down side tunnel]

[DM follows, then gives up and puts his sword away. He goes through an archway, senses someone behind him, turns and punches the figure.]

DM - [realizes who he just punched] Dawson?

Joe - Nice to see you, too, MacLeod.



DM - I thought you'd left Paris.

Joe - I didn't know you cared.

DM - I worry about you. Paris can be a dangerous place.

Joe - Oh, yeah. Apparently the kind of place where somebody will knock you down for no reason.

DM - You were following Nicholas Ward, weren't you?

[Joe sighs, nods.]


Flashback - Paris, 1840 - nightclub, night 4

Announcer - Mesdames et messieurs, le Poirot!

[Crowd claps and whistles. DM claps with them. On stage, pantomime of man in whiteface attacking a woman, trying to bite her neck.]

DM - Interesting performance.

Stillwell - Performance? It's public foolishness.

Jacom - It is the way the public deals with its fears, Stillwell. Lord knows, they have a right to be afraid.

DM - Afraid of what?

Jacom - The news hasn't reached you?

Stillwell - Henry! I've heard enough of your old wives' tales.

Jacom - The man has a right to know.

Stillwell - You'll only make a fool of yourself.

DM - What are we talking about here, gentlemen?

Jacom - [points at stage] A vampire, Mr. MacLeod. [Man on stage bites at woman's neck. The audience gasps.]

Stillwell - Ridiculous!

Jacom - It is not. There is a vampire stalking the streets of Paris.

Stillwell - My partner is rather superstitious. Rest assured, I don't share his beliefs.

[Audience gasps again as woman on stage is dropped limp to the floor. They clap and throw coins at the actors, who take a bow.]

Jacom - What do you think, Mr. MacLeod?

Audience - [clapping] Encore! Encore!

DM - About a vampire? Well, I think Paris is a fashionable city, and vampires are in fashion. Can we get to the business at hand, gentlemen?

Stillwell - Exactly. Mr. MacLeod, what do you know about our company?

DM - Well, Belaire started fifteen years ago, importing goods from eastern Europe. You then expanded to the Middle and the Far East, then north and central Africa. You import raw materials, and you export finished products.

Stillwell - You've done your research.

DM - Thank you.

Stillwell - Of course, we welcome your interest in our company, but I have to be blunt, Mr. MacLeod. It is an investment for the future.

Jacom - Some of us might want to take a little profit right now. And if Charles was still alive, we would not be having this discussion!

Stillwell - We ARE building a trading empire that will last for generations, are we not?

Jacom - I would rather build a country house to share with my daughter and my future grandchildren!

DM - Gentlemen, gentlemen... I assure you, my investments are all long-term.

Stillwell - Excellent. CUT So, we'll see each other tomorrow morning in my office. Say, nine o'clock?

DM - Nine it is. I'm sure we'll enjoy doing business together.

Stillwell - I look forward to it. Gentlemen. [leaves]

DM - [off Jacom's look] Is something wrong?

Jacom - Oh, no, no. Sorry. It's this vampire business. I--

DM - You're taking it too seriously.

Jacom - Am I? [points to audience] Ask them if they believe in vampires. And they have no reason to.

DM - And you do?

Jacom - Another drink, Mr. MacLeod? [DM senses 'buzz', looks around.] Mr. MacLeod?

DM - Not just now. Um, would you excuse me?

[Woman offscreen screams. DM runs out of building.]


[outside] 3

DM - What happened? [kneels by Stillwell's body, checks for a pulse]

Waitress - I don't know. There was a man leaning over him.

Gentleman - Hey! Over there. [points to fleeing figure]

DM - Stop! [chases figure. Figure runs past camera onto bridge, DM and other men chasing him. A Figure runs toward camera along bridge. It is Ward.] Stop!

Gentleman - Stop or I'll shoot! [shoots small pistol at Ward, who falls over side of bridge into river] Did I get him?

DM - Yes, you hit him.5


[later] 3

Doctor - [to crowd standing around Stillwell's body] I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do.

Baines - What was it that killed him?

Doctor - It's hard to tell.

Baines - [sharply] Is it? You're a doctor, aren't you?

Doctor - He might have been beaten.

Baines - Beaten? Look how pale he is. [to crowd] This is what the good doctor doesn't want you to see. Look! [kneels, pulls collar away from puncture holes on Stillwell's neck. The crowd gasps.] The mark of a vampire.

Doctor - No, that's ridiculous.

Baines - Is it? Then where's the blood? He's pale from the loss of it. And look at the ground. It's bone dry.

Gentleman - Whatever it was, it's dead. I put two bullets in it.

Baines - You idiot. You can't shoot this thing with bullets.

DM - [to Jacom] Are you all right?

Jacom - Yeah... Poor William. If he'd stayed and had that drink with us...

[Baines tweezes fibers from dead man's hand.]

DM - Come, Henry. Let me take you home. [escorts Jacom away. They go to Jacom's house.6]


Flashback - Jacom's house - parlor, same night 6

Jacom - But you still don't believe it?

DM - I'm an educated man, Henry. And so are you.

Jacom - But the marks... the puncture marks...

DM - There must be some other explanation. but you still haven't told me everything.

Jacom - Yes, well, you'll find out eventually. Six months ago, Charles, William, and I funded an expedition to Transylvania. <CUT We'd heard about some artifacts we thought we could lay our hands on cheaply.> The truth is, we were driven by greed.

DM - What went wrong?

Jacom - Everything! The locals turned against us; our own men fought amongst themselves. It was doomed from the start.

DM - Well, archeology's a risky business.

Jacom - Oh, archeology... This was a church, MacLeod. An ancient church.

DM - So you robbed it.

Jacom - Like savages. We stole its icons, we desecrated its cemetery... We dug up a guilded coffin. Very ornate. Valuable. But it was late, and we decided not to break it open 'till the next day.

DM - What happened?

Jacom - The next day, it was gone.

DM - Then somebody stole it. 1 I'm sorry, Henry, but I still do not believe it was a vampire.

Baines - [enters parlor] Then how do you account for Stillwell's death? The death of the other partner, Charles Voight? CUT

Jacom - Mr. MacLeod, this is Alan Baines.

DM - Yes. The vampire chaser. Is this a full-time profession or just a diversion?

Jacom - He is the foremost expert in this field. I hired him to protect us.

DM - Shame he couldn't protect Mr. Stillwell.

Baines - Evil is clever, Mr. MacLeod -- clever beyond your comprehension.


DM - Good evening. [leaves parlor]

Maid - [in entryway, to DM] Your chapeau, Monsieur.

Translation: chapeau - hat

Baines - [joins them] Mr. MacLeod.

DM - [to maid] Thank you.

Baines - You saw Stillwell's body. How can you not believe?

DM - Stubborn, perhaps.

Baines - Princes of darkness... creatures of the night... immortals... Do they not exist for you?

DM - Mr. Baines, how many have you seen?

Baines - I have seen more than you can imagine.

DM - Oh, I can imagine a great deal. [senses 'buzz']

Ward - [escorting Juliette down staircase] Gentlemen.

Baines - [moves forward] Miss Jacom. Allow me to offer my sincere condolences in the light of recent events. [kisses her hand]

Juliette - Thank you. But I have to say, I believe Mr. Stillwell was murdered by a man, not a monster.

Baines - All I ask is that you keep an open mind, Miss Jacom.

Juliette - And all I ask is that you stop badgering my father with your superstitious nonsense. [looks at DM] One of your associates?

DM - No. I'm Duncan MacLeod. [kisses her hand] And I have trouble believing in monsters myself.

Juliette - I'm Juliette Jacom. My father's told me all about you. Mr. Nicholas Ward, our legal counsel. [DM & Ward nod to each other.] Now, if you'll excuse me, my father must be very upset. [leaves]

Ward - [to DM] Pity to meet at such an awkward time.

DM - Well, perhaps we've already met... earlier this evening.

Ward - I do not think so. I would have remembered.

DM - [indicates Ward's cane] Unusual cane.

Ward - It used to be. Nowadays, of course, everyone has one.

Juliette - [returns] Mr. Baines, my father wishes to see you.

Ward - Mr. Baines will continue chasing monsters as long as Mr. Jacom pays him. Won't you, Baines?

Baines - You can laugh all you like. Stillwell and Voight both laughed. Look what happened to them. [leaves]

DM - And how would you explain it, Mr. Ward?

Ward - An animal from the zoo, a maniac... But the thought of someone living forever... absurd, don't you think? [escorts Juliette away] 2


[meanwhile, in parlor]

<Baines - The vampire's invisibility may have something to do with the laws of refraction, which we do not fully understand. CUT It may create an hypnotic effect... an illusion.>

Jacom - Illusion or not, it didn't help William and the others.

Baines - It might help you.

Jacom - I'm already a dead man.

Baines - You may be drunk, but you're still alive. [hands him a small bottle]

Jacom - What's this? [laughs, takes bottle] Holy water... and a cross. [takes cross, also] Is that the best you can do? Is that a scientific fact?

<Baines - But it works. CUT It's a fact of history. [moves toward door]>

Jacom - Where are you going?

Baines - You hired me to track down the vampire, not to sit around and wait for it. CUT [leaves study]


[later that night]

Jacom - [carrying small lantern, hears a thump] Who's there? Hello? Baines?

[Jacom finds front door open, closes and latches it. He goes back to parlor. Ward follows him in. Jacom grabs the holy water and cross off his desk, turns and splashes the holy water at the intruder.]

Ward - [annoyed] For God's sake, Henry. [brushes water from cape] I just got this from London. CUT

Jacom - Oh... Oh... [relieved] Nicholas. It's you. What are you doing here?

Ward - I've come to collect.

Jacom - Well, I don't owe you anything.

Ward - Oh, but you do. Your life. [pulls out an odd metal instrument with two sharp prongs and jabs the points into Jacom's neck, then draws back on attached syringe-like suction device]

[Close on Ward's face as he steps back and the screen bleeds to red. B]


Outside Notre Dame, night 7

Joe - Has it changed much?

DM - Not in over two hundred years. CUT What did you find out?

Joe - Well, the French police are investigating several murders, but nothing more than usual. Maybe he stopped killing.

DM - Not Ward. He hides one murder with another. I thought you said you had guys on the inside.

Joe - There is no evidence of a serial killer in Paris.

DM - There will be. Killing is what Ward does.


Helene's residence - indoor pool 1


<[Helene swims to edge, looks up.]

Ward - I've got to go.

Helene - Oh. [gets out of pool] Well, my last swim as Helene Piper.> Starting tomorrow, a few things are going to change around here.

Ward - Oh, yeah?

Helene - Yeah. It's ball-and-chain time. Your musician friends will have to find someone else to party with.

Ward - Really? What do I get to do instead?

Helene - I'll find something for you to do.

Ward - Is that a promise?

Helene - Stay with me. We'll be bad.

Ward - How bad?

Helene - Very, very bad. [They kiss.]

Ward - Not right now. Later.

Helene - Well, after tomorrow, Nick, it's like the man says: "Till death do us part."

Ward - I wouldn't have it any other way. [kisses her, leaves]


Flashback - Jacom's house - parlor 6

Ward - Mr. MacLeod.

DM - I've been waiting for you.

Ward - [taking off cape] I hope it wasn't too boring for you. Paying one's respects to the dead can be so tiresome.

DM - [looks at cape] Exquisite cape. Cashmere?

Ward - Thank you. I can give you the name of my tailor, if you'd like.

DM - Ah, perhaps later. Where were you last night?

Ward - I took Juliette home, and then went to get my beauty sleep. Why do you ask?

DM - Well, there was another Immortal at the club where Stillwell was killed.

Ward - Oh, really? What's that to me?

DM - I only say him from afar, but he looked very much like you.

Ward - Oh, lucky him. But I'm sure you've heard that in the dark all cats are grey.

DM - [grabs Ward's cane] But not all cats have canes like this one. And now Henry Jacom is dead.

Ward - [scoffs] Are you implying that I might be responsible? If I wanted someone dead, Mr. MacLeod, why would I play-act as a vampire?

DM - You tell me.

Ward - Oh, maybe it was personal. I know! It was Jacom's annoying habit of always serving the '28 Lafite before its time. Or maybe it was Stillwell's unfortunate choice in clothes. Perhaps I can forgive anything but bad taste.

DM - And if they were killed by a vampire, who would suspect their lawyer?

Ward - Oh, very good. But then I'd have to have something to gain from both their deaths, wouldn't I? Now, uh, what could that be?

DM - Well, that depends. What's your involvement with Juliette Jacom?

Ward - Really, Mr. MacLeod. A gentleman never discusses his love life.

DM - But he does discuss his business. She inherits the company now, does she not?

Ward - What if she does? We're just friends.

DM - Then you have nothing to gain... if that is all you are.

Juliette - [offscreen] Nicholas? [enters room] I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Ward - Not at all. Mr. MacLeod and I were just... lamenting this tragedy, my dear.

DM - What did the authorities say?

Juliette - Just that they have their best men on the case.

Ward - Don't you worry, my darling. They'll catch the maniac who did this. I promise.

DM - If it was a maniac. [to Juliette] My condolences.

Juliette - Mr. MacLeod... I would like you to be the first to know. Mr. Ward and I are going to be married. My father would not have wanted me to stay alone. From now on, we'll be making all business decisions for Belaire together.

Ward - That's wonderful. Is it not, Mr. MacLeod?

DM - Congratulations. I wish you both a long and happy life. [kisses Juliette's hand, moves away to put on his cloak]

Ward - [follows DM, speaks quietly] I know this looks awkward. I also know that a fellow Immortal would not judge me without proof.

DM - Then I'll have to find some, will I not? [leaves]


Flashback - Hotel - Baines' room 8

Baines - [looks at thread fibers under microscope] Ah. Got you, you cunning bastard. [hears knocking at door] Yes?

DM - [offscreen] Baines? Are you in there?

Baines - Coming. 3 [opens door] Ah, come in. Come in.

[DM enters room, picks up jar from table.]

Baines - Do you know what that is?

DM - I just hope it's not your breakfast.

Baines - It's knowledge -- like everything else, when you know what to look for.

DM - What do you know about the deaths of Stillwell and Jacom?

Baines - You saw the marks on their necks. They were killed by a vampire.

DM - I asked what you knew, not what you believe.

Baines - Hm. What do you know of forensics?

DM - Using scientific method to help solve crime.

Baines - That's very good. Soon it will help solve this one.

DM - Sooner than you think. [holds out hand] Put this on a slide.

Baines - [takes fibers from DM] Oh, yes. [places them under microscope, brings them into focus]

DM - Do they match?

Baines - Perfectly. The other three were found on the bodies of the victims the night of their murders. Black cashmere? This is from Nicholas Ward's cape, isn't it? [DM nods.] I've been waiting for an opportunity to get a sample of my own. Mr. MacLeod, Nicholas Ward is a vampire. Now we've proved it. Now I can destroy him.

DM - You leave Nicholas Ward to me. You do not know what you're dealing with.

Baines - I am prepared. Don't worry about me, MacLeod. You worry about Nicholas Ward.

DM - So be it. [leaves]


Flashback - Jacom's house, night 6

<[DM knocks on front door.] CUT

Maid - Come in, monsieur.

Juliette - It is a little late, Mr. MacLeod.>

DM - If it weren't urgent, I would not be here.

Juliette - Very well. But I hope it is not about this idiotic vampire business again.

DM - I know you do not know me well, but you must believe that what I'm about to tell you... your life depends upon it.

Juliette - My father was a good judge of men, and if he didn't trust you, you would not be here now.

DM - How well do you know Nicholas Ward?

Juliette - Well enough to marry him. If you have something to say, come out with it.

DM - I believe Nicholas Ward killed your father and the others. Baines has proof.

Juliette - Impossible.

DM - He wants control of Belaire.

Juliette - I will still control Belaire, Mr. MacLeod, even after Mr. Ward and I marry.

DM - Only as long as you're alive.

Juliette - Get out!

DM - First Charles Voight, then Stillwell and your father. Now you are the only one that stands between him and Belaire.

Juliette - How dare you?

DM - Juliette, listen to me...

Juliette - Nicholas has done wonders for Belaire Imports. He is a genius. Actually, I could make a case of someone else being the killer. Someone who everyone knows wants part of Belaire -- Mr. MacLeod!

DM - I do not care about Belaire. I care about your life. CUT


Flashback - Hotel - Baines' room, same night 8

[Ward sneaks in, preparing to kill Baines as he sleeps. Baines sneaks up behind him and hits him over the head. Ward, unconscious, falls onto the bed. A stick pin is dislodged from his cape and lands beside him on the covers. Baines sprinkles him with holy water, then crosses to the table and picks up a stake and mallet. He returns and pounds the stake into Ward's chest. He goes back to the table. Behind him, Ward pulls the stake from his chest, gets up, and walks toward Baines. Baines turns around when the floorboards creak.]

Ward - That... really wasn't very nice, Baines. Hardly sporting, old chap. I hope you get my point. [pounds stake into Baines' chest, killing him]


Flashback - empty street, night 3

Ward - Mr. MacLeod, you do turn up in unexpected places.

DM - I was thinking the same about you. Out getting some fresh air?

Ward - Religiously. I've heard it's so good for one's health.

DM - Even with a vampire on the loose?

Ward - Doesn't the thought give you goose bumps? Do you know I am almost starting to believe in it myself?

DM - I think this belongs to you. [holds up straight pin]

Ward - So it does. Where did you find that?

DM - In the room where they found Baines' body.

Ward - Oh, dear... you found me out.

DM - How many have you killed now to get Belaire?

Ward - Oh, does it really matter? Brilliant, wasn't it? Jacom created the hysteria out of his own guilt at robbing that church in Transylvania. I merely made his worst fears come true. [laughs] And now the whole city is talking about me... the vampire! It's been a brilliant performance.

DM - You're insane.

Ward - Oh, please. We live for centuries, MacLeod. We have to find some way to keep ourselves amused. CUT

DM - There are other ways.

Ward - Oh. I can tell you don't approve. 4

DM - You could say that. What about Juliette?

Ward - Oh, I know. You're the type that marries for love. I, on the other hand, marry for money... lots of it. So... what's it to be, Mr. MacLeod? Live and let live or... [DM tosses his top hat aside & draws his sword. Ward removes sword from his cane.] <Like you said...

DM - Unusual cane.> CUT

[They fight, but stop when a carriage pulls up nearby.]

Driver - Whoa.

Ward - It's been fun.

DM - We must do it again.

Ward - Another time. [waits for man and woman to get out of carriage, then climbs in] Oh, um, say good-bye to Juliette for me. [closes door of carriage as it is driven away]


Outside Notre Dame 7

Joe - Knock, knock.

DM - What did you find out?

Joe - Well, the Parisian police think they might have a serial killer. They can't be sure, but three men all about the same age have been murdered.

DM - What do they have in common?

Joe - They're all in their early fifties. CUT And they all went to an exclusive prep school in Switzerland together called Le Rosey. Now, the police have looked into the student records to see if there's any connection, but there are seventy-six people who were at Le Rosey then who live in Paris now. No way they can reach them all in time.

DM - If Ward's running true to form, we won't have to.

Joe - Why is that?

DM - Because Ward earns his money the old-fashioned way -- he marries it.


Inside Municipal Hall 9

[Joe stands outside, waiting.]

DM - Hi.

Female clerk - Hi.

DM - I just got into Paris, and I'm in a little bit of a bind. I was wondering if you could help me.

Clerk - I can try.

DM - My brother's getting married to somebody that he shouldn't.

Clerk - Isn't that his business?

DM - Yeah, well, I just want to talk to him. CUT

Clerk - What's stopping you?

DM - He's staying with his fiancée and I don't know her name or where she lives. Come on, if it was your brother...

Clerk - My brother married a cow. What's your brother's name?

DM - Nicholas Ward.

Clerk - [looks in ledger] Uh... Ward. Mm-hmm. Here it is. He's marrying Helene Piper tomorrow.

DM - Thank you.

Clerk - You're welcome.


Helene's residence - near indoor pool 1

Helene - Hi, Duncan.

DM - Hi.

Helene - What's up?

DM - Came to congratulate you on your upcoming marriage.

Helene - How did you know?

DM - I ran into Ward.

Helene - Oh. You know Nicky?

DM - Yeah, we go back a ways.

Helene - Hm.

DM - Do you know where I can find him?

Helene - Mm... nope. Probably in some dive looking for some garage band to take platinum. Want a beer or something?

DM - No. No, thanks.

Helene - It's funny he's never mentioned you, but he can be so damn mysterious.

DM - Well, I haven't seen him in a few years. Congratulations. [kisses her cheek]

Helene - Thanks. I know it's sudden. Sometimes you just got to go for it. You know, he likes to make out that he's so wild and crazy, but I've never seen a man with such a head for business.

DM - What a coincidence. Where did your father go to school?

Helene - Mmm... some private place in Switzerland.

DM - Le Rosey?

Helene - That's right. Le Rosey. He and Peter were roommates.

DM - What's Peter's number?

Helene - 555-4286

[DM picks up cordless phone and dials.]


Peter's residence 10

[Peter sets grocery bags on pool table as phone rings. He goes into next room to answer phone but DM hangs up before he gets there.]

Peter - [into phone] Hello?


Helene's residence 1

DM - He's not there.

Helene - Is something wrong?

DM - Nothing. See you later. [kisses her again, leaves]

Helene - Bye.


Peter's residence 10

Peter - [walking back toward groceries, turns suddenly in surprise] Nicky.


Paris streets 11

[DM is driving like a maniac trying to get to Peter's house quickly, but gets stopped by pedestrians at a crosswalk.]

[Queen - "Princes of the Universe"

Hey, watch this time fly]

[As soon as he can he darts into the intersection and turns right.]

[Whoo! Bring on the girls!]


Peter's residence 10

[Ward, in the process of strangling Peter, senses 'buzz' and hides. DM enters house, hears dial tone beeping, finds Peter strangled by phone cord, sees Ward and chases him. Ward jumps out a window. DM follows. They scuffle briefly, then Ward knocks DM down an embankment and runs off. DM watches him go, then grabs his shoulder, wincing. C 12]


Outside Helene's residence 13

Joe - [as DM brings him coffee] Why, thanks, MacLeod. What is this, an act of friendship?

DM - Let's just say we're not enemies. Did you see anything?

Joe - No. You must have scared him off.

DM - He's too arrogant to be scared.

Joe - But he knows you're going to be watching him.

DM - Then he'll have her come to him.

Joe - Why don't you just tell her?

DM - Tell her what? That he's an Immortal who once pretended to be a vampire and he's killed her father and her uncle? Besides, she can't go to the police because I'm going to cut his head off.

Joe - I get your point.

[Helene exits building and gets into her car. Police sirens approach.]

DM - Stay with her.

Joe - What about you?

DM - I think my friend has a little surprise in store for me. [walks toward approaching police car]

Police - [gets out of car] Monsieur, we'd like a word with you.

DM - Don't tell me... you're going to take me downtown.

[Helene drives away, followed by Joe.]

Police - Monsieur, step into the car, please. Watch your head. [They get back into car and drive away.]


Municipal hall 9

DM - [parks next to Helene's car] When did they get here?

Joe - Ten minutes ago. What the hell was that about?

DM - Just a few questions courtesy of Nicholas Ward. He told the police the serial killer was outside the apartment and gave them my description. All he wanted was me out of the way, but he didn't know about you, did he? [enters municipal hall]

Photographer - Smile. [takes photo of newlywed couple]

Clerk - Miss Piper, Mr. Ward. We're ready for you now.

[Ward escorts Helene forward, then feels 'buzz'.]

Helene - You invited Duncan to be our witness?

Ward - MacLeod and I have something to talk about.

Helene - Now? We're getting married, Nicky.

Ward - I won't be long.

[Helene sighs. DM waves at her from across the room.]

Helene - Hi.

Ward - Really, MacLeod... how's a guy supposed to make a living? [off DM's look] You're never going to go away, are you?

DM - Nope.

Helene - [from other side of room] What's going on here, guys?

Ward - I'll be right there. [turns back to DM] MacLeod, MacLeod. Why take the chance? We could work something out. Make a deal.

DM - No deals. Just you and me... now.

Ward - [goes back to Helene while DM waits] You'd better wait for me at home. This is going to take longer than I thought.

Helene - Oh, give me a break, Nicky. Whatever it is, it can wait.

Ward - It's already waited too long.

Helene - What's this about? Duncan? [DM shrugs, motions at Ward.]

Ward - Everybody brings a little baggage into a relationship, Helene. MacLeod and I need to talk about mine.

Helene - Oh. [sarcastically, to DM] Thanks.


Establishing shot: Racetrack grandstand 14

Empty grandstand 14

Ward - Come on, MacLeod. This is a joke.

DM - Not to the people you killed.

Ward - They're mortals, MacLeod. Who gives a damn about them? You know, you'd have thought you'd have developed a sense of humor after all these years.

DM - How many years have you been doing this?

Ward - For longer than you've been alive. It's been a hell of a show.

DM - It's always the same one.

Ward - Hey, why spoil a good act? [attacks]

[They fight, up and down the rows of benches. Ward kicks DM and gets him on his kness.]

Ward - When I'm good, I'm really good. But when I'm bad... [laughs maniacally] I'm great! [pulls back and swings for beheading blow, but DM blocks it, slashes Ward across the chest, and knocks the sword from his hand]

DM - Not great enough.

Ward - Everyone's a critic.

[DM beheads him, takes Quickening.]


Outside Helene's residence 13

DM - Let's go.

Joe - How'd she take it?

DM - How do you think? At least she's still alive.

Joe - Yeah. What did you tell her?

DM - That he had another past. Another life somewhere else. That he had responsibilities that he had to deal with that were more important than his own happiness. CUT Sometimes one truth is kinder than another. <You know, it's as if history is just one big circle.

Joe - I wonder if we ever learn from it.

DM - Hm.> CUT

Joe - Well... I guess I'll see you around, MacLeod.

DM - Does that mean you're still following me?

Joe - It's what we do. But you know, if you were to invite me for a drink, I wouldn't be following you, would I?

DM - I only drink with my friends. [gets into car, sticks his head out the window as Joe walks away] Hey, Dawson. Bar opens at five.


End of "The Vampire"

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