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Episode 17: Warmonger

Written by Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
Directed by Bruno Gantillon
Aired: March 12, 1994
Transcript revised: 9-27-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor



Arthur Drake / Drakov - Peter Firth
              Immortal, security advisor

Elizabeth Vaughn - Angeline Ball
              a reporter

Eli Jarmel/Gerell - Tom Watson
              widower, wants to kill Drake


Bartov - Alexandre Klimenko
              Drakov's 2nd-in-command

Bodyguard - Daniel Breton
              for Drake and Bartov

Miroslav Chescu - André Oumansky
              president of a country

Vice President - Jerzy Rogulski
              of the same country

Nicole - Julie du Page
              call girl

Cashier - Chinko Rafique
              at Opera box office

Katarina Abernova - Anna Miasedova
              former countess in Moscow

Ivan - Dominique Hulin
              Abernova's servant

Nikov - Frédéric Witta
              Bolshevik officer

Locations List:*
1. Embassy, Moscow courtyard gate, Restaurant - Château de Champs-sur-Marne, Champs-sur-Marne [48.853722,2.604079]: presidential suite - Chambre d'Honneur, Drakov's office - Salon d'Angle, restaurant - Salle à Manger
2. Opera interior (establishing) - Opéra Garnier, Rue Scribe [48.872003,2.331597]
3. Opera lobby - National Theatre of the Opera Comique, Place Boieldieu [48.870889,2.337764]
4. Street(s) near opera - Place Boieldiue [48.870806,2.337744] & near Place Boieldieu (exact coordinates unknown)
5. Eli's apartment - unknown location
6. Canal - Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
7. Moscow forest - woods east of Château de Champs-sur-Marne (exact location unknown)
8. Moscow execution - unknown location, possibly at Château de Champs-sur-Marne
9. Moscow courtyard, Embassy roof - Château de Champs-sur-Marne: Courtyard [48.853025,2.603575], Roof [48.853189,2.603794]
10. Restaurant exterior - unknown location, possibly at Château de Champs-sur-Marne
11. Hospital room - unknown location, possibly at Château de Champs-sur-Marne
12. Cemetery - unknown location
13. Basement - unknown location, possibly at Château de Champs-sur-Marne
14. Airstrip / hangar - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with five exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Embassy 1

Embassy - presidential suite, night 1

Nicole - You're my first president.

Chescu - Then I hope I live up to your expectations. [sits on bed] What have I done to deserve such a beautiful present?

Nicole - I saw you on television. You did a great thing today.

Chescu - Sometimes making peace is more difficult than making war.

Nicole - And making love?

Chescu - We'll see, won't we? [as Nicole looks behind him] What's wrong? [turns, sees Drakov] Drake. What the hell are you doing here?

Drakov - I'm your security advisor, Mr. President. I'm checking on your security.

Chescu - Another time. I'm busy.

Drakov - I'd come back in five minutes, but some things can't wait. [to Nicole] You... go to the other room. Get dressed. [Nicole leaves.]

Chescu - Exactly what do you think you are doing?

Drakov - My job. We... have a problem.

Chescu - With the girl?

Drakov - No. With you. We discussed the position you would take at the peace talks.

Chescu - CUT I have been to too many funerals. I have seen too many children die. We need a compromise.

Drakov - What they propose is not compromise, but surrender. You will NOT sign the peace treaty.

Chescu - I will do what I think is right. I am the president.

Drakov - I'm afraid I've misjudged you, Mr. President. It won't happen again.

Chescu - In that case, you can call the girl back in.

Drakov - [back turned to Chescu, screwing silencer onto handgun] I think it's a little soon, considering the national tragedy.

Chescu - What the hell are you talking about?

Drakov - Haven't you heard? [turns, points gun at Chescu] You were found dead tonight.

Chescu - History will damn you for this.

Drakov - I AM history. [shoots Chescu, sets gun on rail at foot of bed] Nicole? [Nicole enters, dressed.] The president has had an accident. If you want to live, do exactly as I say. Pick up the gun. [Nicole stands motionless.] Pick up the gun. [She picks up the gun.] Give it to me. [She hands it to him.] Thank you. [pulls second handgun from his waistband and points it at her] How could you assassinate our president?


Establishing shot: Opera auditorium 2

[Camera pans up from stage A to chandelier in ornate ceiling of auditorium.]

Opera lobby - box office, evening 3

Vaughn - Well, check again. My name is Elizabeth Vaughn. My ticket's supposed to be here.

Cashier - As I told you, nothing has been left.

Vaughn - Listen carefully. Mr. Drake and I are very good friends, and--

Cashier - Madame, you could be his mother, and you wouldn't get into his box without a ticket.

Vaughn - Well, I'll take any seat you have.

Cashier - We're sold out.

Vaughn - [turns away, runs into DM] Would you watch where you're going?

DM - I'm sorry. [helps pick up purse contents]

Vaughn - I'm sorry. It's not my day.


DM - I couldn't help overhearing. A friend of mine's ill. I have an extra ticket.

Vaughn - Uh... [sees Drakov's car pull up outside]4 Really, uh, I'd love to, but some other time. I mean that.

DM - [to cashier] Uh, MacLeod, s'il vous plait. [takes ticket] Merci.

Translations: s'il vous plait - if you please; Merci. - Thank you.

Vaughn - Mr. Drake, Elizabeth Vaughn, European Observer.

[DM senses 'buzz', turns, shares a look with Drakov.]

Drakov - I know who you are, Miss Vaughn. How did you know I was coming to the ballet?

Vaughn - You had oatmeal for breakfast, dry toast, coffee -- black, two sugars.

Drakov - I congratulate you on your excellent sources. I made my comments at the press conference. I've nothing further to add.

Vaughn - Who brought in the girl?

Drakov - I don't know.

Vaughn - But you were in charge of security. Wouldn't it be your business to know? Didn't you usually pimp for the president?

Drakov - You're very good, Miss Vaughn.

Vaughn - There was no motive, Mr. Drake. No reason for that girl to kill your president.

Drakov - What are you implying?

Vaughn - Well, that your eyewitness' report might not be too reliable.

Drakov - I was the eyewitness.

Vaughn - Exactly.

Bartov - That will be enough. [Bodyguard pulls Vaughn away.]

Vaughn - [as Drakov walks past] Hey, Drake... see you in church. [to bodyguard] I'll find my own way out!

DM - [watching the exchange, notices old man in front of him raising a gun to shoot Drakov. He grabs the gun away.] You're making a mistake.

Eli - Let go of me.

DM - I can't do that.

Drakov - [approaches them] Well, well, MacLeod, still here. Is it the ballet you've come to see or me?

DM - The ballet.

Drakov - That's good to know.

DM - I think the sooner you go inside, the better.

Drakov - You surprise me. Do you always treat your old friends this way? [turns to Eli] And you -- I know you, don't I? Ah, yes. I remember now. How's the family? [DM tightens his hold as Eli reacts. Drakov turns back to DM.] Such interesting company you keep.

DM - [to Eli as Drakov enters auditorium] Listen to me. You can't go after him.

Eli - This is not your business.

DM - You'll be throwing your life away.

Eli - I have no life. Give me my gun.

DM - [keeps the gun] I'm sorry.

Eli - You know what he is. I saw it in your face. He's your enemy.

DM - That doesn't matter. Go home. It's for your own good. [leaves] CUT


Outside opera building 4

Vaughn - [to bodyguard] Hey, look, your meal ticket's safe now. You can let me in now! [tries to go back inside but bodyguard grabs her again]

DM - Don't you have something better to do? [pushes them apart] We're in public. Let's not make a scene, shall we? [tosses bodyguard inside]

Vaughn - I could have handled it.

DM - You're welcome.

Vaughn - So, tell me -- you make a habit of helping ladies in distress?

DM - Only at the ballet.

Vaughn - Somehow I doubt that. Well, looks like I'm free for the rest of the evening, so why don't we go in?

DM - No. I've lost my appetite. [hands her his ticket] But be my guest. [walks off]

Vaughn - [looks at ticket, then follows DM] <Hey, wait!3 Excuse me. Excuse me. [DM stops walking, turns to her.] I'm sorry. [holds out her hand] Beth Vaughn.

DM - [shakes her hand] Duncan MacLeod.> CUT

Vaughn - What's the matter? You didn't like the company?

DM - What makes you say that?

Vaughn - I saw Arthur Drake speaking to you on the stairs. What were you talking about?

DM - Nothing important.

Vaughn - But you do know him. [DM says nothing.] Well, at least tell me who the old man was.

DM - I have no idea. Why are you so interested in Drake?

Vaughn - He's a security advisor and his president gets killed just before he's going to sign the peace treaty. Incredible coincidence.

DM - You think Drake arranged it?

Vaughn - I would, but it doesn't add up. Drake pulled the strings that made the president.

DM - Maybe the strings broke.

Vaughn - Well, if he did it, it'll come out. He can run, but he can't hide.

DM - Don't count on it.

Vaughn - [stops at building entrance] Well, this is where I get off.

DM - Hm.

Vaughn - Come up, and I'll buy you a drink.

DM - What, so you can drill me some more about Drake? No, thanks.

Vaughn - Oh, come on, Duncan, can't you tell me anything about Drake?

DM - Be careful around him.

Vaughn - Well, why should I be careful around him?

DM - Good night, Beth.

Vaughn - Good night, Duncan.

[Vaughn enters building. DM continues down sidewalk alone. Suddenly, he ducks into an alcove, then grabs Eli as he walks past.]

DM - I don't know who you are, but you could get hurt doing that.

Eli - My name is Eli. Eli Jarmel. I want my gun.

DM - It won't do you any good.

Eli - It would not be the first pig I have slaughtered. None of them deserved it more.

DM - Eli, leave him alone. The only person that's going to die is you.

Eli - You expect me to believe that my life is important to you?

DM - All life is important to me.

Eli - Very poetic. You're not a coward. I know hate when I see it. Come. I'll show you why he has to die. I think you owe it to me.


Eli's apartment 5

Eli - Africa... Bosnia... Armenia... Arthur Drake is devouring them all like a cancer. And what is it you do with cancer?

DM - You cut it out?

Eli - Exactly. Do you believe in evil, Mr. MacLeod? I'm not talking about acts of greed, passion, or hate. I'm talking about pure, unadulterated evil -- evil that exists for its own sake. For years I've followed him. Tonight was the first time I was close enough to kill.

DM - [picks up framed photograph] Your family?

Eli - In Romania... many years ago. That is my store. I wasn't always a killer. My wife, Malca, and my two children, Rachel and Jakob. CUT So young... and so alive. Then Drake came with his secret police and his murderers. Some of us fought back. We formed an underground. Drake took my wife and children. He held them. He demanded I return and turn in my brothers. I couldn't do it.

DM - He killed them.

Eli - One at a time. Then he hung them in front of the store. I think Drake takes what he wants and destroys what remains. I think you know this.

DM - I'm sorry, Eli.

Eli - Why, in God's name, did you stop me?

DM - Because it wouldn't bring your family back.

Eli - It would have been justice.

DM - I would do something if I could, but I can't get involved. And you can't keep living in the past.

Eli - The past... is all I have now.

DM - And Drake is what he is. I can't do anything about that, and neither could you. [pulls Eli's gun from his coat pocket, tosses it on shelf] Guess we're just going to have to live with it.

Eli - You saved him. You live with it.


Downstairs 5

[As DM reaches exit, Bartov and bodyguard enter the building.]

Bartov - No need for you to get involved in this.

DM - You want the old man.

Bartov - Walk away, and nobody else will get hurt.

DM - I don't think so. [shoves Bartov back]

Bodyguard - Hey! [jumps at DM]

DM - [fights both men, pins Bartov to wall] Tell Drake to leave the old man alone! [tosses Bartov out the door] And tell him Duncan MacLeod said so.

Eli - [from stairs] Mr. MacLeod... for someone who doesn't want to get involved, I like the way you show it.


Establishing shot: Canal 6

[Camera pans down quay B along docked barge.]

Inside barge, next morning 6

Vaughn - [enters barge] Duncan?

DM - [looks up from couch] Hi.

Vaughn - I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

DM - How'd you find me?

Vaughn - Now, what kind of investigative reporter would I be if I couldn't find you?

DM - You want some coffee?

Vaughn - I'd rather have some answers.

DM - I'm not a story.

Vaughn - I don't know what you are, MacLeod, but you're definitely a story.

DM - Really?

Vaughn - Mm. I talked to some friends of mine at the Paris police, and guess what I found... a file on you filled with reports about you dodging bullets and having a hell of a time with some very bad guys. Quelle surprise. One minute you're in Paris, the next in the States. People seem to know a lot about you. People know nothing. Where did you go to elementary school? What's your mother's maiden name? See? I can be a real pain in the ass when I want to be.

Translation: Quelle surprise. - What a surprise.

DM - And if I talk to you about Drake, you'll stop investigating me?

Vaughn - I can't help it. Being a pain comes with my job.

DM - I don't take too well to blackmail.

Vaughn - Okay, we don't have to talk. I'll make you a deal. You come to dinner with me and Drake tonight, and we'll--

DM - Drake invited you to dinner?

Vaughn - Drake invited us.

DM - Don't go.

Vaughn - Stalin's gone, Mao's gone, and Saddam Hussein isn't giving interviews these days. I'd be crazy not to go. So, what do you say?

DM - Have a nice time. [goes out onto deck. Vaughn follows.]

Vaughn - Drake said you weren't going to come. But he also said if you did, I'd get a better story.

DM - I don't think so.

Vaughn - I just thought you'd like to know what he was up to as much as I do.

[Vaughn leaves and DM starts chopping firewood.]


Flashback - Moscow, 1919 - wooded area 7

[DM, chopping firewood with Ivan, stops as carriage approaches 1 and people climb out.]

DM - Alexandra. Joseph.

Katarina - Don't you ever get tired?

DM - No. Only of politics.

Katarina - I think you'll be hungry tonight. [DM chuckles.] You will join us for dinner, Ivan, and bring your wife?

Ivan - Yes, Countess Abernova.

Katarina - You can stop bowing, Ivan. And it's plain Comrade Abernova now.

Ivan - I'll never get used to it.

Katarina - Yes, you will. It's a new era.

DM - Let's hope you're right. [as army car and soldiers approach] What's this?

Ivan - It's the Bolsheviks.

Nikov - Katarina Abernova?

Ivan - That's Countess Abernova to you.

Katarina - [stepping forward] I'm Katarina Abernova. How can I help you, Comrade?

Nikov - I have a warrant for your arrest -- you and the rest of your family. [holds out piece of paper] You will come with us.

Katarina - Arrest?

DM - [takes paper] By whose order?

Nikov - Comrade Drakov.

Katarina - But we have done nothing.

Nikov - The Committee will decide that. Take them!

[As the soldiers move forward, DM fights one and takes his gun.]

Nikov - [holding Katarina at gunpoint] If you value her life, show a bit more cooperation, Comrade. [Soldier knocks DM to the ground.]

Katarina - No, please, no. It must be a mistake.

Nikov - Comrade Drakov does not make mistakes. [drags Katarina to the car]

DM - Where are you taking her?

Ivan - You can't do this!

DM - For what crime? What crime?

Nikov - That is up to Comrade Drakov.


Flashback - Drakov's office 1

[Drakov, examining selection of large diamonds, senses 'buzz', reaches for his sword as DM enters.]

DM - Good evening.

Drakov - [to guards] You can leave us. And shut the door. [The men leave, Drakov sets down his sword.]

DM - What's that? A gift from the proletariat?

Drakov - The currency of chaos. Paper money may rise and fall, but diamonds are forever. Do I know you?

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Drakov - And you've come for me?

DM - Not necessarily. I want the Abernovs freed.

Drakov - Out of the question. The Abernovs are to be executed.

DM - They've done nothing wrong.

Drakov - That's beside the point. The Revolution needs enemies and the Abernovs are... convenient.

DM - Convenience isn't a crime. Why are you doing this?

Drakov - I can't be king, so I may as well help destroy the monarchy.

DM - Why destroy anything?

Drakov - What prevents us from becoming kings, MacLeod, or presidents or prime ministers?

DM - You know the answer to that. It's our immortality. We can't have our lives open to public scrutiny.

Drakov - Precisely. Ironic, isn't it? That we who are best able to serve can't. Forced to stand in the shadows and help fools seize the power that should be ours? But when things get really bad, no one cares who you are.

DM - You WANT anarchy? You think it'll protect you?

Drakov - I prefer it when the only thing needed is strength and the only tool power. Soon Russia will fall into chaos. Then the rest of Europe will follow, and then... who knows.

DM - It'll never happen.

Drakov - I've got plenty of time.

DM - I want the Abernovs freed.

Drakov - Too late. [looks out window at Abernovs being marched through gate by soldiers]

DM - Stop it.

Drakov - The Committee expects their deaths.

DM - [draws his sword, holds it at Drakov's neck] Then you'll die as they do. What does the Committee say now, Comrade Drakov?

Drakov - If I release them, what will you offer me?

DM - Your head.

Drakov - And later, when the Abernovs eventually die?

DM - You stay out of my way.

Drakov - Not enough, MacLeod. I want your solemn vow that you will not fight me unless we are the last two.

DM - I can't do that.

Drakov - Your choice. Either you swear, or they die.


[below, in courtyard] 8

Nikov - Ready! [Soldiers raise their guns. Nikov strides to Katarina and offers a blindfold but she turns her head away, refusing it.] Aim! [Soldiers lower their guns into position.]


[next morning, nearby street] 9

Katarina - Thank you. I prayed that things would be well, and now they will be.

DM - Not quite.

Katarina - What do you mean?

Drakov - The Committee have decided to confiscate your land and possessions. You have Comrade MacLeod to thank for that.

Katarina - You are lying. No. It's not true. It can't be. We will have nothing. CUT No. No, I would rather die than lose our home.

DM - Think about the children, Katarina. [helps her into carriage, surreptitiously hands her small bag full of diamonds] Here. Drakov's diamonds. For a new home, a new beginning.

Katarina - Thank you.

DM - A gift from the proletariat.

Katarina - Oh, thank you.

[Carriage drives away.]

DM - Farewell. Godspeed. [to Drakov] You'll allow them to live.

Drakov - In exile. I gave you my word, Mr. MacLeod. And you gave me yours.


Paris restaurant 1

Drakov - The food here is so much better than at the Embassy. What was your question? Ah, the Vice President will be flying in shortly. In the meantime, we will investigate every possible link in the assassination.

Vaughn - Without the police?

Drakov - An Embassy is sovereign territory, Ms. Vaughn. The murder happened on our soil.

Vaughn - And if the killer was a diplomat, he'd have diplomatic immunity. [Drakov, sensing 'buzz' as DM approaches, does not respond.] I said, and if the killer was a diplomat, he'd have diplomatic immunity.

DM - Shame there's no immunity from the diplomats.

Vaughn - MacLeod!

Drakov - So... you couldn't resist the company.

DM - Nor a chance to hear your story. I think we should have a bottle of Château Lafite. Forty-nine? [Waiter leaves to fetch bottle.] So, how did that girl smuggle that gun into the Embassy?

Drakov - She had help from the inside. We will expose the traitor shortly.

DM - Oh, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a candidate.

Drakov - Mr. MacLeod makes a joke, but it is clear that our enemies want war.

Vaughn - Aren't you being a little hasty? You haven't even buried President Chescu yet.

Drakov - History continues, Miss Vaughn. Only people die.

DM - Sometimes the truth dies with them.

Drakov - [as waiter pours wine] So... how long have you two known each other?

Vaughn - We just met at the ballet.

Drakov - And you came here for someone you just met? Must be love at first sight.

DM - What it is, is none of your business.

Vaughn - Guys, what is this all about?

Drakov - Perhaps Mr. MacLeod could tell you that.

DM - I was trading once in Russia. Mr. Drake had something I wanted.

Drakov - Mr. MacLeod drives a very hard bargain, but you know how it is with men of good will -- they can always come to an understanding.

Vaughn - And what were you trading for?

DM - Doesn't matter now.


Outside restaurant, night 10

Drakov - So, Miss Vaughn, can I count on you to write that our enemies still want war?

Vaughn - I'll write the truth, Mr. Drake. You can count on that. [gets into taxi] Merci.

Valet - Bonsoir.

Translation: Bonsoir. - Good night.

Drakov - It was so much easier to tell them what to write.

DM - Or shoot them.

Drakov - [laughs] I do miss the good old days.

Eli - [from across the street] Butcher!

DM - Eli, no! [Eli shoots Drakov, is shot by Bartov. DM runs to Eli.] Eli. Eli.


Hospital room 11

DM - [as Eli wakes up] Easy. You can dance tomorrow.

Eli - The only dancing I will be doing will be on my grave. It doesn't matter now. I did what I had to... without your help. [off DM's look] Oh, no. He's dead. He has to be.

DM - I told you, Eli. He's a hard man to kill.

Eli - Then you kill him. There's no one else.

DM - I can't. I gave him my word.

Eli - Your word?

DM - There were people I cared about.

Eli - I care about my children. My wife.

DM - Drake spared their lives. In return I promised to leave him alone. 2

Eli - You think your word to Drake is your honor? This is not about honor. This is about your pride. Your vanity. Break your word. It means nothing to him.

DM - I can't. It means a great deal to me. I'm sorry.

Eli - [as DM leaves] Go to hell!

Vaughn - [at door] How -- how is he?

DM - He's dying. Let him be.

Vaughn - Why did he do it?

DM - Drake killed his family, he tries to kill Drake. End of story.

Vaughn - That girl... I checked her out. Farm girl, no connections with anybody. There's no way she was an assassin. Drake killed Chescu, too. What are you going to do?

DM - What makes you think I'm going to do anything?

Vaughn - Because I think you can. 3


Establishing shot: Embassy 1

Embassy - conference room 1

Drakov - Mr. Vice President, I must ask you to reconsider.

VP - You have brought me no proof. And we are still talking peace.

Drakov - While they plan to wipe us out.

VP - President Chescu wanted to end the war. As long as there's a chance for peace, I'm willing to risk it.

Drakov - What's this? A disease of conscience? Make a fool a president, and he actually believes he is.

VP - Drake!

Drakov - I apologize for my rudeness. At least give me time to find out who was behind the attacks. We may all be in danger.

VP - In two days I sign the peace accord. That's how long you have to prove your charges. Do we understand each other?

Drakov - Only too well. [to Bartov as VP leaves] The Vice President will have to be replaced. Do you understand?

Bartov - Of course. For the good of the country.

Drakov - For the good of the country. 4


Cemetery - Jewish section 12

[Man speaking Hebrew - sorry, no clue what he's saying. A burial service, perhaps.]

Drakov - I thought this would be a convenient meeting place. We can talk on holy ground... and you can find a burial plot for the old man at the same time.

DM - Don't push it, Drake.

<Drakov - Where's your sense of humor?> CUT

DM - What do you want?

Drakov - To make sure we still have an understanding. You're angry. He had a gun. That old bastard's killed dozens of men in his time.

DM - You murdered his wife and children.

Drakov - I had a plan. They were one of the details.

DM - They weren't details, Drake. They were people.

Drakov - What's your point?

DM - My point is they had a right to live.

Drakov - They have nothing. This is our world, and we are its masters.

DM - You're wrong. We should be its teachers. They build the civilizations, they make the history, while we live in the shadows, killing each other. What have you ever created, except chaos and death?

Drakov - Maybe I'm not perfect... but I'm good at my job.

DM - Watching it all come crashing down?

Drakov - Sooner than you think.

DM - You're a totally evil bastard, aren't you?

Drakov - I'm an Immortal, MacLeod. Like you.

DM - You're not like me.

Drakov - Suit yourself. Can't agree on everything. But we do have an agreement... and I expect it to be honored.

DM - Try not to run into me too often.


Establishing shot: Canal 6

Inside barge


Maurice - Something's wrong. Don't say no, because I can tell. I'm very good at such things. It's about a woman.


DM - Someone I know is dying.

Maurice - I see. The time comes for all of us, my friend. Kings, queens, and homeless alike. That's why a good bottle of wine, a good laugh with a friend is so precious. There's so little time to enjoy them. I don't think I would want to live forever. Would you? 5


Hospital room 11

[DM enters. Nurse gives him a small shake of her head as she leaves. Eli isn't doing well.]

Eli - What do you want?

DM - I went by your apartment.

Eli - What for? To rob the dead?

DM - To bring you this. [gives Eli the photo of his family]

Eli - Is this a "gift" you bring me? Go. Let me die in peace.

DM - You didn't kill your family. Drake did.

Eli - I gave them my word on their graves. I promised I would not let Drake keep killing. I swore it. 6

DM - Eli... Eli. He won't kill again.

Eli - You promise?

DM - For whatever it's worth.

Eli - Good. [Heart monitor flatlines as Eli dies.]


Street, night 4

Bartov - [grabs Vaughn as she walks past] You will come with us. [forces her into car at knife-point]


Establishing shot: C Embassy 1

Embassy - basement 13

Drakov - [enters room] Good evening, Miss Vaughn. Coffee? Or perhaps something stronger?

Vaughn - Go to hell.

Drakov - A writer of your stature and that's all you can say? I'm very disappointed in you, Miss Vaughn. I was sure you could manage something better than that.

Vaughn - Why don't you read my next column. It's on the Chescu murder.

Drakov - What makes you think you're going to get to write it?

Vaughn - Don't threaten me, Drake. We're in France, not that penny ante dictatorship of yours.

Drakov - As I told you before, Miss Vaughn, when you are in the Embassy, you are in my country. And in my country, I am the law.

Vaughn - So, you're going to kill me like you did your president?

Drakov - Such wild accusations. It's talk like that, that could get you killed.

Vaughn - To nail your ass, it would almost be worth it.

Drakov - You can write what you like.

Vaughn - Then why am I here?

Drakov - Insurance. You and I are going to accompany President Chescu's body home for burial. I'll give you an exclusive.

Vaughn - You're crazy.

Drakov - Just cautious. [nods at bodyguard, who approaches and holds Vaughn down] 7

Vaughn - [as Bartov prepares a syringe] No! No! No! No! No!


Outside Embassy, night 1

[Bodyguard walks Vaughn's drugged form out of building 8, down steps, and over to car.]

Drakov - [to Bartov] Arrest the vice president for Chescu's murder. Tell the press I've uncovered a conspiracy and I'm going to investigate it.

Bartov - And the peace talks?

Drakov - What peace talks? [gets into car]


Embassy, later 1

[DM climbs wall,9 enters building, grabs Bartov.]

DM - Where's Drake?

Bartov - I don't know.

DM - I think you do. [chokes Bartov in a neckhold until he relents]

Bartov - Flying home with the president's body.

DM - Where's the plane?

Bartov - Le Bourget Airport. This is Embassy property. We have diplomatic immunity.

DM - [turns Bartov around, punches him out] Not from me.


Airport runway 14

[Car pulls up to Lear jet, Drakov gets out, senses 'buzz'.]


Hangar 14

[DM waits.]


Runway 14

Drakov - [hands his briefcase to car driver] Wait for me on the plane. I'll be right back.

Driver - Yes, Mr. Drake.

Drakov - [enters hangar] Aren't you forgetting something, MacLeod? You gave me your word.

DM - I changed my mind.

Drakov - Where's your precious Highland honor?

<DM - Where's your sense of humor? CUT

Drakov - It's behind you.> [DM turns, sees drugged Vaughn being helped into plane by bodyguard.] I think we know how this turns out, don't we?

DM - I do. [draws sword]

Drakov - You let that old fool get to you. [draws sword] It's our kind that make history, not his.

DM - He was a man. His name was Eli Gerell. CUT Remember it when I take your head. [attacks]

[DM eventually wins and takes Drake's head & Quickening.]

Bodyguard - [watching Quickening from plane, stops driver from exiting] He said to wait.

[DM, dressed in Drake's hat and coat, exits hangar. The men on the plane smile and go back inside. DM enters the plane and knocks both men out, goes to Vaughn.]

DM - Here, are you okay? Come on. Come on, let's get you out of here. [leads her to plane door] Can you walk?

Vaughn - S-sure. [stumbles down the stairs] Just not well. CUT

<DM - [to approaching pilot] I think the flight's been cancelled.>

[He leads Vaughn away, out of frame, leaving the pilot standing alone by the stairs. D]


Inside barge

['European Observer' E newspaper headline: 'Peace Accord Signed: Security Advisor Drake Missing.' Other headlines include: 'Clear the Tracks and Keep the Mideast Express on Schedule' and 'Last-Gasp Textile Deal [??] U.S.-China Clash']

Vaughn - [as DM finishes reading article] What's the verdict?

DM - Well, I'd expect a call from The New York Times. Why so glum?

Vaughn - Drake got away.

DM - Sometimes justice happens when you least expect it. It's not always in a newspaper.

<Vaughn - Do you really think that Drake will get what's coming to him?

DM - Perhaps he already has.> CUT

Vaughn - There's something you're not telling me.

DM - More champagne? [refills their glasses]

Vaughn - So... when do I get to know you?

DM - You already know me.

Vaughn - I mean... in the biblical sense. [leans over and kisses him] Am I coming on too strong?

DM - No, it -- it's about right. [They kiss again.] 9


End of "Warmonger"

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