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Episode 18: Pharaoh's Daughter

Written by Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: April 30, 1994
Transcript revised: 9-27-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor


Nefertiri - Nia Peeples
              Egyptian Immortal

Marcus Constantine - James Faulkner
              Immortal, museum curator


Angela Constantine - Diane Bellego
              Marcus' mortal wife

Victor Benedetti - Jerry Di Giacomo
              Marcus' assistant, Hunter

Locations List:*
1. Rural road - west of Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.147869,2.682854]
2. City street - 47 Rue Pajol [48.889164,2.362703]
3. Warehouse - Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF) (French National Railway Company) warehouse, 26 Espl. Nathalie Sarraute [48.888922,2.363236] (no longer there)
4. Near warehouse - Rue Riquet at trainyard [48.889706,2.364253]
5. Canal - Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
6. Sidewalk - 47 Rue Etienne Marcel [48.865331,2.342631]
7. Victoire - 10 Place des Victoires [48.866047,2.341183] & street corner [48.865544,2.341062]
8. Street 'near' Victoire / 'near' St. Joseph's - 8 Rue de Beaujolais [48.866035,2.338964]
9. Constantine's museum - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.148135,2.685307]
10. Cleopatra's needle - Place de la Concorde [48.864802,2.322335]
11. Egypt flashbacks - unknown location (studio set?)
12. Mall - Galerie Colbert (Rotunda), 2 Rue Vivienne [48.866928,2.339442]
13. Street - intersection of Rue d'Argout & Rue du Louvre [48.865733,2.343183]
14. Establishing street, night - 7 Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris [48.870473,2.322732] (looking north/Burberry building)
15. St. Joseph's chapel - St. Julien le Pauvre [48.852087,2.346953]
16. Abbey - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.148084,2.687315]
17. Empty building - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.148286,2.684331]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Outskirts of Paris 1

[Man driving delivery truck is suddenly cut off by car pulling out and stopping in front of him. He hits the horn and slams on the brakes. Two men in black ski masks with guns open the doors of the truck cab.]

Hijacker #1 - Move over! [shoves driver toward center of cab]

Hijacker #2 - [climbs into cab on passenger side] Get down!

[The car moves out of the way and Hijacker #1 drives the truck on down the road.]


Warehouse district 2

[DM, about to get into his car, senses 'buzz' as the delivery truck drives past. DM hops into his car and follows.]


Warehouse 3

[Delivery truck pulls in and stops.]

Driver - [sitting between the two thugs, hands raised] Okay, man.

Hijacker #2 - Don't move. Stay where you are. Don't move.

[Hijacker #1 coldcocks driver with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconscious. The two hijackers go around to the back of the truck and pull out a large wooden crate. Hijacker #2 goes back to the truck and is knocked out by DM.]

Hijacker #1 - [pulls his gun out, goes to investigate] Jacques?

[DM knocks the gun away and fights with the man, eventually knocking him out. He senses the 'buzz' again, coming from the wooden crate. He grabs a prybar and opens the crate, revealing a wooden Egyptian sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus is a linen-wrapped mummy. He starts removing the cloth strips and reveals a female body, the skin unblemished. When he removes the wrappings from the face, the figure inhales and opens her eyes. They focus on him and widen.]

DM - It's okay. I don't want to hurt you. [continues to remove the wrappings from her]


Nefertiri - [in perfect English] Does Rome still rule the world?

DM - No. No, they don't.

[Nefertiri climbs out of the crate and walks around the warehouse. She is wearing sandals but is otherwise naked. DM follows a few paces behind her. A Nefertiri looks up at the warehouse around her. As a figure watches from the shadows of a catwalk overhead, DM takes off his coat and puts it on her.]

Nefertiri - Where am I?

DM - You're in Paris, France.

Nefertiri - Where is that?

DM - It's a long way from Egypt. I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Nefertiri - I am Nefertiri.

[DM finishes buttoning the coat closed around her nakedness, then goes to a nearby fire alarm and sets it ringing. Nefertiri cries out and covers her ears with her hands.]

DM - It's okay.

Nefertiri - What are you doing?

DM- I'm just attracting some attention.


Outside the warehouse 4

DM - Here. [leads Nefertiri to his car]

Nefertiri - What is it?

DM - It's a kind of chariot.

Nefertiri - Where are the horses?

DM - [points at the hood] They're under there. [off her look] They're real tiny. I promise you'll be safe. CUT <[helps her in, closes the door, goes to driver's side. She has scooted all the way over and almost falls out when he opens the door. He catches her and pushes her back in.]

DM - Just a little further over. Good. A little more. [wedges himself into the driver's seat and closes the door, starts engine and drives away. The shadowy figure appears on roof of building and watches them go.]>


Warehouse, later 3

Police - [in the background, to each other] They come in from the other side. {??}

Marcus - How could this have happened?

Victor - None of this makes any sense. According to the driver, two men tried to rob him, but nothing was missing except the contents of the sarcophagus.

Marcus - There was nothing in the sarcophagus, Victor.

Victor - It was Nefertiri's mummy, sir. I have the packing list right here.

Marcus - The list is wrong. Tell the police that nothing is missing.

Victor - But the insurance covers it.

Marcus - There will be no claim, because nothing was stolen. Nothing.

Victor - I don't understand, sir.

Marcus - You don't have to.


Dock by barge 5

[DM's car pulls to a stop. DM gets out and Nefertiri follows him, climbing over the seats and out the driver's side.]

Nefertiri - That was terrifying.

DM - Well, uh, Paris traffic -- it takes a little getting used to.

Maurice - [offscreen] Oh! Duncan, how are you?

DM - [as Nefertiri flinches] This is okay. It's Maurice. He lives on the boat next door.

Maurice - [takes off his cap and holds out his hand] And bonjour to you, mademoiselle.

DM - [intercepts Maurice's hand] Bonjour, Maurice. [pulls Nefertiri past Maurice, toward the barge]

Maurice - [follows] I knew it the minute I saw you step out of that car. You have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that no French woman possesses.

Translation: je-ne-sais-quoi - something (literally: I don't know what)

DM - Maurice, Nefertiri's tired. She just got into town.

Maurice - Maybe you are hungry? I've just made a coq au vin for lunch. My mother's recipe.

Translation: coq au vin - cockerel in wine

DM - No, she's not hungry.

Maurice - [following them up the ramp] Ah. Then maybe I can help you with your coat?

Nefertiri - [to DM] Are you certain he is your friend?

Maurice - [as DM escorts Nefertiri across deck of barge] Look, if there's anything you need -- a tour of the city, perhaps... [DM enters barge as Maurice jogs down the steps to the door.] I was born and raised in Paris! [knocks on closed door] This is my home town!

DM - [pokes his head back out] Maurice?

Maurice - Yeah?

DM - Good-bye. [closes door again]

Maurice - [goes around side of barge and looks in window] Oh, what a femme! [continues watching as Nefertiri removes her coat, revealing her naked back]

Translation: femme - woman

DM - [sees Maurice watching] Maurice! [covers porthole with the coat] 1


Establishing shot: Canal, night 5

Inside barge, night

Nefertiri - [wearing a long black shirt] How long has it been?

DM - About two thousand years.

Nefertiri - Everything I knew is gone. My home. My world. My queen.

DM - Cleopatra?

Nefertiri - I was her handmaiden. And her friend. I was sworn to serve and protect her. I failed.

DM - Well, Rome's a lot to take on, even for us Immortals.

Nefertiri - [laughs a little] Well, this is my world now. Teach me about it. Please?

DM - Where do you want to start?

Nefertiri - Here. [picks up small clock from desk] It moves.

DM - That's a clock.

Nefertiri - Clock.

DM - It tells the time of day.

Nefertiri - Like a sundial.


[Nefertiri examines a floor lamp, turns it on, almost knocks it over when the light bulb comes on.]

DM - It gives off light.

[Nefertiri purses her lips and tries to blow the light out like a candle.]


[DM turns on a hand vacuum and Nefertiri jumps back in surprise.]


<[Nefertiri stares at phone on desk as DM plays answering machine message for her.]

Answering machine - [DM's voice] Hello, you've reached Duncan MacLeod. Please leave a message and I'll get right back to you. [Beep.]


Out on the streets of Paris 6

Nefertiri - What is this man doing in this box?

DM - He's making a telephone call. Same as the one you saw at the barge.


Nefertiri - [looking at motorcycle parked at curb] And where do you keep the horses to this?


DM - [as Nefertiri pulls umbrella from trash container] Drop that. That's... that's no good. [shows her a newspaper] This is another form of hieroglyphics called a newspaper. {It's something they print.}

Nefertiri - {Can you read this?}>


Victoire clothing store 7

Nefertiri - [looking at dress held by male clerk] I like it. [holds her arms out from her sides] Undress me.

DM - You're going to have to do that yourself. [She looks at him, then reaches for the tie on her coat. He jumps up.] Not here. CUT

<Male clerk - This way. [shows her to the dressing room area]

DM - [as she starts to undress] No, uh, in there. [shoves her into a dressing cubicle]>


Outside Victoire 7

<DM - [to employee holding door] Thank you. CUT

Nefertiri - [stumbles while trying to walk in heeled shoes] This is completely asinine.

DM - [laughs] You'll get used to them. [throws bags in back seat of car door, closes door] Oh. [checks door] Oh, it's locked. [goes back to her, encourages her to try walking again] That's right.


[later] 8

Nefertiri - [going down stairs] I do believe I'm getting accustomed to these shoes.> [They approach a traffic cop who puts out his hand to stop them. Nefertiri grabs his hand and shoves it down.] How dare you?

DM - Sorry, officer.

Nefertiri - [as DM drags her away] Sorry? He should be on his knees.

DM - Nefertiri, you can't go around slapping people, especially ones in uniform.

Nefertiri - Why not?


Establishing shot: Museum 9

Inside museum 9

Marcus - Do you know what you're holding?

Victor - [lifting bust from packing crate] Fifth Empire, from Saqqara. Very beautiful, very rare. Unique.

Marcus - Very good, but it's more than that. It's history. It's who we were, who we'll be... and easily traceable. Anybody who'd try to steal one of these would either be a fool or know the few collectors willing to buy and keep their mouths shut.

Victor - Do the police have any suspects?

Marcus - They think it's someone who works in the museum. [as Victor examines a small box] That might have held Cleopatra's facial oils. What do you think?

Victor - Excellent piece, sir.

Marcus - I didn't mean the box.

Victor - About the robbery? Well, it's beyond me. I'm not much of a detective.

Marcus - Humor me.

Victor - Two men tried to rob the van. Someone stopped them and took whatever there was in the sarcophagus.

Marcus - There was nothing in the sarcophagus.

Victor - Right. That's what you said. [As he reaches for a prybar to open another crate, the Watcher tattoo on his wrist is briefly visible.]


Pont de la Concorde 10

Nefertiri - It is strange the way some things remain the same and others are so different. Styles. Manners. How am I ever to survive?

DM - Well, you seem to be doing pretty good so far.

<Nefertiri - CUT [sees obelisk] I do not believe it. I used to see that from my window at the summer palace.> I have to know. I have to understand. How could my world turn into this?

DM - [gets an idea] Come.


Outside museum 9

Nefertiri - So if I understand this correctly, when the Roman Empire fell...

DM - In 476, give or take a few years.

Nefertiri - Ah... mankind went backwards.

DM - Into the Dark Ages. [They enter the museum.] 2


Establishing shot: Museum 3 9 (this is NOT in the DVD version!)

Inside museum 9

DM - Then came the Crusades. There were seven or eight of them between 1096 and 1270. A bunch of noblemen decided it was a good idea to rape and plunder their way to Jerusalem.

Nefertiri - And were you one of them?

DM - Before my time.

Nefertiri - [admiring a painting] This is exquisite.

DM - That's the Renaissance.

Nefertiri - I think I would have liked it then. 4

[They turn the corner into the Egyptian area.]

Nefertiri - I feel like a ghost. [examines items on display] Do they remember her, Duncan? Do they know how she saved Egypt with her wisdom and her beauty when whole armies could not? Do they know her name?

DM - Everyone knows Cleopatra. She became the most famous woman in history.

Nefertiri - Would that I were with her in paradise. [moves toward doorway into Egyptian room]

DM - [stops her] Are you sure?


Flashback - ancient Egypt, 30 B.C. - embalming room 11

[Nefertiri enters room where several Egyptian priests are wrapping Cleopatra's body in strips of linen.]

Nefertiri - [to priests] You may stop your work. I must speak to our queen. [The priests and guards leave.] Forgive me, my queen, but I cannot go with you anymore than I can stay behind. Everything we loved is gone, and now Rome will rule our world. And so I shall rest with you, until all this is nothing more than a faded memory. [drinks from small phial of poison, falls to the ground]


Museum 9

(resume previous scene)

DM - [following Nefertiri out of Egyptian wing] Nefertiri, wait. Now you know why I didn't want you to go in there.

Nefertiri - You cannot protect me from the past.

[Both sense 'buzz' as Marcus Constantine appears further down the hallway with his wife, Angela.]

Angela - [to Marcus] Is there something wrong?

Marcus - No. Everything's fine. Go back to the office. I'll be done in a minute.

Nefertiri - [to DM] He's come for me. I need a sword. [As Marcus approaches, she turns and runs. DM blocks Marcus' path.]

DM - Let her go. I said let her go.

Marcus - Who are you?

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Angela - [approaches Marcus] Are you all right?

Marcus - I'm fine, Angela. Don't worry.

DM - See you again. [leaves museum, goes looking for Nefertiri]


Shopping mall 12

[Nefertiri walks through a shopping mall.]

[DM wanders the streets looking for her.] 7

Beggar - [to Nefertiri] Spare some change? [Nefertiri keeps walking.]

[DM wanders the streets looking for her.] 13

[As Nefertiri studies a sculpture, a man comes up behind her and grabs her by the shoulder. She turns, startled, and the man waves a switchblade at her.]

Nefertiri - What do you want?

Mugger - Your necklace. Come on.

[She takes it off, drops it in his open palm, then kicks him in the groin. He falls, dropping her necklace. She picks it up and kicks him again, in the back, before leaving.]


[later, evening] 10

[DM finds Nefertiri by the obelisk.]

Nefertiri - Duncan.

DM - [hugs her] You all right?

Nefertiri - I am now that you have found me.

DM - Who was he?

Nefertiri - His name is Marcus Constantine. He is a Roman general. My enemy. I'm glad that I have you for a friend. [leans forward to kiss him, but he stops her] Why not?

DM - Because you don't buy loyalty with sex.


Nefertiri - Cleopatra believed that the joys of the flesh could raise a man to godhood.

DM - This isn't ancient Egypt. It's Paris, and I'm not Mark Antony or Caesar.

Nefertiri - I am not asking you to die for me.

DM - Yet.

Nefertiri - Women never use sex to their advantage anymore?

DM - [laughs] Let's say hardly ever. [They walk away, through the gates.]


Inside barge, night

Maurice - [sampling from wooden spoon] Mmm. I surpass myself.

DM - Modesty will get you nowhere, Maurice. [as Nefertiri approaches them] You look sensational.

Maurice - Me, too. I mean, yes. [to DM] Weren't you going somewhere?

DM - Yeah, I have a few errands to run. It won't take very long.

Nefertiri - Then I wish to go with you.

DM - No, I don't think you do.

Nefertiri - You are going to see Constantine.

Maurice - Don't worry, MacLeod. I'll take good care of her.

DM - Yeah. I'm sure you will. [leaves] CUT

<Maurice - [holds up wooden spoon] You want a taste? [off Nefertiri's look] Coq au vin?> 5


Establishing shot: street, night 14

Museum office, night 9

Victor - You wanted to see me?

Marcus - Why, Victor?

Victor - I beg your pardon?

Marcus - You come from a wealthy family. You don't need the money.

Victor - Perhaps if I knew what you were getting at, sir.

Marcus - [grabs him] You arrogant bastard. You set up that robbery.

Victor - If you have proof, go to the police. But you won't, will you? Your kind never do.

Marcus - What do you mean, my kind? [senses 'buzz', looks around. DM enters.] MacLeod. [to Victor] We'll finish this later.

Victor - Yes, we will... sir. [leaves]

DM - You treat all your help that way?

Marcus - What do you want?

DM - The question is what you want.

Marcus - I have no quarrel with you.

DM - If you want Nefertiri's head, you do.

Marcus - So, she's found a new protector. Trust me, she doesn't need one.

DM - I'm her friend.

Marcus - Believe me, MacLeod, the last person in the world that I would want to harm is Nefertiri. I don't want to kill her. I don't want to kill anyone. Please, come. Let me show you something. [leads DM to mannequin wearing Roman armor] The biggest farce in the making of man's history is the notion that wars are fought to save civilization. I used to make history. Now I try to make sure it survives. I'm a historian. A curator.

DM - [looks at mannequin's outfit] These are yours? Why the change?

Marcus - Rome and what we did in her name. You should have seen it -- the roads, the amphitheaters, the libraries. It was magnificent. We lived like kings.

DM - All except the slaves that made up most of the empire.

<Marcus - CUT Yes, that's true. We conquered nations so slaves could do our work for us. We became lazy. We stopped learning... remembering.>

DM - Those who forget history are bound to repeat it.

Marcus - And mankind does, again and again and again. That's why I teach, MacLeod. I don't kill. CUT I have my work. I have a new wife that I love... very much. CUT [DM nods in acknowledgement.]


Canal, night 5

[Victor looks through porthole into barge, then climbs gangplank.]


Inside barge, night

Maurice - [as Nefertiri toys with her salad] He'll be back. Don't worry. How about some cheese?

Nefertiri - No, thank you.

Maurice - I guess I'll just have a little piece of goat cheese if nobody minds. [gets up from table] Do you think you would ever be interested in an older man?

Nefertiri - I would not know. I have never met one. [Maurice has no response. He walks through living area toward galley.] 6

Nefertiri - [hears muffled thump from galley area, turns] Hello? [Victor enters.] Who are you?

Victor - Doesn't matter. What matters is that I know who you are.

Nefertiri - What are you talking about?

Victor - You're an obscenity that should've died two thousand years ago.

Nefertiri - I do not know what you mean.

Victor - Don't lie to me, you Immortal bitch. [raises gun]

Nefertiri - What is that? [Victor shoots at the table and Nefertiri jumps.] Aah!

Victor - First you, then MacLeod, then Constantine. And to think all I came for was the Roman. Three for the price of one.

Nefertiri - [takes off her necklace] Is this what you want? [holds it out while grabbing knife from table with her free hand. She steps forward with the necklace, then plunges the knife into Victor's abdomen.]


Museum, night 9

Marcus - It took me centuries to find her tomb.

DM - And you did this for history's sake?

Marcus - She IS history -- uncorrupted, living and breathing in our time.

DM - But that's not all she is.

Marcus - No. She used to be my world.


Flashback - ancient Egypt, 30 B.C. - Nefertiri's bedroom 11

Marcus - I want to stay with you forever.

Nefertiri - Be careful what you wish for. It just might come true. Nothing must come between us. Ever.

Marcus - Nothing will. Nothing can.

Nefertiri - Not even war?

Marcus - There won't be a war.

Nefertiri - And if there is?

Marcus - I won't let them hurt you.

Nefertiri - It would not be about me, Marcus, but about my country and my queen.

Marcus - Come here. [pulls her down to him] Even our lives are too short to worry about things that will never happen. [kisses her]


Inside barge, night

[DM arrives, sees Victor on the floor, checks his wrist for a pulse and sees the Watcher tattoo there.]

Nefertiri - I had no choice. He said he was going to kill me... and you.


Establishing shot: Canal, night 5

Inside barge, later

Nefertiri - [as DM re-enters barge] He knew I was an Immortal. How is this possible?

DM - Later. [to Maurice] Are you all right?

Maurice - [holding his head] Ooh. What happened?

DM - You must have taken a nasty fall.

Maurice - Am I bleeding?

DM - No, you'll be fine. [Maurice groans again.] But I think you should go home and get some rest.

Maurice - I thought I was dead.

DM - Uh, thanks for looking after my friend. [hands Maurice the half-full wine bottle from the table] For medicinal purposes. [Maurice leaves. DM turns to Nefertiri.] 7 I've taken care of the body. It won't be found. So tell me what happened.

Nefertiri - Constantine must have sent him.

DM - No. He came on his own.

Nefertiri - I saw him at the museum. He works for Constantine.

DM - Constantine wouldn't hurt you. He told me that he once loved you.

Nefertiri - It was not me he loved. He loved Rome.


Flashback - ancient Egypt, 30 B.C. - Nefertiri's bedroom 11

[Nefertiri stabs a Roman soldier, fights off two others.]

Nefertiri - Come to me and die!

Marcus - Enough! Leave us. [Remaining soldiers leave.] It's over, Nefertiri.

Nefertiri - What are you talking about?


Marcus - She was ordered to Rome in chains.

Nefertiri - My lady? Treated as a slave? Where is she? I must go to her.

Marcus - You can't! Now listen to me. She's dead, Nefertiri. Cleopatra has taken her own life.

Nefertiri - No. [attacks him] Fight me, Marcus! Kill me if you can. [stabs him in the shoulder] I trusted you! I took you into my bed.

Marcus - I love you, Nefertiri. Come back to Rome with me.

Nefertiri - As your slave?

Marcus - As my wife.

Nefertiri - Never.

Marcus - I don't want to have to hurt you.

Nefertiri - Then die. [They resume fight.]

Egyptian soldier - Intruder.

[Marcus turns to fight the soldier, eventually killing him. Meanwhile, Nefertiri has disappeared.]

Marcus - Nefertiri!


Inside barge, night

(continue previous scene)

Nefertiri - He betrayed me and destroyed everything I loved.

DM - He's changed.

Nefertiri - He still sees with the same eyes. The same heart still beats in his breast. He may have forgotten who he is, but I have not. He is still Roman. I am still Egyptian.

DM - Nefertiri, that was two thousand years ago. I know, it seems like yesterday to you.

Nefertiri - What can I do, Duncan?

DM - See him. Talk to him.

Nefertiri - [shakes her head] How can I? How can I without betraying everything that I am?

DM - Nefertiri, you're not Cleopatra's handmaiden any longer.

Nefertiri - Then who am I? What am I? Please, Duncan. [hugs him] I'm so lost. Please. [pulls back and starts kissing him. Eventually he picks her up and carries her to the couch, where they continue to kiss, then have sex. B After, Nefertiri runs her hand over DM's shoulders as he sleeps, then also sleeps.]


Outside St. Joseph's Chapel, next morning 8

Marcus - There used to be an Immortal living in that chapel over there. [Brief shot of Darius' church.] A priest.15

<DM - CUT Darius. I didn't know you knew Darius.

Marcus - He was my greatest enemy. [laughs] No. We were very good friends.> There was a time I found it difficult to forgive him for bringing the Goths to Rome. I couldn't forgive him for destroying everything I loved.

Nefertiri - [approaches them] So you do know how it feels?

Marcus - Nefertiri. I'm glad you came.

Nefertiri - What is it you want?

Marcus - For you to live and be happy, and to convince you that I am not your enemy.

Nefertiri - And what do you call someone who lies to you and destroys everything you love?

Marcus - I defended Rome. You defended your queen. They're both long gone. Please. Let this war be over.

DM - Two thousand years is a long time to hold a grudge. Nefertiri, please. This is a new chance for both of you. For all of us.


Constantine's home - dining room 9


[Angela, DM, and Nefertiri sit silently, looking at each other as music plays in the background.]

DM - That sounds like Sidney Bechet's soprano sax, but the phrasing is a little different.

Angela - CUT You know of Sidney Bechet?

DM - It was a shame he left New Orleans.

Angela - Well, New Orleans' loss was Paris' gain. Must have been magic there.

DM - As a kid, Louis Armstrong playing with King Oliver's band and Bechet wailing around the corner. They were great days.

Angela - [laughs] You sound like you were there.

Nefertiri - Maybe he was.

Angela - Maybe his grandfather was.

Nefertiri - Some men never look their age.

DM - [filling awkward pause] Do you want some coffee?

Marcus - Good idea. Darling. [pulls Angela's chair out for her. She grabs a serving bowl and carries it to the kitchen. Nefertiri picks up a plate and follows as DM and Constantine go to the study.]


Kitchen 9

[Nefertiri drops cutlery from plate, sets plate on counter and bends down to pick up fallen knife. Angela turns to her.]

Angela - I'm so glad to get to know you. To be honest, I was a little nervous when Marcus told me you were coming.


Study 9

Marcus - She was an amazing woman, Cleopatra. Her army was finished, the economy was in ruins, yet her people still ate and she stayed queen.

DM - Was she as beautiful as they say?

Marcus - More.


Kitchen 9

Angela - I know you two were very close.

Nefertiri - We are not any more, but I do understand how these things can be difficult.

Angela - When I first saw you, I was a little jealous.

Nefertiri - Whatever for? The way he looks at you, I can tell you mean the world to him.

Angela - I hope so.

Nefertiri - The whole world. [stabs Angela with knife, then walks calmly into study]


Study 9

Marcus - [as Nefertiri enters] What have you two been talking about?

Nefertiri - [tosses bloody knife on table] A life for a life, Marcus.

Marcus - [runs toward kitchen] Angela! [stops at kitchen doorway, sees Angela lying on the floor] No! [kneels by her body]

Nefertiri - Live and be happy, Marcus. Is that not what you wanted me to do after you destroyed my world? Not so easy, is it?

DM - [restraining Marcus] I think you'd better get out of here.

Nefertiri - Live and be happy now.

DM - Get out, I said. [drags her from the room]


Establishing shot: Canal, dawn 5

Inside barge, dawn

DM - I want you out of here and out of my life.

Nefertiri - I thought we understood each other, what we could give each other.

DM - Give, Nefertiri? You don't give. You just trade.

Nefertiri - I have done nothing my queen would not have done.

DM - Your queen was saving a nation. You're not saving anything, not even yourself. You don't even know how close you are to losing your head.

Nefertiri - Marcus would not kill me.

DM - I'm not talking about him.

Nefertiri - You are like him. You make love to me. You make love to me and then you betray me.

DM - Betray you?

Nefertiri - Yes.

DM - You used me to get in his home and kill his wife!

Nefertiri - This is not about you, Duncan.

DM - It wasn't about Angela, either, was it? [throws her bag at her] Get out!


Abbey cemetery 16

Marcus - I always knew I'd bury her. I just didn't think it would be so soon.

DM - I'm so sorry. I should have seen it. I should have known.

Marcus - It's my fault. I shouldn't have brought Nefertiri here. I thought that because I had changed, she could, too.

DM - What do you do now?

Marcus - I mourn her. Do you mean do I avenge her? Would it bring her back? Would it change anything? In a way, she didn't kill Angela -- I did.

DM - You know she'll be coming for you.

[As they leave the cemetery, both sense 'buzz' as Nefertiri approaches.]

DM - It's over, Nefertiri. Let it go.

Nefertiri - [draws sword] Not until one of us is dead.

Marcus - Damn you.

Nefertiri - First you have to kill me.

Marcus - I couldn't fight you two thousand years ago, and I won't fight you now. Once I used to love you more than life itself. Part of me still does.

Nefertiri - Then die loving me. [swings at his back, but DM blocks her sword with his katana] You cannot interfere in our fight!

DM - This isn't a fight, Nefertiri, it's an execution. Listen to reason.

Nefertiri - This has nothing to do with reason. It is about loyalty. I swore an oath to my queen, and it is all that I have left.

DM - No. The war is over.

Nefertiri - No, it has only just begun.

DM - Don't do this.

<Nefertiri - You betrayed my love.

DM - Never.

Nefertiri - Betrayal is cause for death. [attacks him; they fight] I loved you. I trusted you. [Fight continues as they enter a nearby empty building.]

DM - No! What you call loyalty and love are nothing more than anger and fear!

Nefertiri - I have no fear.

DM - How could so much love turn into so much hate?

Nefertiri - I have {nothing}! {The world} has changed {around} me!> CUT You cannot win, Duncan. You cannot kill someone you've taken into your bed and loved.

DM - Can you? [lowers his sword]

[Nefertiri stabs him and swings to behead him. He ducks and beheads her instead. Marcus watches the Quickening from outside.]17


On barge deck 5

Marcus - I'm sorry you had to kill her.

DM - I keep thinking there's something else I could have done.

Marcus - You could have died. What would Darius have said to you now?

DM - I don't know.

Marcus - I'll tell you -- that you mustn't blame yourself. She made it war, and you fought with a warrior's instinct. That life always chooses life. That's what he would have said.

DM - Yeah.

Marcus - She was an extraordinary woman.

DM - Yes, she was.


End of "Pharaoh's Daughter"

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